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Daniel Radcliffe is Excellent in Equus

Daniel Radcliffe is Excellent in Equus

Daniel Radcliffe signs some autographs for fans on opening night for the Broadway play Equus at the Broadhurst Theatre in NYC on Friday.

Equus has opened to mostly positive reviews, with a particular focus on Radcliffe‘s performance and his seven-minute nude scene on stage.

The production will run for a limited engagement through February 8th, 2009.

The 19-year-old Harry Potter star took the cover of the October 2008 issue of Details Magazine.

10+ more pics inside of Daniel Radcliffe‘s excellence in Equus

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Photos: L. Gallo/ WENN
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  • Dancer

    Jared, thank you for posting something on this! Great actor, great play!

  • jorja

    U R THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bre

    He looks soo different with a beard and ‘stache! But it’s smexy nonetheless!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    he looks like a perv.

  • marília

    oh, finally you’ve published something about Equus! He looks really fantastic and now i really need to watch this play!

  • Tina

    He’s not attractive at all, looks pretty ‘slow’ too.

  • me me me

    god, he look like elijah wood. yikes!

  • Miss::CulleN

    i adore Daniel! :) can´t wait to see the new Harry Potter!!
    and i would kill to see that play

  • http://justjared shamilah

    go away hairy MONSTER!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Wooohooo!!ALL the critics are LOVING his performance and some people talk about one Tony nomination!!Dan is the best!!

  • pathetic

    ofcourse critic will rave cuz he shed his clothes

  • Sarah

    Poor haters…go with your Zac and Britney,please and don’t show your jealousy.

  • Dancer

    This is a tough play to act in. A lot of deep dark pyschological meanings that the actors have to emote.
    This play is a classic. And shedding clothes will have nothing to do with his nomination and win.

  • Sarah

    Dancer don’t talk with him/her,his/her nick is the evidence of his/her comment.

  • jain

    good god! where’s katie gone!!!!!!!!!! A t last! Daniel, Equus, a class combination.

  • jimmy

    He has morphed completely into a professional “star” and lost the innocent charm that made him so great in David Copperfield and the early Potter movies. It probably had to happen but he is no longer the unique being he was before. Evidently he does quite well in the play, I haven’t seen it, but I also have no doubt that it would attract FAR less attention if he didn’t take off all his clothes at the end. Whether he is a first rate actor or not remains to be seen. He is only 19 and there are many more years and many more roles to play before he can say he is really a great actor. Now he is basically a business enterprise and not really a person. He is Daniel Radcliffe Incorporated, money making machine.

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Great actor, just not cute.

  • Sarah

    You again??OMG first you are Chris now jimmy….guy,relax you are obssesed with his status.

  • Sarah

    LOL Zac fans coming to this new….you are blind so don’t comment here,please.

  • marina

    jimmy, whatever. If Dan just wanted to make more money, I think he must be offered roles that appeal to that, just commercial sillycomedy or action projects that are what sells well (besides finishing HP). Instead, he has acted in a few nnot mainstream stuff. I think that says a lot about him, not turning into another child star with issues. He is one of the richest teenagers in the worldand yet he seems quite mature, and wants to prove himself. He has to start leaving HP behind. If he keeps on working (he does not need to) he will have ups and downs, good and bad reviews, he is too yooung and there is always competition. Good for him

  • marília

    marina, you said EVERYTHING!

  • http://123456789 jess

    daniel in doesn’t just want to make money!!
    what about zaquisha then??

  • P.

    truth, he looks a bit like a perv. and, btw, i was at that play in london, and i guess this guy is just stuck into his little cap. everywhere he moves – no chance he won’t wear it or wear another one. uhh
    despite all of that – quite a good actor, and still – very brave to show his little something on stage after being known just as young mrs. potter.
    but doesn’t THIS make him look like a pervert?

  • Seth

    I have seen some rehearsals (only parts, so I cannot really comment on the whole play). He is really mature in his dealings with adults and so nice and down to earth. He will have a great future.

  • Agus!!

    I love him. He looks so cute!

  • Sarah

    P.@ A pervert??”his little something”who is the pervert,who is WORKING in a play or who writes “his little something”??don’t worry guy,he is still one superstar and you….who are you??LOL

  • Shel

    Let’s be real. The real reason this play is getting buzz is that Radcliffe’s female fans want to see Harry Potter do the full monty. Radcliffe is typecast. He is Harry Potter. And the real pervs are the ones that can’t hide their desire to see Harry Potter naked.

  • Fruit Loop

    “And the real pervs are the ones that can’t hide their desire to see Harry Potter naked.”

    I’m gonna take a pass on the seeing him naked thing….

  • Sarah

    Shel yes “typecast”for people without mind.He has done other roles and now you say “Daniel Radcliffe”and 97%of the people know who is him,four or three years ago was”Harry”.The critics and crowd are impressed with him so the play is now more famous for his performance.

  • Jill

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 09/26/2008 at 12:46 pm
    he looks like a perv.

    Takes one to know one, and you know ‘em all.

  • http://. marina

    P. you say he looks like a perv, but yet you are the first to mentiona and complain about his “something” as you mention. I think that equus is one play that works perfectly to start changing his typecast. Of course he is still HP, the last movie has not come out yet, and it has been a huge franchise. What else did you expect? Him to keep doin HP and magic movies forever?

  • Allison

    If you don’t like Dan’s choice in acting rolls, don’t think he’s cute,
    don’t like the fact that (you think) he is just doing it for the money, (god, get a life!), then just go away! We don’t need you posting such negative crap!
    He is a very accomplished actor, owns more than one of those hats (they’re all if that MATTERS!?), and is more than handsome. (Try google image search)
    The facial hair is for his character Alan Strang…good grief!
    Have any of you actually read the play, seen the film or attended a performance of the play? Maybe when you grow up in a few years you might look into doing those things.

  • jorja

    allison, you’ve just said everything!
    dan has a great career from now on
    i love hp and i believe he’s an excellent person/actor :)

  • jasmine

    While some critics criticized the play’s outdatedness and theatrics, ALL the reviews I’ve read praised Dan for a Stellar performance. Few celebrities, even A listers do good in theater. I remember that Julia Roberts was slammed by critics when she tried to be a sage actress but it looks like Dan had conquered Broadway.

  • Ian UK

    A Great Actor is not someone who can just act behind a camera take after take covering up their mistakes !!

    A great actor is someone who can act live on stage !

    Good on Dan for doing the show overseas, I would like to see some of these so Called top Actors from the USA do live shows on stage like Zac Efron etc .. then we can see how good they are.

  • kristan

    its great to hear that he’s amazing is equis because he sucks as harry potter lmao

    you’d think after five movies he’s maybe get a little bit better, but.. no :/

  • Maria

    It’s hard to understand how some of you can be so critical of Dan and say bad things about him. If you think he is such a bad actor in the movies, why don’t you try to get a role and see if you are so much better? And why is he winning awards (both for stage and films) almost every year? And I agree with some of the other ones. It’s not easy for a film actor to jump on to the stage and be a great stage actor. But in all the reviews of Equus that I have read I have only read good things about Dan. And some reviews have even said negative things about his co-stars (for example Richard Griffiths). Radcliffe is an excellent actor and I admire him because he was brave to come with Equus to Broadway and leave home for 6-7 months. I know that Dan will in the future get many many more awards. And he deserves everyone he gets.

  • jimmy

    marina: wise up. Dan’s stage acting is very profitable to him. Not as much as Potter, but then little is. He is acting to shift his image so that he can make MORE money in the future when Potter stops. Anyhoo he is getting another 50 million for the remaining Potter movies so it is hardly sensible to say he is not a money making machine. All stars are money making machines and if they stop making money they stop being stars.

  • irene

    jimmy, then what he’s doing is taking a the smart path in his career. Don’t you think? What is there to complain about. Truth is that he could keep doing just the most commercial stuff. You know how much c**p is being made and how many people go see it, you name it it is just low entertainment. I like actors (men and women) who try different things, who are not afraid of small movies and weird characters. I cannot compare Macauley Culkin with Dan Radcliffe, The former (forced or not) dedicated mot of his career to moronic comedies and was hard for him to have a career after he being a child star. I like Brooke Shields who is not a great actress, but did not stay in her “sexy” stage, but has tried and is (for my taste) a decent comedian. Dan, I think , will be in a different leage, I do not see him as a leading man (lookswise), but more as a great character actor.

  • adrochupacaras


    un beso a daniel desde españa, te queremos!!!!!! YOU Are the BEST!!!!!

  • jimmy

    Well Dan is trying to develop into a first rate actor and Equus is a good start. I haven’t seen it so I can’t say what I think of his acting. Those who have say he is great. I also think that much of the hoopla re the play involved his being naked for a short time. If that were not the case, I have no idea how well the play would do. Some of the psychology in it seems dated. What he will do going forward is a good question. He needs to choose well. December Boys was a flop. Let us hope he finds the right vehicle next. I think he has comic talent (see his skits in EXTRAS). One thing that could sink his career is a lapse into substance abuse of some kind. So far no evidence of that, but the fact that his preferred drink is vodka and coke is a bit worrying in that that is a VERY populat drink among alcoholics because the vodka can’t be smelled and the coke makes it all go down so easily. He needs to watch it.

  • jimmy

    1 October 2008
    Daniel Radcliffe sends sexy letters to his ‘Equus’ co-star.

    The ‘Harry Potter’ actor is currently starring alongside Lorenzo Pisoni in the Broadway production of the play – in which Daniel bares all for his role as a horse-obsessed stable boy – and has revealed he gave the 31-year-old actor a series of raunchy notes on the show’s opening night.

    Daniel said: “We’re getting on very well indeed. I’ve written some really, really deeply sexual things on some of the cards I’ve given him for opening night. But just to wind him up, you know.”

    The 19-year-old star added he is in awe of Lorenzo, terming him “cool” and “gorgeous” before claiming he would even consider marrying him if he was gay.

    He said: “He’s great. He’s a truly remarkable man. If I was gay or a female I’d just want to marry him. He’s gorgeous, and he’s really cool bloke as well.”

    What’s the point, Dan? After telling us you wanted to play the role of a transvestite now you say you send sexy letters to the big guy whom you ride in the play. Are you telling us you are gay without just coming out and saying so?? Fuckin’ little tease you are.

  • jimmy

    Little Danny isn’t just growing up, he’s coming out too. LOL

    DANIEL RADCLIFFE has confessed to a gay crush – the actor finds his EQUUS male co-star LORENZO PISONI “gorgeous”.
    The Harry Potter star finds Pisoni so attractive, he wouldn’t hesitate to marry him – if he was homosexual.
    He says, “We’re getting on very well indeed. I’ve written some really, really deeply sexual things on some of the cards I’ve given him for opening night. But just to wind him up, you know.
    “He’s great. He’s a truly remarkable man. You know, if I was gay or a female I’d, well, just want to marry him. He’s gorgeous, and he’s a really cool bloke as well. He’s great.”

  • Beanie

    Jimmy/Chris – Uhm… I’m not sure Dan’s statements clearly indicate that he is gay… But even if he is… that doesn’t detract from the fact that he has talent. He’s an up and coming actor that started very young. He stretches himself in his career and takes chances. All very admirable for someone so young. At 19, I was in college (which is very safe), not acting my arse off on broadway! I wish I could see the play… not to see the 5 minutes of nakedness (as folks say, you barely notice the naked bodies because you are so caught up in the moment), but to see the excellent acting and a very controversial emotional play. I can’t imagine what this teen will be doing in another 10 years! Someday he may very well be another Newman/Redford or ?

    Keep your passion for acting Dan! You have many fans that fully support your career!

  • jimmy

    Well obviously one wishes Dan well. But he has lost what made him special earlier on and now is just another actor. Taking his clothes off is without doubt the biggest selling point of the play. If he didn’t I have NO doubt that fewer people would go to see it. People will pay quite a bit to see Harry Potter’s “weenee” up close. He may be a first rate actor in another ten years or an alcoholic has been. His preference for vodka and coke is NOT a good omen.

  • Sarah

    Jimmy please,he has his own life and you are obssesed with him…if he is gay,good for him,but i don’t think so…that was only a joke between Dan and Lorenzo,read the anwser of Lorenzo in the article of the new in MTV,please relax jimmy.

  • jimmy

    I haven’t see Lorenzo’s “anwser” as you call it. What did he say? F*ck off, Dan or something sexual like that? LOL. Dan is big business now, he need to be careful with his tongue. I am no more obsessed with him than are you. And by the way, don’t be a silly ass and tell me his life is private. He talks endlessly about his private life and makes it public as do most movie actors. They advertise themselves by making their lives public. Don’t be a silly dupe. Actors and celebrities by definition don’t have private lives. They earn their millions by making themselves public personalities.

  • jimmy

    Evidently in the play Dan has an orgasm while “riding” the man/horse and humping him. Hmmmm……I always wondered why Dan chose to do this play. Gives him lots of opportunities to…….well, you know…be himself?????.

  • Sarah

    Omg,i NOT silly or obssesed with him,i not”he is gay??”"why he says that??”everyday like you and Dan said:”If i was gay”i don’t care his sexuality but you see his words out of context.I know that he is famous,thanks. Who are you for say “don’t talk about this”or “don’t take this role”??is HIS life and career.

  • jimmy

    “out of context”??? I was putting them INTO context. I didn’t put the words into his mouth. They came out of his mouth. Wise up. First he says he wants to play a role that will allow him to use lots of eye makeup. Then he calls his beefy hunk co-star “gorgeous” and says he’d like to marry him. Are those remarks that a straight guy would make?????