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Suri Cruise is Giraffe Gorgeous

Suri Cruise is Giraffe Gorgeous

Looks like Suri has a security giraffe!

Suri Cruise is carried by her mom, Katie Holmes as they head to Broadway for her play All My Sons in New York City on Thursday.

Looks like it’s another “Take your Daughter to Work” day!

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise being giraffe gorgeous…

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suri cruise giraffe gorgeous 01
suri cruise giraffe gorgeous 02
suri cruise giraffe gorgeous 03
suri cruise giraffe gorgeous 04
suri cruise giraffe gorgeous 05
suri cruise giraffe gorgeous 06
suri cruise giraffe gorgeous 07
suri cruise giraffe gorgeous 08
suri cruise giraffe gorgeous 09
suri cruise giraffe gorgeous 10

Credit: Ron Asadorian; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • lan

    Ugh, not more grimacing Katie photos, please. So fug.

  • cjean

    what the crap does giraffe gorgeous mean? The attempt at being clever is just dumb now.

  • mia


  • Why???

    How many blankies does Suri need???

  • Meg

    Suri seems happier when she is with her dad.
    Why does Kate want to bundle herself and Suri up all the time?

  • cactusflower

    He hired his sister, Lee Ann, either shortly after his divorce from Nicole or his breakup with Penelope. I can’t remember exactly, but it was under her guidance that the * hit the fan. She doesn’t tell him not to jump on couches and such. He should fire her, actually, and go back to Pat Kingsley. That’s when his image was solid gold.

  • zzzz

    J always uses the ugliest pic of Katie for the headline shot, which is quite hilarious. I don’t think he’s a fan.

  • zzzz

    His sister is a Scientologist and when she handles his image, he goes totally out of control with his maniacal spewing about his religious beliefs. Looks like we can look forward to more awesome headlines.

  • boogie

    a blankie for Suri and her Dolly too.

    hey- no more bottles so that is an improvement! lol

  • http://yahoo paige

    Suri’s threads our old now please more of the Jolie-pitt family I miss them especially cutie Shiloh. Suri no longer cutie, now she just looks weird.

  • JODI

    Why doesn’t she just put a swearter or jacket on her instead of swaddling her with all those blankets!! Can’t she walk? I thought she would be on the bottle until she started high school.


    First off, he has not hired his sister back. He still blames her for his decline in publicity. But even more funny is the notion that Katie has ever helped Tom with any of his business ventures. Please. This is the most planted story I’ve seen in, well, since the last planted story.

    The question is why? Seems like Tom wants it known that Katie is just “too busy” for him. Setting up the reason for the divorce? And of course Tom will keep poor Suri and Katie will keep her Black Amex card.

  • Pinkie

    The Cruise family and the Holmes family must have all the money and the security they couldpossible want or need, why do they have to go dragging their kids all around the world just to ‘act’. Having children is a very special time in ones life, and being home and creating a homely lifestyle for children is so important, it teaches them to grow up and be well rounded normal people, I think. Going to school, having friends, having a routine. It’s an important part of growing up. Growing mature.

  • LILA





  • Lillianne

    Anybody else notice that Suri has stopped smiling?

  • Madison r.

    Katie has a jacket on, security with long sleeves, yet Suri is in a short sleeved outfit once again. Just strange. If I am cold and need a jacket then I assume my kids would feel the same way.

    I think a divorce countdown should begin. I am going to say 300 days.

  • defap

    Love Suri. Love her family. Suri is the biggest star. :)

  • Why ask why

    Suri has no shoes, no socks, no sleeves, no jacket in almost October in NYC what are they thinking?

    I wish all the celebrities would follow the parenting play book that Jennifer Garner uses with Violet. It seems she tries to make the Paps fun and is always laughing and joking with Violet when they are out and in the lens of the cameras. It seems to put the child at ease.

    It is definitely not because Jen likes the Paps just look how she acts when Violet is not around.. no smiles, runs away, etc. It is that Jen realizes it is better to keep Violet from feeling stressed when she is being photographed up close by a bunch of papparazi.

    I may not love Jen’s political views, but I certainly appreciate how she looks out for her daughter’s emotional well being.


    Awww Suri is so cute, looks like she has eye liner.

  • Rosie

    Why does this kid always go out with all these big blankets!?

  • boogie

    if anyone is paying attention- Suri has a dress that is made of velvet type material…which is warm. She also could be the type of kid that does not like jackets, or gets warm easily. I have a grandaughter that hates long sleeve tops and pants! She will not wear either one even if it is cold out. She also is a dress girl. No pants or shorts!

    Probably does not walk because of the hords of papparz hovering like flies ….they must try to stop her and she is still too young to figure out how to ignore them, etc…

    and….before anyone jumps down my throat- no- I am not a fan of Tom or Katie. Tom’s cult involvement gets me the shrivers….and I can’t imagine how it effects Suri. Katie knew what she was getting into and married him…so, I can’t say I feel sorry for Katie.

  • tom c

    How ridiculous do they look walking around NYC with that long blanket? There’s a word called “NO” that Katie needs to learn to use with Suri. It’s called being a parent.
    —Katie looks so frumpy.

  • maria

    My she is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Tutu

    Some are complaining about blanket some are saying she has no sweater, people connect the two. She hates sweaters so blankets are for warmth. Duh!!!!

    Just leave this family alone for once.

  • ck

    I think it’s wrong that people are saying Suri is racist just because she has a white doll. People need to get a life.

  • hey guys

    Katie is the new “Ugly Betty”. Actually, Ugly Katie looks more like Whacko Jacko than Ugly Betty.

  • Just wondering

    Do people only come here to insult people? It seems to me that if you hate Katie so much you just wouldnt bother to look let alone… click to post. I cant stand Angelina but I wouldnt waste my time on her part of this site to insult her. Not that people cant have an opinion about her or her outfits… whatever but why so much hate for someone you dont even know? Just wondering.

  • boogie

    #25 what are u talking about??? I see no stupid comment about Suri being racist bec she has a white doll.

    She is only 2 years old for heavens sake…or. maybe you are just trying to stir up some fires, (rolls eyes)


    Wasn’t his sister the one that got Tom in trouble to begin with.. Way back when.. Than he fired her and hired someone else..
    Why does Katie bring a big blanket with all Suri cares about are the
    dolls and stuffed animal that she got from the Make your own
    stuffed animal..with daddy Tommy..Looking forward to seeing Katie
    on Eli Stone next month..

  • Danielle

    JARED I believe your story is false. This is what the publicity firm released:

    “We at Rogers&Cowan represent Tom Cruise worldwide in the area of publicity and public relations.,” read the statement. “Lee Anne DeVette, who is his sister, is not involved in this area for her brother at all.

    As it was announced three years ago, she remains as his assistant working in areas of his production company that do not include publicity or public relations.” is the confirmer. OK Magazine is the rumor spreader.

  • me

    It is obvious that it was Katie’s idea to use Suri as a paparazzi magnet. Why did “everyone” accuse Cruise? Did he ever plaster Isabella or Connor in front of cameras? No! Why would he Suri. He’s been famous for over 20 years..he doesn’t need a paparazzi magnet.

    Whoever mentioned that Suri doesn’t smile while around Katie is right. I think I’ve seen one photo in Suri’s entire life where it is just the two of them and Suri is smiling (Tom must have been close by).

    Maybe Katie blames Suri for her lack of a career? Katie never had a career but Katie’s probably in denial and blames Suri. In return, to make up the lack of a career, she uses Suri to get attention from the paps. Desperate people will do anything. Katie’s almost 30 and that’s the point of no return in Hollywood if you are a struggling wannabe actress.

  • nikomilinko
  • http://allyal16 allyal

    Suri is not the cutest celebrity kid, she is cute but Shiloh, Violet and KIngston are cuter. And of course Harlow and Honor, but not Nahla, she is an ugly little thing

  • get ready!

    Tom WILL get custody of Suri! No doubt about that!!!

  • bb

    awww suri is adorable. she has the most gorgeous green eyes.

  • Joshhartnettsbaby

    Suri is REALLY looking like Josh Hartnett the older she gets. sorry tiny tom, that is NOT your child. poor geriatric katie holmes. that chick has become old and fug since being indoctrinated into the CULT.

  • Chloe

    Suri looks a lot like Katie, especially in the close up photo. As for the blanket, Suri is only two, a lot of kids her age have security blankies and such. I just don’t think its a big deal. Reminds me of Mr. Mom when the kid wont give up his ‘wobbie’ :) I think its cute Suri has a blanet for her doll.

    As for Tom , I don’t see him hiring his sister back as his publicist , not after the past couple of years. I also can’t see Katie handling Tom’s career. As much as he may love Katie , Tom is still Tom and up until the last couple years he knew how to market himself. He was a PR machine. I just can’t see Tom giving that control to anyone , even Katie.

  • Joshhartnettsbaby

    tiny tom got hold of a young infatuated woman and look what he turned her into!! remember the happy fresh face she was when the media whore crashed the Batman Begins premier????

  • Joshhartnettsbaby

    i almost want to cry when i look at the main pic of poor katie!!! god… i pray someone cares for enough to save her.

  • Nahla is adorable

    #33 you are disgusting. Nahla is GORGEOUS. What are you talking about.

    Also, Suri will be THREE in DECEMBER. The birth certificate was falsified, kh was stuffed with pillows after she gave birth in december,
    remember? kh is paying dearly for all her lies with the king cult tc.

  • Jan

    Some of you on this site just can’t help yourselves criticising Suri, this lovely adorable child. First it was her bottle, now it is her blanket and who in their right mind would ever classify Suri as ugly or weird?

    I agree with :Just Wondering”. Why come to this site? For the person who wants to read about Shiloh and the Jolie-Pitts. go to THEIR website. Don’ t some people know that they have choices in life and that they can (or not) read what they want and go to the site of their choice? If they did not know that before, they surely will, now.

    These critics have only succeeded in making themselves sound silly.



    AGREE BOOGIE NUMBER # 21…… I have the same problem with my grand-daughter who is 3 and a half……..AND she loves her big blanket….Forget socks entirely…not worth the fight!…..It is hard enough to keep her in shoes, much less shorts and pants and tops………DRESSES all the way……..I’m glad her 19 month old sister has NOT caught on yet to the dressing fiasco!!……….AND NUMBER # 33, Nahla is an absolutely adorable baby…..Let’s don’t knock the children please….Not wise….you will get alot of hate delivered to you on this site for that…….BUT, how do YOU know of Katie’s ” pillow stuffing”?….I don’t believe that nonsense for a minute…..It would be hard to pull off, and she was in the news every day at the last minute of her pregnancy, looking at shoes and clothes, with swollen ankles, that the paparazzi’s LOVED to photograph…………Just go back and archive old pictures of her pregnancy……You cannot fake weight in the face and arms and butt, and certainly NOT swollen ankles……….Suri is big for her age and tall like Katie, that is all………….People think our grand-daughter is way past 4 years old, but she won’t be 4 until December……She has the family’s height on her already , as her little sister also…….Suri will be 3 years old on April 18th…….These rumors are just that…RUMORS… Unless we were there for Suri’s birth, no-one knows anything about it……….Suri is a cutie pie baby, and looks like Katie…….But JARED, that picture of Katie is a little creepy, because all I could focus on, was the stare of her eyes through the sunglasses…..NOT, a flattering picture to say the least…..Which I never do….LOL<LOL…SORRY!!!

  • Julie

    Suri might be one of those children who do not like warm clothes. When my daughter was between 2 and 5, we lived in Norway and had a difficult time keeping even a dress on her. She would run out into the snow in her panties with me carrying a coat and blanket lest the daughters thought I was a terrible mum. She hated shoes as well.
    My other 2 children had no such issues.

    She is now in her teens and still wears just a T-shirt when her friends are warmly clothed. Those without children, please do not be so quick ot judge. Some children are very definite in what they want and like.

    And another thing, when there is NO sighting of Suri, out come the critics too. As do the critics when she is out and about with her parents. As with her only blue dress and others with her having a vast wardrobe.

    In some critics eyes, the Cruises would never do anything right as they just blatantly hate the family. What ever happened to Suri’s “asian looks?”

    If people can;t make cobstructive remarks, they shouldn’t make any.
    It only outlines their ignorance.


  • to jodi

    yes little suri can walk; i’ve seen her in person with katie. but here how it happens; katie sees a group of people with or without cameras coming near them she picks up suri and literally heads for the hills. as for the way she looks, let me tell you that on the time i saw katie and suri the look she gave all of us. wow!! her eyes were shooting out daggers at all of us.

  • huh?

    katie sucks as an actress and is all, “show me the money.”

    suri is boring and puffy.

    if tom’s sister can get him back into some desent acting gigs, then good for us. really, that’s why we know these people–tom’s good acting.

    great acting!

  • edna

    Both are so lovely…

  • :)

    Katie and Suri are the most beautiful mom and daughter duo in Hollywood!

  • TR


  • tea


  • lalla

    Katie looks tired but very adorable as usual. Suri is the cutest baby of all. Katie has to hang tough not only she runs a big household, her hubby has a crazy schedule too and Broadway is a daily kind of work.