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Sarah Palin - Beauty Pageant Video

Sarah Palin - Beauty Pageant Video

Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin placed second at the Miss Alaska Pageant in 1984 and a video has surfaced! Check out the video here!

The clip shows the Alaskan governor (then Sarah Heath) walk on-stage in a red swimsuit, do a 360 spin and then walk off!

The announcer is heard saying, “Sarah says she wants to prepare for a career in television broadcasting by majoring in telecommunications and political science. It is no wonder that she has also been recognized by ‘Who’s Who?’ since she has displayed her leadership in all areas, from academics to student politics to athletics… Ladies and gentlemen, contestant no. 8, Sarah Heath.”

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  • lena


  • antony

    this isn’t new

  • antony

    this footage has been out for a while now.

  • Halli


  • jesse

    LOVE HER !

  • Carl

    a video has surfaced
    What a joke! this administration is so desperate. They are pulling all the tricks to sell this clown.

  • Kerrit

    She will make a very good VP
    McCain 2008 :)

  • Halli

    She will make a very good VP
    She will make a very good VP

    Why? Because she can see Canada and Russia from her house and she can shoot caribou? LOL. Americans like you are the reasons your country is failing and the world laughs at your idiocy.

    If Americans want to get their country back on track and stop being the joke of the world, you guys should vote for Obama. The rest of the world pretty much loves him already because he’s not an idiot.

    OBAMA 08.

  • Laura

    Sarah is truly amazing, she will bring solutions and peace. So what if she doesn’t know it all now, noone does, she will learn fast and will be a great VP. We need her, Osama is the lying idiot and detrimental to our country.

  • ellen

    heaven help our country if McCain/Palin are elected…

  • masina


    LMAO!! Well, I am laughing at an idiot right now, in thinking that all Americans are ready to be sacrificial lambs for a candidate that has no place being in the oval office. His ideals are frightening, and dangerous for the American people.

  • yuck

    She is DISGUSTING!

  • em g

    Honestly, who cares.
    Whether you’re for McCain or Obama, aren’t you troubled by the lengths that folks are going to demean this woman? And many of them are traditional Feminists who’ve built careers in the grievance industry denouncing men for this sort of thing. So it’s okay to stand up for women everywhere who follow your agenda, but women who have a different opinion are empty headed evil barbie dolls? Pardon me, but as a woman I’m really disappointed by the way the power feminists treat those of us that don’t follow their chosen paths in lockstep.

  • Peter

    she is discusting

  • lurker

    America needs McCain and Palin and the rest of the world take notes!

  • jughed

    well, jared, this really has nothing to do with the election and frankly it’s a bit sexist.

    why not show a video of mccain or obama in a swimsuit?

    i never thought i’d say this but i’m tired of all the people who objectify sarah palin. let her speak her mind and then let the american public decide if she’s ready to be vice president or not. what she looked like in 1984 wearing a red swimsuit is inconsequential.

    i personally don’t think she’s all that good looking, anymore. :(

  • Halli

    em g.

    Can’t you say the same thing for Hilary Clinton? A much more intelligent and experienced woman compared to Palin who just happens to be a Democrat, yet she was treated terribly by the media and by many people. Its was pretty bad. The fact of the matter is, Palin constantly avoids reporters and questions unless they are handled in a way in which her people can control what kind of questions are thrown her way.

    Joe Biden is available to the media to answer any questions that come his way, but Palin is hidden in some underground bunker somewhere in Alaska, while the GOP bring out Guilliani to answer questions that were originally adressed to her.

    So overall, isn’t it actually sexist to insist that Palin be handled with kids gloves, when Hilary, Obama and McCain spent months campaigning and handling tough questions to prove their worth politically, yet Palin is MIA?

  • me

    she reminds me of an actress playing in a stupid hollywood politic movie. her image is silly. McCAIN LOOKS LIKE A MUMMY. omg. She would press A RED BUTTON just to check how it works. Pure and poor parody on presidents of all times. OBAMA! GOGOGOGO!

  • Stefanie

    she’s beautiful!
    Go Palin/McCan!!

  • katy

    Okay dude, you’re suddenly starting to annoy the hell outta me with this chick. No one else cares about her being some beauty pageant whatever anymore. Paleez post more celebs and leave this dope out of it. Ew

  • em g

    let’s agree to disagree…
    Hillary was embraced by traditioinal feminists, she is the manifestation of the 70s feminist, career woman, working mother of one child, liberal. It was the rest of the Democratic party, and largely men, who turned on her and fell in love with a shiny new penny for their candidate.
    As for Biden, think the Democratic Ticket would be a lot better off if he hid a little more from the press as every time he opens up his mouth he makes a gaffe or says something totally opposite of Obama’s position.
    I agree that Hilary and McCain have faced incredible media scrutiny, and plenty of it has been unfair. My point was not that Palin needed to be handled gently but FAIRLY. The only candidate not being scrutinized by the media, but in fact praised by them is Obama, a point that Hilary Clinton made herself over and over on the campaign trail. I don’t think she was a sore loser, I think she had a fair point.

  • Lola

    She is disgusting. People that actually support her are disgusting.

  • I’m less interested…

    in seeing videos of this woman as a former contestant in an irrelevant beauty pageant than I am in seeing if she’s actually competent to be the leader of the free world, if need be.

  • voe

    Bravo em g (#13)! Great post!

    #17, Halli,
    It isn’t Palin’s fault that she just now start campaigning. Would you hurl the same criticism toward Biden?

    It is Palin who is treated worst by the media. Hilary was not treated terribly by the media and many people. All three–McCain, Obama and HIlary–have their worshipers and bashers. If you wanted to blame someone for Hilary’s failure to secure nomination, first blame her own party for not favoring her then blame who ever with load of money and enormous media power to back a novice politician whose resume and bio are incredibly sketchy going by the name Obama. But if you really wanted to blame someone for Hilary’s failure, blame her first. Clearly she did not have what it take to win the Democrat’s nomination. Personally I think she isn’t fit to lead. She cried when the going got tough to gain sympathetic support and she isn’t liked by majority of her peers who will become her mandarins if she’s elected.

    And if you were going to argue on experience, frankly, no one except the running-for-second-term presidential candidate can claim to have experience in the job. So Palin has as fair an odd at succeeding in her VP job then possibly presidential job as the three you named, and for this reason, she should be given the same chance. As for her not answering questions, she might be one of those shrewd politicians who don’t divulge her thoughts until the time is right. Blabbers don’t make a shrew politician.

    Palin has been governing Alaska. She is therefore technically the King, albeit of a small kingdom. No matter how more intelligent and experienced a mandarin is comparing to the King, he/she is still a mandarin. McCain, Hilary, Obama are mandarins to King Bush, no more no less at the moment.


    So nice to see a normal person who had to figure out a way to get a college education that wasnt sponsored by my tax dollars , much like Obama who went to Harvard and Yale on my tax dollars only to decide not to practice law!!!

    Sarah, appears to be intelligent and has proven herself in the great success she has had in Alaska

  • love

    yea the U.S. is so bad a nation when so many people all over the world love to be in America. With America in a temporary crisis have you read how the rest of the world are in worst situations?
    England is even worried about their Olympics status.

    The price tag of oil from other nations made me stop whining of what we pay here. Americans whine too much because they have not been to other nations esp 3rd world countries.

    Also some need lessons in Economics 101 because what goes UP goes DOWN. There is no such thing as stable straight economy.

    China may be close in superpower that of the U.S. but some need to remember what happened to U.S.S.R. aka communism.

  • voe


    Why is she disgusting? Because she was once a beauty queen? I think it’s great that a beauty queen has proven that she is more than candy to men’s eyes.

  • kylia

    who the hell cares about this republican trash! i cant even stand to listen to her–her accent is god awful.

  • James

    oh god my worst fear is a mccain/palin ticket.

    this woman is disgusting.

    Obama 08

  • love

    Basing on the debate no wonder no Law Firm hired Obama because even my cousin a lawyer is smarter than him and can debate better than him. He looks rattled,irritated,stutters too much,has no eye contact because it means he is not genuine and classic signs of lying.

    typicl loud lefties even Hollywooders including the media will brainwash everyone that Obama tops this election when the silent patriots will still go for McCain and Palin.

    Dont underestimate the power of many Christians in America.

    The media has been preaching Kerry and Gore will crush the Republicans when they were wrong.
    Same with the media preaching how Bustamante will crush the Republican Terminator Governor when again they were so WRONG.

  • Abbie

    she is such trash. it confuses me how anyone can support her. her views are totally f*cked up.

  • katie

    oh god this woman is so freakin ridiculous.

  • Katherine

    Angela , do shut-up.

    Palin is a a moron who was mayor of 6000 people. My high school had more people ( who understood bith control methods)

    The woman is an idiot, nothing can hide that fact,. Unless someone destroys youtube and then gags her for four years.

    Party affiliation isn’t even relevant, Palin’s own videos show she is about as smart as Katie Holmes and that ain’t good.

    BTW, she lied in the contest, she was a General Studies major who had already changed colleges 3 times, Before that she flunked out as a Business major. it took five to graduate and her grades weren’t good.

    Further, for all her strident endorsement of abstinence as birth control, she was knocked-up when she eloped. Fine, have sex, get pregnant, then get married, but then DON”T preach the abstinence as the best choice for birth control..

    Additionally, she is against sex education and condoms, Ahem, no wonder her high school daughter is also pregnant before marriage.

    Like I said, an IDIOT

  • voe

    em g,

    Hilary was not a sore loser but in complaining (and crying) she showed that she can’t be president.

    I agree Obama has enjoyed kid glove treatment from the media.

  • dumb, dumber and dumbest

    Palin’s interview with Katie Couric was embarrassing and cringe worthy, she is way out of her league and doesn’t have the credentials to be VP let alone be a heartbeat away from the Presidency!!!!

  • aimme

    she has too be the most ridiculous person in politics. how the hell anyone supports this woman is beyond me!

  • adam

    oh god this woman is so revolting

  • boo(real)

    dumb azz ho. her special baby will love being abandoned.

  • required

    i cant wait till the vp debates.
    this is gonna be comedy gold.

  • giselle

    man I would never vote for mccain/palin and I am a australian

  • amalia

    dear angela- both harvard and yale are
    `private schools and thus to go there you must pay a lot , or be brilliant enough to receive a `private
    scholarship- like obama did- so stop it with “my tax dollars” please!

  • amalia

    dear angela- both harvard and yale are
    `private schools and thus to go there you must pay a lot , or be brilliant enough to receive a `private
    scholarship- like obama did- so stop it with “my tax dollars” please!

  • lily

    Those who criticize Sarah Palin are just plainly scared that their Obama will be defeated by McCain /Palin ticket. Their is no sense of personally attacking Sarah Palin for her experience but I have not heard anything about the inexperience of Obama who is running for the presidencey of a super power nation. Even his running mate Joe Biden commented on how inexperienced Obama is . Hillary Clinton and Joe LIeberman also voiced their opinion that Obama is not ready to be the President of the United States. And by the way to those who are smirking about Palin;s remark about how near Russia to Alaska, have you heard what happened to a neighbor of Russia, Georgia?
    Be informed before you comment on something you are ignorant about.

  • voe


    There millions of teenage mothers in this country. Obviously sex education and condoms don’t work.

    Palin is entitled to have and hold fast to her values many of which she, like most of us who have erred, learned (or returned to) after erring.

    It is you who are hidebound and sadly the very thing you accused Palin of being.

  • mclovin

    Yeah, Sarah Palin is for the people, women especially!!

    That’s why in Wasilla, Alaska where she’s currently Mayor, she’s making RAPE VICTIMS pay for their Rape Kits!! Fact!!

    Obama/Biden 08!!

  • Christine

    This whole race would be funny if there wasn’t a real possiblity that this former beauty pageant contestant could actually wind up ruling our country. Her biggest claim to fame is that she can see Russia from her house. A few weeks ago, nobody even knew who she was. Now she’s ready to take on the second hardest job in America? Maybe even in the world? Loving the hypocricy here.

    Wish the Palin-ites would shut up though. Palin’s being handled with kid gloves from all sides (the Republicans, the “moral” Evangelical Christians, the media, even the Democrats have to watch what they say) yet at the first sign of injustice, everyone yells “sexist”. Women’s rights are all about being treated as men’s equals. Which means Hilary, McCain, Obama AND Palin should all be recieving the same amount of criticism, despite their gender.

  • Mothers for Obama


  • Cammie

    A beauty pageant runner-up who cannot complete a sentence and only commands a mediocre grasp of the English language.

    Where is the video in church where she’s having witches or something cast out or she’s being exorcised?

    McCain is an absolute loose cannon and, yes, in his particular case is too old and inconsistent to briefly lead this nation before falling ill to a more cancer recurrence and having his job land in this woman’s lap.

    Wake-up, America, before it’s too late!

  • Christine

    Obama-Biden ’08!!!!

    Hillary Rodham Clinton for Supreme Court Justice (after her term as Senator of New York expires) via Obama-Biden ’08!!!!!

  • lubee