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Brad Pitt Films Inglorious Bastards

Brad Pitt Films Inglorious Bastards

Brad Pitt leaves the Vino e Cucina restaurant in Berlin-Mitte and then joins the cast of his latest movie Inglorious Bastards, at Babelsberg studios, Germany to see each other and to receive their copies of the script.

Pitt‘s family will live at a 12,000 square foot mansion near Berlin which comes complete with a helicopter landing pad, boat dock, 14-strong security staff and more than one chef, while he films Inglorious Bastards. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived in Germany on Tuesday with their children and will reportedly be staying for approximately three months.

In this latest Quentin Tarantino movie, Pitt plays the leader of a band of Jewish-American soldiers sent behind enemy lines during the Second World War to scalp high-ranking Nazis.

10+ more pics inside of Brad Pitt filming Inglorious Bastards

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Photos: FlynetOnline, WENN
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  • lex

    i don’t believe this for a second…you can’t have 6 kids together and suddenly decide its not working….viva brangelina :)

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    hi again,i’m not going to miss PT and AG’s(can i call you this?) posts. love your posts.

  • Passing Through

    # 96 goldman @ 09/25/2008 at 11:56 am

    brody -

    What about Jen only visited Brad ONCE while Brad was in Malta filming Troy for a good 6 months?


    You know…I hate to do this, but I’m going to have to defend X. She visited him TWICE while he was filming “Troy”! See what a devoted wife she was? So what if the second time she went to see him he was in her beloved Meh-hee-co! It counts! She still had to get on a plane and fly 300 miles! It’s not like she could have driven…oh, wait, she could, but that’s beneath her, so like a good widdle wifey she girded her loins (we’d settle for cover) and flew down Meh-hee-co way. So let’s just stop all this non-sense about X only going to see him once while he filmed Troy. It was twice. Once in Malta. Once in Meh-hee-co (where he injured himself and caused a 6-week halt in filming and went back to LA, so there’s 6 weeks of quality avoiding-each-other-while-living-in-the-same-house time right there!). Now THAT folks is committing to making your marriage work!


    Brody, all this talk of taking responsibility and who’s to blame, and failure, etc. – that was Aniston’s own personal whinefest. It was her attempt to create drama, where there was none.

    It did not apply to Brad. Brad actually said he did not consider the marriage a ‘failure.’ Rather, it seemed he looked at it, as simply something that had run it’s course.

    THAT is why Brad was happy and eager to start the next chapter, and why Aniston decided to turn an already incompatible rebound union of two pals, which no longer made sense…

    …into a ‘we were perfectly happy until SHE came along,’ scenario…talking about what she would, coulda, shoulda done.

    Well for Brad, there was nothing she could have done. She was toast, it was over, he said no one was to blame, he said no one should feel sad – he wished her well.

    You can do that when you aren’t ‘in love,’ you can do it amazingly well when you NEVER WERE.

    Brody, listen up…in simplest terms, because Brad was never ‘in love’ (he did not wish to get hurt again, so he avoided the thunderbolt, and went for the slow drip) for Brad, dissolving the relationship, wasn’t ‘no thang, but a chicken wang.’

    In even more simplest terms, Aniston because of how they started out: had an expiration date. For Brad…all healed up from his broken heart…Real Love..the forever kind, came along..and for Brad, and it was time to say ‘GOODBYE’ to his forever house renovatin’/girls gone wild vacation takin’/let’s start a menswear line with my fellow TV hack pal’s husband/male hormone, zone diet, exercise fiend/wannabe movie star desperado soon to be x.

    He wished her well. He said peace out That’s it.

    Aniston makes it a drama because it not only keeps her relevant, it let’s her believe they had something that someone COULD break up – when the truth is, she didn’t..they were toast as he was never ‘in love’ with Aniston – THAT is what a happy Brad was telling everyone in 2004-5…and THAT is why Aniston still holds a big grudge and can’t wish him well. AJ had nada to do with it.

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    btw i think Lainey is on it AGAIN. when will she stop making and writing tabloid covers for them? i hate her for that.

    Jared is so addicting,the whole family are angry with me,i want to come and check it all the time when i arrive home from my university.

  • Passing Through

    # 104 The truth for real @ 09/25/2008 at 12:12 pm

    I like your version of “the truth” better than the trolls. Gee…I wonder why…

  • whatever

    Nice to see Angie’s stepford boyfriend out and about.

  • a BIG question

    Do y’all think that if Aniston publicly wished Brad and his family wee, this triangle would begin to crumble?

  • skipper

    What’s with all the long posts about brangelina? Gee and I thought I had no life! LMAO!

  • a BIG question

    ..publicly wished Brad and his family well..

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    I would like to see Brad and Angie on date night,but babies are still too little to leave them alone. i hope Angie and Brad will put older kids at school,so they will get more time on their hand for themselves and they will be able to rest alittle more.

    I’m still wishing for Brad to travel with Angie and twins to USA for Changelling’s premiere,although i know he has work,but maybe they will let him to take some days off. we will see in less than 11 days.

    i know my comments are not related to other comments,sorry i have no information about Brad’s past,since i haven’t seen JA even in one movie,i didn’t even know there was an actress named JA,after i came here,i saw her name. so excuse me.

  • the real lou

    The post “The Truth” was written by the Jen hen “Melissa.”Jared flipped the name,LMAO!!!

  • sam

    I was wondering why there were so many posts so quickly – now I see brad/jen discussion again. Without Jen Brad posts would have no one posting on them. To funny!

    Anyway. In any marraige both people are to blame for problems. Brad and Jen both are to blame – not just one of them. That goes for every marriage.

    Brad does seem to be out and about alot. Good thing that Angie is so crazy over him and lets him work, and visit and basically do what he wants while she is at home for a long time without getting out. Honestly I realize that Brad is such a good catch that any women (including Angie) would do anything for him (except Jennifer), but wouldn’t you be mad if your husband who is worth millions and never had to work again meet with a movie producer when you were in the hospital to do a new movie and then stared the movie when your twins were only a few weeks old. I kind of think that she had this dream that they would both take a year off and enjoy their family in the France countryside? Don’t know but if the reports are true that Angie is a bit annoyed about Brad but right now I would not blame her.

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    hahaha,thank you the real lou and thank you Jared. i like it when he does this.

  • Passing Through

    # 106 Shar @ 09/25/2008 at 12:18 pm

    Hey Passing Through, MK on dlisted got an article on princess Z!! I had to bring it over for u cause it was just too funny. I never knew MK was scared of her too.


    ROTFLMAO. Someone at work gave me the heads up a little while ago and I read it. Brad is Z’s “man servant” and “lacky”? What a riot! Ummm…accurate…but still funny…

    MK likes Z. He declared earlier this year that Z had surpassed Maddox as his favorite because she could beat a btich down with just her eyes. I was surprised he didn’t have those pix last week because he always seems to get the Z pix.

  • ~ANGIE~
  • ebmo

    # 147 Passing Through @ 09/25/2008 at 1:29 pm # 79 the truth @ 09/25/2008 at 11:24 am

    You wouldn’t know the truth if it came up, introduced itself to you and proceeded to beat the crap out of you.

    PT you are priceless!!!

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    hahaha gotta love the passive aggressive posts, i will wait for Jared to flip your name on his next step.

    Maybe i have lost it,or i haven’t seen some pics,but i have only seen Brad out and about when he has to,like promoting for BAR,or when he was in Normandly doing commercial. and correct me if i’m wrong,but didn’t Angie told it is Brad’s turn to work and she has told him,you go out and i will stay home? so can you honey clarify the time that Brad was out and he had no reason for it? did you see him out watching Soccer game?

  • Ugh

    I am so tired of Brad Pitt’s hats!!! He has to color his hair now that he’s aging, but he still has a good amount of hair on his head, so he should make the most of it and stop being so lazy. I can’t believe this is Brad Pitt.

  • estelle

    Thank you JJ for another thread, I was still catching up on the last 2 threads. So they are in Berlin and this time Brad is working. Brad is back to work after 10 months of vacation?…it’s about time MR!!!!!!!!!!!good for Angie, she needs the rest……but as per our calculation, she almost due to do another movie…..yep! Angie, your 1 year off thing is almost over…., ;) hahahaha. I’m counting on that.

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    ~ANGIE~ @ 09/25/2008 at 2:03 pm

    how can we say,i can’t even understand,whether it is her/his front/back or side,so how can we say! but i think since they put 2/5 meters wall around their house and cameras all over it,it is probably from before they were there.

  • brody

    Persiancutie, no soccer game but he did go to a radiohead concert. Work related no doubt……

  • huh

    the real lou @ 09/25/2008 at 1:58 pm

    The post “The Truth” was written by the Jen hen “Melissa.”Jared flipped the name,LMAO!!!
    LMAO. Jen hen is dumb.

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    cali’ @ 09/25/2008 at 2:13 pm

    it was pre babies first of all.and it was after 1/5 months not being seen. yeah totally bad partner,i mean which one of our fathers had taken almost 6 months off and went out once in a while when our mothers were pregnant,i’m sure mine was working until the last day and he took one day off and then left for work tomorrow. Common Brad spends alot more than a normal papa with his kids,only a delusional person would say other than that.

  • spl

    To all Brad/angie fans @ 09/25/2008 at 2:00 pm

    Get your facts straight.

    Brad is out working. Good for him that part of his work is going to dinner with the cast and crew. Now if he starts clubbing or just hanging out at random places than you might have something to whine about. But right now all his travels have been for business
    (including the art shows. Right now art might be a better investment
    than the stock market.

    Angelina was not in the hospital when Brad met with TQ. It happen before she went into the hospital.

    The movie is just starting now and the babies are more than a few weeks old.

    Angelina said herself that she was going to take off and Brad was going to work. When she starts working again on SALT, Brad will be off. (For example when Angelina went to the Tribeca Film Fest. She was out and about. She went to dinner. Brad was home with the kids. And of course the trolls whined Brad is babysitting while Angelina is out partying)

    Always the same BS.

  • thelookoflove1365

    LOL, why Jared, why? Why do you have to flipped names again? These (this) hater(s) are/is having her/his delusion squash again by your constant name flipping. Stopt already!. LOL… But thank you for doing your job. And thanks for the thread!

    #79 truth=Melissa
    #108 jill=Melissa

  • brody

    Persiancutie, only a delusional person would comment on a situation that is beyond them. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. And so what that he spends time with his children or even more so than other fathers according to you. He’s SUPPOSED to, they are his kids. Why are you kissing his ass over it? Because he is a man? Well whoopdie fucking do. I’m the youngest of five and my father was always there for us. Maybe you should send him a congratulatory card for behaving as a parent should.

  • Passing Through

    # 112 the real lou @ 09/25/2008 at 12:31 pm

    #108 jill @ 09/25/2008 at 12:25 pm
    #109 jill @ 09/25/2008 at 12:25 pm

    Why must you lie?Doug NEVER stated he posts on blogs/sites.Damn,Angelina going to Berlin with Brad has REALLY driven certain people over the edge hasn’t it?


    You know the trolls are reaching when they start stealing the fans’ names to post their drivel.

  • thelookoflove1365

    opps #115 jii is also Melissa.

  • JR = nobody’s sweetheart

    brody @ 09/25/2008 at 9:36 am

    African Girl, the length of the sitcom is irrelevant, the fact is it was a huge part of her life and he chose not to be there for her. He could have rescheduled shooting, i mean he is Brad Pitt and he knew of the shows ending in advance. You know what i mean by abandoned so don’t be so fallacious as to subvert my argument. I’m not on here to hate on anyone I just don’t understand your reasoning. You mock her work, referring to it in a condescending tone i suspect, but forget to mention that Brad once appeared on the show. So i’m guessing it wasn’t beneath even him?
    When did Jenny ever change her work schedule for Brad? Even when she was completely free after ‘Friends’ Jenny couldn’t be bothered to go to Europe and live with her husband while he filmed ‘Ocean’s 12′. He expected here to and said so in a TV interview with the cast. But she could fly four times (afraid to fly by sweet black fanny!!!!) to be there for Cannes (PR) (went back to tanning after) and then 3 weeks later to Clooney’s villa for a house party (famous A-listers to hang with).

  • BAMPZS#1

    CLINIQUA @ 09/25/2008 at 1:43 pm
    You rock girl!!!! love your passion, intelligence and die hard fan of JP.

  • African Girl

    Rotflmao! Oh I missed JJ. O2, you are right, this is like soap opera, no matter how long you’ve been gone, nothing ever changes.

    On a serious note, I do wish the sun rises and sets with BP…apart from making the sun the envy of the solar system, if it did…maybe, just maybe some people will finally admit how powerful BP is. Oh they know…they know but it is the refusing to accept it part that make me sooo mad! I mean what’s the point of being so headstrong about it? Isn’t it why…

    4 yrs later and 1001 divorces later, His is still very much talked about.

    Out of 10000001 divorced women out there, some going from from their 3 bedroom home to a homeless shelter, his ex who is worth over $100 million, is still the only one people feel sorry for.

    After how many guys have dumped her, it’s still his that people are still smarting over.

    Even though countless women and children have been through it with no one there to hold there hands, him not being there for the ending of his wife’s TV show is a huge deal.

    People feel he alone should be held responsible for the demise of his marriage. For us mortals, it makes no sense to blame one person for the work of two…then again, we aren’t married to mighty Brad Pitt.

    ….yet they refuse to give him his props. Something has to be done.

    *drops on knees and prays fervently*

    Hello oh ye heavens! This is AG, please can you make the sun rise and set with BP? I know you meant to do when you first created him but something came up and you forgot. I am not mad, even though it has caused us (his fans) so many problems, I promise to forgive and forget as soon as you rectify you mistake.

    Thanks you.

    If you can make a halo around his head and also make trumpets go off every time he walks into a room….and a loud echoing voice to announce his presence, that would be swell!

    Gotta go get somethin’ to eat, need to fill for when I start fasting and praying so BP can get what is due him. ;)



    a BIG question @ 09/25/2008 at 1:49 pm
    Do y’all think that if Aniston publicly wished Brad and his family well, this triangle would begin to crumble

    Of course it would. Which is why Aniston and Huvane NEVER will.

    The grudge/the war, her passive aggressive inferences to struggle/pain/adversity/ and overcoming all, MUST always be laid at the feet of the Jolie-Pitts.

    This must continue so that Aniston can get maximum press and continue the coattail ride.

    The no mentioning of names, the no PUBLIC congratulations on births/adoptions (notice all of the innocuous pleasant stories that appear in the tabloid press that could infer/imply that Aniston’s war with the JPs is over, ALWAYS get denied by Huvane – he denied she sent congrats when Shi was born, denied Maniston had met Shiloh, denied even the most trivial positive crap that could be construed as an ‘olive leaf’ – Huvane and she did this because of course that would kill her Jolie Pitt coattail ride…the party would be over).

    But yeah, IF she did it…it would all be over for the most part – the worst part of it that is.

  • sexyMF

    to the passive aggressive “fan” – just because u are one of those whiny ones in your relationship doesn’t mean Angie is.

    Brad was suppossed to start working at this time ANYWAY just after the babies were born. Had things not fall thru with the “Fighter”, the fam would have been in Mass right now. So give the man a fcuking break.

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    wow what a rude person you are. was i even rude with you? i’m not going to answer to you,but you sound alittle liar.

  • tabitha

    I see the troublemakers/liars are out in full force.

  • Passing Through

    # 138 justlookin’ @ 09/25/2008 at 1:13 pm

    Homeboy looks tired and seems to have gained weight. Six kids in three years (great parenting) will do that to you. Eagerly awaiting your no doubt derogatory comments towards me. mwah.


    What’s to be derogatory about? Brad DOES look tired. But then again it was 2 am, ya dipshit! If you’d been up since dawn with 6 kids your ass would look tired 20 hours later, too! The man just moved his family to Germany, had 6 kids and a ton of staff to see settled, then turned around went to a business dinner that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. Criminy. Use a little fcuking common sense occasionally.

    As for the weight gain? We should all be so lucky to gain weight like Brad Pitt. Please point out to us where you see these extra pounds. The man is wearing 2 shirts and a pair of pants that are both 2 sizes too big, so please, get to pointing…

  • brody

    CLINIQUA, seeing as you are so well versed on the art of courting publicity, give us your thoughts on or excuses for the conduct of your beloved JPs. Selling pictures of newborns (giving the money to charity does not excuse them, no doubt you will contest, if so i’ll shout you down later), selling pictures of Pax five minutes after they adopted him, selling pictures of their family in Asia, etc,etc. Their conduct is their own and only they know the reasons as to why but i’d still be interested in what you have to say.

  • andamentothat

    This thread started out with Brad being drunk at 2 am and has taken a detour to the wild wild west where X reigns, where the demons came attacking Pitt for missing the taping of the last episode of friends.. (the real reason why Aniston fans are seething!)

    Someone did try to steer it towards a breakup and concluded that the mighty Z has absolute power on the World’s most powerful couple.. Priceless..

    I can tell ya’ that the next 90 days is going to be a boatload of fun with plenty of Brad sightings , some solo, some with family, some with Angie alone (yes date nights will take place) and a whole load of “truth” posters unloading their insecurities.

    Then there is Brody, who wants to question why we question the X ‘s motives when we have no proof that X really initiated the pity party one year before the actual VF interview.. If she wasnt the queen of character assassination, with an obsession of undermining her husband on multiple occasions, then we would have spared her some but she called it first.

  • Passing Through

    OT –

    For anyone who cares…pix from this years CGI…

    Bono and his ever present sunglasses…Al Gore looking chunky…Lance Armstrong looking blank as ever…Clinton doing his “pensive” look…Bush Sr proving cluelessness is hereditary…Queen Rania looking queenly…Ali looking older than I’ve seen him look in a while…Bill Gates looking dorky as ever…but no Brad & Angie this year…

  • Passing Through

    # 160 a BIG question @ 09/25/2008 at 1:49 pm

    Do y’all think that if Aniston publicly wished Brad and his family wee, this triangle would begin to crumble?


    In a word – no. Mainly because her fans can’t reconcile the fact that she’s no longer Mrs. Brad Pitt. Being Mrs. Brad Pitt bought her respect. Even when people knew there was trouble in the marriage they mags and gossips didn’t rag on X like they do now. Yes, they gossiped about the marriage, but X wasn’t treated with the kind of disdain and snark that she’s been treated to since Brad kicked her to the curb and made it possible for people to finally call her on her shite.

    So no, it wouldn’t help one iota.

  • brody

    Passing through, what common sense do i need to use? I quite clearly said in my post that six kids would leave you looking tired and dipshit is quite derogatory last time i checked. As for the weight gain, around the stomach, tends to happen that way for men.

  • aeon

    O2 nice to see you posting again. We miss you.

    PT, African Girl, you guys are priceless. You comments are so on target. Better you than me right now I have no patience for the trolls or the jenhags or the ffckers.

    They have no imagination or intellect. It is always the same whyning comments and complaints. Come on, if you are going to be creative with a story be imaginitive not lazy and stupid.

    Here is the deal the Jolie-Pitt family don’t owe you an explanation persiod especially Angie and Brad. It was his marriage and his breakup. When do you think you will get over it? Do you still want us to hold your hands? I think X is over it but she is using the notoriety for her manipulative gains.

    To the poster that ask that Big question…what if X has wished Brad and Angie well? The answer to your question is a big YES.

  • Passing Through

    # 165 To all Brad/angie fans @ 09/25/2008 at 2:00 pm

    If you think Angie is just sitting at home being irritated that Brad’s not there you’re crazy. Angie has so many irons in the fire that unlike X she’s got things in her life that need attention when Brad’s not there. Hell, she’s probably glad hes’ not underfoot all the time.

    I had 2 friends who’s husbands retired early. They were promptly informed that they needed to find another job or a hobby or something because they could NOT be at home in their wives way all day because they had stuff to do and didn’t need an audience.

    You can bet your ass Angie is the same way. She’s got all kinds of charities, she’s got movie projects to mull over, she’s got to get ready for NYC next week, and she’s got twins to feed and 4 other kids to oversee even if the nannies are around. So get a grip already, moron.

  • Passing Through

    # 178 thelookoflove1365 @ 09/25/2008 at 2:30 pm

    LOL, why Jared, why? Why do you have to flipped names again? These (this) hater(s) are/is having her/his delusion squash again by your constant name flipping. Stopt already!. LOL… But thank you for doing your job. And thanks for the thread!

    #79 truth=Melissa
    #108 jill=Melissa


    Well, I knew that “Jill” post wasn’t the real Jill…but…don’t these trolls EVER learn? You can train dogs, cats, elephants, ants…even fleas…but those damned Fanistons just never learn…

  • brody

    aeon when did i ever ask for an explanation and once again, get over what exactly? Is there a rule on this blog that states that if you are not an irrational worshiper of all things Jolie-Pitt then you are a hater, Jenho/hag, etc? Must say it’s a good rule to have as it means you don’t actually have to give logical answers to reasonable questions.

  • Passing Through

    # 188 tabitha @ 09/25/2008 at 2:45 pm

    I see the troublemakers/liars are out in full force.


    Yep. It never fails. As soon as there’s a new Brad/Angie thread…out come the Fanistons and trolls. Why…it’s almost like someone is PAYING them to cause troub…nahhh…..

  • huh

    So “the truth” is melissa, jill is also Melissa. Jill was answering “the truth”. Basically Melissa was answering herself. What a mental. And Sambo is back, jared just flipped “To all Brad/angie fans ” to “sam”. :lol:

  • Leo

    brody @ 09/25/2008 at 3:15 pm

    No, fool, you are not called names if you disagree or criticize the JPs. The reason you are criticized and called names is because you are a troll and you don’t know what a rational logical argument looks like. If you did, then you wouldn’t be ridiculed. Oh, and you also have a tendency to make SH*T UP.