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Vanessa Hudgens: Off to Meet Zac!

Vanessa Hudgens: Off to Meet Zac!

These pictures precede this post.

Vanessa Hudgens drags her colorful red luggage out of her house as she hops into the car to meet boyfriend Zac Efron at the airport in Los Angeles on Friday.

Baby V looks so excited in her fringed boots!

Looks like Vanessa is having trouble getting through her front gate. Time for Zac to come to the rescue!

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens heading out to meet boyfriend Zac Efron

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vanessa hudgens off to meet zac 01
vanessa hudgens off to meet zac 02
vanessa hudgens off to meet zac 03
vanessa hudgens off to meet zac 04
vanessa hudgens off to meet zac 05
vanessa hudgens off to meet zac 06
vanessa hudgens off to meet zac 07
vanessa hudgens off to meet zac 08
vanessa hudgens off to meet zac 09
vanessa hudgens off to meet zac 10

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  • pam

    she looks gorgeous,love her <333333

  • Lea

    Oh Ingrid, I was just about to respond to that poster.

    Anyways, I am still trying to figure what the big deal is with this girl. She is a mediocre singer at best. She is not the greatest actor, and if she has a great sense of style, then so does 1/2 of the american tween, teen and young adult population. How sad that hollywood is all about cuteness rather than talent. Jodie Foster was in her early teens when she starred in taxi driver with none other than deNiro himself. Her acting ability at that age, is so far ahead of Vanessa’s at her current age, that Vanessa could be termed a feotus in terms of development as an actress. By the end of this year, Vanessa should be relegated to the land of obscurity.

  • emmi


  • vivi

    baby v is super cute

  • Naomi

    Lmao! let’s keep the comments rolling, we should soon hit 100 comments.

    My goal is that all three posts on Vanessa hit over 100. We’re nearly there, any more advice for us little kids? or prophecies on Vanessa’s future?

    Not that we’re paying any attention but at least let’s hit 100 comments.

  • kirsta

    ew haters step off! Zanessa are just normal people grew up and grew in love together! you hate commentors disgust me. go somewhere else! Vanessa hudgens is beautiful, talented, exotic, down to earth, sweet personality, she is an awesome person :) *LIVE IN LOVE* like Zanessa’s bracelets :)

  • soff


  • soff


  • soff

    love the hat!

  • soff

    love the tshirt too!

  • soff

    the most pretty!

  • Naomi

    40 more comments needed. Come on people…

  • Sina

    hahahaha shes like me.. so hilarious with her luggage <33333

  • Troy

    Personally I’m not a big fan of hats on girls but like everything else Vanessa pulls it off well. She looks cute as always.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if if the teddy bear has a nice safe place in her luggage. After all she’s going to be gone for some time and for the thousandth time there is nothing wrong with having some kind of security blanket when you travel. I DOES NOT mean she was trying to “fool” anyone.

    And I would suspect that she’s laughing not because she just “LOOOOVES” having her picture taking but because she was having trouble getting her luggage through the gate. Most people laugh when they find themselves in mildly embarrassing situations like that.

  • leighton and blake fan

    Vanessa is really pretty

  • sara

    I love her hat
    she looks so good

  • Krissy Fantasy

    TOdai’s the daii..
    Zanessa News :)
    LOVE IT (L)
    LOVE THEM!!!
    HSm3 – BA- CING!!!! CAN’T FREAKIN WAIT!!!!! (L)

  • Krissy Fantasy

    AWWWWW- V on her way to meet Zac & spending time, in a hotel for the movie..
    that’s soo cute ^.^
    I hope there not gonna be doing..wat i think there doing..
    Love love love. gorgeous. amazing. sexy. awesome. cute.

    (L) <33333

  • awesome

    love them so much
    can’t wait for HSM 3 i think its going to be a HUGE hit
    sooo excited
    love them can’t wait for all the red carpet and promotional pics
    SOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • love her

    shes the best and one of my idols
    one of the best dressed in Hollywood
    BTW zanessa was in this weeks US mag. in the love lives section they looked soo happy i was so glad they put them in it because they are the one of the best couples in Hollywood and manage to keep it fresh and long
    love love love V

  • JU!!!

    es hermosaaaaaaaaaaa!! ♥

  • hater

    #24 shut the fuck up
    she is laughing because she stuck with the luggage and a seeking-atenttion example is miley cyrus or ashley tisdale!

  • hater

    zanessa pulls more comments than any hsm star out there …coff..coff..ashley tisdale loser..coff.cooff

  • emilie

    vanessa is adorable
    and to #25…I love zac and vanessa BUT they seem like pretty normal people when it comes to their personal lives…i dont think it would be THAT interesting watching a reality show about them…

  • star

    she is the most gorgeous star in the world
    absolutely my favorite
    i love her outfit she always looks so put together and insanely beautiful my fashion icon
    i agree with #69 and #70

  • kay

    love her.

  • zaccarra

    That’s her parents house

  • gorgeous

    they are both soo down to earth

  • Naomi

    22 more comments…

  • Naomi

    You know, someone could ask me if I have a life…

  • Naomi

    There, we’ve hit 80. Going for a dinner party, hope we hit 100 by the time I get back, I might even answer the question above without being asked.

  • go sox

    I thought these pics were hysterical…..can you just hear her laughing about getting her bag stuck in the gate?? Zac must have been yucking it up in the car!!

  • Vfan

    I have a red luggage too.She looks a little funny when her lugage is stuck.But she sure is happy and whoa that looks like a rich person’s car.

  • haha

    WTF does she have on her feet . . .thanks Jared . . .I needed the laugh :D

  • anne

    Funny Vanessa! i love her!!

  • 8v

    Awwww, she looks cute! Except for the paps taking pics, I can’t help but see how this situtation perfectly shows the sense of normalcy and balance n V’s life.

  • miss zanessa

    lOl finAllY sOmE zAnEssa sWeeTnEs :)

    ThE pIcTurEs arE hiLAriOus
    nOw That´s hOw yOu CArrY yOur lUggagE wiTh stYlE XD lOL

    iT remEmbErs mE thE hSM3 BaCksTAgE vidEo whEn Z & V aRE pLaYinG wiTh Dolls Of ThEmsElvEs anD zAc saYs hEr dOll Is aN aCtiOn figurE anD nEssa dOes The KaRAtE chOp hUUUo
    lOl vErY fUnnY

    anYwAy iSn´T shE adOrablE???
    tHat´s wHy shE´s HAppY laUghinG aT hErsElf aT emBarrassInG mOmEnts :)

    ps: quiTe FUnnY shOes & hEr smIlE is jUst hEArtmEltiNg

  • sarahi

    Yeah I agree the haters just need to stop! Do they not realize that the paps only shoot people who have some sort of a public appeal. The paps taking your pic does not mean you’ll have a successful career. her and zac are the last people who like this sort of attention. Vanessa is sweet, talented, and beautiful and that’s why people like her. And yes her man is super HOT so don’t hate.

  • Soni Hannigan

    #3 Hey don’t knock it. Zac and Vanessa’s type of relationships don’t happen very often. I am so very happy for them. I do hope they get married one day in the very near future.

  • jake

    shes so adorable…im jealous of zac…one lucky dude! happy for them tho! =D

  • me!

    love her so much! she is absoloutly my idol! look at her! she is perfect! i think she is laughing because she got stuck! cuek! hey jared! we want more pictures of zanessa and vashley! pleassee!
    love ya! bye!

  • dadad

    love her!!!

  • dadad


  • dadad


  • dadad


  • dadad


  • dadad


  • dadad


  • dadad


  • dadad