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The Jonas Brothers are the Lucas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are the Lucas Brothers

Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers get some shopping done at the Studio City Mall in Studio City, Calif. on Thursday.

JoBros will being shooting their Disney Channel series starting on Monday according to Access Hollywood.

The series will be called Jonas, referring to the street they live on. The trio plays three brothers in a band known as the Lucas Brothers!

The “bonus” Jonas (Frankie) will be making recurring guest appearances.

The series is scheduled to debut next Spring. “It’s going to be a funny show and it’s going to be a great cast,” Joe said. “I’m really excited!”

10+ pictures inside of the Jonas Brothers being the Lucas brothers…

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jonas brothers lucas brothers 03
jonas brothers lucas brothers 04
jonas brothers lucas brothers 05
jonas brothers lucas brothers 06
jonas brothers lucas brothers 07
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Credit: DS-ISM; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • laila

    Awesome! They are sooooooo freaking HOT!! Can’t wait till there next video clip

  • Angeline

    I love them! LOL “Lucas Brothers”. This show is going to do well just because it has them in it. It might not be the greatest or funniest show of all time, and it may be corny, but that’s what you get when your favorite band goes into Disney and tries to make it big. A tour, a TV Show, and a movie.

    Whatev, still love them no matter what.

  • Helo


  • squidward

    I think they should be the jonas brothers on the show

  • vulgarity

    DAMN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kk well im gonna go since i cut school today cuz of something jonas related lol.

  • DaisyyRae

    I don’t think Kevin sucks, but it’s your opinion so whatever. Just don’t expect some Jonas fans to be easy.
    The show doesn’t sound the best, but I though Hannah Montana sounded dumb until I watched it.
    Inside I wish that they actually stayed musicians instead of trying to be triple threats, but it’s Disney Channel, what do you expect?
    Disney is bringing these poor boys down, they should just leave before they actually get to the point where they are known as the men with Mickey mouse ears.
    I love when they dress like this. They look normal and relaxed, we don’t see that often :D

  • MARY

    i love theeeem

    please come to argentinaaa,we loveee the jonas brotheers

  • tracy

    kevin is soooo cute and joe too the papprazzi need to stop following them

  • alannah-jaide

    Don’t see Nick, must have been doing school work.

  • Helena

    They are an insult to real music. Talentless and everyone outisde this stupid Disney bubble just make fun of their hideous music.

  • zv

    OMG i love them soooo much!!
    they are sooooo hot argh love them love them love them!!!!!!!!!

    i wanna marry joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rianna

    Whoa i bet its gonna b a AWSOME show.
    Joe’s lukin 2 cool……
    i wish i was with dem….

  • Rianna

    Whoa i bet its gonna b a AWSOME show.
    Joe’s lukin 2 cool……
    i wish i was with dem….

  • sasso

    the one who says kevin sucks you are not a jo bro fan. and i m abig fan an i m not gonna be easy on you too. i love all of them so much .i love you kevin!

  • kayla

    definatly can’t wait!! ♥♥ them!

  • DaisyyRae

    Only people who don’t like their sound, make fun of their music. They still have millions of devoted fans worldwide, so haters like you don’t really matter. They will continue to make music whether you like it or not.
    Sorry to break it to you, but they are real music, you just don’t like them. Even if they are signed to a disney company, it’s still music the are producing. What is real music? Explain to me. Then I will understand. :D

  • smasma

    no Nick?

    Maybe he’s spending time with his gf Selena

  • Zanessaever

    First Kevin dont sucks..
    stop judging people..
    i love Jonas brothers
    can’t wait for it

  • http://justjared blah


  • http://justjared blah


  • rawya

    I don’t like the idea of “Lucas brothers” but I think the show would be awesome

  • Yvonne

    HUI XIN(#3) – — STFU BITCH! Kevin is hotter as hell and he is a great musician. Futhermore, I am sick to death of these Joe girls(admit you are cause you didn’t diss Joe) ALWAYS bashing a guy as sweet and caring as Kevin. He has ALWAYS been the JB that is DAMN great with the fans, Joe&Nick have too many off days(although I give Nick a pass a lot cause he can be having a bad diabetes day). Get to hell off Kevin’s back! STOP THE KEVIN HATE!

  • http://justjared blah

    all their fans are from the age of 7-13 lol when all these fans grow up they will realize how pathetic they were to like this band

    they have no talent what so ever, joe cant even sing

  • http://justjared blah

    kevin looks like someone from lord of the ringgs

  • http://justjared shamilah

    Cant wait

  • Yvonne


  • kimmy

    I think they are too hot to be on a Disney show haha

  • Kj

    Whoever said Kevin sucks is an idiot!!!!! KEVIN IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!…you just wish you could be as awesome as him.

    and i dont like the name lucas brothers. it should be a better name.

    and i love how JustJared said here are a few pics of the boys being the lucas brothers. when its just joe and kevin shopping!! haha.

    wonder where nick was…..prob. studying. ..that stinks.

  • lmmgreen

    gaaa! it kills me living in LA and seeing these pics. Just knowing I live soooo close is awful….but i still love them, maybe when i least expect it i’ll run into them!

  • Liz

    Earth, Wind & Fire!!!

    Joe Jonas, why must you rock so?!


    We think that it doesn’t sound right them being called the Lucas Brothers :|. =(.
    We are like British OBSESSED Fans. Major so no hate intended =)
    We can’t wait for the show to come over here =).

  • Candy

    Lucas brothers?
    Sounds really weird xD

    Emm not all of their fans are between in the ages of 7-13…I’m 16 and i love them and i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one 16 years old girl that loves them!

  • pugmama

    Just so all of you know… The show was created by Roger S H Schulman- the Oscar nominated writer of “Shrek” and a winner of the British Academy Award and Michael Curtis who wrote for and ran a little TV show called “Friends”. I think all signs point to it being a well made and very funny show. These two guys are the best in the business.

  • sarah


  • Yvonne

    SARAH(#35), Nick gets a lot of coverage here, and Joe get s alot more. I’m just stoked that Kevin is FIANLLY getting some press. Futhermore, Nick is no doubt back at studying. He is tutored with other kids in the family and staff. thats where he was no doubt

  • nicole

    the shows gonna be AWSOME.
    i cant wait!

    i loveeeee love love love love them so much.
    especially nick. where had that kid been lately?


  • ronnie

    First off, Kevin does not suck, he is amazing. All of them are.
    Second, what exactly is REAL music? Have you ever actually listened to them, or do you just see that they’re signed with Hollywood so you automatically decide they must have no talent.
    And to the one who said the fans are 7-13, I’m older than that, I’m in high school, and I see a lot of Jonas Brothers shirts, meaning they have a lot of fans in high school. People in high school are older than 13, so apparently you’re wrong.
    I wish you people would just give these guys a chance, I mean really, what good does it do to hate them?

    Can’t wait for JONAS by the way!!!!!!!! (:

  • kelly

    lucas brothers
    wow, the creators are ver creative

  • iheartjb

    Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the Jonas Brothers, but i think Disney might be going too far with this. The show being called “J.O.N.A.S” sounded much better, and the plot line sounded more interesting. The Lucas Brothers sounds like a show for little kids, and not teenage JB fans.
    Disney’s over marketing them, and it won’t be long before people get tired of them. Which is really sad, because they’re great musicians.
    And i will always love them no matter what. =D

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Oh I so cant wait to see the show! =)
    Love them ♥

  • http://eh? Stephanie



  • ?

    omg joe got a bose!!! i have one!!!!! awesome!!

  • ?

    omg joe got a bose!! I HAVE THE SAMOE ONE HE GOT!! LOL SO COOL!!!

  • Yvonne


  • Loverbabe

    LoL I love that name, Lucas. plus its the name of my boyfriend

  • Joe Jonas Girl

    I love them so much!!! And no Kevin doesnt suck, hes totally rocks! I dont know why people have to put him down, its so stupid.

  • chantall

    haha i love Kevin :)
    Joe has the cutest jeans on!


    ahhhhh!! i cant wait!! it sounds soooo amazing!!

  • L.a. girl

    Joe Bro, you’re such a babe. I would have died if I saw you at the mall. Looking so cool behind those shades, and I see you got a new sound system for making beautiful music…. sigh.

    Joe, I love you. Hey Kev, looking good. Jared, thank you !!

  • ashleyyfugsdg

    gahhhh. i wish i could spend bucks at the apple store to get like what 3 or 4 bags! i cant even afford one.