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Rachel Bilson Is Waiting At The Airport

Rachel Bilson Is Waiting At The Airport

Rachel Bilson goes through routine airport seucrity and then prepares for departure at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday.

Bilson, 27, chatted briefly with some fans as she was going through airport security. She was also friendly with the airport security officer when asked for her passport.

The former O.C. star will soon be traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah, where she is scheduled to begin filming Waiting for Forever.

Earlier this week, Rachel was spotted leaving her home and heading to an LA studio.

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123 Responses to “Rachel Bilson Is Waiting At The Airport”

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  1. 51
    pola Says:

    he is working

  2. 52
    bog Says:

    love her sungleasses

  3. 53
    pola Says:

    @52with the hair pulled back their too big for her face

  4. 54
    pola Says:

    isn’t she wearing not only the wedding band but an H necklace?

  5. 55
    pola Says:

    I am sorry, but unless she is married, she is a complete nut job.

  6. 56
    stacy Says:

    You know she’s probably one of those stars who googles herself and checks these sites to see if she’s on there? How much do you think she laughs her ass off at the way some of you try to convince yourselves that she’s not dating a certain person, just because you say she’s not? Truth is, you don’t know. And I’m sure she loves to wear that ring and necklace just to drive you apeshit. And guess what – it works. Point is, if you don’t like her, don’t give her the attention. Like the rest of them that’s all she really wants.

  7. 57
    pola Says:

    Who cares what attention she gets, it’s just JJ, it;s all the same 3 people that are posting here, nobody is going to see her film, she is a nothing.

  8. 58
    neo Says:

    @ ^ e-pola virus

    why so bitter and mean towards Rachel all the time? Is your life such a failure that you have to put her down? Maybe putting her down is your life? LOSER!!

  9. 59
    .. Says:

    Rachel is the most beautiful and likeable celebrity out there.

    Find me one person who hates her that isn’t a Hayden fan.

  10. 60
    pola Says:

    I am not a Hayden fan, he is all right, but not as bad as she is, bilson is what is wrong today with publicity exploitation, she is a nightmare of a person and so called actress and so called designer, there is more wrong with her than right, just terrible in every regard

    Shameless dumb girl with all her assistants she does not make it

  11. 61
    ash Says:

    Love her Style

  12. 62
    pola Says:

    Dear Ash,

    You do not love HER style, she borrows it from others, there is nothing unique about her style to make it hers

  13. 63
    shadowy Says:

    @ #51

    HC had just pap-sighted on a practice shooting range for his new film about 2 weeks ago but it wasnt that clear if he started filming / working already as there’s no updated news/pics arises yet… BUT… he’s been on his “Missing-In-Action Mission” w/ Bitson since early June or better put since the last of the never-ending promo (DVD) stint of Junkper.
    So “figure” it out if you must!

  14. 64
    roekeats Says:


    And that was suppose-to-be her “ultimate dream & a topnotch tabloid headline” but then Scarlett’s “undeniable” lovelife beat her to that already… so just “eat your heart out and dream on” BilHO – lol!

  15. 65
    pola Says:

    the more i think about it the more i realize that it is not possible that h is such a looser that he will marry bilson, just a thought

  16. 66
    style Says:

    # 10

    More interesting if you have a law suit or better you are arrested, your gossip false toward dkny & Rachel can be a great problem for you

  17. 67
    pola Says:

    how so, I did not do anything wrong, her copying is public

  18. 68
    style Says:

    @ 67 pola

    is not public, this news is false and you collaborate with the gossip

  19. 69
    pola Says:

    the news is not false, pictures speak louder than words, get real!

    “collaborate with the gossip”, you are as bright as Ms. Bilson.

  20. 70
    no-kidding-sherlock Says:

    @ # 63 & 64

    Interesting post!

    Anyhow, This is quite getting better… these relentless post of RB on her own / doing her own (mundane) things w/o the so-called BFF (for a very long while now actually); sooner or later everyone would entirely figure it out just how “single & available” she really is… just like the “always-single-&-available” Chiniffer Aniston too – lol!

  21. 71
    Anne Says:


    The dress green and yellow are designed by Rachel, the green dress for an event and the yellow dress for her line

  22. 72
    stef Says:

    @ 71
    stop misleading people, she copied the dress, there is nothing in your post to contradict that

  23. 73
    hmmm Says:

    haha why does her license look so fake?!

  24. 74
    larissa Says:

    i loveee rachel , i’am from brazil , i really wish meet she it´s my dream =) i love your jobs , with summer on the oc =P i love. kiss kiss’

  25. 75
    Anne Says:

    # 72

    Your post are only gossip and can have problems

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