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Natalie Portman Is Back On The Market

Natalie Portman Is Back On The Market

Natalie Portman departs at LAX with her pooch Charlie and his dog carry case on Thursday.

The 27-year-old actress has reportedly split up with her boyfriend, musician Devendra Banhart.

“Yes, they have broken up,” a source close to Devendra tells In Touch. “Natalie and Devendra will remain friends but need some space and time away,” the source said.

Natalie can be seen alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire in Brothers, a war-drama that will be released in December.

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  • rachel

    Devendra was just too weird for Natalie, she looks very cute here. I like her casual style, she always looks like she could be on campus of Harvard, she never tries to please any one.

    I respect her.

  • lolly

    Very very cute, she did the right thing be leaving him, it was not supposed to last, he is strange.


    She’s so cute!!! I’d be her side kick anytime…

  • real world

    Very cute girl and smart.Didn’t need him he was jealous of her fame.He was nothing but a freeloader.

  • sam

    I saw her in the Other Boleyn Girl in the theater and was practically blown away by her performance. She is so very young and is already comparable to the likes of Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolee, Kate Blanchet.

    Amazing girl.

  • katelyn

    I just realized why Natalie does not get as many posts as other girls, it is because there is nothing to say to criticize her and she does not focus on dressing up for no reason.

  • shea

    katelyn #6:

    You are so right! She is fabulous and classy and that is so not “hollywood” these days, so the gossip queens have nothing to rag on her about.
    good for Natalie for staying true to herself- I love her!

  • leslie

    I agree, she gets recognition for her performances, people actually pay to go see her, her films make many millions of dollars, like V for Vendetta grossed 150 million, so she does not need to create fake attention for herself.
    She is lucky to be this talented and not have to be subjected to humiliating publicity created by her team to get noticed. And that so called popularity is only in tabloids, people do not pay good money to see poor performance of some scandalous or cheap publicity whore.
    Natalie is really one of a kind.

  • kimmy

    I am so glad they are no longer an item, he is such a strange character. i must say, his music is not bad, but I don’t think he will ever be big, I mean as popular as she is.

    She is both beautiful and talented, he is just a good musician.

  • Andrea

    Looking forward to BROTHERS !

  • Anon

    Too bad Jake Gyllenhaal is all tied up with Reese Witherspoon!!!! I have always wanted to see Jake get with Natalie, and not just in a movie. I think when we see them together on screen everbody will have to admit they have amazing chemistry together. They would make the most beautiful babies!!! She is a year younger then Jake and Jake’s family loves her. Jake and Natalie have been friends since they were 15 or 16 and she is still friends with his whole family.
    They even dated for a while while he was in college for a year in NYC.

  • Dancer

    Cute and classy. Katie Holmes take note–this is how you dress if you want to wear jeans and go casual. Natalie is put together in a simple, classy sort of way!

  • kroq

    Anon #11
    They do indeed have a history. They have known each other since Jake was still an “unknown”. I found it weird that they stopped hanging out completely when he started dating Kirsten Dunst. Kiki must’ve banned Jake from Natalie. LOL.

  • angie

    Natalie does need somebody main stream like Jake, she is really picky though, I hope she meets someone right and is happy for ever.
    Love her.

  • someone

    Follow your heart Natalie and youl’ll find the way.
    I love you <3.

  • perfect

    I can’t even think of anyone good enough for her in this business, she is really one of a kind, Jake is fine, I guess, who else could it be, I have no idea.
    I love her too.

  • someone

    Love is good enough for her and Im sure she has an idea :-)
    I love Natalie <3.

  • 2someone

    you think she has an idea this quickly, come on

    i love her style, intelligence, but most of all she is a great actress, i love all her films, there is not one film she has been in that i did not like

  • this is real

    I agree with your comments and find her captivating. What a gem.

  • twpumpkin

    She is so beautiful what the hell was she doing with that homeless looking rag muffin anyway!

  • sophie

    Natalie and Jake look perfect together, copy this link in your browser and enjoy.

  • this is me


    glad that it is over, it was a kind of backwards relationship, ew

  • this is real

    He is kind a talented, you have to admit, I knew it will be sweet and short, he is not attractive for her, she is just gorgeous my god.

  • SDM


  • this is real

    who is pathetic and why?

  • Chaka

    I can’t believe anyone would think she’s a great actress, or compare her to Meryl Streep or Cate Blanchett, that’s nonsense!! I agree she’s very pretty, lovely, cute, etc, but come on people she’s a mediocre actress at best. Someone mentioned V for Vendetta- that was THREE YEARS AGO, and she hasn’t had a hit since! All her latest movies have been flops! Not trying to rag on the poor girl, I’m sorry for her breakup and all, I just don’t get how people can think that her blank-faced monotone could be “good” acting…..I will never understand…..

  • lory

    what are you talking about, she beat Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett for performing in Closer, she beat them and got the golden globe.

    Every film she has been in was with either Dustin Hoffman or Jude Law of other famous A lister, what flop are you talking about? You are nuts.

  • natalie

    Some people don’t even know what they are talking about and post here, Natalie is an A-list popular bankable award winning actress, one of the best in Hollywood. Look it up.

  • Josie

    Whatever floats her boate. I’m sure the weirdo hippie guy was happy to get the 15 minutes of fame. She was ridiculous in that music video. It wasn’t campy enough to be cool. Just lame.

  • music fan

    The song was not Devendra’s best, but it was fun and Nat was good in it, it is a very entertaining video, which is tastefully done and it is original.

    Devendra did become more popular because of this relationship, many people did not know who he was until than and most of the people were shocked, but he is more recognizable now. I am glad it is over, she should do better.

  • jamila

    overrated- looks and acting

  • guest

    She’s done been with Jake, hell she’s been alot, she’s as bad as Cameron D and Drew B, and Jennifer A. I love her acting but she is a serial dater also, never with one long.

  • amy

    she only has the best looks and best acting in her age group, wake up and smell the show biz, who do you know that is better, ha

  • jen

    she dated Gael Garcia Bernal for a very long time, and the others she dated for at least a year, what are you talking about

  • someone

    After some experiences so typical and usually necessary for a young adult she is a serious dater from now on.

    I love her <3.

  • Hadassah rubin

    I am sure that one day she will meet the special someone she has been searching for. I agree with what #35 put up…the experiences are necessary, along with various dating / relationships in order to grow, learn more about yourself, and come to realize what it is you are actually looking for in a relationship.

    Anyhow, she obviously cared for this guy very much…the emotion on her face shows it. It is not my place to say who she should or shouldn’t be with in life. What I can say is this: Wherever life leads her, I hope that she finds true happiness!!

  • British Latin American

    I really liked her with Gael Garcia Bernal. I thought she was cute with Nathan Bogle too.

  • lops723

    That guy was a definite weirdo. She seems way to normal for him. I’d like to see her with someone normal like jake gyllanhaal as well. Really cute dog though!

  • amy

    what emotion on her face do you see, I only see that she is frustrated with the photographers, she looks pretty cool to me, her usual self.

  • sharon

    I know this is a long shot and i know they didnt have any chemistry on set but hayden and her look good togather and probaly be good for each other because lately hayden looks lost just a thought.

  • amy

    may be you are right, sharon, but what are the chances, he will not contact her, he is in the relationship and in any event he is very shy, and they are not scheduled to be in anything together any time soom

  • amy

    may be you are right, sharon, but what are the chances, he will not contact her, he is in the relationship and in any event he is very shy, and they are not scheduled to be in anything together any time soon

  • someone

    She might be cute with Bernal, Bugle, Banhart.., but was she really happy and harmonious back then. I dont think so. She will be when she’ll finally meet that Someone special. I love her <3.

  • allaia

    Uhhh I like Natalie. She’s pretty and I think she makes a good job in her films. I’m not a sience fiction fan but since she acted in Star Wars I like it someway^^ I dont know why

  • real world

    Hayden is not in relationship with anyone he just come to work here.All that is rumors at this point,.But i must admit that should hook-They don’t have a movie to hook-up.Why was in La two weeks ago? not going to say nothing happen.After he was for movie. We never saw him again.Not even with his So called gf rb.(which is a rumor by the way)You really don’t know happen betwen her bf.IT seen funny that didn’t before she went on trip to venice.I would have left then.Then her boyfriend suppose to have live in another city in califoria.What she doing in La? just a thought

  • question

    I think you have a very high opinion of Hayden. It looks to me that he is seriously dating the talentless midget he is with. The only thing she aspires to is to have a family, just see her quotes. I think Hayden is lazy and it is easy to be with someone who is ready to please you all the time, just like this toad like midget does. All she wants to do is to get married and he just does not care anymore. I can’t imagine that he could possibly love her, she is an airhead and an opportunist and not that good looking and she is using his popularity, whatever is left of it to gain some for herself, because, the only reason she is known is by who she is dating. Would Natalie date him after he dated this cheap publicity whore, I think she give Hayden a bad name.

  • sam1

    Natalie is very serious about her work and is very picky in her professional and personal life, and who could blame her. As to Hayden, he did change and mature after Star Wars and hopefully he is more interesting now but them dating is a stretch just because he needs to make an effort and it does not look like he is capable, he is comfortable where he is at, after all he needs someone to share the bad reviews with.

  • rachel

    I am a Nayden fan too.

  • someone

    Serious dating leads to a family.
    I love her <3.

  • pola

    Natalie does not need to date seriously at this age, she is too young, unless she is completely in love, and I don’t think this guy was a family prospect, he is too strange. I am sure she had fun with him, he is daring, not a husband type though.