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Heather Locklear's Mug Shot Revealed

Heather Locklear's Mug Shot Revealed

Here is Heather Locklear‘s mug shot… definitely not her most flattering look!

The 47-year-old actress was arrested Saturday night in Santa Barbara for “driving erratically” upon leaving a parking lot.

According to The Associated Press, Heather was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of prescription medication. She was later released without having to post bail.

Reps for Heather have not commented on this situation as yet. Stay tuned for the latest!

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  • bee


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    hahahhaahahaha loser.

  • WingNut13

    Might not look her best, but she still looks better than most people do in mug shots.

    Wonder if some cop was watching, just waiting to stop her for any reason.

  • Susan

    That’s a shame, she such a good actress

  • Susan

    That’s a shame, shes such a good actress

  • nina

    She looks horrible.
    But guess, I shouldn’t expect much.

  • Desireé


  • Lila

    Aw…she looks so sad! I hope everything works out for her.

  • cam3150

    Seriously, given how old she is, her skin looks fabulous. I’m 30 and my skin isn’t anywhere near that pretty. Granted, I’m sure she’s had botox or something but I’d love to be her age and have skin like that.

  • let’s be honest here

    Glad they stopped her before she hurt herself or others.

  • irma

    I hope, she gets the help she needed. Maybe this is the wake up call.

  • .

    ahahahahahhaha rofl ahahahahahaha

  • black

    You people are all crazy it seems——–she looks the same way she always does, only teary.


  • jj

    thats pretty intenseee….she doesnt look like she used to

  • jj

    thats pretty intenseee….she doesnt look like she used to

  • mona


  • tequila

    is this a publicity stunt? i don’t understand these people who drink, then decide to get behind a wheel. how can they be so stupid?


    1) she hasn’t been in the press enough so she’s seeking attention
    2) she’s really that stupid.

  • Innocent till proven guilty

    I was ticketed after being accused of the same thing. My flip flop was caught on the pedal and I had taken Vicks for the flu. The charges were dropped.

    Most people are a bit looser driving in parking lots, e.g, putting the phone away, changing the music before getting on the road.

    What’s legally interesting is that a parking lot is private property, police can’t ticket for anything in a parking lot.

    I won’t bother following this, but I doubt she is convicted.

  • L

    she looks so sad. she looks as though she has been crying =[

    awww =[

    but i guess thats what you get when you are driving under the influence…

    what kind of an idiot would even think to do that??

    i mean everyone stresses to you as a kid do NOT drink and drive over and over again… you would think that she would remember that and be smart!!

    but i guess not…

  • Bre

    O_O LMAO!!!

  • http://none. Brazilian chick

    scary eyes

  • I feel so

    Bad for this person.

  • bella

    Wow . . .ur right not her best look, but better than most mug shots. . . her eyes look VERY glossy.

  • sabry

    shes turned 40 i think shes hot even drunk ahahah

  • required


  • jade

    I never thought I would ever see Heather’s mug shot. I always liked all her many T.V. shows she has been in.

    I’am sad about this and hope she can get the help she needs!

  • essie

    her eyes look weird, like someone used the bloat tool on photoshop

  • amanda

    denise must me smiling, hihi!

  • shea

    I don’t get the “booked on SUSPICION of driving under the influence”. Did they do a drug test???? She either tested positive for drugs or alcohol or not…She should either be booked for DUI or not- there shouldn’t be any suspicion about it.

  • boogie

    good thing they were able to stop her before she hurt herself or another person!

    She honestly needs to commit herself into a program if not for herself, her young daughter.


  • thetruth

    If you read the articles out on the AP, she was booked for suspicion of prescription drugs (controlled substance).

    Also, no one waited for her. Someone called in an erratic driver.

  • Noelly.

    her eyes look a little scart

  • Noelly.

    her eyes scare me.

  • Noelly.

    her eyes scare me.

  • thetruth

    Also, she was pulled over on the highway. Not in a parking log.


    I thought that Heather just got out of a rehab clinic for depression…..Maybe she had taken too much of her clinic prescribed drugs because she is ” STILL DEPRESSED “….She has not been happy since her divorce.

  • Frenchy

    This is very sad. she is sooo not about all of this ish of the past year. Jack Wagner has his hands full. I hope he’s very patient with her and is there for her for as long need be.

  • Dieter

    Maybe she got a depot shot in the clinic (those work up to 8 week´s) and she did not know about that thingy working in her tiny ass !!!

  • Mara

    Hopefully, she has hit bottom and will participate in a serious program outside of California after seeing this photo. With their daughter approaching 11 years of age, they both need to confront their core issue and receive healing so they can be fully presence on behalf of their daughter through the challenging teenage years.

    Addiction is an enormous issue in our American society today!

  • andamentothat

    She used to be the one arresting people in the show TJ Hooker.. How times have changed.

  • E.t.

    Considering half the population of SoCal is illegal alien drug dealers, don’t the cops have better things to do then hassle people like this? wtf

  • tha

    wow.. i feel embarrassed for her.

  • so sad

    Your “typical” aging Hollywood beauty.

    If they don’t put their energies elsewhere, the fading of their good looks is a very hard pill to swallow. The acting roles dry up and men don’t fuss over and look at them like they did back in the day.

  • gnmc

    Poor thing! {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}

  • shalom


  • oy

    i kind of feel sorry for her. she looks scared.

  • j

    Poor Ava! First Richie now her again…

  • P

    I feel bad for her kid. The father is no prize either with his alcohol problems. I am rarely shocked by a celeb meltdown, but I am by HL. FYI, treatment for depression and anxiety = drugs and alcohol.

  • RealityCheck

    She’s beautiful even in a mugshot.

  • eddie jones

    ahaha, what you fools mean she’s a good actress, what did she star in again? I don’t know much about this girl, but if your over say 25 and you can’t control yourself, can’t keep a man, and have to resort to this type of thing to remain in the headlines I feel bad for you.