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Violet Affleck Turns the Frown Upside-Down!

Violet Affleck Turns the Frown Upside-Down!

Violet Affleck turns her frown upside-down at a park in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Thursday.

The 2 1/2-year-old cutie was seen crying in mom-to-be Jennifer Garner’s arms, but then composed herself and started smiling! The mother-daughter duo then walked around the park with a basketball in-tow.

Daddy Affleck is reportedly in talks to star in The Company Men with John Wells directing. The film involves a man whose life is up-ended by a financial downsizing. (Familiar scenario, eh?)

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck turning her frown upside-down…

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violet affleck frown upside down 01
violet affleck frown upside down 02
violet affleck frown upside down 03
violet affleck frown upside down 04
violet affleck frown upside down 05
violet affleck frown upside down 06
violet affleck frown upside down 07
violet affleck frown upside down 08
violet affleck frown upside down 09
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46 Responses to “Violet Affleck Turns the Frown Upside-Down!”

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  1. 1
    zanessafan Says:

    first :D

  2. 2
    zanessafan Says:

    first :D

  3. 3
    Stellartes Says:

    I love little Violet! jen is lucky to have such a great daughter.

  4. 4
    Janie Says:

    I just love this family! So low key, but always seem so happy! Good for them!

  5. 5

    Jennifer looks like an everyday mom, struggling with a crying toddler….She is never dolled up in heels and dresses, while on the beach or in a park, like Victoria Beckham, who says she can’t be ” without her heels anywhere, because they make her who she is “…..She needs to take a down-home lesson from Jennifer who is much more normal and relaxed!………Violet is a cutie-pie and seems like such a happy baby.

  6. 6
    Bella Says:

    Completely agree with comment # 5.
    Sad to see Violet crying, but she is a real kid. . .normal and more relaxed. . . I agree.

  7. 7
    Erin Says:

    You can tell she is pregnant. Her upper body looks so fat. I think she is is average looking, I like how low key she is.

  8. 8
    Susan Lee Says:

    She’s better looking than average. She is very pretty and Violet is adorable.

  9. 9
    Chris Says:

    She is never dolled up in heels and dresses, while on the beach or in a park, like Victoria Beckham

    Since when does wearing heals, make-up and combing your hair make somebody a bad mom.

    What is with this constant comparison of Jennifer Garner to other celebrity moms. How insecure her fans be that they feel they need to do this. They complain constantly about the people who post negative comments about Jennifer Garner yet they are doing the exact same thing to other celebrities. What a bunch of hypocrites and haters.

  10. 10
    Fantasyisland Says:

    Chris…#9…you missed the point being made completely. I don’t think anyone is saying that other celebrity mothers are “bad moms” for being dolled up. I just think that Garner is a more realistic idea of what being a mother is all about; the every day mother doesn’t have the time (but probably the desire) to doll up in make-up, heels and expensive clothing because they’re busy with spit up, diapers, toddler tantrums, and the list goes on. There’s nothing wrong with taking the time to pamper yourself, and most people would encourage a busy mother to take the time to do that, but again, it isn’t realistic. I personally just find it refreshing how laid back Jennifer Garner is and try not to judge other celebrity mothers, but then you have people like J-Lo who are basically flaunting what they spend, and it personally grates on my nerves.

  11. 11
    Rain Says:

    Way to be a hypocrite yourself, Chris by generalizing and being a hater.

  12. 12
    DUDU Says:

    I think this is the first time i see this adorable kid crying!She is always smiling and laughing!She is so cute!

  13. 13
    JeanieBell Says:

    I think little Violet may have fallen down, it looks like mommy is kissing her hand and looking at her teeth, but it looks like everything turned out alright, the proof is those beautiful smiles they both have in the last pics.

  14. 14
    Indonesian Girl Says:

    Jen..please put her down
    she has a feet to walk with!

  15. 15
    Adoring Fan Says:

    Awwww so cute to see my sweet little Vi crying after a boo boo and then to see mommy Jen kiss it and make it better. How adorable is this? I love these two.

    Of course, Vi is smiling in the end. How precious this is. Thanks JJ.

  16. 16
    Chris Says:

    Jennifer Garner is no more a realistic idea of what being a mother is all about than any other celebrity mother. They all live a life that is completely different to any working mother, not that Jennifer is working and it’s obvious she has no desire to get dolled up but that’s her and the way she is. I’m glad other celebrity moms are not like her what a boring world it would be.

  17. 17
    nicole Says:

    are you kidding me?
    what a boring world it would be?

    sorry, motherhood is NOT about glitz and glamour and excitement.

  18. 18
    Adoring Fan Says:

    Chris #16 if you find JenG so boring, I suggest you find a thread where your idea of motherhood is more to your liking and leave this one to those of us that appreciate her way of mothering. OK?

  19. 19
    Chris Says:

    Who said motherhood was about glitz, glamour and excitement!

    Stop being so judgemental of other celebrity mothers, whose don’t dress, look or act like Jennifer Garner.

  20. 20
    KarenA Says:

    How adorable! :)

  21. 21
    buckeyegurl Says:

    Such a cutie pie…

  22. 22
    a realist Says:

    I love Jen-Jen. I love the Affleck family.

    Awww, I have never seen Miss Violet cry.

  23. 23
    veronicas Says:

    i love the way jen kissed Vi’s hand to calm her down… they’r lovely family

  24. 24
    Debsa Says:

    Indonesian Girl, I agree put the child down and let her walk already!!

  25. 25
    aww Says:

    she’s such a cutie :)

    Jen- fans gallery has lots of pics from this set so cute and she is sooo tall too :)

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