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Shenae Grimes Smokes 90210

Shenae Grimes Smokes 90210

90210 actress Shenae Grimes smokes a cancer stick while leaving Trader Joe’s with a friend in Hollywood on Wednesday.

The 18-year-old up-and-coming Canadian actress also filmed a number of scenes on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Shenae and the rest of the 90210 actresses have been fighting off talk that they’re too skinny. Her response was, “Shake it off baby!”.

Shannen Doherty has also had a positive influence in Shenae. “She’s been through it all. She’s had people slander her constantly,” Grimes said. “You’re supposed to smile and be like, ‘I’m a happy person.’ What happened with her is that they caught her those times when she didn’t want to have to smile anymore.”

10+ pictures inside of Shenae Grimes smoking up 90210…

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Credit: Max Butterworth/Nate Jones/Kevin Perkins; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • tia

    shes eating the chopsticks lmfao. anorexic bombo cant act worth of sh!t. I stopped watching cuz she gets on my every last nerve

  • lin

    Degrassi’s Shenae goes diva on set [Vancouver Province]
    Degrassi’s Shenae goes diva on set

    Published: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Half the fun of the original 90210 series was all the scheming, backstabbing and gossip that happened off screen.

    Rumours of a new bad girl on set are stealing the spotlight away from the show’s steamy storylines. It seems that former Degrassi darling Shenae Grimes, who plays Annie Wilson, is developing a diva ‘tude, reports the New York Post’s Page Six.

    Sources told Page Six that the Toronto-born Grimes is “tormenting everyone on set” and “acts rude to the cast, crew and extras.”

    The insider dishes that Grimes had the gall to yell at a guest star, “Who the hell are you?” and doesn’t hesitate to tell everyone: “This is my show. Everyone else is riding on my coattails.”

  • sunshine

    Shes normal weight. Im almost 19 & im 5’3 and 100 lbs and so are many girls. Its called being petite, fast metabolism, genes, ect.

    She doesnt look gross or anything and there are celebritys skinnier than her.

    Shes ALWAYS been this weight even on Degrassi which i like better than 90210. Is just seems so fake & weird. She not a bad actress but on 90210 she kind of is. I was bored and couldnt sit throught the whole thing.

  • chelsea

    she really doesn’t look that skinny. like yeah she’s thin, but she’s young. she hasn’t developed curves yet. don’t hate her for it.

  • sam

    must be a new habit after moving to film in cali, cause usually when i saw her like everyweek at like shoppers drugmart and around toronto she wouldnt be smoking.. why do people change?

  • Colleen S

    I wonder how long she has been smoking, Degrassi was filmed in
    Toronto, Ontario and the legal age to buy smokes is 19. Who was her
    smoke connection as she is still underage in Ontario?

    Smoking is gross, whether she wants to be or not she is a role model.
    Cut out the smoking Shenae, you skin will stay younger and you will live longer.

  • Kate

    I used to see her all over my neighbourhood in Toronto. She must have lived nearby me.
    The Degrassi kids are all over this bloody town. Most of them are really quite nice and down-to-earth but this one thinks she’s better then everyone else (including her old degrassi castmates).

  • SAMI

    geez people chill out.I don’t how people can be so cruel to someone they have never met.I know smoking is bad for you but its her choice.I know people who smoke and even tho I wish they didn’t,they are still the most awsome people so why are we going to judge her.Everyone does stupid stuff..And her weights fine.People need to back off

  • SAMI

    oo and krissy how does this make her a “bad girl”
    Smoking is gross but that doesn’t make her bad.And no one has proof that she doesn’t eat so everyone needs to stop acting like they actually know she doesn’t,because they don’t

  • agi

    i dont liked her at all anyway that group of 90210 gives my nerves….

  • Saara C

    Goes to show that not all Canadians are “perfect” people. I have a theory that a lot of the Canadian celebs have a lot of dirty laundry that the Canadian media doesn’t (or refuse to) show I hear a lot of negative things about Cassie Steele but I don’t know if they’re true.

    I guess not showing the negative side to celebrities can be good; the young fans wouldn’t have much bad habits to follow. I just don’t like it when the Canadian media portray our home grown talent to be “perfect” people.

  • leftwick

    Big deal. Most actors are smokers, it’s part of the culture of being on set.

    Stop being sheep, people. Smoking is unhealthy but quit sewing scarlet letters on smokers. It’s such an easy target for people who are angry with their own lousy lives to lash out at someone who’s only harming themselves.

  • kaity

    she’s so pretty!
    too bad she smokes. she’s ruining her life.

  • dg

    IN REPLY TO emmy @ 09/25/2008 at 3:36 pm #4

    i hope you read this, cause i recently discovered this site – which has every show you can think of on it, AS THEY COME ON AIR! ITS AMAZING! LOVE IT! hope it’ll make you as happy as it made meeee.. haha..

  • Jen

    Wow, she’s so cool, she smokes, looks sickly, really I’m jealous……

  • Lisa

    Gross, smoking is so disgusting. Only stupid people smoke. She looks great physically NOW but wait till smoking takes its toll down the line. It’ll age her like nothing else, and possibly kill her.

  • Sam

    I can not believe people still get so angry about someone smoking. Get the fuck over it.


    Im not a smoker, its def not healthy to smoke. But if someone wants to smoke im not going to hate them, I cant make them stop because i’d prefer they dont do it.
    People have been smoking for years & years. Everyone is aware of the health risks. But they still do it, because it’s their choice and it’s an addiction.

    I saw these pictures and I actually thought, huh, she actually seems like a normal person. Then I thought she will prob get in S**t for smoking in public and not acting “role model like” which is a shame. Just because your a celeb doesn’t mean you should forget who you are and change because of what other people think or want you to be. If she quits smoking i hope she does it for her own reasons.

  • http://pingpong lissa jonas


  • birdistheword

    What a terrible shame that she smokes. She’s significantly shortening her life, not to mention that’s it’s a repulsive habit. Of course, you’ll get all the idiots out there who’ll say, “Lay off; it’s her decision,” but just because nicotine is a socially and legally acceptable drug doesn’t mean it’s any less dangerous than an illegal one. I hope impressing her friends or trying an assinine way to lose weight will be worth lung cancer or a hole in her throat years from now. Some studies even suggest smoking raises the risk for breast cancer. Hopefully, if she ever decides to quit, it’ll be sooner, rather than later.

  • jess

    it looks like that plastic bag has a whooole bunch of cancer sticks…yuckk

  • alisha

    you all are just jealous she is so cute and sucessful and becasue you dont agree with something she does you have to critisize…get a life.

  • Ebony

    Oh god no! She’s a smoker! Who freakin cares?

  • lovewomenthatsmoke

    Nice she looks amazing smoking. Why all the hate smoking is fun we all have to die at sometime why not die on your own terms. Try it before you knock it.

  • milagros

    “i thought she was the good girl..guess not … ”

    OH! CMON!! now smoking makes people bad??
    poor girl, she have to be a “role model” for young girls… but i think it’s good that she do what she wants in front of the camera, parents should tell their kids not to smoke, not her!!!

  • LISA

    So… u think that if u dont smoke so ur perfect??? ur realllly healthy??? man… thats sooo stupid. if you stop being fan of her cause of this thats lame, u should be fan of her work not her personal life…

    u know that one mcdonalds is worst that 1 cigarret????

  • XXDarcyXX

    I really REALLY hope those are fake I really loved her on Degrassi

  • http://Babbii!! ☆Edinburghrockz!☆x

    Ewwww!!! such a good girl in 9O21O but not so goodie goodie in life!
    But it is kindaa up 2 her if she smokes like sum of us will say “Ewwwww!! i am defenetly not smoking when am older!” but 96.7% of us will!!


  • Calum Neilson

    To be fair in the second pick she does look a little pissed off :P

  • anna

    honestly if you want to smoke you can but dont go over the top with it and she is only 18 that is just wrong in every way you think about it and honestly stop stuffing your face with ciggys and start eating healthly you can see her rib cag in pictures of her i dont call her rile model at all

  • lalalalove

    wow you know your canadian when you buy a carton on Belmonts too!