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Halle Berry Has Multiple Personalities

Halle Berry Has Multiple Personalities

Halle Berry finishes up her yoga class in LA on Thursday, and then walks back to her car carrying a book entitled, “Diagnosis And Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder.”

The 42-year-old actress is currently researching and preparing for a role in an upcoming movie, Frankie and Alice. The film is a drama centered on a young woman (Berry) with multiple personality disorder who struggles to remain her true self and not give in to her racist alter-personality.

Earlier this week, Halle spent some mother-daughter time with her baby daughter Nahla Aubry at the park.

10+ more pics of Halle Berry‘s multiple personalities…

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halle berry multiple personality disorder 01
halle berry multiple personality disorder 02
halle berry multiple personality disorder 03
halle berry multiple personality disorder 04
halle berry multiple personality disorder 05
halle berry multiple personality disorder 06
halle berry multiple personality disorder 07
halle berry multiple personality disorder 08
halle berry multiple personality disorder 09
halle berry multiple personality disorder 10

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  • peacvh

    she looks great!

  • Julie

    Yea…I would want everyone to know I’m reading THAT book. “No! Paparazzi…stay away…..I need my privacy…oh, but here’s the book I’m reading….making sure you can read the WHOLE title!” Celebrities have a love/hate relationship with the paps…..

  • Kate

    She is beautiful! I really love the way she betray different characters. She has such a wide range. I really enjoy all of her movies. This one sounds really deep. She seems to go after the very emotional roles.

  • James

    Oh come on now lets get real shall we…SHE DOESNT NEED HELP REGARDING LEARNING PERSONALITY DISORDERS ….that should come naturally for Fake Halle…ITS A GIVEN
    Like we are all going to be interested in seeing a try hard actress…this is too funny really too funny…
    she just cannot stay away from the cameras then pretends like its in her way hhahhaha she is a joke

  • LOL

    LOL look at the weave and her real ratty hair underneath her ponytail gosh how embarrassing to have that seen
    its yuk and so is she
    That book should read : how to rid my fat wide backside that surgery cant even remove

  • James Mason Fan

    She could have pretended to cover up the title at least A LITTLE, or otherwise, arranged the book before she left the building so that it was upside down. God! these Hollywood stars are so calculating and conniving when it comes to publicity now. Do they ever do anything anymore without there being some ulterior promotional motive? Still, I have to admit I did rather enjoy this little display.

  • kathy

    What kind of Fiji water is that? I haven’t seen the flavoured varieties before.

  • palvasha

    damn, im not saying she is ugly but how the hell did she get that hot boyfriend??????????????? it makes no sense, he is way hot for her

    but then again she is a film star, but still how??????????????

  • Nadja

    Sorry but it’s embarassing how she’s holds the title directly into the cameras. I bet she doesnt even read this book.

  • lili

    Ske is also good at comedy, she should do another one , we need more fun in this world.

  • missy

    wow we are so quick to put down these celebs, these people live with the camera in their daily lives, personal and professional, i wonder what would we find about ourselves if we did the same so what if she’s reading that book.. maybe some of you should pick a book up and read it and so what if her hair is not done today… is yours and maybe her man loves her for who she is not bacause she’s a film star and personally i think she is just as nice looking as he is with or without her makeup

  • mediterranean

    Thanks Halle letting us know what you read.

    Hopefully, you understand what you are reading in this book, (if you’re indeed reading it). It’s kind of heavy for you, I guess…..

  • book? fiji…

    Guess we now know what movie she’ll soon be working on?

    She needs to read a book about MPD/DID (multiple personality disorder/dissociative identity disorder)?

    @Karen…Fiji is a brand of bottled water that when it came out several years ago in a smaller bottle had a picture of a paradise site in Fiji showing in the back of the bottle–smart marketing move.The bigger bottle has a picture of palm fronds in the back and sells for over $2 a bottle. No it doesn’t come in flab

  • brenda

    She is so damn Fake! She tries to pretend to hate the paps but she loves the attention. Her career has been down the tubes for years. I guess this and by parading around her kid is the only way to get in the news .. dummy.

  • xaye

    Her thighs are fat like drumsticks.

  • palvasha


  • Calculating attention ho

    God im so sick of this attention whore, look at her she is all attention, she need this to live .I agree with the poster about the cover of the book that she is obviously showing , she got a HUGE HANDBAG, i mean please it’s so obvious she is like hey to the cameras in front LOOK AT WHAT IM READING ( if she’s reading it) LETS MAKE EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT IM TAKING MAKE A NEWS ABOUT MY NEXT MOVIE,PLEASE IM F@CKING HUNGRY FOR SOME PUBLICITY AND ATTENTION, poor desperated attention whore, actually she shouldn’t read a book about a personality disorder she just have to take her personality as an example.

  • eddie jones

    this would go for the majority of obama supporters like halle, they’re braindead and telling you how to vote, yeah vote like these people. If they could only buy the vote then what they say would actually make a difference, since we are still able to vote on some things in this country, I guess Halle will have to go into seclusion once President Mccain takes office.

  • fat chance eddie

    Fat chance Eddie, McCain is not going to win get real. Even if there’s a remote chance he would legal do so unlike W’s last two terms, Halle would still be craving attention for the papps, sorry!

  • HalleGabriel

    Who published that book? In Psychology we refer to that disorder as dissociative identity disorder


    Whatever happened to the beautiful Halle we used to see….with that nice, cute figure….she looks like shit. now…..she needs to get back in shape…..look at those hips bulging out from the sides…….I mean she’s only had one baby and still isn’t back in shape……she just let herself go……..who would have thought……..woman, get your shit together.

  • HalleGabriel

    Lets see your figure then.

  • http://Justjared dtown

    I know that as people we tend to be derogatory towards others in order to make ourselves feel superior. I would like to read one post where we all have something positive to say about the person. Yes, we are entitled to freedom of speech but most times, negative comments are destructive.
    I wish you all a great weekend and much success to Halle in her day to day life.

  • The Populist

    God Damn People: Why are there so many Halle haters here?

    I mean, what has this woman done to make anyone dislike her? She doesn’t trash-talk anyone, or get drunk and stupid, or even wear slutty clothes. Her web site and Yahoo group, (from which I have been booted), are squeaky clean.

    She has won an Academy Award and numerous other awards for acting and she is always beautiful and classy in her public appearances. Yet people insist there is something “fake” about her. No people, Halle is not fake, she is troubled.

    And let’s be clear, Halle Berry’s troubles are not fake. She was beaten by at least one of her boyfriends, she has had trouble finding Mr. Right, she even contemplated suicide. But she is still at it.

    She is still working, still making movies, she has even become a mother. That’s something she was clearly desperate to attain. Through it all she has appeared with grace and class, avoiding as much negative publicity as she can.

    Halle is beautiful, not perfect. Some people choose to denigrate her for that. I choose to admire her for her beauty, her work, and her perseverance.

  • the book

    Yes, the new name MPD is DID which has been for a long while thanks to the DSM folk…who knows maybe she got the book from her mum who’s a retired Psych ward nurse? Does it really matter?

  • Yazzza

    The Populist–

    So true. These sumb!tches are just JEALOUS. They either wish they can have her or wish they could be her. It is so ridiculous.

    Anyway, Halle IS DOING SOME RESEARCH on an up coming movie @$$holes. Stop the HATE! >(

  • krafty

    First thing you see is that Halle Berry has MDP/DID. Second thing you see is a repeat of the headline. Then of course you can look at the 10+ pictures of her various personalities.

    I believe this is a slap in the face to those who do suffer from MPD/DID. This is a terrible disorder to live with, not something to be used as a promo for a new movie.