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Katie Holmes is 'Eli Stone' Steamy

Katie Holmes is 'Eli Stone' Steamy

Katie Holmes cuts an elegant figure in a skintight unitard with long black gloves for her guest-starring role on the hit ABC drama Eli Stone.

The 29-year-old actress is bound to set pulses racing with her sultry and steamy performance as a nonprofit attorney that’s required to tap into her singing and dancing skills!

“She does a song-and-dance number that is the best one we’ve ever done,” Eli Stone star Matt Letscher has said. “We’ve done tons of [musical numbers], and she was just phenomenal. She’s the sweetest person in the world, down to earth, simple. She’s just like anybody else. I met her daughter and her husband was on set. It was great.

Eli Stone returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 14th on ABC.

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  • mona


  • harry and sally

    Ummm who cares about her… She is so lamo!
    Where’s Gwen Stefani Jared??????

  • ttagan

    who cares about gwen stefani? you are so fucl<ing lame number 2. i bet u r stupid

  • a

    her husband was on set…now there is a shocker!

  • bee a.

    Well, I hear it is about to get real interesting with Katie. When does this play end she is in? It will be fun to see if she continues to live in NYC and not go back to Tomfreak.

  • ck

    Thank God…another Katie Holmes post.
    I suggest renaming this site “Just Katie”

  • stef

    wow, huge legs

  • Debba

    She actually looks awful.

    How can someone so sickly skinny still manage to look that thick around the middle? And the 1950s housewife hairdo doesn’t add much appeal.

    I’m actually a little embarrassed for her looking at these. Once again she seems way out of her league

  • harry and sally

    WOW comment #3!!! “ttgan”
    WTF do u know?? We saw Katie in person and she looks like a man… We also saw Gwen Stefani and she looked amazing!

    “ttgan” go die in a pot you’re the real loozer!
    Don’t bother commenting back because it is going to be a total lamo response.

    c ya

  • Haha

    oh whatever “ttagan”


    Katie has changed a lot since she got married.

  • Is she 40?

    She looks so much older than her years.

  • blah

    sorry nothing appeling , even with that outfit
    maybe her personnality
    or the media intox

  • nanci


  • anon

    wow wtg KATIE

  • lola

    Thanks JJ Katie looks superb!!!

  • rj


  • scary

    Something scary about those photos, she looks nuts and ugly.
    Why does she keep making a fool of herself, I am embarrassed for her. She should stay home for a while, take a sabbatical, make a career change, oh please.

  • :))))))))

    bow wow chicka bow wow chicka bow wow

  • manette

    Its so Chicago and so the legs
    in Hollywood…..

  • pink

    Cant wait for this at least if I cant see Broadway I can tune in on ABC!

    JJ thank you!

  • anonymous

    classic beauty

  • yikes

    did the scientologists capture her and put her in hell?
    is this an early halloween joke? we told her to run.

  • music

    Reminds me how entertaining and hot she was hosting SNL years back with the O.G. cast and the Dave Matthews Band.

  • carla

    From Just Jared, I suggest renaming this Just Katie and Just Rachel and Nobody Else.

  • sharon

    i love when trolls are bitten by the green eyed monster
    and their desperations shows in their terrorism acts

  • anime


  • lmk

    Does she hit the gym much? It doesn’t really look like it! Nice pics though.

  • http://love45 arlene


  • OMG


  • Lee

    Having heard her sing, I really hope they dubbed her voice.

  • Suzz

    Maybe the scene might be sexy, but it doesn’t show in these pictures.

    As it is … too much hype about nothing.

  • xyz

    Katie’s just not sexy. She’s clumsy.


    It is fun when all the other songs are done as an cast…

    And now that it is the Katie Holmes show instead of Eli Stone it would be fun to have just her promote this show.. Instead of asking the cast about Katie..

    Eli Stone is done by the same company that does Brothers and Sisters. Johnny Lee Miller is the star plays a lawyer…

  • the incredible edward

    I suggest renaming this site “Just Katie”

    I second the suggestion.


    What does LMAO MEAN


    What does LMAO MEAN

  • KarenA

    Go Katie. I’ll be watching “Eli Stone” to see her and Jonny interact too. It’s a good show! :)

  • ae

    SHE LOOKS LIKE A BLOW UP DOLL! pics are ugly. she looks like a little girl playing dress up. totally out of her league. nothing sexy about it at all. gag!

  • burk bah meuh

    she’s huge !!! i really don’t like to see her she’s so burkk !!!
    there are so many people more talented than her why why why …because she’s mrs crazy man ! so hard for my eyes !!!
    please jared ever doing that again !!!

  • Need to post this twice!

    Debba @ 09/28/2008 at 10:33 am

    She actually looks awful.

    How can someone so sickly skinny still manage to look that thick around the middle? And the 1950s housewife hairdo doesn’t add much appeal.

    I’m actually a little embarrassed for her looking at these. Once again she seems way out of her league

    Yeah, her profile is a horror!

  • dancer

    Jared, really, how much is Tom paying you to post daily threads about Katie? Or are you a closet Scientologist? Please, please, please lay off or if you need the money, open a paypal account, your fans will donate just not to see this woman one more time!

  • Need to post this twice!

    Those are not thunder thighs. They are thunder storm thighs!
    Look at those sequoia trunk legs!

  • Sandra

    She looks beautiful! I love her hair. She looks very elegant.

  • Kaye

    She looks awful with her huge legs. She is trying to be all sexy, and does not pull it off.

  • sarisue

    With the way she looks in these photos and my very painful memories of her attempts at song and dance numbers on Dawson’s Creek, I predict one cringe-worthy performance coming up.

    Forget the thighs–look at her huge man hands!!

  • sharyllee


  • JON

    Actually, the is about the most UNSEXY and UNSULTRY female I have ever seen.

    This is a joke, right? Damn, she’s got monster thighs.

  • ~T~r~i~p~

    hahah She looks like a dude. Are we sure that’s not really Tom Cruise?

  • me

    I agree with Dancer. If you’ll give us a mailing address, we’ll pay you NOT to post any more about this nasty woman.

    Tom’s got his ads all over Jared’s site. I guess Jared must be a Scientologist or maybe Jared’s just like alot of people and has a price. Oh well, so much for objectivity and credibility.

    Tom Cruise is the only celebrity in history that has paid for publicity for his untalented hodigger! Really sad that Katie doesn’t realize that all of us know that!!! She sure is dumb!