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Heidi Montag Gives Back

Heidi Montag Gives Back

Heidi Montag and boyfriend Spencer Pratt spend the afternoon at The Mission in downtown Los Angeles helping to prepare and serve food to homeless people on Wednesday.

The pair were in Vegas over the weekend celebrating Heidi‘s 22nd birthday at the Christian Audigier Nightclub inside Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Heidi and Spencer giving back – REALLY GENUINE or REALLY FAKE?

15+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt giving back…

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Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Stephanie



  • Stephanie


    REALLY FAKE!!!!!

  • me

    I think it is nasty to ask if this is genuine or fake.

    What matters is that they did something for others.

    I dont really care what the motive was.

  • twyla808

    selfish arseholes like twiddledee & twiddledum here don’t know a thing about being charitable. They manage to turn everything into a photo-op. FAIL!

  • James Mason Fan

    Guess I’m in a good mood. I don’t hate them quite as much as usual today.

  • jo

    publicity stunt

  • jasmine

    why kind of question is that it doesn’t matter if they did it genuinely or if it was fake what matters is that they did something good and donate their time and gave back which is great i swear give them a break

  • assma


  • marie

    hey who cares they’re motives!
    I dont like them AT ALL but at least they’re doing something for homeless people!

    I bet anyone of you take time to help people in need!
    stop the hating in situations like this!

  • tia

    they are so trashy. this is just a cheap attempt to try and get them more press

  • jacqueline


  • Ginamarie

    Good for you Heidi and Spencer! Honestly, some of you people would put them down if they gave a million dollars to charity and even one papparazzi took a photo of them because he was staking them out. Give them some credit.

  • Renesmee

    I feel bad for Heidi. Poor girl got sucked in by that manipulative jerk.

  • ella

    they are SO fake. if they really cared about just being charitable they would do it WITHOUT cameras and not feel the need to make it known to the media.

  • misty

    it,s FAKE

  • jasmine

    you guys are morons what the fuck they donating their time to homeless people doing charity work this isn’t the first time they volunteered you guys are stuck on the Hills and don’t see the real lives of these people can you guys just give damn credit for actually helping fuck

  • jasmine

    to ella it’s not their fault that the paparazzi loves them Hilary Duff does charity work all the damn time and paparazzi/media are always their interviewing her and who cares if they love the attention at least their doing good they could of just gone shopping instead

  • jameson

    this is definitely for the publicity; but I did get to meet them and talk with them and they’re actually really nice people, A LOT nicer than other celebs that have a better media portrayal.

  • NINA

    to ella it’s not their fault that the paparazzi loves them Hilary Duff does charity work all the damn time and paparazzi/media are always their interviewing her and who cares if they love the attention at least their doing good they could of just gone shopping instead


    wtf the paparazzi DONT love them. its the other way around! spencer is such a freakin tool–he calls them and tells them where they are going to be and when! BARF! they are both total famewhores and the fact that they are using charity to boost their image is SO low.

  • jasmine

    you guys are so stupid and it’s sad they can give away all their away to charity and you guys would still say the same thing it’s a publicity stint who’s gives a fuck they are helping and volunteering using their times wisely instead of them shopping or doing something else


  • maryanne

    I think this is WRONG!! WRONG WRONG!
    Exploiting a charitable organisation to get press is just wrong.
    Did they sign up for monthly volunteering without the press present?
    I don’t think so. A true act of charity goes unnoticed. I know people will say that at least they did something for others & other celebrities do it, but at the core it is wrong. Everything they do is a photo op & fake. Look at the shopping photos. Why would this one be different?
    I agree with Renesmee. I actually pity Heidi. The look in her eyes in one of the shots says it all. I think this naive girl has bitten off more than she can chew with this leach. How do you get out of a relationship with someone that you KNOW will sell every detail of your private life. I really think that Spencer in particular represents all that is bad in a human being. He is just awful!!

  • jasmine

    you guys buy way to much into the hills lol it’s quite funny! one of the fakest shows on television

  • Kiara

    wow jasmine u need a life.

  • hhmmmmm….

    Jasmine I feel like your really Spencer Pratt in disguise.

  • laNDING

    Is this guy single or lonely? i can’t believe it. i just found this guy on a celebrity dating club [SEEK RICH .com]. i don’t think it is himself who created the account there. omg.

  • Cazie

    Lovely of them to donate their time to charity. Pity Heidi couldn’t pull her hair back or wear one of the lovely plastic shower caps that the people in the background are wearing. Health and Safety anyone?

  • kokolo iz Splita

    How generous!!!!! These two will do anything possible to draw attention….Hypocrites.

  • jesse


  • NZ

    Publicity stunt!!! Everything about them is fake. Only doing charity work when cameras are around

  • chrisss

    At least they do charity work… i’m sure they might have different motives but they’re still contributing and doing good… ps. of course they’re fake, they’re “reality actors” and they know least they make 65 grand an ep, and donate it/time to good.

  • nikomilinko
  • Fatal_error

    They are not donating their time to help out the less fortunate. They saw a photo op and took it – plain and simple. Nobody goes to help out in a soup kitchen looking like Ken & Barbie. Even the workers in the background are wearing hair nets.

    These two are a classless act.

  • kellay

    really FAKE!

    but they’re still doing stuff for people, so it doesnt really matter..

  • nicoleee

    Its probably Really Fake!

  • andie

    the real question here:

    shouldn’t she be wearing a hair net?!?


  • marie

    see the problem is, we should reward them for doing this work but who the fuck invited the paparazzi INSIDE THE BUILDING? hmm let’s guess.. oh those two not-real-celebrities, camera-whores. i think so!

    it’s great to do charity work, but to do it for attention is disgusting. i absolutely hate these two. i usually skip over their stories because they don’t deserve my time but i just could not let this go.

  • Julia

    i think its something in between genuine and fake.

  • Just me

    At least they try to give back! Regarless of publicity stunt.

  • sharon

    know this is sicking using a stunt like this for publicity they must be the most fake couple in hollywood karma is a b**ch.

  • bella

    Jared, it is hard to take these two seriously. It is a photo op. If they are doing something out of the goodness of there heart they would not use it as a photo op and she would not be in full makeup.

  • DW

    Why aren’t they wearing hair nets?

  • crystal

    looks fake like they were forced

  • whatever, yo

    i think it’s gross they didn’t wear hair nets… heidi didn’t even pull back her hair


  • samant

    really fake!

  • QBOY


    well i guess they could give money too , right ????
    what are they trying to buy, the image of a generous couple ????

    hummm doesn’t work with me

  • Marisleysis

    They should have at least worn hair nets to make their fake photo op seem a little more real. Everyone else is wearing them…

  • Fruit Loop

    Please, dear god, make it stop! Something about them just frightens me everytime I see a picture of them…no joke. I feel that Stepford Wives kind of fear…

  • Nicole

    they are as fake as heidi’s breasts.

  • chrys

    i cant stand how fake heidi LOOKS. why oh why did she have plastic surgery! she was so pretty before. now she just looks plastic. really plastic as in barbie doll plastic.

    true, they’re doing something good which is commendable but if they’re not truly altruistic, then there’s not much of a point is there?

  • andrea

    u see how their just posing the whole time
    hate them both