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Brad Pitt Films Inglorious Bastards

Brad Pitt Films Inglorious Bastards

Brad Pitt leaves the Vino e Cucina restaurant in Berlin-Mitte and then joins the cast of his latest movie Inglorious Bastards, at Babelsberg studios, Germany to see each other and to receive their copies of the script.

Pitt‘s family will live at a 12,000 square foot mansion near Berlin which comes complete with a helicopter landing pad, boat dock, 14-strong security staff and more than one chef, while he films Inglorious Bastards. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived in Germany on Tuesday with their children and will reportedly be staying for approximately three months.

In this latest Quentin Tarantino movie, Pitt plays the leader of a band of Jewish-American soldiers sent behind enemy lines during the Second World War to scalp high-ranking Nazis.

10+ more pics inside of Brad Pitt filming Inglorious Bastards

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657 Responses to “Brad Pitt Films Inglorious Bastards”

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  1. 51
    Observer2 Says:

    brody @ 09/25/2008 at 9:36 am

    Hey everyone.

    Brody, you could say that there were times that Aniston abandoned Brad. Let’s see, he was in Malta for 2 1/2 months filming Troy and she only went to see him one time. He went to his parents anniversary party in Missouri by himself because Ansiton just had to be in L.A. to receive an award.

    About that period. Brad, due to his injury to his Achilles, pushed back the finish of Troy by six weeks. That was a 150M dollar movie. Due to that, the start of M&MS got pushed back, which was a 110M movie and O12 got pushed back, which was another 80-90M dollar movie. So, no, he didn’t have the luxury of taking a day off, at that time. He’d already cost studios money due to his injury.

    Get over it, it’s been over 4 years.

  2. 52
    briseis Says:

    As always, brilliant post, African Girl.

    Glad you’re back to posting regularly again!

  3. 53
    CLINIQUA Says:

    brody @ 09/25/2008 at 8:56 am
    CLINIQUA, there are pictures of Brad and Jen together in the med so verify before you open your mouth. If anything he abandoned her by not attending the last taping of Friends. Great husband, “great man”. Be fair if you are to critique a situation. On a side note, i’m really not understanding your hatred towards Jen A. You realise they were married so there was love there and even you can’t erase that, as Brad himself once said i do believe. Move on, clearly they have so what is stopping you?

    Oh look guys…we’ve caught us a bonafied jen ‘hen.’ Tell us, are you a homely sad enabling 40-something desperate plastic surgery fiend like your pal? Only diff being you are NOT a no-talent TV sit-com hack?? Your defense of her is quite ludicrous…even YOU know she came out to visit ONCE, much as she did with Troy in Morrocco…ONCE in 3 months, and ONCE in 6 months, nagging and making it clear she was NOT looking forward to it. She’s a passive aggressive lame. Most women in her sitch would have said, my God…I’m with one of the hottest, talented FILM actors of his generation who’s been wasting away in deep dark depression and misery with me, a TV hag, who hasn’t done a red carpet for himself and his projects in ages (only me and my show’s cheesy people’s choice awards) – mainly because he hasn’t worked…and said to herself, ya know, he SHOULD try and rejuvenate his own career instead of breaking his back to get his friends to hire me on as ‘the girl’ in Jim Carey and Stiller movies. A non selfish hag would have said,’s Brad’s turn now. But nooooooo, not Maniston. She’s all about how something looks. Brad the movie star ashamed to come to the TV hack’s last taping, is on set with Angelina Jolie. Forget the reality, that he had to work, and the reality that they were kind of unofficially separated…yet he’s supposed to interrupt work and ‘pretend,’ so Jen can play smug homecoming queen who still has her qtrback…sorry hagula….reality intrudes and it bites.

  4. 54
    voe Says:

    To be fair, Cliniqua did start the X comment first. Since there are only 44 comments, this can be verified. So, is the bait from Cliniqua and is she the plant?

  5. 55
    dancer Says:

    And BRODY–what about her saying she wanted to have his baby after Friends ended and then scheduled not one, but SIX movies back to back? Now I could be snarky and say all of them bombed, but I won’t.

    Whether you like Angelina or not, she is a much better fit for him and a much more supportive partner. She doesn’t roll her eyes about his taste in modern furniture and comment on how uncomfortable it is. She certainly didn’t roll her eyes in the Diane Sawyer interview where she asked about kids and Brad said six (Jen eye roll) and Jen said one maybe two at the most. Angelina certainly doesn’t roll her eyes at his charity and volunteer efforts and say “it’s not my thing.”

    You know Brody, most of the gossip columnists at the time (before blogs became a big deal) were hinting, with I think Ted Casablanca, coming right out and saying there was trouble in the marriage within two years of the vows. That when they went to parties together they hit separate sides of the rooms after getting photographed arriving. They spent very little time together in the last year. And some were hinting of *gasp* actual cross words exchanged between the two. Although many columnists aren’t that reliable, many are and get their information by attending parties that the actors do!

    Again, whether you like Angie or not, if you look at the realities of the Jen-Brad marriage in the last two years–they probably would have divorced anyhow. Brad meeting Angie speeded things up. They have similar goals, interests, loves — of children, flying, motorcycles, charity/volunteerism, adventure, etc.

    He’s happy. Angelina is happy and most importantly for you Jen says she is happy. Everyone is HAPPY.

    So what is your problem?

  6. 56
    \\\ Says:

    Actually, if I was Brad, even if I could reschedule my movies, I wouldn’t have done so because the X humiliated me by forgetting to thank me when she received her award (I forget, GG or Emmy). She thanked everyone on Friends, including the janitor I think, but forgot her husband, who just happened to be sitting right there and came with her to the event. Sheesh, just goes to show that her husband was never on her mind first. And she said that her husband was not the love of her life. Wow, way to go in really building a strong marriage. While Brad took time off to be with her. So, she deserves whatever she got in life.

  7. 57
    African Girl Says:

    # 38 andamentothat @ 09/25/2008 at 9:27 am
    Lmao! CS did that? Okay, now you know this is no longer double standard what they do with they JPs, it’s not mortals like standards…and they say it’s the fans who treat them like gods. Tsk, tsk, tsk…the irony!

    alexanderina @ 09/25/2008 at 9:59 am
    No Alex, don’t laugh, this is a serious issue and it should be taken as such! Except the laughing is to hide the know on account of BP behaving so badly, then I say laugh it up!

    Get over it, it’s been over 4 years.

    I second this!!!!

    Hey O2, how’s it goin’ :)

  8. 58
    Some Chick Says:

    Party it up, Brad! Hey if I had six kids I didn’t have to take care of, I’d drink it up until 2:30 in the morning, too. Looks like this is going to be one of THOSE kind of movie shoots.

    Anyhow, I’m sure it was a great opportunity for the cast and crew to get cozy and bond, lubricated by heavily flowing liquor. Things no doubt were loose and I’m sure they had a lot of fun.

    I bet Brad is excited about working with Diane Kruger. She is stunning!

  9. 59
    brody Says:

    African Girl, first off the fallacy I was referring to was that in my original post rather than deal with my argument you focused on a particular word thus subverting the argument. There wasn’t really a response or rather there wasn’t a coherent one. Second, i agree you shouldn’t be presumptuous yet that is exactly what you are doing. Marriage is a two way system and this is something I believe in as opposed to what you assume my view on marriage is. You further conclude that her supposed unwillingness to have children means she is not the giving type yet fail to explore possible external reasons as to her reluctance to “give” him children. If marriage is a two way thing then at the very least that has to be considered. As you said, we don’t and will never know what went on in their marriage yet you seem to, by means of evaluating the tone of your arguments, have concluded that she is primarily at fault. If you don’t know what happened how can you hold such beliefs?

    Once again Observer2, I am not here as some sort of Aniston apologist so there is nothing for me to “get over”. I’m simply baffled by the (ir)rational of some posters.

  10. 60
    briseis Says:

    # 58
    Some Chick @ 09/25/2008 at 10:35 am

    I bet Brad is excited about working with Diane Kruger. She is stunning!
    I think he already knows that she is stunning, after all she did play Helen of Troy in Brad’s movie. He was with her (and the lovely Rose Byrne too, may I add) for six months in Malta. So what is your point, why did you throw this in?

  11. 61
    Observer2 Says:

    African Girl @ 09/25/2008 at 10:33 am

    It’s going good, how about with you? I see an Aniston fan is still whining. My hell, Friends will have been finished for 5 years in 3 months and here is someone whining about Brad not being there. When Aniston wasn’t with Brad on two of his birthdays, only saw him a few times in a 6 month period, when he was working and blames it on her fear of flying. When said woman doesn’t have a problem flying when it’s due to her work. But, visiting her husband when their marriage is on very shaky ground.

    I bet Brad felt really special when she questioned if he was the love of her live in a national magazine. And oh, when she forgot to thank him at an awards show when he was right there. And backstage, her comment was, thanks for keeping me together man. You could just feel the love by those actions. Not.

    And Some Chick, Brad’s already worked with Diane Kruger on Troy. Granted, they had no scenes together, but, they’d certainly met and did the promotion of Troy together.

  12. 62
    Some Chick Says:

    Yes, “Briseis”, I know. Obviously your favorite movie. Perhaps you’d be in a tad less of a snit if I had added “again” to my sentence? Consider it added.

    And I said she is stunning because I think she is. She was, after all, cast to play the face that launched a thousand ships.

  13. 63
    bdj Says:

    Geez it is funny how things revert back to BP. Where is the model boytoy, the grip, the camera man, the producer, Vinny, peeboy when you need them. Can’t people move on and let BP enjoy his family with AJ, his career and his good heart without all the whining. Whiny(X) has to stand on her own. Geez it has been 4 years, get a clue, get a life and get over it.

  14. 64
    Persiancutie Says:

    i think the whole thing started by a fan who is saying she lives in Germany and has seen another video which shows another thing other than the video we have seen. and as trolls always are lurking,they got her comment and make another story out of it. i would like to be able to talk to that fan in JJB and ask her what else can a video show other than what we have seen,i mean we saw him from the beginning of leaving and during it,so what else a video can show to someone is beyond me. i don’t know how to post in JJB,i have account but can’t post. can someone say this from me to that fan.

    African are so funny. thank you.

  15. 65
    briseis Says:

    Some Chick:

    I wasn’t in a snit, I was just making an observation on your post. Just asking why you had to throw that observation about Diane Kruger in. And she may be stunning to you, but there was a lot of criticism on why she was picked to play Helen. Apparently she wasn’t stunning enough for some people.

    And, yeah, Troy is one of my favorite movies. Any movie that shows Brad’s behind is a favorite of mine. Are you gonna pillory me for that too?

  16. 66
    brody Says:

    dancer, i don’t have a problem and I’d be quite interested if you could point out from anything I have said how you came to this conclusion. As you both said all parties are happy as i am for them and as i wish for all people, to be happy. I initially replied to a post that caught my eye because the poster, CLINIQUA, attacked Jen and I was wondering as to the necessity of such an action. He/she has posted yet more drivel and it’s simply my bemusement as to why/how you can hate or dislike (if you prefer a tamer description) someone so much so that you can say such things. Just because I don’t praise Brad or Angelina it doesn’t mean I’m a hater, I don’t hate anyone least of all people i don’t know.

  17. 67
    Some Chick Says:

    PS: I doubt Brad had forgotten her beauty. But if so, he was reminded of it on this night of drinking into the wee hours. She was there. Last I heard, Diane was happily involved. Last I saw, Brad is wearing the combined years of his 6 kids and crazy wife on his face. So I laugh that anyone would be worried.

  18. 68
    andamentothat Says:

    Some Chick @ 09/25/2008 at 10:35 am


    Now that you have given the green light to Brad, he will adhere to your advice and party it up.. and if he does that dont go playing the other side of a coin by asking why is he not with his family..

    Diane Kruger is stunning, yes but no worries he goes to bed with the paradigm of beauty herself, Angelina Jolie.

  19. 69
    Leo Says:

    Might I had for SomeStupidchick that the love scene with Rose Bryne was way more explicit than any love scene he had with Angelina, and yet he didn’t run off with her. How do you figure he is going to run off with this Diane person he’s already met.

  20. 70
    Some Chick Says:

    And, no Briseis, I don’t fault you that. Brad was the hotness in Troy.

  21. 71
    a WEE BIT OF Trivia Says:

    # 10 bdj @ 09/25/2008 at 8:01 am
    Entire article at link
    The Money Game: The Race for No on 8
    Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg aren’t gay, but their financial support for the effort to defeat California’s Proposition 8 has made them two of the highest-profile donors in the fight to keep same-sex marriage legal in the Golden State. As No on 8 struggles to catch up to the “Yes” campaign in fund-raising, the publicity and awareness generated by the likes of Pitt and Spielberg may well be worth more than any sum of money.


    Brad and Steven Speilberg share the same birthdate of December 18.

  22. 72
    CLINIQUA Says:

    sorry brody, you are confused…most fans believe you pal Maniston, that she was rebound from Fishyth Paltrow, and that like Jen and her hens (were you one of them ? lol) said in Vanity Fair, Brad did NOT WANT children WITH Aniston. Very few of us believe Brad wanted kids with that neurotic bore of a loser…would he have turned it down IF in the first few months of them hooking up (REBOUND) she had gotten knocked up? No. But he also would have probably been even MORE depressed and in therapy even longer, knowing he had brought a child into a doomed loveless union and buddy rebound situation. Brad was keeping his sperm away from big schnoziston BIG TIME. I so believe Aniston on that. :-D

  23. 73
    cheryl j Says:

    you are so right African Girl……………. my good man brad pitt just committed career suicide drinking while at a business meeting……………….. oh my god all of washington and wall st. are guilt as well………………… be for real brad and angie are still on point about work and family family comes first and work is secondary. still they are sought after by everyone in hollywood and europa………………………………………………peace to all

  24. 74
    lylian Says:

    brody @ 09/25/2008 at 9:36 am



    Man, that x is such a limp weed. Tens of thousands of women leave their jobs that they have been working in for 10 years. Many of these women might well be single mums with no husbands to support them AND with kids to feed.

    These ordinary women go into work, hand in their resignation, and then a month or 2 later, leave their jobs to start something new. And they can do it on their own or with their friends support.

    Well, x was surrounded by her friends – both professional and personal and came home to her multimillion dollar home, cushioned by her 110m dollars, her 2 dogs, and having lined up another 3 movies to shoot almost straight away (RHI started working in April 04), and she has the cheek to whine about how Brad should have abandoned his work to support her through not a life and death situation, not a job CUT, not a hospitalisation or a sickness, BUT a nothing more difficult then leaving your job? One that you had months to prepare yourself psychologically for??


  25. 75
    andamentothat Says:

    Brody, you realise that abandon means withdrawing one’s support or help despite allegiance, duty etc..

    So to question why Brad did not attend the last taping of Friends he would have had to abandon the film that he was working on and that would be considered poor work ethic. Similar to the time, when X missed Valentine’s day the same year as she was promoting Along Came Polly in France with Ben Stiller. Same reasoning here too.. she couldnt get out of the promotion as it is signed in the contract.

    Now the real abandonment.. wanna know.. when Aniston did not thank Brad at the GG awards..

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