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Jennifer Garner the Librarian?

Jennifer Garner the Librarian?

Jennifer Garner picks up her 2 1/2-year-old daughter Violet Affleck from nursery school in Santa Monica, Calif., on Friday.

The 36-year-old actress recently took a trip to her hometown of Charleston, West Virginia where she said, “This is about as far from Hollywood as any place on Earth. I wanted to be a children’s book author and a librarian!”

“My mom took my sisters and me to the library once a week when we were kids,” she continued. “And it’s such a huge community center, especially in a town that has very few resources – to have a place with 100 computers and Internet access to everyone for free, that’s really important in a town like this.”

More pictures inside of Jennifer Garner the librarian…

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jennifer garner librarian 01
jennifer garner librarian 02
jennifer garner librarian 03
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Credit: PMB/ZOJ; Photos: WENN
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  • Helena

    She certainly has the personality of a librarian. ZzZzZ…

  • Jane

    Yet, you bothered clicking. Ha!

  • jgp

    she seems like a great mom
    very hands on and that’s very nice to see especially in hollywood. my only issue, why is the paparazzi following her so much everywhere she goes? there’s not much of a story with her. she just seems very normal and down to earth.

  • Katie

    Yes, and how do you know anything about a complete stranger’s personality? And all librarians have the same personality? You certainly are a moron, Helena. ZzZzZ to your comment.

  • ty

    it’s charleston, WEST virginia… not charleston, virginia.
    charleston is the capital of w.v.

  • pinkydoo

    If it wasn’t for Ben, she’d be back there right now. Her career is so far gone. She is so plain, and not a great actress. There are so many more people out there who deserve much more than what she has right now. I am not taking away from the fact that she seems like an excellent mom. But that’s as far as it goes.

  • Linda

    Pathetic. So many jealous haters. Pinkydoo, Jen was popular before she even hooked up with Ben so you don’t know what you’re talking about and where she would be. Her career is fine. She’s a better actress than most people out today and she is far from plain. If you don’t like her, why bother coming here? Who are you to say who deserves what. She deserves what she gets compared to many untalented people out there like all those Highschool Musical, Jonas Brothers junk.


    AMEN LINDA…… Jennifer is very talented and is a wonderful hands-on mother…..Violet seems to be such a happy child, and Jennifer takes her everywhere and does everything with her, which is more than I can say about some Celebrity moms….Jennifer has stated that she is taking a break to raise Violet herself, and not with a nanny, and when she comes back and acts, people will see just how talented she is.

  • ebmo

    Has it ever occurred to you that for Jennifer there might be more important things than “her career”?

    Like a loving husband and an adorable, healthy child?

    Believe it or not some people really hold those things dearer than
    “fame”. She is respected in her field and loved by her family.

  • Adoring Fan

    And she is adored by me her number one fan.

  • Label junkie

    Love the Mabel’s Labels on Violet’s backpack!!

  • Bob

    Hey, my parents are the librarians in a tiny town in West Virginia. They have no computers in the library, only one room full of books, and less than 5,000 people in the whole county. Life there is wonderful, except for the inbred hillbillies that have McCain/Palin signs in their yards.

  • someone

    She wanted to be a librarian? Maybe when she was 5. But didn’t she spend her teen years taking and teaching dance and I think taking acting as well?

    And Good Victoria, she hasn’t really taken a break from acting to raise Violet. She’s not working daily on a tv show anymore but she’s still been doing projects, both in front of and behind the camera so she’s not really going to “come back” from anywhere.

  • Helena

    #4, yet you called me a moron and you don’t even know me!

  • sooooo Beautiful

    Violet is such a pretty child :)

  • to #6

    I never liked BenA until he hooked up with Jen. I loved her from the first Alias ep. to this day!

    I love her acting and even went to see her play in NY she was great :)
    if you don’t like someone it doesnt meen everyone thinks like you do there are a lot of people that don’t like her but there are also a lot of people who do!
    sorry for my english …

  • Alias

    Who is the crazy woman in the white hat smiling at, I don’t see anybody around.

  • lily

    I do not like her. She is a cold blooded b. What she did to her boy friend in Alias is disguting. She cheated on him and then let him fired on the series. Then in order to get Ben Affleck she got pregnant.

  • to lily

    wake uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!! :P

  • Julietta

    Jen is fantastic!

  • CelebrityFanChat Rap

    that’s nice.

  • Jen

    I used to like her when she first started in Alias. I dislike her now after she dumped Michael & got pregnant with Ben’s baby so quickly. I suppose it’s because Ben has more money than her ex-husband & Michael. It’s funny how she’s pregnant again with a second child right before rumors circulating that her marriage with Ben is on the rocks.

  • morgan

    Bob gave me a laugh from his comment “except for the inbred hillbillies that have McCain/Palin signs in their yards.” I think Jennifer is wonderful and a good actress. She must get sick of being stalked by the cameras but she still seems to keep her sense of humor.

  • Katie

    Helena, your comment was a stupid thing to type and made you look like a moron.

  • Adrian

    LOL @ the people typing about her personal life like they know her.

    Jen why do you assume she only goes with Ben because he has more money? It’s not funny about the rumors, it just proves that they were rumors and nothing more.

    Lily you don’t get married to someone only because you get pregnant and you don’t know what went on with her ex-boyfriend.

  • Adrian

    Alias she is smiling with her daughter. Some happy people just like to smile, you don’t have to be smiling at “someone”. You’re the crazy one.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen is amazing and her little Violet is the cutest, smartest and sweetest kid in Hollyweid. The whole family is awesome. Can’t wait for the newest little Affleck.

  • Lisa

    Quote #22I suppose it’s because Ben has more money than her ex-husband & Michael.

    No, its because she really loved him. I don’t think there was anything more than a “good friendship” with Michael Vartan (at least not on her side) and Scott Foley was simply a jealous yelling husband. The things shes said about why her relationship with Ben works is telling: “If he’s mad about something he never yells or gets wierd about things” Obviously her exes (or maybe just Scott) yelled at her and got wierd. Scott looks like a hothead and Vartan smokes, drinks and gambles all the time. At least Ben gave up his vices.

    And by the way, she was pregnant BEFORE that bogus TedC rumor was started by the no nothing TedC. Obviously if he knew “insiders” they would have known she was pregnant but they didn’t. I believe they were Michael Vartan fans myself because that’s the only people who don’t like her and want everyone to somehow believe her relationship with Ben is on the rocks. Which obviously (if you can see) its not.

  • Lisa

    Michael Vartan fans are like Aniston fans. They can’t stand that their idol got dumped even though its been FOUR years ago. They cant let it go.

  • Melanie

    Alias, a lot of time the paparazzi crops out people in photos. It sounds like you’re the crazy one. Lol.

  • someone

    Lisa what do you mean she had nothing more than a “good friendship” with Vartan. They dated. They admitted they were dating, they were seen dating. And also it’s been said that SHE pursued HIM even though he was a little embarrassed about the relationship. Of course that last part can’t be verified but the rest is verifiably true.

    Also, Ben gave up his vices AFTER they got married not before.

  • marie

    Why are Jen fans still talking about Michael Vartan, is that the only thing they can think of to pump up her popularity on JJ. Nobody is responding to their silly boring posts so they start writing about Micheal pretending they are his fans, when in fact they just Jen fans wanting to stir up controversy and arguments. Ben’s her husband now, why don’t you discuss him.

  • Jane

    Marie if you actually read the comments, you would have seen that fans weren’t the ones who brought up Michael and were just responding to the non-fans, who obviously have no reason to be here. Jen obviously doesn’t need her popularity to be “pumped” on this site as she is one of the most popular people on this site. If you’re not a fan why are you even here? Jen is more of a celeb than Michael Vartan, so that wouldn’t “pump” up her popularity. If anything the Michael Vartan fans are trying to “pump” up his popularity as he doesn’t even get posted in the first place. What other posts were there to be responded to that were silly or boring except the ones about Michael.

  • Jane

    Someone, who cares what has been said? Rumors are boring and are useless. Who cares who pursued who? Why would he be embarrassed? or any of that. They’re history.

    As for Ben, it’s not relevant about when he did, as long as he did, why should it matter?

  • marie

    If you’re not a fan why are you even here?
    Because JJ IS NOT A FAN WEB SITE and I’m here to state my opinion. It’s called freedom speech.

    You can’t stop talking about Michael can you Jane! Your response proved how right I was.

  • Lisa

    Someone, what I meant is they barely dated==it was a short relationship that ended years and years ago. Who cares anymore?

  • someone

    Jane, “who cares”? It was a response to a related post. And the issue of WHEN Ben gave up smoking etc. was also in direct response to the post. I wasn’t pulling this stuff out of the air for no reason. lol (But I did know when I typed it that someone would say that in reply.)

    Oh and as a sidenote: sayting that rumors shouldn’t be talked about is really beside the point b/c…I mean, look where we are. It’s a celebrity gossip site. 90% of what goes on here IS rumor and speculation. Without it this site would be practically dead.

  • Jen Lover

    why do I always miss the bes pics???

    they’re such a cute mom- daugher couple I can’t wait to see if the new baby is a boy or a girl !!!! ^_^

  • http://allyal16 allyal

    glad to see a celeb kid goes to school!

  • Jane

    “Because JJ IS NOT A FAN WEB SITE and I’m here to state my opinion. It’s called freedom speech.

    You can’t stop talking about Michael can you Jane! Your response proved how right I was.”

    I never said it was a fan-site. I said why would you look up a celeb on here you don’t like? It makes no sense. You did state your opinion and I replied with mine. People are stating their opinion on Michael, get over it!

    I never talked about Michael to begin with. I was talking about the people who brought him up. You obviously can’t read. You’re the one who is still talking about Michael, I have no interest in him. Your response proved nothing at all, except that you fail at reading comprehension.

  • Jane

    Alright, Someone I see your point.

  • Jane

    Marie, you can stop being a hypocrite now. I never brought up Michael in the first place. I was responding to your comment which was about him. You brought him up. None of my comments were about him. Your comment proves nothing and doesn’t show anything at all. Your own comment proves you wrong and proves me right. Ha! You’re the one who can’t stop talking about him. You can’t stop talking about him can you Marie?

  • Jane

    …And since you say you believe in “freedom speech”. I think you mean freedom of speech, people have the freedom to talk about whom they want whether it’s Ben or Michael.

  • Claire

    Aww, Violet is a cutie. ^_^

    To someone — not everyone goes here for gossip. In fact, many people just come here to look at the photos.

    I agree with you Jane. Marie is only adding to the controversy and arguments, by bringing up what she doesn’t want people to discuss. Talk about contradicitng yourself. She’s the one still bringing up Michael.

  • shammy

    Mommy and dolly Vi out and about with smiles. Speaking of rumors and speculation, does anyone here think they are going to move to the EAST coast? I totally think it is going to happen. Time will tell and wish them much happiness and health.


  • Truith is

    Regarding various “Lisa” posts from upthread:

    Ben still smokes but very dscretely.
    In fact he was still smoking publicly far into her first pregnancy and he still drinks.

    Vartan dumped her when he found out she was cheating. Can anyone blame him since it was always very obvious she had a thing for Affleck? Bottom line: She used Vartan.

    You can say what you want about Foley and Vartan, but both men remained highly respectful of her and her image after the breakups, a lot more than anyone can say about Ben who continually promotes that his relationship with Lopez caused his career and image to tank. Why say anything at all? A “no comment” when asked about that relationship would have sufficed.

  • Truith is

    BTW, Lisa, Vartan and Garner more than “barely” dated. They lived together for almost a year. I would call that a very serious relationship. If Garner had really cared or had not been using Vartan, she wouldn’t have been hanging with Affleck on the Elecktra set as well as the streets of Vancouver within a month after Vartan visited her. A very quick turnaround. Truth is, she had a thing for Affleck dating back to Daredevil days….while she was married.

  • shammy


    Looks like Garner and Affleck have found true love now. Who cares about the past? Just let it be as they have one darling child and another on the way. Happiness and Health to their familia!


  • E

    First of all, thank you to Just Jared for taking may beautiful pics of JG and little Violet, she is cute.

    Whether you all are JG’s fans, M.Vartan’s fans or Not, it doesn’t matter, about higher curiousity in Holywood stars.
    I had never been of any Hollywood stars in the past
    ( only when JG in Alias with M.Vartan) I like to look at their pics. it is normal for everyone!

    I agreed with number # 6 ,#22 and # 46. I used to like JG and MV a lot when days they were in Alias. They were perfectly match
    she got involved with bad boy Ben when his relationship was dissolved with JLo, she got pregnant with Ben for the commitment.
    Will see how far it goes???

    With her sloppy acting career in box office. .43 cents according to May be it is better to be full time Mom than acting.

    From the pics, she looks like devoted Mom, she is beautiful no matter what she dresses, she still look Ok (except the lips now they don’t look natural) may be it needs to be fixed back to what it was…
    Ben doesn’t suit her style at all, one thing Ben has more than Vartan or Foley, it may be the fame and $ than the other 2 nice men.

  • fan

    Ben still smokes but very dscretely.
    In fact he was still smoking publicly far into her first pregnancy and he still drinks.
    and people say Ben´s cheating on JenG too. Very discreetly. Is it truth, #47? He must be very “happy” with his wife JG, don´t you think? Poor woman… Why is she still with him? just for her image?