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Brad Pitt Films Inglorious Bastards

Brad Pitt Films Inglorious Bastards

Brad Pitt leaves the Vino e Cucina restaurant in Berlin-Mitte and then joins the cast of his latest movie Inglorious Bastards, at Babelsberg studios, Germany to see each other and to receive their copies of the script.

Pitt‘s family will live at a 12,000 square foot mansion near Berlin which comes complete with a helicopter landing pad, boat dock, 14-strong security staff and more than one chef, while he films Inglorious Bastards. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived in Germany on Tuesday with their children and will reportedly be staying for approximately three months.

In this latest Quentin Tarantino movie, Pitt plays the leader of a band of Jewish-American soldiers sent behind enemy lines during the Second World War to scalp high-ranking Nazis.

10+ more pics inside of Brad Pitt filming Inglorious Bastards

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brad pitt babelsberg 01
brad pitt babelsberg 02
brad pitt babelsberg 03
brad pitt babelsberg 04
brad pitt babelsberg 05
brad pitt babelsberg 06
brad pitt babelsberg 07
brad pitt babelsberg 08
brad pitt babelsberg 09
brad pitt babelsberg 10
brad pitt babelsberg 11
brad pitt babelsberg 12

Photos: FlynetOnline, WENN
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  • Passing Through

    # 194 brody @ 09/25/2008 at 3:07 pm

    Passing through, what common sense do i need to use? I quite clearly said in my post that six kids would leave you looking tired and dipshit is quite derogatory last time i checked. As for the weight gain, around the stomach, tends to happen that way for men.


    Sooooooo, “Brody”….are you telling us, so Jared won’t have to, that you’re “# 138 justlookin’ @ 09/25/2008 at 1:13 pm “? Cuz really, “homeboy”, the name changing is unnecessary. You were doing an adequate job of displaying your idiocy under the name of “Brody”…

  • Passing Through

    # 195 aeon @ 09/25/2008 at 3:07 pm

    Hey Aeon -

    It’s an extremely slow day at work otherwise I’d just cuss ‘em out and move on. I can sit here and b#tch about why it’s so hot in here (they’ve turned off the AC and we’re having a freaking heat wave, happens every damned year, but the University thinks they’re saving a few bucks by making us run 10,000 fans instead of the damned AC, but that’s another story…)…or I can be a smartass with the trolls. It really is true that you have to give up something to get something in life!

  • African Girl

    # 174 brody @ 09/25/2008 at 2:13 pm
    Persiancutie, no soccer game but he did go to a radiohead concert. Work related no doubt……
    Heavens! He is not allowed to do anything outside of work? This is a sin now?

    Oh my goodness! Ladies, I am so freaking embarrassed right now, I think we should flag our comments addressed to brody, erase any evidence that we ever exchanged words with someone who not only thinks like that^^^ but also has no issues broadcasting it on the web!

    Gah! we should know better, a Faniston can feign being lucid (not that they do a good job anyway) for only so long before the get back to their “Love means never ever letting you out of my sight…ever” way of thinking.

    I see sam has graced us with her presence. Sam, Some Chick, Brody…yep, something MEGA HUGE is going down in Camp JP.

  • Passing Through

    # 200 huh @ 09/25/2008 at 3:19 pm

    And Sambo is back, jared just flipped “To all Brad/angie fans ” to “sam”.


    ROTFLMAO. Man…if I’d know that was ShitzySpamboGal I’d have been meaner in my response!

  • Trip

    I do Agree that Angelina did say that they would both take some time off. I think that was wishful thinking on her part and so now she signed on for another movie which she starts in 4 -5 months. I think Brangelina has somewhat rejuvenated brad’s career and so now he’s choosing career over family. How this will work in the long run no one knows, but we can guess.

    My guess? Angelina will move on sooner or later

  • aeon

    brody..whatever name you transcribe to. That is because we (the fans) are calling BS on your fake “innocent” comments. We have been through this before over the years with too many “innocent’ commentors who turned out to be trolls. You don’t need an answer from us to make you comment.

    Again, the point is why do you need us to explain Pitt’s past marriage? Better yet, why do you need to know? Why do you want us to hold your hands and agree with you? You are presistent in remaking the same commments over and over again as if to make us agree with you.

    We are not going to change our minds. We know all we need to know about his past and her past, still we are fans and have nothing but love for the family. Now what…

  • huh

    brody @ 09/25/2008 at 2:13 pm
    Persiancutie, no soccer game but he did go to a radiohead concert. Work related no doubt……
    Jared is really busy today. I remembered this post was under the name “cali”. Now Jared flipped it to “brody”. The trolls are loosing their shite big time.

  • the real lou

    Oh my,lol.I see Jared has been flipping names.BTW brody just got busted for posting under cali.’

    cali’ @ 09/25/2008 at 2:13 pm
    174 brody @ 09/25/2008 at 2:13 pm
    Jared just flipped the name.

  • thelookoflove1365

    # 197 Passing Through @ 09/25/2008 at 3:12 pm
    LOL, I know it wasn’t Jill. Was waiting for the real Jill to show up and kick the theif’s as s but Jared flipped the names which is just as good, if not better.

    # 200 huh @ 09/25/2008 at 3:19 pm
    If these fools will just stick to one name, then Jared can devote his time in looking for some X’s latest pix so her delusional fans will have a thread to crap all over, instead of constantly exposing Sybil posters.

  • dana

    Sooooooo, “Brody”….are you telling us, so Jared won’t have to, that you’re “# 138 justlookin’ @ 09/25/2008 at 1:13 pm “? Cuz really, “homeboy”, the name changing is unnecessary. You were doing an adequate job of displaying your idiocy under the name of “Brody”…


    Yup, Jared just flipped that one too. So brody = justlookin’

    You guys need to be a little more stealth in your sockpuppeting.

  • African Girl

    # 206 Trip @ 09/25/2008 at 3:33 pm
    Lmao! You are a trip alright, She’ll soon move on? I don’t know which group has the worst impresion of AJ, the Fanistons or are so called fans.

    This is getting old, it used to be funny but it’s just…pfffttt!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..`i wish brad would tell the world his ‘secret’ of making his wrinkles go ;away.

  • huh

    dana @ 09/25/2008 at 3:39 pm

    Sooooooo, “Brody”….are you telling us, so Jared won’t have to, that you’re “# 138 justlookin’ @ 09/25/2008 at 1:13 pm “? Cuz really, “homeboy”, the name changing is unnecessary. You were doing an adequate job of displaying your idiocy under the name of “Brody”…


    Yup, Jared just flipped that one too. So brody = justlookin’

    You guys need to be a little more stealth in your sockpuppeting.
    LMAO @ idiot trolls.

  • Trip

    In famous, it’s called BOTOX.

  • huh

    African Girl @ 09/25/2008 at 3:40 pm

    # 206 Trip @ 09/25/2008 at 3:33 pm
    Lmao! You are a trip alright, She’ll soon move on? I don’t know which group has the worst impresion of AJ, the Fanistons or are so called fans.

    This is getting old, it used to be funny but it’s just…pfffttt!
    trip aka tres jolie has lived in her delusion for 4 years already, she is going to live there forever. :lol:

  • the real lou

    #212 African Girl @ 09/25/2008 at 3:40 pm …Trip is another name changing troll.Not worth your time.

  • andamentothat

    PT you need to be a sleuth or something.. Great work on figuring out the trolls who by any name always smell lame!

  • Trip

    African Girl @ 09/25/2008 at 3:40 pm

    # 206 Trip @ 09/25/2008 at 3:33 pm
    Lmao! You are a trip alright, She’ll soon move on? I don’t know which group has the worst impresion of AJ, the Fanistons or are so called fans.

    This is getting old, it used to be funny but it’s just…pfffttt!
    ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    Hey, at least I am not pretending to know exactly what the hell is going on with them like some of you . It’s just a guess based on the type of woman I THINK Angelina is and a guess based on her interviews. She DOESN’T want to be in HOLLYWOOD for long. read her interviews … she said they would probably stop acting ~~not exactly, but close enough~~ and go away. She has been saying she would retire from acting for YEARS even before Brad ruined her. I really think the tabloids constant crap/all the media crap has gotten to her and Brad doesn’t seem to care one bit because the crap doesn’t affect him because the media is ~~paid~~ to love him.

  • Trip

    Huh 216, who are you? what is your regular name? why do you hide behind a fake name?

    ~~NAh I really don’t care~~ haha

  • Leo

    Trip @ 09/25/2008 at 3:33 pm

    Now you’re just making sh*t up. Angelina said she individually was going to take a year off. She never said anything about Brad. Now this is why you would be classified as a troll. You come here with your nonsense and expect that you won’t be called out on it. Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you are not very subtle.

  • Trip

    Angelina can’t be go off and live a normal life if Brad is still playing his media games. Angelina is hiding from the media and Brad is everywhere waiting for his picture to be taken and the next thing you know Angelina is on the cover of ALL of the tabloids labeled as some depressed control freak and she’s not even doing anything. I’m sure she loves brad for that. ;)

  • thelookoflove1365

    OMG…haters are losing their sh*t over Brad and Angie moving to Germany for 3 months and GASP, together, children and all.

    This is why I tried not to address directly to haters’ posts or identify their names bcoz they eventually change names to answer one self. I’d like to know whom I am posting to and when they change names, I get confuse. LOL :smile:

    LOL! so brody =cali=justlookin, and prolly somecrazy chick are one and the same. Good to know!

  • Trip

    Ok, leo. I thought she said they would both take some time off or they would both stop acting soon. Something like that. Mary jane could have been visiting when I read that interview so who knows…

    Maybe someone can find the video or interview and check.

  • ….

    People who like to whine and release their fake concerns
    about Angie ‘excessive misery through Brad’s abandon’ (sarcasm)
    are transferring their own wuss*ness. Not everyone is retarded and lacks backbone !

    If you think a woman who is pregnant with twins, has 4 other young children AND yet does go on her mission to hot spots like Irak where death is the daily meal will whine because her partner isn’t there when she is about to give birth in her confortable place, you trully are delusional. That woman has a bigger perspective of dramas !

    It’s not because a certain woman of nearly 40, who happen to belong to the 0.0000001 % of the most privilleged ones is a p*ussy and drama queen who should be guided, overprotected, overforgiven, overpittified by a brigade or worshippers struck by compulsive overprotection syndrom, that Angie or the vast majority of women in the World, (you know, the ones who work till the first contraction and don’t even have the means for the comfort of an hospital, those who have to work in labour works, hours only after given birth, without their husband siding them) ARE TOO…

    Those women have strenght, dignity and don’t whine because their partner are not there all the time, even in the most critical time, when they live true tragedies and miseries.

    Those are REAL woman, not an extremely privilleged retarded teen
    emprisoned in a 40 year old persona !

  • From PerezHilton

    Can Jennifer Aniston just get over it already?

    As if it wasn’t hard enough enduring how she’s “over” her 2005 divorce from Brad Pitt in every single interview FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS, now we hear reports that she’s been calling up her ex, John Mayer.

    A source dishes that Jen is just a tad needy (no surprise there, bbs), and even needier when she starts “partying” – which she’s reportedly taken to since she worked in Miami on Marley & Me and started dating Mayer.

    Peer pressure!

    Apparently, last week, after TWO WHOLE GLASSES OF WINE, Aniston threw inhibition to the wind and phoned up John. The two have been chatting ever since and John is looking forward to seeing her again.

    Since their break up, Jen’s been said to be “drowning” her sorrows and withdrawing from the world.

    Gosh, hearing about Jennifer “letting her hair down” makes us want to go to sleep.

    Weeks before Mayer dumped her, the former Friends star went under the knife for lip surgery in a bid to please the singer, says the Daily Mail.

    This is just a new addition to a string of failed relationships with the likes of Vince Vaughan and British model Paul Sculfor.

    Sounds like girlfriend’s got a serious case of codependency!

    She’d be better off with some gal pals and a scoop of ice cream rather than a glass of wine to ease her sorrows

  • http://justjared Persiancutie

    hahahaha so i was talking to brody! now i have to say sorry,i noticed he/she/it was a liar but didn’t know she/he was brody.
    hahaha today was so funny. how jared has been fliping trolls name out. hahaha
    i’m falling sleep,catch with you guys tomorrow,tomorrow is weekend in my country.

  • huh

    Trip @ 09/25/2008 at 3:52 pm
    :lol: what an idiot you are. :lol:

  • estelle

    Passing Through @ 09/25/2008 at 2:58 pm OT –

    For anyone who cares…pix from this years CGI…

    Bono and his ever present sunglasses…Al Gore looking chunky…Lance Armstrong looking blank as ever…Clinton doing his “pensive” look…Bush Sr proving cluelessness is hereditary…Queen Rania looking queenly…Ali looking older than I’ve seen him look in a while…Bill Gates looking dorky as ever…but no Brad & Angie this year…

    ROTFLOL……Thanks for the recap PT, it’s a year already, times sure fly by fast.

  • JR = nobody’s sweetheart

    I’m simply wondering how you can admonish her for only visiting him once in however many months yet not criticize him for not being there for her when a huge part of her life came to an end (as an aside, I apologize for having ever used the word abandoned as this seemingly caused great confusion, in future I’ll say “did not attend” or some similar simpler terminology).
    Brody – dude Brad was “there” and in their home and in Jen’s bed when she finished filming ‘Friends’. He just wasn’t at the taping of the last episode. He was feverishly working on 3 films he had back end participation on. He very likely felt he was trying to secure his family’s financial future, if he still believed they had a future, which is just as likely as Cl9iniqua and PT’s beliefs.

  • estelle

    Ahhhhhhhh….ughhhhhhhhh, trolls misquoting Angie again?…ohhhhh myyyyyyyyy…Goodnnnesss. Angie, Angie Angie, let me give you a small suggestion…… the next time you give an interview, make sure to given the time line of when you want to stop acting, because as you know, to you and me, “someday soon” could be years and years, but to the trolls, who are living in the past for the past 4 years, “someday soon” is “yesterday” to them?….ok Angie?. Thank you very much.

  • Trace

    @Trip – Brad and Angelina are having red-hot careers. Most parents out there would agree that no matter how much you love your kids, or your spouse, to be good parents and partners, you still have to maintain your own identity and do the things you love away from your kids and spouse. They are first and foremost actors by profession. Even if they take time off, of course they will return to the jobs that they love. This is a non-issue.

    Secondly, if that post of X and Mayer reuniting by Perez his true, then X has stooped to a new low in my book. After all the trash talk that she had her friends say about him after he DUMPED her and publicly declared it in an impromptu papz press conference, why in hell would you want to get back with a guy like that?! X gives new meaning to the word “Desperate”!

  • trip

    On juggling kids and work…
    “Brad and I are very lucky that we’re in a situation where we can choose to take turns, and one of us can be home with the kids, and so we kind of have that plan of who is doing what. So I have been home, and now I am going to go to work for a little bit, then he is going to work, then I am going to work, then basically we’re going to try to take a year off and just be with the kids. So certainly, we’re trying to find a few projects that we love or that we think would be good to do for one reason or another. But mainly our focus is, ‘OK, let’s look at our schedule, and try to figure out when we’re going to have our family time.’”

    Here it is. It was her Parade interview. See, leo, She was hoping they would BOTH take a year off. Now what?

    huh, the mystery poster… stop stalking me before i call the internet popo on yo ass.

  • huh

    trip @ 09/25/2008 at 4:33 pm

  • Passing Through

    # 215 Trip @ 09/25/2008 at 3:44 pm

    In famous, it’s called BOTOX.


    Boy, you’re just full of all kinds of idiotic comments today aren’t you? How can Brad have wrinkles in some photos and not others and be using Botox? Plus he can move his forehead, cheeks, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears…ie, his whole fcuking face! Idiot trolls.


    okay brody the idiot…I’m guessing you’re asking “why,” the JPs got paid for the People/Hello pictorial….

    Well, the answer is a simple one, because they’re worth it. The JP family is worth 14 MILLION dollars, ALL of it going to charity. This past week 2 mil went out to organizations aiding the victims, most babies & children surviving the most brutal impoverished conditions imaginable. That money will save lives, improve conditions, and provide continuing education and health care.

    Sure, the JPs would have been within their rights to like Halle Berry, give the tabloid media a FREE gift at the public zoo and park. My guess is, the magazines that had nalah on their cover that week and touted ‘FIRST PICS!!’ probably raked in a good 2-4 mill in extra circ numbers and the papz that got his pic to press first may have made enough to retire.

    That was really kind of Halle. Allowing the industry that lies regularly (on her sometimes) steals stars medical records, bribes hospital workers, and endangers citizens regularly on the roads in LA to have a FREE shot to race the first pics to print and score millions…they can use that money to tell more lies, harrass more people, and endanger more people for even bigger pay days for bigger stars than Halle.

    Make sense?
    Yeah it doesn’t to me either.

    Frankly, it even makes LESS sense than what Fishyth Paltrow did. She did a pictorial, GOT PAID (a whopping $50,000 ..heh Tori Spelling got more. lmao ) and KEPT the money.

    That is waaay smarter even than what Halle did.

    So my suggestion to you Brody, instead of attacking the Jolie Pitts for taking 14 million OUT of the hands of the tabloid press and papz, you should be CONGRATULATING them on their amazing humanitarianism and brilliance.

    Hell, you can even pat the selfish broke Fishyth Paltrow (pre Iron Man) on the back as well. Though my guess is she wouldn’t have exactly been chased down in the street by a mob pf papz, they still would have tried all manner of annoyances to get the first pics.

  • Passing Through

    # 218 andamentothat @ 09/25/2008 at 3:47 pm

    PT you need to be a sleuth or something.. Great work on figuring out the trolls who by any name always smell lame!


    It wasn’t that hard to figure out. I called #138 justlookin’ ” a dipshit. Brody responded back that I’d called him a dipshit…only his name wasn’t on #138…ergo, Brody was “justlookin’” and just stupid, too boot.

  • Passing Through

    # 219 Trip @ 09/25/2008 at 3:49 pm

    Give us all a break LUV ANGIE. Changing your name and using lower case instead of caps doesn’t mask your lunacy. I’m surprised nobody has called you on it sooner…

  • Passing Through

    # 222 Trip @ 09/25/2008 at 3:56 pm

    ROTFLMAO. If I had any doubts that this twit was LUV ANGIE this post takes care of them. Same shite, new name…

  • Leo

    Seriously, the parade interview is the best you could do. When was the parade interview. Because I’m pretty sure after Changeling she said that she wasn’t going to work.

  • Observer2

    LMAO! Jared’s been busy. Thanks Jared, I love when he’s had enough and just starts flipping names.

    Trolls never learn. That’s why they’re stuck.

  • Passing Through

    # 227 From PerezHilton @ 09/25/2008 at 4:07 pm

    This would be funny if not for his source – the Daily Mail? Puh-leeze. Although…it IS the second time in the last week I’ve seen a story about X calling up The Urinator. The other story was in last week’s Star mag where they claimed she was calling up The Urinator because she heard he was telling his friends and anyone who’d listen what she liked in the sack and told him to cut it out and she was embarrassed that he was talking about her like that.

    Like I said – coming from the tabs as it does, it’s humorous, but I’m not holding my breath waiting to hear that X is taking a load in her stiff kisser again. I don’t have that kind of good luck.

    BTW – WTF is wrong with Perez? X has been “partying” for years. She just does it at home or the Coquettes’ house rather than a club!

  • bdj

    AOL Names Brad Pitt Hollywood’s Hottest Dad

    Brad Pitt
    All we have to say about this one is….DUH! AOL has hit the nail right on the head with their latest poll, naming the hottest dads of Hollywood.

    And although he’s somewhere in the middle of Germany hanging with the fam and prepping for his latest role, Brad Pitt is still their (and our) pick for tinseltown’s hottest dad. He even beat out David Beckham! That’s no easy feat. Here’s the full list.

    1. Brad Pitt
    2. David Beckham
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Will Smith
    5. Matt Damon
    6. Ryan Philippe
    7. Ben Affleck
    8. Joel Madden
    9. Seal
    10. Patrick Dempsey
    11. Barack Obama
    12. Gavin Rossdale
    13. Tom Cruise
    14. Tobey Maguire
    15. Mark Consuelos

  • vickifromtexas

    it is hard to fathom how a happy family going about their business could bring out so much neurosis. sad really.


    Tripsh*t, by the time AJ starts filming in Feb., she will have been off a year and some change. Brad has been off half a year himself. None of this is written in stone, and she said they’re both open to working if something amazing turns up…such as the Ayn Rand project she mentioned she was intrigued with, or in Brad’s case, Tarantino. Either way, as long as these studios and producers, come begging and are willing to do whatever it takes to accomodate Brad, Angelina and the family (set hrs on set, homes, private jets to the states for previous committments, etc) they’d be fools not to do exciting projects with directors who are falling at their feet.

    Please don’t get so high and mighty ‘trip,’ not when you are a fan of the TV sit-com hag Maniston who would have sold her mother just to be ‘the girl’ in a David Spade ‘movie’ and who left a depressed miserable BP at home twiddling his thumbs and smoking weed…crying over the biggest mistake of his life. But again…your idol, proves she didn’t know when or how to prioritize which is why she’s a reject dumped manless childless loser to this day.

    …and well, why Brad & Angelina have the world as their oyster.

    Kinda stupid to attack them when nobody, no couple alive in the public eye does it better. They rule the world.

    By the way, I fear NY will go should be a real mob scene…as people can’t go 6 mos without Angie, and attempt to be cool. I hope security is tight for Angelina.

  • bdj

    ’m still not convinced that the supposed “Fight Club” musical, which I’ve been writing about since February, isn’t just an elaborate practical joke from director David Fincher and novelist Chuck Palahniuk, although the author himself seemed sincere and insistent when MTV News last caught up with him in August.

    What would it be like? How would the songs sound? What from the movie would make it in? Even though we’re no closer to knowing the answers to those questions, we now know what won’t make it in – the stars themselves.

    “I doubt it will be me and Brad [Pitt],” “Fight Club” star Ed Norton laughed when asked about the possibility of starring in a Broadway revival of perhaps his most iconic role. “I know Brad can’t sing!”

    We knew Pitt and Norton weren’t going to start taking dance lessons, but most interestingly, the once and possibly future Dr. Banner didn’t immediately dismiss the idea of the musical itself – as “Fight Club” co-star Jared Leto did when asked last April.

    Could that mean it’s – gasp! – actually REAL?

    “It has been floating around for a while,” Norton said. “I’ve seen different notions of it.”

    Norton even went so far as to throw his support behind Trent Reznor, who has been long-rumored to be writing the music.

    “Reznor would be about right for it,” he said.

  • estelle

    ….”basically we’re going to try to take a year off “….., Angie said they are going ” to try”……… when I’m saying to my mom ” I will try not to eat junk food everyday” ….it doesn’t mean that I can’t eat junk food at all, just not everyday, may be I can eat them every other day, or once a week or once a year…….at least

  • ebmo

    Okay, here is a wild idea!

    Instead of answering the trolls, lets have a “reality show” to determine which troll is most annoying! This will give them all the attention they really crave and has the added benefit of not actually having to engage them in conversation!

    Certain categories to be considered for all trolls/contestants:

    1. Most Illiterate

    2. Best at identity change.

    3. Fastest to jump on a Brad or Angelina thread to post something nasty.

    4. Best researcher/quoter of stupid tab rumors

    5. Most literate

    6. Most dellusional

    7. Most disgusting posts.

    Feel free to add any categories you find lacking.

    Rules are:

    No troll participation in the voting:

    (you might vote for yourself and it wouldn’t be fair to the other trolls.
    But no worries! Your inane posts alone will put you in the running for the gold!)

    Candidates are:

    bet=pusy cat doll= ja (I know she isn’t here but she deserves an honorable mention)

    brody = etc.

    Trip = etc


    Other candidates can be submitted by known posters.

    I am wondering how we should do the scoring?
    Maybe a point system? 1 being the worst at a particular skill (like literacy) and 5 being the best?
    Then we could tally up the numbers and whoever has the most
    wins The BFMT award (BIG FAT MORONIC TROLL)

    We would recognize this winner as the stupidest, most uniformed, most dellusional most spiteful, jealous person to grace these boards.

    But I am open to a different scoring method too.

    Just an idea

  • estelle

    …”basically we’re going to try to take a year off …” see Angie, this is what I’m talking about. You have to give them a specific time line……
    ” to try” is too vague, they will just skip it and read ” basically we’re going to take a year off” …see what I mean?

    Ladies of Bampzville, when was the last time Brad and Angie working again? PT, please help us out here

  • .

    Brad look smoking hot .I love this style of his. I can’t wait to see their pics at the red carpet next week.

  • marina

    ebmo, (hi, there, I’m mostly a lurker/reader)
    beside the best researcher, you can add a category for the one with the worst memory (things have been said to them zillions of times, and also to the best archaeologist, or something like that, that still whines about things that are in the past, were said and/or supposedly happened in the long gone past, besides, also , the worst liar!!