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Rachel Bilson Is Waiting At The Airport

Rachel Bilson Is Waiting At The Airport

Rachel Bilson goes through routine airport seucrity and then prepares for departure at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday.

Bilson, 27, chatted briefly with some fans as she was going through airport security. She was also friendly with the airport security officer when asked for her passport.

The former O.C. star will soon be traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she is scheduled to begin filming Waiting for Forever.

Earlier this week, Rachel was spotted leaving her home and heading to an LA studio.

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# 1




# 2


# 3

pigeon -toed
hat too small
glasses too big
wedding band again?

she is insane

# 4

yo get your facts straight! she was headed to FL where she is going to be at the mall promoting her new line eddie rose for dkny tomorow Sunday along with teen vogue

# 5

promoting not her line, the line she copies from others

# 6

Suglasses inside the airport screams look at me.

# 7

Sorry I meant sunglasses.

# 8

wedding band on the ring finger screams I am insane

# 9

FAUXion Line my azz!


interesting will be if she is presented with a law suit or better yet gets arrested for copyright infringement or gets an injunction to stop sales

HOPEFULLY RaTchel will be staying at Utah even for the rest of the whole year. Hollywood would somehow tweak on its classic style even if one “media-dog” is out of the scene even for a while…

Wow fedoras are popular today on Just Jared! lol

Rachel copied one of the clothes in her Edie Rose line from a Bangkok designer. The same exact dress.She will earn from it and the original designer from Thailand won’t get a single cent. DKNY think’s it’s a small company that won’t be able to sue.
Her fans should be ashamed of her.

Seth won’t approve.

someone should contact authorities in the area and investigate so called her line for stealing designs from other people

SHAME on you bilson
raTchel is right
that is her new name from now on
Thank you 11

RB playing a TV starlet.
She’s going to act the same, talk the same, dress the same in this movie as she has in all her other films and TV shows. She only plays one role and that’s Summer.

She’s cute.

omg LOL, that movie is filming in Salt Lake City, Utah? didn’t you say blonsky was in this movie? hahahaha omg that’s probably why she chose it. Feeds her creepy stalking zac obsession.

one of the Jumper critics actually said that she has no range, so of course, she is playing the same role for years and is not even good

the real emma lee @ 09/27/2008 at 11:13 pm

She is cute but I think she must have been channeling Mr. Magoo when she put on that hat with those glasses.

her fans should be ashamed for being her fans, she is a disgrace

Its MICHAEL JACKSON (yet on a “midget & talentless” version)!

@ where she is scheduled to begin filming Waiting for Forever.

W/ a movie title like that; it sure is a BORE / SNORE fest suckage… Trust!

harry and sally @ 09/27/2008 at 11:22 pm


obviously Adam is brighter than Hayden, he dumped her.

you guys are such haters. wtf
get over yourselves.

if rachel bilson had no talent she wouldnt be booking movies.
she’d be JOBLESS.

but she’s gonna be in like 2 movies.
so ha!

you people expect them to be dressed nice all the time.
i bet you ppl saying she’s ugly are the same people who watched the OC.

so shut up.

Paris Hilton works more, that does not mean she is a good acress

I have seen one episode of OC, she was awful
pretentious annoying airhead

rachel and hayden are a couple, get over it

she dumped adam for hayden, obviously

adam dumped her and said that she took it well, she met hayden after

Oh DOUCHel, how your big brown-doe eyes even if its covered w/ that huge glasses silently SCREAMS for attention & desperation to the end!

Irishdreams @ 09/27/2008 at 11:41 pm

OOH PLEASE HC is NOT DATING THIS WOMAN GEE DON”T YOU THINK HE WOULD BE SEEN WITH HER IN THE LAST 3 month NO he went on with his life and she can’t get over it..She pushes a non exisitant relationship by wearing jewelry that she got from a fashion show to long time back and she can’t figure which hand to keep it on..THE MAN denied it was anything to do with him and he is clearly getting on with his life again why can’t she.., SHE can’t act and HELLO what the hell is up with this look and sunglasses in the a/p covering up a hangover.

so everyone is wearing these hats, huh???

@ #28

“Yes”, in a script written & produced by Walt Disney where the story line starts w/… “a long long time ago in a far far away land… and then ends up ” and they all live happily ever after” – lol!

just look at her, this is what a designer looks like, she is supposed to set the standard, I wonder who she copies this time, a homeless who collected left overs in the street

@ #14
With pleasure.

@ #15
RaTchel B. is a running Queen-to-be of Rag Tabloids and forever & ever Summer Roberts. Amen!

Give me her hat and I will surly be more then glad to puke in it! The wayyyy oversized sunglasses and wearing them inside the LAX airport screams more to me, hungover and crying for media attention. The ring is old jewelry HC never gave her and he did say, “The ring ain’t mine man!” Rachel is doing her usual PDR stunt to help her copy cat clothing line sell and slow fading career as an actress. This new movie was from the help of Danny Bilson and OC company. Otherwise, no one would offer her any work right now. Not how awful she was in Jumper. :roll:

She is relying on the press and strong Rayden fan’s and Pr’s to bring her popularity. The reason she is on a daily thread bases on jj. People that are non fan’s need to just stay off and not feed this woman anymore attention! If, Rachel hardly get’s any posts she, will be clearly dismissed on JJ. So…Let the Rayden’s post what they want and wish. There is only a small amount of them. They won’t help her popularity.

I know I’m posting on this but, this is my last time!

The rest who do not care for this woman. Stop posting. Rachel is not worth the energy okay? Just some advice. Want to get rid of Rachel? Stop posting on her threads. I’m done here!

Have a nice day!

she is like soo pretty!

About Rachel copying designs,
Shouldn’t someone report this case of copyright infringement to the authorities? Isn’t there are a fashion design council that oversees this, or will she get away with it?

I don’t care for the whole is she dating Hayden or not gossip
but my regard for her has gone down several notches with this news. Don’t tell me she didn’t know what she was doing.

Irishdreams @ 09/28/2008 at 12:35 am

Hey Rachel…Laurel Hardy called he needs his hat back..

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz wake me up @ 09/28/2008 at 12:52 am

she’s a pretty girl, but really what is she famous for…as an actress?
there are thousands of girls in the mall that look just as pretty so why is she always posted up here on Just Jared…Has she done anything worth watching as an actress??

uhmmmm doesn’t DEMI wear a hat like that too……..

Ha ha haha!!!

@Aberitch loved your post! RaTchel! Yes! Very well a toxic sewer rat!

@ Pola,
Hey! I know a Pola! Keep on rocking girl!

@ Irish,
Kick on rocking too! Yes! The Charlie Chapman hat is just stupid. This is a woman who want’s to launch her designer line? She looks like like a Beverly Hills hillbilly!

@ Gasol-fan#16,
I admire what you said! Hey look my dear. Rachel has gone too far with this media whoring. This is ridiculous and she needs to know how stupid she is. Don’t stop what you have to say okay? There are more that dislike this moron then the Rayden’s out there. People can see through her! She is a total fake and a joke!

Glad to see less gullibles out there! Let’s keep on going.

@ #39 – About Rachel copying designs…

Who knew that a microscopic toad like her would have a face of such audacity… a.k.a. “thick-face yet a dumb freak”!

Sorry Irish!
I meant Laural Hardy! Yes! He does need his hat back! Maybe, she is trying to do a 9 1/2 weeks. Kim Basigner she will never be. Dream on little toad! Or Rodent RaTchel! :lol:

FrankJames @ 09/28/2008 at 1:25 am

I think she’s beautiful. I especially love the fact that she’s petite.

@#43 : Rachel has gone too far with this media whoring……

BilHO is a harebrained wackadoodle; the true EPITOME of despair and ennui!

Irishdreams @ 09/28/2008 at 2:18 am

#46 there are a ton of petite A listed actress’ that fit that discription and trust me Bilson isn’t one of them..and size matters not she lacks SKILLS, with the fact she acts more dim witted then a lightbulb my guess is that many think short **** is some superstar…PLEASE

real world @ 09/28/2008 at 6:45 am

{ agree with you Irishdream hayden and her or not dating her and the rest of jt.That’s what i been trying to tell them and they still don’t believe it.WE don’t see him do we?

he is working

love her sungleasses

@52with the hair pulled back their too big for her face

isn’t she wearing not only the wedding band but an H necklace?

I am sorry, but unless she is married, she is a complete nut job.

You know she’s probably one of those stars who googles herself and checks these sites to see if she’s on there? How much do you think she laughs her ass off at the way some of you try to convince yourselves that she’s not dating a certain person, just because you say she’s not? Truth is, you don’t know. And I’m sure she loves to wear that ring and necklace just to drive you apeshit. And guess what – it works. Point is, if you don’t like her, don’t give her the attention. Like the rest of them that’s all she really wants.

Who cares what attention she gets, it’s just JJ, it;s all the same 3 people that are posting here, nobody is going to see her film, she is a nothing.

@ ^ e-pola virus

why so bitter and mean towards Rachel all the time? Is your life such a failure that you have to put her down? Maybe putting her down is your life? LOSER!!

Rachel is the most beautiful and likeable celebrity out there.

Find me one person who hates her that isn’t a Hayden fan.

I am not a Hayden fan, he is all right, but not as bad as she is, bilson is what is wrong today with publicity exploitation, she is a nightmare of a person and so called actress and so called designer, there is more wrong with her than right, just terrible in every regard

Shameless dumb girl with all her assistants she does not make it

Love her Style

Dear Ash,

You do not love HER style, she borrows it from others, there is nothing unique about her style to make it hers

@ #51

HC had just pap-sighted on a practice shooting range for his new film about 2 weeks ago but it wasnt that clear if he started filming / working already as there’s no updated news/pics arises yet… BUT… he’s been on his “Missing-In-Action Mission” w/ Bitson since early June or better put since the last of the never-ending promo (DVD) stint of Junkper.
So “figure” it out if you must!


And that was suppose-to-be her “ultimate dream & a topnotch tabloid headline” but then Scarlett’s “undeniable” lovelife beat her to that already… so just “eat your heart out and dream on” BilHO – lol!

the more i think about it the more i realize that it is not possible that h is such a looser that he will marry bilson, just a thought

# 10

More interesting if you have a law suit or better you are arrested, your gossip false toward dkny & Rachel can be a great problem for you

how so, I did not do anything wrong, her copying is public

@ 67 pola

is not public, this news is false and you collaborate with the gossip

the news is not false, pictures speak louder than words, get real!

“collaborate with the gossip”, you are as bright as Ms. Bilson.

no-kidding-sherlock @ 09/28/2008 at 10:04 am

@ # 63 & 64

Interesting post!

Anyhow, This is quite getting better… these relentless post of RB on her own / doing her own (mundane) things w/o the so-called BFF (for a very long while now actually); sooner or later everyone would entirely figure it out just how “single & available” she really is… just like the “always-single-&-available” Chiniffer Aniston too – lol!


The dress green and yellow are designed by Rachel, the green dress for an event and the yellow dress for her line

@ 71
stop misleading people, she copied the dress, there is nothing in your post to contradict that

haha why does her license look so fake?!

i loveee rachel , i’am from brazil , i really wish meet she it´s my dream =) i love your jobs , with summer on the oc =P i love. kiss kiss’

# 72

Your post are only gossip and can have problems

Irishdreams @ 09/28/2008 at 11:40 am

HC is filming he has been hanging with the movie cast and crew THUS the reason you do not see him..he actually was filming on a closed set yesterday and there is no way for paps to get pictures unless HC choose to allow the press on the set or his PR team calls them out they won’t show up.

Now Batshit Bilson has her PR now with her to make sure the pap’s get there shots now how pathetic is that.

She’s actually FILMING something? She finally got a job after Jumper? Shock! Thank god we won’t have to see her walking around doing nothing in LA now.

why, what problems, what are you talking about, do not threaten people, or you can have problems, threatening is against the law

there is absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out that she stole a design for herself, she should not get credit for it

liquid soap @ 09/28/2008 at 12:47 pm

With her hair back and shoved under the hat, huge glasses, she looks like an insect.

I heard her line launched the other day. Didn’t see any promotion on TV or in magazines. Hasn’t school started for most teenagers? Why release it now?

Not sure about law around fashion plaguerism but I’m sure DKNY had a team of lawyers around to make sure that RB’s lack of imagination didn’t get them into court.

She looks so stupid with that small hat on…………

hey Irishdreams where are they filming? What city?

Of course she stole that designer’s dress. She isn’t a designer and she never will be. She’s like any other girl on the street who loves fashion. She dresses like any other girl who loves fashion. Nothing groundbreaking. It doesn’t help that she rarely makes any films.

bristol santa ana @ 09/28/2008 at 2:17 pm

@ 79,
:lol: She does look like a insect! Like a lady pesky house fly! Fly swatter’s any one or bug spray? RaTchel needs a spraying and swatting down!

Here is another fugly pic of the insect.

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so glad to see her gone, looks like for a while too =)
maybe hayden will come to his senses!!


you still think he has senses? what has he been doing all this time with her?

I like her clothes in these pics.

oh god how ugly, the style is ukkk

Ha! Look at her, she barely can see over the airport ticket counter. She’s so fricken cute.

real world @ 09/28/2008 at 3:48 pm

But i was saying he not with or been seen with her.So why we haven’t seen before he start working.She been out and about that’s no reason not to see him.So relationship not. thanks pola fot answering my question.

You guys are all so sick it’s pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly a Rachel fan or anything but for what 10-15 teenage BRATS commenting on this thread dogging people out and making it seem as though certain designers hardly ever copy someone else is just stupid. People do it all the time. You probably wearing nock offs your d*mn selves. And once again (Irishdreams) unless one or a few of us are following HC or RB around (AKA stalking) none of us really known anything about what’s she or he is really doing with who or what! H*ll, JJ hardly even knows half the time! Get over your insane jealousy and move on with your own lives. You know what I take that back. Get over whatever problem you really have with the girl and move on. Realize, the more you comment good or bad, the more posts she gets dumb*sses!

no, designers do not copy, knock offs are are made by manufacturers, she is shameless, the dress is practically identical, she is either too stupid to understand or too evil to do it, outrageous, period.

and hayden is just as bad if he knows what goes on and puts up with it

Pictures of two dresses aren’t any kind of real proof. No one here knows the circumstances about the dress design and until you can prove your accusations you’re just gossips.

Oh Yes, pictures of two dresses with commentary is as real proof or rather evidence as anyone will ever need. There was no response to this accusation from the bilson camp, by the way.

Since it’s a designer from Thailand she’s ripping off, Rachel should donate the earnings from her DKNY line to the tsunami victims from that country.

@ 25and 26 you made my day i needed a good laugh made two movies ,two horrible movies something i wouldnt brag about you and rachel need to find a rock and hide under it until ya’ll come to your scences because one day she want have the pull or contacts to be in these horrible movies and will be jobless and for her clothing well that will speak for herself copy catter. peace out!!!

liquid soap @ 09/28/2008 at 8:10 pm

Wow, 96 posts for an untalented actress and a derivative designer! The only person who’s being beaten up worse than RB is KatiE Holmes, who is getting HAMMERED for being overexposed and untalented, also ugly.

I think KatiE and RB should get together. Imagine 500 posts on JJ! It could happen!

FTR, I don’t like either of them but in 5 years’ time, who will remember who they are? There’s nothing worth talking about that either of them have done except that KatiE married Tom Cruise, I don’t know who Rachel will marry but she’s going to have to find someone a lot older who needs to have a woman at his side to prove he’s not gay, because she has very little education, isn’t a real actress and isn’t interested in anything but herself. Just give her a healthy checkbook and some papprazzi following her around and she’ll be happy. You don’t actually have to spend time with her or have sex with her for her to stay married to her, which would be a plus for some men.

rockferry @ 09/28/2008 at 8:15 pm

F – Beauty

A – Talent

K – Romance

E – Designs

Poor Liitle Moe! Everything “surrounds’ her are all bogus, she should go into the mountain top and go bungee-jumping for about a 100 times or more – LMAO!

bristol santa ana @ 09/28/2008 at 8:27 pm

Take a look at her DNKY launch opening party at Macy’s Aventura Mall today. I forgot she said she liked Annie Hall. This is why she is wearing the meanswear looking crap and ugly hat! What a pathetic idiot and her line looks like crap!

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bristol santa ana

please learn how to post a url to the page you’re talking about

stef #93

Sorry no, media commentary on 2 pics wouldn’t be enough in a court of law either. What else ya got?

bristol santa ana @ 09/28/2008 at 8:58 pm

Look into Getty Images then! You will see pictures of her there. No Hayden and Gee… ring!

Whether it holds up in court or not isn’t the point. It’s ethically wrong but since it’s Rachel Bilson and she’s supposed to be cute and adorable she’s allowed to get away with it. Her fans are willing to make up excuses for her but deep inside they know it’s wrong. The excuse that maybe she had an agreement with the original designer that nobody knows about is just lame.

Whether it holds up in court or not isn’t the point. It’s ethically wrong but since it’s Rachel Bilson and she’s supposed to be cute and adorable she’s allowed to get away with it. Her fans are willing to make up excuses for her but deep inside they know it’s wrong. The excuse that maybe she had an agreement with the original designer that nobody knows about is just lame.


I agree. They’re making excuses but it’s wrong. Everyone can tell that it’s basically the same dress. Except it has no studs on the neckline. It’s been talked about on fashion sites for weeks now. So it’s not only people on a gossip site noticing and talking about it. The very people she’s trying to impress don’t like it either. And if she had an agreement with the designer, maybe she should have mentioned in her interviews about the line. What good is an agreement if you’re not mentioning the agreement publicly? The designer isn’t just going to enter into it without getting something out of the deal. And I’m pretty sure that agreement would involve Rachel mentioning and giving some kind of credit to the designer. So that they can get a larger spotlight on their line, raise their status.

But this is what usually happens with celeb lines. They think that just because they can put an outfit together, that they should come out with a line. Or learning how to sew a skirt is supposed to give them a free pass. It’s done in the fashion world at times, and if they get talked about for it, then so can she.

No proof she did anything ethically wrong either. You don’t have any details from Stretsis and none from Bilson only pics of the dress.


All I’m saying is that at this time there is only gossip and guessing. It doesn’t mean there won’t be more to come but then again maybe there is nothing to it.

Pictures are not gossip, she is in the wrong and is completely liable to the actual designer, and yes, one stolen design is enough to pursue by authorities, they just make deals behind closed doors and it may cost her heavily in the end. One stolen design is plenty of evidence for injunction.

Posted By: anon | September 18th, 2008 at 12:07 pm

yeah im so disgusted that she actually knocked off that yellow dress. the original dress is by a thailand based designer, sretsis who i used to rep in the states and absolutely love. rachel borrowed the dress from their pr office…….. and then she had the nerve to knock it off. really??? the original dress is SO much cuter.
there is the original dress

Posted By: Lauren | September 18th, 2008 at 6:37 pm

Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with Lauren. That was really graceless of Rachel Bilson (which kind of surprises me cause she seems like the type of girl who you could go out for a pint with and she would be like the anti-Paris celebrity. You know, someone cool and normal). I remember seeing the Stretsis dress and thinking it looked wonderful on her. And was so surprised that an exact replica in yellow showed up in her own line. Now she doesn’t seem as cool and real. Bummer.

no-kidding-sherlock @ 09/28/2008 at 11:12 pm

@# 89

A “warranted” re-post:

So why the said BFF would wants to see her anew?! He saw enough of her azz face during all the whole year hooplas (gasped!)involved in Jumper. Nothing new to see because as this tart’s exterior & interior hasn’t changed that much.
Anyways, the BFF is officially back to work for a new movie. He’s been jobless for a long awhile but keeps on doing everything on his OWN or his “MIA” thing all through out of it, so what’s more if there’s another acting job that would occupy more/most of his time?
I’d say just wait for the NYILY premiere screening next year, as there might be a chance – lol!

Stef, no one said pictures are gossip, not me hun. It’s everyone here who is gossiping, And if what you say turns out to be fact then she should pay. I just don’t believe in crucifying someone without all the facts and even then I’m not sure it warrants a public tar and feathering.

Joie…Do you believe every post you read on the internet?

OMG, she plagiarized another designer! It’s so obvious!

That dress is what is called the ‘key’ piece of the collection, the other articles of clothing are there to compliment the ‘key’ piece. And she copied it from another designer!!! How ******* outrageous.

And now her family got her another undeserved role in a movie?

What the HELL is going on in Hollywood? Why no accountability?

Lexie, why don’t you get in touch with the original designers and ask them what they REALLY think. I’m sure they’ll be delighted with the news, especially since they’ve been lending RBils their clothes.

BTW, it’s Sretsis, not Stretsis.

I was predicting she is no designer before I saw her line, I predict she will ruin the film. She is a nightmare.

who is the designer of the leather bag??

real world @ 09/29/2008 at 12:32 am

ATlqueen i can say what i like about her.Need to wash your mouth out soap.You don’t control nothing what people say here.Also i thought you didn;t like her kimberly. What change your mind? Both of you should make your mind about her.And stop telling people how to think. As i said relationship not and nobody has seen him.And who care about she’s doing and what clothes shecopy.

scott-free @ 09/29/2008 at 1:03 am

Anyone else tired of starlets pretending to be designers?! Thanks to them the real up and coming designers can’t sell their products. They have to go on Project Runway to be seen at all. Like all celebrity products, I never believe they are actually involved in everything.

These bored & brainless starlets just hires genuine designer/s and would give 1% rough idea of what & how they want them to look like and these designer/s would execute 99% them. So presto! These moneyed tarts can now call themselves as “designers”!

I’d say if you’re a “sensible consumer”, just go for the original one (Stretsis, Thailand) as its more cheaper and could add even a little help for the progression/promotion of that small clothing company and to their country as well being on 3rd rate country INSTEAD of digging to some US branded (on a high price) yet a “brazen phoney-baloney” apparels designs.

Joie, I’m not the one who brought it up or the one making the accusations. It seems to bother others more than me so they can do the contacting. If you are going to accuse someone the burden of proof lies with you.

Thanks for the correction on Sretsis.

scott-free @ 09/29/2008 at 1:13 am

Ooops “Typo-Errors” ahead…

and these designer/s would execute 99% “OF” them.

Stretsis – Sretsis

ocsethummer @ 09/29/2008 at 1:28 am

JJ just posted Edie Rose launch, jump to new thread everyone!

my parents were in line behind her during security at LAX!!!

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