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Katie Holmes is Busy on Broadway

Katie Holmes is Busy on Broadway

Katie Holmes arrives at the Schoenfeld Theatre for her evening performance of All My Sons on Thursday.

According to reports, the 29-year-old actress has been so busy with her production on Broadway that Tom Cruise‘s sister, Lee Anne Devette, has stepped in to play a bigger role in their lives.

Lee Anne is running Tom‘s life,” a source tells OK! “She is back in his business meetings and playing a very influential role in his every decision.”

“She [Lee Anne] is a very strong personality and Tom will listen to whatever she says. Katie better get used to being the second most important person in Tom‘s life!,” the source commented.

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  • erica

    tall and so pretty

  • anonymous

    Thanks JJ you’re the best!

    New Valkyrie trailer is out tomorrow!

  • bess

    True fashion icon. Dig the shoes,sunglasses,sweater and jeans.

  • regina


  • tgif


  • Rescus59


  • Adoring fan

    All around beauty from her talent,the person that she is,loves her family,dedicated to her work,big hearted to all from her castmates especially to her fans,amazing mom and wife and gracious to mean annoying press-paparazzis.

  • anonymous

    Love those jeans!
    Anyone know what brand they are??

  • 1234

    Beautiful and so is her family. So much to look forward to with her personal life,career and fashion.

  • sunset

    God Bless the Cruises,Jared and most of all America.

    Katie looks great.

  • sheila c.

    Those shoes are KA-RAZEE. I love to see her shoe closet.!!
    Loved the new trailer for Valkyrie.

  • pr

    where’s the new trailer? I wonna see it too. I heart this girl.

  • sheila c.

    How long before the free katie morons show up with their anti- tom hate? Call me when they do.

  • ivyleague

    Adorable and love how she looks. Trailers are out at Yahoo and Traileraddict. Thanks so much JJ.

  • maria

    she is so beutiful/ love TomKat. can’t wait for valkirie to open in europe.

  • nikomilinko
  • AMY






  • jain

    The 25th was the offical openning night of Equus, with Daniel Radcliffe. And the young man is garnering some pretty fine reviews of his performance. Daniel Radcliffe, just in case JustJared wasn’t aware is a pretty famous actor, has appeared n the highest grossing film series of all time. The downside is,he’s not married to anyone famous, so that mightjust keep him off JustJared radar. Nor to my knowledge is he a member of any religious organisation. This is to let JustJared know, because apart from a couple of ‘reports’ JustJared doesn’t seem to know or care….that is unless you’re katie and you’ve got yet another pair of shoes, yet another handbag.

  • Briggi

    nice pics. nice outfit. These shoes are from GIVENCHY, Nicole Ritchie also has them.

  • not fooling anyone!

    Obviously some crazy was busy from 3:00 am to 3:52. Do they think we can’t tell it’s all the same person? Katie doesn’t have that many devoted fans.

  • dido

    ı can’ t wait for valkryie and god bless Cruise family

  • pauline

    She looks awful !!! Sunglasses at night!? What is she hiding!!??

  • divorce time

    you can see tc is setting the stage for the divorce, getting all his ducks lined up. he has a new blonde GF (his lawyer), he has re-hired his sister (further pushing kh out) and has Suri looking the happiest ever with HIM.
    kh made a dumb move by doing her debut in LA. she should have done her debut in LA and stayed with her family. she screwed up big
    you cult fans are blind, kh looks like a bag lady here, her outfit is a disgrace.

  • divorce time

    sorry, meant doing her debut in NY

  • Tutu

    She looks very nice. Love the get up. Can’t wait for broadway. My husband got us tickets.

  • Lette

    I’m sure it’s not our imagination how bad katie’s been looking of late, and now with the sister-in-law in the act, it can only get worse; if only they would allow her to grow her hair back, it might help her to smile again.

  • Kay

    Katie has many devoted fans #23. We re here as u can see.

  • boogie

    ya’ll gotta be kidding me! THOSE jeans with holes in them DO NOT go with those ugly high heels!!!!

    Did she run out of jeans and grabbed them off a homeless lady??


  • jennifer

    #19 – the poor cult members are just doing their job! Too bad so many only have third grade educations and can’t think on their own! LOL.

    Katie looks like a tired hooker with bad fashion sense in those silly heels. Ugly mama.
    Why is she so heavily guarded?

  • James Mason Fan

    Personally, I think those (nice) shoes look wack with that outfit. It’s like wearing trainers with a business suit. It just looks all wrong. But hey, that’s JUST ME…

  • Debra

    Just georgeous & very chic, kudos to Katie once again!!!

  • Why ask why

    I give them less than 2 years. Tom and his Sister combo is not a good sign for Katie. When she missed the Sciento big event a few weeks ago the writing was on the wall. Plus she wore the cross necklace the other day which had to be another big no no. Katie will not have it so good when she ends this Broadway play. I hope she can keep Suri, but, I have a feeling that will never happen… just ask Nicole Kidman who had much more money of her own to fight than Katie does.

  • Rescus59

    #29….dream on and stop talking out of your E-Meter.

  • WOW

    Finally some positive comments.
    I think she looks really cute in that turtleneck sweater… turtleneck & pixie hair cute… soooooooo cute.
    Im not a fan of jeans with holes though & I wish she wouldnt wear sunglasses all the time.

  • WOW

    Thats supposed to say cut not cute but her hair is cute lol.

  • ha ha ha

    Look at her in those shoes! OMG…she looks like she’s trying to walk a tightrope she’s so out of balance.

    She looks absolutely ridiculous. Nice sweater and shoes with those hideous jeans…..this girl is a MORON!!!

  • Christina

    I agree boogie! She looks like a homeless person. All she needs is a shopping cart full of junk! Her hair is messy and dirty looking and those jeans have to GO!

    It’s 65 degrees in New York this morning. Who wears a heavy winter turtleneck at 65 degrees!!

    I also agree that alot of the fans are one person! You can tell by the way they post one after another and say almost the same thing. It’s one person using different names and made up e-mail addresses. That’s pretty pathetic. That’s a fanatic, not a fan.

    I think Katie still has a few fans left, but Tom doesn’t. It’s mostly Katie fans who stick up for him. When he divorces Katie and takes Suri away from her, which he definitely will, he’ll have no fans left. Everyone knows he’s freakin nuts and can’t stand him except for the few Katie fans that feel like they have to stick up for him. You should see the Tom fansites. There’s no one there!!

  • Marta

    awful outfit, she doesnt looks good.

  • Dancer


    I agree that Katie has fans, BUT I also agree that the same person(s) is posting multiple times on this thread. It is interesting that she is in NYC and he is in LA. Nicole once said during the marriage that they tried never to both work at the same time on films that would require them to be apart. So it is interesting (not sure what the ramifications are) that they are apart.
    I do think she looks dreadful again today. Isn’t that sweater like really old fashioned? I can remember wearing that design at least ten years ago. Jeans look dirty. Shoes don’t go.
    INTERVENTION: Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s WHAT NOT TO WEAR–please volunteer your services! Help this woman dress age appropriately and for her body type! PUH-LEEZEEEEEEEEEEEE. Her $$$$$ is obviously not helping her.

  • cindyjean

    This is no trend setter; she looks like a bag lady, dirty and nasty. If she wasn’t Katie Holmes, her fans would be looking at her on the streets and averting their eyes, probably crossing to avoid her. It’s so hypocritical.

    I think it’s all sad. This was a happy girl and should be a happy woman with everything in her life so “wonderful”. I’m not a hater, but there has been drastic obvious changes in everything surrounding her in the past 9 months.

    The clothing issues don’t make sense either. Her “fans” replied when we questioned her heavy winter clothing in summer, with the notion that she’s always cold, implying circulation problems and dressed for that. Hello… if she’s suffering with circulation problems, the extremeties are the first place to be affected uncomfortable, so explain the heavy clothing but open toed shoes.

    I’m not nit-picking; I’m seriously concerned for this girl. It’s like watching a run away train and having everyone saying, no, it’s not in trouble, just moving fast. Knowing that it’s going to crash, and people turning a blind eye to it because they WANT it to be okay.




    For the last time, LeAnne Devette is NOT going back to being Tom’s publicist. His true publicists, Rogers & Cowan, issued a statement yesterday clearing this up. If you cannot keep current, then perhaps you need more people helping you with your day-to-day operations, as there is nothing worse than for a gossip blog to have out-of-date gossip.

  • why the cross?

    so now kh wears a cross to pretend she is not a scientologist, to undermine their protests?

    how sick, disgusting, this kh chick has no morality, to pretend to be Catholic just to sell cult tickets. how low can you sink, katie?

  • Janice

    Hideous, I see the scientologists were up early this morning praising this freak.

  • Manny

    Looks horrible.

    For lack of a more detailed explanation, the woman needs garanimals……………and a hairbrush.

  • usa

    Katie looks great!

  • Katherine

    Enough of “Katie can’t dress”



  • observer

    good luck with All my Sons,Katie or shall I say break a leg

  • kelly

    beautiful and half and half thanks to JJ except you need to stop getting lies from tabloids on all celebrities