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Bar Refaeli Lands At LAX

Bar Refaeli Lands At LAX

Bar Refaeli arrives to LAX and gets picked up by her brother on Friday.

The 23-year-old model flew out from LAX airport on Sunday and returned a few days later.

Next year, Refaeli will star in an English language film Session, which was directed by Israeli Haim Bouzaglo. The film is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a manipulative psychiatrist, Josh Tellman, who becomes obsessed with a new young patient, Eden. Session was filmed in Syracuse, NY.

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Matingas

    i’m 2nd! :D .. in my own pics hahaha

  • french

    she’s so ugly

  • LENI

    Thats her brother.





  • french

    she’s a very bad model and she will be a horrible actress

  • carro

    he looks a little bit like her, his lips and so, Maybe it’s her brother

  • ana


  • laura

    It sure is fascinating seeing all of Bar’s comings and goings from the airport. I don’t suppose anyone could be tipping off the paps about her being there!!!! Without Leo now she really needs all the press she can get about her movie – that I’m sure will completely flop.

  • katie

    she is gorgeous!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Who is she? Never heard of her.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    not a celeb.

  • amy

    She is sooo amazing!
    That’s her brother, it’s written. Anyway, she’s cute.

  • asya


  • Nice

    He is Hot, unlike her.. She is ugly and look horrible, and very old!

    Yuckkk I hate her.

  • who am i?

    Yes, she is certainly not running and hiding from the paps without Leo, is she? Seems to be soaking up all the attention. She certainly seems to be coming and going alot.

  • french

    she loves attention

  • Mike

    Thanks a lot for these new pics of Bar with her bro. I see that the jealous idiot gang is here again….LOL,LOL! Please witches… GET A LIFE!

  • Dude

    Who is the hottie she’s with. He looks like a slice of Israeli heaven.

  • JJ

    She had to get her bro to pick her up cause Leo doesnt care about this s k a n k that he would go out of his way to pick her up from the airport ! lol Its just sex after all…

  • who am i?

    Yeah, there is a video of him posted on the internet at a fast food restaurant….seems he was too busy to pick her up! ROTFL!!! Toooooo funny!!!

  • who am i?

    Hey, Jared, could you post more photos of the brother, less of Bar??? LOL!

  • JJ

    Anything short of coming to his doorstep is too much effort for Leo! lol Too funny!!

  • who am i?

    Oh, Mike, you know we only post these things to get you all hot and bothered! ;-)

  • who am i?

    Even then, JJ….if he has to get up to answer the door…..maybe that would even be too much!!! hahahaha!!!

  • ihb

    `mike` you should change your comments from time to time. Always the same sentences, no wonder people believe you are on Bar`s payroll.
    As for Bar I definitely don`t think that it is a coincidence that the paps are around when she is leaving and when she is arriving. Pathetic! Leo is way better off without her!!!

  • anti-bar

    Unfortunately there will probabably be another sighting of Leo and Bar together this weekend. According to “Us” magazine Bar is the one that is after Leo to get back with her. The magazine revealed that he’s the one who split with her. We all knew that! Leo doesn’t want to get serious again for the time being but he also doesn’t want to make a clean break. Leo wants to have his cake and eat it too. If Bar is dumb enough to give Leo sex than he’s obviously going to take advantage of it!

    What should really worry Leo is that Bar told “OK” magazine that she wants a family SOON and that is all she THINKS about! Oh no! What an idiot! Leo has to keep away from Bar because she will get pregnant as soon as possible. Arrisa was telling the truth about Bar trying to get pregnant without Leo’s consent and that being the reason he dumped her.

    That is Bar’s brother and I wonder if he’s also a draft-dodger? It might run in the family. It looks like he lives in L.A. so how convienient for Bar to keep coming back ad beg Leo to take her back. Leo needs to wise up and LET BAR GO!

  • WingNut13

    Anti-bar, if one is naive enough to believe stuff printed by a trash rag, then the world is ending tomorrow!

    Get serious…none of this garbage is true. No friend of his would ever talk to the press about his private life.

    This is obviously damage control by Mommy, who panicked because Leo dumped her little girl and without him, she’ll drop off the radar within a few months.

  • ihb

    I`m afraid Anti-Bar is right. Not because of what Bar said even though she talked about family plandsbefore. It`s because last Thursday night @ Villa. No matter what the gossip sites say we could see them leaving together. And after dating for nearly 3 years and being well know for breaking up and reuniting again and again I don`t believe that night was only a booty call. I wish it was but I don`t think they are over. Bar knows how to make her way back to Leo`s life and apparently Leo is dumb enough to fall for it. And I`m sure Bar won`t let her cash cow walk away this easily.

  • WingNut13

    Y’know, for someone whose handle is IHB (and we all know what it means), you sure seem intent on them staying together.

  • Mike

    You anti-bar, inh or whatever other nicknames you come with, your so-called stories are truly pathetic! You don’t know a thing about what is really going on between Bar and Leo. Pretending you do is totally grotesque. Change your record, please!!!

  • ihb

    Don`t attack me for pointing out the obvious that they were together last Thursday. And I honestly I don`t know where the `staying together` comes from. Just because I think that they are not over doesn`t mean I`m happy about it. You are putting words into my mouth that I never said.
    What do you think about their night at Villa? You think that was also damage control by Bar`s mother?

  • who am i

    Mike, there is video of them together last Thursday at Villa…what is your point?

  • WingNut13

    They were seen exiting together. That means they spent the whole night together? Interesting you talk about reading too much into a situation.

    Mike, if you’re only the “fan” you claim to be, then you don’t know any more than anyone else here, so shut it.

  • jennifer

    Bar always said that she wants a family since the beginnig of her relationship with Leo, and not just one time, she said this a lot of times. I don’t think it’s to bad for him, Leo already have 33 years old almost 34, it’s a good time to build his family, but I’am not sure if he wants to form his own family with Bar, because seems that he’s not to serious about this relationship, SEEMS, I don’t know, but I think if he doens’t want nothing too serious, it’s better for him stay single, and not on this break up and reconcile, this shows them relationship is not to good, I think that they have to decide this definitively, or stay together on a serious relationship or so go live them lives separate. PLEASE, Leo and Bar make a decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • who am i

    WingNut, you made me laugh out loud!

  • jennifer

    Bar always said that she wants a family since the beginning of her relationship with Leo, she said this a lot of times. I don’t think it’s too bad for him, Leo already have 33 years old almost 34, I think it’s a good time to have his family but I don’t know if he wants to build his own family with Bar, seems that he doens’t want a serious relationship with her, SEEMS, I don’t know. Seems that them relationship ins’t too good now, they are always in this break up and reconcile, mainly now. They have to decide what they want, or they stay together in a VERY SERIOUS relationship or they go live them lives separate. PLEASE LEO AND BAR, make a decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jennifer

    sorry my post 2 times, I think the first have not gone.

  • ihb

    WingNut, trust me, I do wish you were right and I`m just too pessimistic. I`ll try to be more positive.

  • tato
  • jennifer

    Leo “was alone and checking out all the girls”, seems that he decide Leo doens’t want to be with Bar anymore, at least seems that for me. Thanks Leo, you answer my question, I hope this time it’s definitive, for good!!!

  • jennifer

    Leo “was alone and checking out all the girls”, seems that he decide that doens’t really want to be with Bar anymore, at least seems that for me. it’s not from today that Leo is partying and flirting other girls, I think that meeting they had was the last one. Thanks Leo, you answer my question, I hope this time it’s definitive, for good.

  • vanessa

    shut up she is gorgeous !!!

  • tato

    “Bar moved her stuff out of their New York apartment, but they’re still close friends and ended things on good terms. Leo isn’t ready to settle down yet. He wants to leave the door open, so they can get back together in the future.”

  • laura

    Leo and Bar may still be “friends” but they are clearly not in a serious relationship anymore.

    I think Mike is Bar’s brother, or some other insider. Or maybe just her only fan.

    If Bar’s movie doesn’t do well next year I think she will start on the road Sara Larson took and become a coctail waitress hoping for her next break.

  • jennifer

    tato, your point of view is good, I agree.

  • sl

    can somebody plz tell me if they r back together?

  • jennifer

    sl, we all want to know it too, we don’t know with sure if they break up or if they still together, seems that they break up but they appear together last week, so it’s difficult to know with sure.

  • JJ

    I don’t even think that movie is going to make it to Lifetime!!! I wonder where her movie is going to be played!!! lol PBS??? No, that’s has too much class!! I know It will probably just go straight to DVD and will be sold in some weird non recognizable video store in the Nevada dessert.