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Shenae Grimes Smokes 90210

Shenae Grimes Smokes 90210

90210 actress Shenae Grimes smokes a cancer stick while leaving Trader Joe’s with a friend in Hollywood on Wednesday.

The 18-year-old up-and-coming Canadian actress also filmed a number of scenes on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Shenae and the rest of the 90210 actresses have been fighting off talk that they’re too skinny. Her response was, “Shake it off baby!”.

Shannen Doherty has also had a positive influence in Shenae. “She’s been through it all. She’s had people slander her constantly,” Grimes said. “You’re supposed to smile and be like, ‘I’m a happy person.’ What happened with her is that they caught her those times when she didn’t want to have to smile anymore.”

10+ pictures inside of Shenae Grimes smoking up 90210…

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shenae grimes smokes 90210 01
shenae grimes smokes 90210 02
shenae grimes smokes 90210 03
shenae grimes smokes 90210 04
shenae grimes smokes 90210 05
shenae grimes smokes 90210 06
shenae grimes smokes 90210 07
shenae grimes smokes 90210 08
shenae grimes smokes 90210 09
shenae grimes smokes 90210 10

Credit: Max Butterworth/Nate Jones/Kevin Perkins; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Helena


  • sel

    write something about paramore.

  • rachel

    no wonder she is so thin she smokes all day and doesn’t eat

  • emmy

    does anyone know if there’s a way to watch this show online???

    i checked iTunes and they don’t sell it


  • stef

    she bought like a million packs of cigarettes

  • ddmns

    i don’t know what the fuck people are talking about, this girl is normal weight.

  • Decaf

    This little girl annoys me. She seemed somewhat decent on Degrassi. Now, she’s just annoying. And smoking? Gross.

  • amy

    ewwwwww….. and her smoking sends SUCH a good message to her young fans *eye roll* gross

  • Pauli

    Interesting that she made sure she was photographed with food. Do these PR people think we’re stupid and don’t know this is all about damage control?

  • Regina

    Her weight is normal, but the smoking…yuck. I know smoking means nothing to people, but it just bothers me personally.

  • Ingrid

    I thought that was Blake Lively with darker hair!

  • bleh

    yeah smoke your lungs away

  • FAME

    She used to be on Degrassi here in Canada, fame has gone to her head. Sorry but 90210 will pass and the hype will fade.

  • jo

    look at her bagful of cigarettes. yuck

  • dina

    i like her that gucci?

  • dialectic

    oo smoking i so bad! goog god get over it,would you comment on a girl eating a heart clogging burger? i doubt it….when did being skinny become a bad thing? i guess when obese people became the norm….

  • Lexie

    hmmm. i love series, but this is…

  • gina

    Nasty habit for one so young.

  • emilie

    yuk.smoking is so unattractive

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ugly ~ n ~ disgusting

  • Krissy Fantasy

    I had no idea she smokes O.o
    And yea, that’s y shes’ so skinny..
    she smokes & probably doesn’t eat.( yuck!) ~ She”s very young..and might die. :(

    On naturally sadie ( on family) i thought she was the good girl..guess not
    i haven’t watched B. 90210..but she’s indeed a good actress <33

  • zzzz

    Dialectic, that is so true. I’m so sick of hypocrites bashing those who smoke, when the majority of our youth stuff themselves with artery clogging junk food and meat, not to mention the alcohol…

  • zzzz

    And since when is guzzling coffee at that age not a nasty habit?

  • Trisha

    Re: Emmy

    90210 is online on the cw

  • Trisha

    Re: Emmy

    90210 is online on the cw

  • jblover

    eww she smokes!!
    well @ least the photo shows she`s eating :)

  • Suzanne

    I think she is a normal weight but her smoking… ew.

  • Meredith

    She loves the attention . check her expression

  • lol

    The photo shows her carrying food, but eating the chopsticks! That’s how you stay thin.

  • Lauren

    No Shenae, the press caught Shannen Doherty when she was acting CRAZY. That’s why she got fired. You’d do well to regard Shannen as a cautionary tale…

  • mich

    1. she looks like serena in the smoking pic

    2. ew is she retarded she’s gorgeous and only 18 although so many idiots that are my age and younger smoke

    3. where was this how do you know where she goes

    4. she has like 5 packs she just bought , shame

  • k

    she’s gorgeous but post pictures of jessica stroup and dustin milligan! they are a cute couple.

  • Dieter

    Wonderful !!!!! I don´t think she is a smoker – she just needs to have a cigarette to relax instead of valium !!!

  • Hulla

    I don’t even think SHE is so skinny, it’s the other two who are looking unhealthy, especially the actress that plays silver.

  • Lauren

    Wow. I love Shenae, but to see her smoking….I lose respect for her.

  • lex

    this chick could seriously be worse than shannon dougherty…i’m sensing rehab at some point

  • trish.

    I dont care for shanae.

    Post ryan eggold..cus he’s hot.

  • trish.

    omggggggggg. she does look like blake lively in the smoking picture.


  • ewwww

    Such a pretty girl, but that cigarette makes her look soooo ugly. SMOKING IS DISGUSTING!

  • K

    90210 just got grosser.

  • emily.

    oohhhh canada.
    shes pretty awesome i can’t lie.

    as long as shes healthy i think everybody needs to chill. if shes fat, shes fat, if shes skinny, shes skinny. whats the problem? she’ll still be what matters, a pretty good actress, and canadian for that matter.
    whats there not to love, does it really matter how much she weighs?

  • Kaila

    “smokes a cancer stick” haha so true.

  • nicole

    emmy try it has all the shows and movies:)

  • sarah smith

    She is definitely thinner than she looks in these pictures because she is covering her popping chest/collar and shoulder bones. Plus, camera adds 10 lbs so imagine. And this food is just for the photos, she most probably threw it away later. The cigarettes are what she eats, drinks and smokes.
    There are healthier ways to put on weight than eating cheese burgers at every meal so someone saying that smoking is equivalent to putting on pounds(referring to zzz) is completely ridiculous.

  • HollywoodDream

    Shenae is trying sooooo hard to be like Shannen Doherty. Now that is method acting!

  • aska

    only 18? she looks old, she just has an old face.

  • biggest jj fan (Michelle)

    EWWWWW man I was a fan of hers before I saw these pictures of her smoking. DISGUSTING!!! I don’t understand why people prefer to smoke, do they just not care about their health and making other non smokers breathe secondhand smoke?????

  • dee

    ya no wonder shes like 90 lbs


    EXACTLY ” DECAF ” NUMBER # 7 AND ” FAME ” NUMBER # 13…..YUK, on the nasty and smelly nicotine sticks………I bet she smells fantastic to everyone…like a over-flowed ash tray still smouldering….Not very flattering pictures of her….LAUREN< NUMBER # 30, maybe Shenae will get fired for just acting like she is better than everyone else ….better watch out honey pie!

  • Jess

    @dialectic a cigarette is full of toxic chemicals but a burger is simply food. I agree some burgers can very bad with trans fat, preservatives etc and that type of fast food should definitely be avoided but people don’t usually eat a bunch of burgers in one day yet smokers can smoke a whole packet of cigarettes. Burgers don’t exactly damage the health of the people around you either so it isn’t so selfish.

    Fact is that smokers are twice as likely as non-smokers to die before the age of 65. Seems pretty reckless and stupid to do something which will significanlty shorten your lifespan.