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Victoria Beckham Goes Heel-less

Victoria Beckham Goes Heel-less

David Beckham and his wife Victoria (in Antonio Berardi) launch their new Beckham Signature Fragrance Collection at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City on Friday night.

Approximately 2,000 fans showed up in the rain to see the dynamic duo release their fragrances – Signature for Him and Signature for Him. “It’s great for me to be able to create a fragrance for him, but he is much more involved than he gives himself credit for,” said Victoria. “David has such amazing taste!”

David wore a Tom Ford suit while Victoria wore a Antonio Berardi dress and PVC heel-less boots. Amazing!!!

25+ pictures inside of David and Victoria Beckham launching their fragrance collection…

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victoria beckham heel less 01
victoria beckham heel less 02
victoria beckham heel less 03
victoria beckham heel less 04
victoria beckham heel less 05
victoria beckham heel less 06
victoria beckham heel less 07
victoria beckham heel less 08
victoria beckham heel less 09
victoria beckham heel less 10
victoria beckham heel less 11
victoria beckham heel less 12
victoria beckham heel less 13
victoria beckham heel less 14
victoria beckham heel less 15
victoria beckham heel less 16
victoria beckham heel less 17
victoria beckham heel less 18
victoria beckham heel less 19
victoria beckham heel less 20
victoria beckham heel less 21
victoria beckham heel less 22
victoria beckham heel less 23
victoria beckham heel less 24
victoria beckham heel less 25

Photos: Patricia Schlein/WENN, PNP
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  • pipi

    The dress and boots are by Antonio Berardi.
    Love this woman, she’s my favorite fembot.

  • Meg

    It’s not Valli, it’s by Antonio Berardi. Davids suit is fug but Victoria looks fabulous!

  • k

    i don’t like her hair cut.

  • Piper

    is it possible for her to look human? i don’t think she remembers how. i am pretty sure if drop on an island by herself, she’ll start doing those poses to the coconut trees.

  • lily

    they’re smokin hot!
    just look at about fashion icon
    and david..cant say im digging the suit but
    hot as normal
    simply wow

  • hair

    She ruined her new hair do. When she first got it done – and she had to wait 3 months for the appointment — it was really good – spiky and suited her. Now it looks like she just came out of the shower and combed it back — way to ruin a great hair cut and style.

  • LENI

    She looks like a statue.

  • MG

    todella “huonosti” laiteitetut hiukset ja asu …en edes löydä sanoja, luulisi harkitsevansa vähän tarkempaan hajuvesieittelyn; ei kuluneissa nahkahousuissaan………………………………………………

  • kaos

    Does Beckham still play football/soccer ? Or is that a sideline to his full time act of selling perfumes, pens, tabloids and posing next to that pig-nosed fishstick wannabe wife of his? The jmost insufferable celeb couple!!! The reason why western civilization is in decline! Please stop featuring these two so they can go away!

  • http://........................ Ryan

    she’s too thin…fug

  • Love them

    love these two! •€o0|n3$$

  • kate



  • melissa

    I went to this event today. I met her twice and I never met him so I figured I’d go since I’m a huge fan. I can honestly say I have never been SO mad at an event. First of all, I was FIRST in line – they told me and a few others to wait inside… THEN the line started outside and they wouldn’t let me stand in front when I was there since 1pm and no one else was… so I was half-way down the line now. THEN they (event staff, I guess) ripped MY camera away from MY hands when after purchasing $130.00 worth of perfume, I think that deserves a picture. I’m not mad at the Beckhams, they were all for a picture and I think it should be up to the celebrity. I have met her before at Saks and NEVER had a problem like I had today. The event staff was HORRIBLE. They were beyond rude and PUSHED me up the stairs to them when the Beckhams were talking to someone else – another fan. I am very mad. I missed work, I came from Jersey to see them – some girls came from Louisiana to see them – and we didn’t get pictures. I understand it could slow things but I paid $130.00 – I am very upset. If the Beckhams personally said, “No pictures” then fine. But they did not say that. I do not enjoy getting my belongings ripped away from me and I do not enjoy being pushed up the stairs. However, now I know not to come to Macy’s for another event.

  • ok

    sorry for your experience melissa.

    they both look fug. so not sexy.

    his suit is just fugly and she is a robot.

    she needs a little hair on the forehead. the slickback is fine in a breezy white shirt over bathers on the beahc….but she could never be that undone. she wears stilettos to take the boys to the park!

  • holli

    Posh is just awful, she needs to eat some food and stop looking like a wax work. David needs to play soccer instead of promoting their nasty fragrances.


    LOL @ Victoria, she looks so fake.

  • Mariabeckham

    woow ! they look marvellous as ususal :) .. i love this couple ! godddd !

  • chacha

    hate her hair cut. Awfull
    Vic, u ciold be better.

  • Ian UK

    Oh my .. I am so glad they are no longer in the UK, she wants to start eating she looks so thin and un-natural , A football player and someone who can only 1/2 sing and couldnt make it on her own are both trying to be people who they are not.

  • Dieter

    this woman´s mighty and glorious poon pushed out three big healthy boys !!!! I love her to death !!! and her pooper is nice as well !!!!

  • inmomar

    thought this parasite was paid millions of dollars to play soccer all he seems to be doing is promoting himself and his fug skeletor wife greedy bastards – his soccer team keeps losing but minnie mouse voice beckham promotes himself – he looks like a pimp in that outfit ugly couple of greedy self promoting greedy chavs

  • S***B

    Lordy what an ugly woman. Why does she always stand so stiff and never smiles? I truly do not know whya she gets any attention–she looks like a freak and has that nasty frown always.

  • milla

    crazy people

  • maria (shorty)

    What the heck is he wearing? What an awful suit! YUCK!

  • Victoria

    They both look fierce, I love the Beckham’s!

  • harry and sally


  • killershoes
  • sheryl

    I wonder if this woman stands like this at home, talking to her kids’ teachers, waiting in line at the store…? Seriously, what’s with the blasted posing all the time?

    You know, in light of the news of Paul Newman, these two really seem even more ridiculous.

  • xaye

    i wonder why in every photo taken of her in any events, she never fails to pose that “hand on her hip” pose ala Paris Hilton. Looks fakish.

  • newport beach, 92660


    What’s he wearing?

    Oh well , TOTAL hottie…

    Victoria looks fab as usual.. I ♥ her style!!

    #26– how bout a Grande Frapuccino from starbucks with EXTRA whip cream..
    it takes like an hour to burn of those calories.. ha!

  • She-who-shall-not-be-named

    The Beckhams are just some pathetic posers. They want evrybody to believe that they’ve never had a fight, never argues and that evrything revolves around their kids, when Victoria herself cannot be a normal mom withouy having to to dress for a fashion show to be able t take her kids to playgrounds. Look at Katie Holmes how she’s so hands on with Suri and acts like an average mom, all worn out carrying her kid , while Voctoria is concerning of using her kids for PR wjen she’s in public, making sure their outfits are coordinated to show that they are the ultimate fashion family. hy doesn’t she give it a break n just be normal?

  • Dissapointed

    What has Victoria done?!?!



    TO PIPER NUMBER # 4..LOL, LOL…I think the coconut trees would grow tired of her stupid pose, and quit producing coconuts….Are her hands glued to her hips?…Is that all she do?…she is silly looking!!!!…..AND TO MELISSA NUMBER # 13…Sorry about your horrible trip, but it sounds like the staff had an attitude problem, and thought they were the ONLY ones who were important enough to be near the Beckhams…( THEY ARE NOT. MOST ARE ARROGANT )… A past poster on this board, ( julieann , if that is her real name ), claimed she worked there once for three years, and left because of the snobbish attitude of the workers who had been there a long time…..She said you also do NOT fit in if you don’t wear the most expensive IN clothes and shoes…..And that the employees judge customers the same way….They don’t want to have anything to do with you, if you are not dressed accordingly, and can spot an OUTSIDER, a mile away….Because they do not know how to dress… She could no longer accept this attitude and left….Whether this is a true story or not, I don’t know, because I have NEVER been there, or will probably NOT have the opportunity to do so……At least you got to see them, ( not my favorites ), but that is no excuse how you were treated…Sorry !!

  • eh

    they both look hideous.

  • nimrod

    Uh, that is the ugliest suit I’ve seen.

  • Ryan

    @ DIETER no 20




  • Tim

    I hate this chic so much, I never understood why the English hated her so much, but now i can see why.

    She is so superficial and such an attention seeker who uses her family for publicity.

    Her two best friends (the ones that were on the Coming to America series with her) of about 15 years, no longer talk to her after she moved to L.A because she is an absolute selfish cow.

    All she ever talks about is clothes, clothes, clothes…name drops and thinks about making money all the time.


    oh and VICTORIA go and hide in a whole somewhere

  • Meg

    Scotty beamed down such a weird little creature!

  • andamentothat

    Beckham.. why did you have to choose that ugly suit from Tom Ford… VB trumps this time.

  • Jeanette

    Does she have bad teeth? Is that why she never smiles?

  • :)

    Beauty and the beast…

  • Vile!

    Why ANYONE would spend one nano-second of their precious time to go and meet these two pathetic excuses for human beings is beyond human comprehension… all I can say to that is GET A F-ING LIFE!!!
    They are the two most pointless, self-absorbed, narcissistic ego-maniacs ever to walk this fine earth… What an absolute VILE couple- greedy, self-absorbed, and always looking for more, more, more. Totally and completely VILE!

  • tiala

    Awww.. too bad their flight over from California didn’t crash- would’ve loved that- no more Beckhams! YAY!!!!

  • sickining

    They make me sick with their fake stupid poses

  • alireza

    hi for every one . hi daviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid . i love you boy david is hot for everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ………………………….. my world my love becks

  • cheryl

    She looks like statue/alien. I would never be able to walk in that shoes

  • more-than-me

    i love them so much…im one of their biggest fan…loving the look!
    vic is such a fashion icon and david….oh well…he is more-than-me…yummY!!! :D

    go Beckhams!!

  • Marc

    Oh my God! What rock did these pathetic excuses for human beings crawl out from under. A used condom has more style than these two useless lumps of protein. Becks looks like a cheap pimp in that suit. Its only redeeming feature is that it covers those idiotic tatoos. Victoria, well what can I say? I am convinced she is not of the human species, similarly to Dog the Bounty Hunter and Michael Jackson. Imagine waking up to that every morning. This creature needs a full body collagen injection to even resemble a human being. There is not enough meat on her bones to feed an anorectic mouse. CHAV, CHAV and more CHAV! As Stephen Fry put it “there is simply not enough vomit in the world to describe these two”. If this grotesque couple are are the first human beings aliens make contact with, our planet is doomed!

  • Deano

    All of you people hating on the Beckhams need to get a life like WTF you all are just a bunch of jealous LOSERS and you know it so grow the f**k up you could never be as talented,stylish or goodlooking as the Beckhams so instead of taking it out on them why don’t you just go get depressed about it. HA HA losers

  • Deano

    All of you people hating on the Beckhams need to get a life like WTF you all are just a bunch of jealous LOSERS and you know it so grow the f**k up you could never be as talented,stylish or goodlooking as the Beckhams so instead of taking it out on them why don’t you just go get depressed about it. HA HA losers