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Sarah Palin is a Global Initiator

Sarah Palin is a Global Initiator

Vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin is spotted leaving after day two of the Clinton Global Initiative which concludes at the Sheraton Hotel in NYC on Friday.

Palin did not address the conference, but was thanked by Bill Clinton for attending. The 44-year-old governor has been in New York for several days, and attended a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly.

After a visit to ground zero in lower Manhattan, Palin spoke about remembering 9/11 and took questions from a few reporters, answering questions related to the war on terror, Iraq, and the financial bailout plan that is before Congress.

Read the transcript and watch the video of Palin speaking with reporters.

10+ more pics inside of Sarah Palin as a Global Initiator…

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  • ana

    awesome lady

  • http://love45 arlene


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..sarah pay’lin’s a fcuking idiot. lmaoo

    `i love watching her in interviews… she knows absolutely nothing.

  • releka

    This woman is a joke. We’re in the last days.

  • Yup! me again, jared!!

    If Americans are dumb enough to elect old lips McCain and right-wing know-nothing Sarah Lipstick Palin (“thanks, but no thanks”), they sure as hell deserve to suffer the consequences.
    ‘Nuff said!!!

  • Mia

    #2 arlene……………This is an English speaking website…………….

  • boo

    could they have picked a dumber representive of a woman?… can she even read?

  • Tilly

    Palin is like a deer in the headlights when someone manages to interview her.
    Go Obama!

  • shoegal421

    loved her interview with katie couric…she couldn’t answer any questions and you could see the wheels frantically turning in her head.

  • Kate


  • boo

    representative… i know. i’m having a palin day

  • Valerie

    What a loser.

  • aNN

    She is dumb as dirt.

  • Paty

    She is nothing but a big joke, the interview with Katie Couric was painful to watch, she knows nothing about nothing.
    I love the youtube video where they compare her with the miss teen having a meltdown.

  • luna

    she is sooooooo stupid, i cant believe this shit, why??

    the scary thing she could be president of america one day, please noooooooooot, please not!!!!

  • electrick

    Please don’t post about her anymore! She is a hideous role model for American women and doesn’t deserve the space!!!!

  • r.

    God help us all.

  • ??

    Is she losing weight?

  • Gos help us all

    I just want to say that watching her interview with Katie was painful.

  • Brad

    Has she been tested for retardation yet?

  • ann

    This women is a breath of fresh air. She has handled herself well, despite attempts of “interviewers” to make her look like a novice. While the economy is falling apart she can show prove of her leadership by reminding you people that her state is the only one with a surplus. People who criticize her have little or no concrete evidence to back up their claim. She has a record that speaks loud. It’s one thing to disagree with her idealogically but to make such false and debasing accusations only shows what kind of person you are.

    P.S. By the way, she looks great!

  • jessica

    Sarah Palin is amazing. McCain/Palin will win the election.

  • dialectic

    why is this ignorant cow involved in politics? seriously its an embarressment to our country that shes running for VP,my god could the woman even find Iraq on a map? is this the new republican image? that of a stupid person running the….oh shit thats not new at all..hi dubya…

    oh her record speaks very loud! she hates other women and wants us all to be barefoot and pregnant at the age of seventeen!

  • YoYo

    Fuk her. I didn’t vote for Shrub and I won’t vote for her and McCrazy either. So if this country gets fuked 8 different ways to Sunday because of them I won’t have world obliteration on my conscience. Anyone that thinks Palin is awesome and super neat is a complete moron and should go live in a hole somewhere.

    To Ann #21 go fuk yourself, and start digging your hole idiot.

  • pinkrose

    Sarah Palin is amazing. McCain/Palin will win the election.


    Yup…she is amazing. AMAZINGLY.DIM

  • Lyla

    This lady is a desgrace, go away please

  • trudy

    She shoots wolf puppies for fun.

  • Brendan

    She should go back to Alaska and work on that foreign policy by looking out her window. At first, I thought she was joking about the Russia deal. Now I just know she’s dumb as shit.

    Also, Ann #21, people like you will probably be the cause of the downfall of America as the greatest nation. Punk.

  • pinkrose

    She is just like Katie Couric. Promtoed beyond her capabilites…based on looks and personality. Some attractive and personable women who perform VERY WELL at a certain level get promoted beyond their capabilities based on THOSE LOOKS or PERSONALITY. THEN WHEN THEY START TO FLOUNDER at this higher level of demand, we wonder how they got their. Promote women on capability only.

  • so

    please JJ don’t promote that woman “global initiator”, really ?

    she has no place to be a VP, Mc Cain has insulted american people by choosing her and i believe every women wordwilde.

    i am from europe, my mom and grand mother looked up to american women being an example….and now this ?

    please JJ her values are from another century !!!!

  • bet

    All liberals are going to cry on Nov 4. lmao.

  • Blacks4Palin

    OMG Sarah is so pretty and she rocks! Thanks JJ 4 posting information about her on your site.

    McCain/Palin 08!

  • jughed

    isn’t her 15 minutes of fame over yet?

  • ummm

    Where is her newborn down-syndrome baby???

    Back home in Alaska and not able to bond with his mother?

    Or is his real mother Bristol?

    Because it is obvious this woman seems to care more about rising in her career than the needs of her family.

  • http://deleted missy

    Haters! All of a sudden you all know more about government than she does…. please. These interviews by the biased media is done to get gotcha moments and soundbytes for Obama. She has to be careful what she says.

    Please, she knows a lot more than Democrats presidential hopeful Obama. He only knows what is written for him. He’s the one you all should be worried about. He can’t even do his job as a senator, how could you all trust him as president. He is the one to worry about. And look at Joe Biden. With all his many years in the Senate – nothing to show for it. He’s been wrong on everything in foreign policy and he was supposed to help Obama’s resume. He didn’t even know who was president during the great depression. Just like Obama can’t remember how many states there are. They aren’t gaffes – Obama and Biden are just ignorant politicians!

    Go McCain/Palin!!!!!

  • loyal

    Sarah Palin is the best thing to happen to US politics. Love her.

  • danz

    ann @ 09/26/2008 at 11:38 am

    “People who criticize her have little or no concrete evidence to back up their claim.”

    Right…well to quote your beloved Palin, “I’ll try to find you some, and I’ll bring ‘em to ya.”

  • ..

    She is a disgrace to women and should not be allowed on this site.

    Equality is going to move so far backwards if she becomes VP – all of this after all the amount of protesters working so hard for years trying to make sure that women get their rights and then she comes along and it all may change.


  • Teresa

    Damm, she is gogeous and I love her style sense, compare her to that space head Pelosi who looks like she had one to many Botex injections, and what I noticed about Sara Palin is that she won’t play that politican game of turning every question into a long monolog that doesn’t not only not answer the question but just ends up talking about the candidate on the other ticket’s flaws. I would love to see America’s face around the world be represented Sara Palin, then Biden’s and especally not Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Janice

    Check out the youtube interview with Couric, Plain couldn’t answer one damn question.

    A must see. Lord if she is president help us all……..

  • bled

    doode I seriously HATE this lady with passion

  • Teresa

    Damm, she is gorgeous and I love her style sense, compare her to that space head Pelosi who looks like she had one to many Botex injections and it effected her brain, and what I noticed about Sara Palin is that she won’t play that politican game of turning every question into a long monolog that doesn’t not only not answer the question but just ends up talking about the candidate on the other ticket’s flaws. I would love to see America’s face around the world be represented Sara Palin, then Biden’s and especially not Barack Hussein Obama.

  • http://deleted missy

    Perhaps you confuse answering questions with nuance. After all, Obama lovers are so accustomed to his monologues that don’t even remotely address the question asked. He goes on and on and on… on some interviews, you can see that halfway through his monologue, he stops thinks about what the question was and then decides it’s not important. And this from a guy who gets softball questions. “How do you feel about being the 1st black presidential nominee?” “How does your family feel about this?” “How is Michelle?” If Sarah Palin had those questions to answer, I’m sure if nuance is what you want , she could give it to you.

    Listen to Obama when he answers questions. He always prefaces his answers with ,”And I’ve always been consistent on this,,,,” If you have been consistent, why is there a need to say that. Um , yeah, because your opinions move with the tide of the polls. He’s a politician people. It’s so hilarious to me to hear a senator talk about not injecting presidential politics into passing the bailout plan – um, as a senator, it’s your job. And as the president, wouldn’t you want to be involved in the largest bailout – at the very minimum to make sure your constituents are protected. I guess his Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, trial lawyers, unions – they can take care of themselves. No need for him.

    What a hack Obama is? Go McCain/Palin!!!

  • peta

    God bless her,McCain esp America..

  • ew

    Gawd help me if I have to look at this woman for 4 to 8 years. I already and so sick of her!

  • Ava

    She is so much more real then all these fake politicians that make a life’s job of staying in politics to better only themselves , I hope hope hope McCain/ Palin win, the thought of Barack H Obama representing America gives me a stomach ache and they thought of him actually controlling the government with a democratic controlled Congress and Senate majorities makes me want to throw up, there will be no checks to stop anything they will do.




  • http://deleted missy

    why is she a disgrace to women? I’m a woman and I think she’s a great representative. take a look at the women who support mccain and then the ones that support obama – stark difference. i’m happy with the company i keep!

    you can keep your democatic ladies (and i use the term loosely) – NOW freaks, nancy pelosi, oprah winfrey, lindsay lohan, pink, madonna, michelle obama, the ‘view’ cats, kathleen sebelius, janet napolitano….

    i’ll keep my conservative ladies: sarah palin, laura bush, barbara bush, nancy reagan, margaret thatcher, angie harmon, carly fiorini, meg whitman, and countless working women who understand the value of life!

    Thanks, but no thanks for your so-called women who support Obama.

  • Shell

    I love all the people that think they know anything. AH the left wing bloggers are up this morning.

  • http://deleted missy

    Not just smarts, she’s gorgeous to boot! She’s got such a great sense of style. And her husband is hot!