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Violet Affleck Turns the Frown Upside-Down!

Violet Affleck Turns the Frown Upside-Down!

Violet Affleck turns her frown upside-down at a park in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Thursday.

The 2 1/2-year-old cutie was seen crying in mom-to-be Jennifer Garner’s arms, but then composed herself and started smiling! The mother-daughter duo then walked around the park with a basketball in-tow.

Daddy Affleck is reportedly in talks to star in The Company Men with John Wells directing. The film involves a man whose life is up-ended by a financial downsizing. (Familiar scenario, eh?)

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck turning her frown upside-down…

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violet affleck frown upside down 01
violet affleck frown upside down 02
violet affleck frown upside down 03
violet affleck frown upside down 04
violet affleck frown upside down 05
violet affleck frown upside down 06
violet affleck frown upside down 07
violet affleck frown upside down 08
violet affleck frown upside down 09
violet affleck frown upside down 10

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  • zanessafan

    first :D

  • zanessafan

    first :D

  • Stellartes

    I love little Violet! jen is lucky to have such a great daughter.

  • Janie

    I just love this family! So low key, but always seem so happy! Good for them!


    Jennifer looks like an everyday mom, struggling with a crying toddler….She is never dolled up in heels and dresses, while on the beach or in a park, like Victoria Beckham, who says she can’t be ” without her heels anywhere, because they make her who she is “…..She needs to take a down-home lesson from Jennifer who is much more normal and relaxed!………Violet is a cutie-pie and seems like such a happy baby.

  • Bella

    Completely agree with comment # 5.
    Sad to see Violet crying, but she is a real kid. . .normal and more relaxed. . . I agree.

  • Erin

    You can tell she is pregnant. Her upper body looks so fat. I think she is is average looking, I like how low key she is.

  • Susan Lee

    She’s better looking than average. She is very pretty and Violet is adorable.

  • Chris

    She is never dolled up in heels and dresses, while on the beach or in a park, like Victoria Beckham

    Since when does wearing heals, make-up and combing your hair make somebody a bad mom.

    What is with this constant comparison of Jennifer Garner to other celebrity moms. How insecure her fans be that they feel they need to do this. They complain constantly about the people who post negative comments about Jennifer Garner yet they are doing the exact same thing to other celebrities. What a bunch of hypocrites and haters.

  • Fantasyisland

    Chris…#9…you missed the point being made completely. I don’t think anyone is saying that other celebrity mothers are “bad moms” for being dolled up. I just think that Garner is a more realistic idea of what being a mother is all about; the every day mother doesn’t have the time (but probably the desire) to doll up in make-up, heels and expensive clothing because they’re busy with spit up, diapers, toddler tantrums, and the list goes on. There’s nothing wrong with taking the time to pamper yourself, and most people would encourage a busy mother to take the time to do that, but again, it isn’t realistic. I personally just find it refreshing how laid back Jennifer Garner is and try not to judge other celebrity mothers, but then you have people like J-Lo who are basically flaunting what they spend, and it personally grates on my nerves.

  • Rain

    Way to be a hypocrite yourself, Chris by generalizing and being a hater.

  • DUDU

    I think this is the first time i see this adorable kid crying!She is always smiling and laughing!She is so cute!

  • JeanieBell

    I think little Violet may have fallen down, it looks like mommy is kissing her hand and looking at her teeth, but it looks like everything turned out alright, the proof is those beautiful smiles they both have in the last pics.

  • Indonesian Girl

    Jen..please put her down
    she has a feet to walk with!

  • Adoring Fan

    Awwww so cute to see my sweet little Vi crying after a boo boo and then to see mommy Jen kiss it and make it better. How adorable is this? I love these two.

    Of course, Vi is smiling in the end. How precious this is. Thanks JJ.

  • Chris

    Jennifer Garner is no more a realistic idea of what being a mother is all about than any other celebrity mother. They all live a life that is completely different to any working mother, not that Jennifer is working and it’s obvious she has no desire to get dolled up but that’s her and the way she is. I’m glad other celebrity moms are not like her what a boring world it would be.

  • nicole

    are you kidding me?
    what a boring world it would be?

    sorry, motherhood is NOT about glitz and glamour and excitement.

  • Adoring Fan

    Chris #16 if you find JenG so boring, I suggest you find a thread where your idea of motherhood is more to your liking and leave this one to those of us that appreciate her way of mothering. OK?

  • Chris

    Who said motherhood was about glitz, glamour and excitement!

    Stop being so judgemental of other celebrity mothers, whose don’t dress, look or act like Jennifer Garner.

  • KarenA

    How adorable! :)

  • buckeyegurl

    Such a cutie pie…

  • a realist

    I love Jen-Jen. I love the Affleck family.

    Awww, I have never seen Miss Violet cry.

  • veronicas

    i love the way jen kissed Vi’s hand to calm her down… they’r lovely family

  • Debsa

    Indonesian Girl, I agree put the child down and let her walk already!!

  • aww

    she’s such a cutie :)

    Jen- fans gallery has lots of pics from this set so cute and she is sooo tall too :)

  • Jonas brothers small weiners.

    AWWW.Mom is kissing her boo boo.AWWWW.

  • kelly

    Yeah, what a “normal mother”- did no one notice the nanny who actually managed to get in the photo (#4)? Do you guys even realize that the nanny is there MANY times but gets cropped out of the photos? This is no “normal mother,” just one who likes to use her kid as a prop. Look at the main photo- they’re smiling RIGHT AT the camera! And what does any of that have to do with Ben Affleck’s negotiations about a role? THESE DISGUSTING HYPOCRITES ARE USING THEIR KID!!!

  • Heavenly

    Why would Jen put her down and make her walk when she just took a fall? And who cares if they do have a nanny (and it might not be a nanny, just a friend)? I would LOVE to have a nanny to help me all the time. Obviously the people who are against nannies either have no children or are secretly jealous.

  • Daria

    That’s NOT a nanny. It’s just another Mother at the playground. Get your facts right before you start spouting lies.

  • nda

    she’s so cute
    a very cheerful little kid!!

  • http://google toni

    I like Jennifer she so down to earth and her lovely daughter, violet they’re a loving family too. what a cuttie.

  • Twin6

    Adorable! How can you not root for this family?

    I’m surprised Jennifer Garner hasn’t put her career on hold to be a full-time mom. Because I’m sure they could handle it financially if she chose to do so! But I know careers are important to women too. It’s definitely a pulling of both sides and balance.

  • crying photos

    Is it necessary to take and post numerous photos of celeb kids crying?

  • Adorable

    theres a video of this over at X17 video site ;)

  • ally

    Ah, another day, another lame PR stunt. And these are obviously posed photos (except for the boo-boo, I’m sure)- a pic of this playdate even made it to Yet, Ashley Tisdale and Rachel Bilson managed to get more attention. Pathetic.

  • Claire

    LMAO @ Ally. The obsessed stalker is back again checking the photos of Jen Garner. The only thing that is pathetic is you, loser.

  • Claire

    Yes, another day, another lame attempt at attention from the loser stalker, Ally. You really are obsessed with this woman, it’s so pathetic. You obviously have no life to come on here everyday looking up people you’re jealous of. Keep giving Garner’s photos hits, you stupid hypocrite.


    Jenneifer looks like trailer trash in these pics……she never regained that svelte figure after she had Violet…..
    How just let her looks go…….wonder if Ben will lose his interest in her….she looks like shit…..pregnant and all.

  • b

    stop saying jen should let her walk.

    #1 she has just taken a fall

    #2 if i were a celebrity i would be very cautious of letting my child walk around with all the paparazzi drawing attention to me. Im sure it is more for saftey than anything else.

  • Give me a break!

    Fantasyisland, how is Jennifer Garner representive of Moms out there? Not true. Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean that you have to be sloppy.

    You obviously belong to the school of thought that thinks that one has to look unkept and sloppy to be a “good mom.” I disagree it is actually the good moms who take good care of their children and themselves too (which is very important, if you cannot take care of yourself, how can you take care of someone else?).

    The sloppy and unkept moms can barely manage raising a child and are stressed so they cannot put any effort into heir appearance. Give me a break!

    I am talking from experience. I am a very good mom so much so that I have strangers in the street telling me so. But you know what? I also put effort in my appearance. My hair and nails are done, even if I have to do them myself. I look clean at all times and never sloppy.

    PS Remember that Victoria Beckham has three children; Jen has only one. If she cannot manage her appearance with one, how could she with two? She is probably going to walk around town with a burlap sack just to prove what an “all suffering mom she is.” Again I say, give me a break!

  • Jane

    BITCHETTA, your name fits you well. Some people care about other things besides appearance. Jen looks great.

  • Jane

    She doesn’t look sloppy. She looks casual and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some women don’t put all their effort on their appearance. It doesn’t mean they’re any better or worst a mother. Being a good mom, isn’t just about your appearance. It’s about your children.

  • sara

    What a cutie she is. I love Jen Garner as a mommy. She’s such a natural. Ben you picked a great wife. Don’t mess this up.

  • http://allyal16 allyal

    Vi is so cute! Jen looks great to, hope its a boy!!

  • http://allyal16 allyal

    Vi is such a cutie! Jen looks great to, hope its a boy!

  • allyal

    Crap!! sry i said that twice, computer messed.