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Michelle Williams Premieres Wendy and Lucy

Michelle Williams Premieres Wendy and Lucy

Michelle Williams (in Chanel) promotes her latest movie at the premiere of Wendy and Lucy during the 46th New York Film Festival at the Ziegfeld Theatre on Saturday in New York City.

The 28-year-old actress was accompanied by director Kelly Reichardt and costars Will Patton and Larry Fessenden.

According to IMDB, the movie is about a woman whose life is derailed en route to a potentially lucrative summer job. When her car breaks down, and her dog is taken to the pound, the thin fabric of her financial situation comes apart, and she is led through a series of increasingly dire economic decisions.

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Williams at the Wendy & Lucy premiere…

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michelle wiliams wendy and lucy 01
michelle wiliams wendy and lucy 02
michelle wiliams wendy and lucy 03
michelle wiliams wendy and lucy 04
michelle wiliams wendy and lucy 05
michelle wiliams wendy and lucy 06
michelle wiliams wendy and lucy 07
michelle wiliams wendy and lucy 08
michelle wiliams wendy and lucy 09
michelle wiliams wendy and lucy 10

Photos: Brad Barket/Getty
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  • bella

    First :)
    She looks beautiful.

  • Katie

    she looked pretty

  • jess.

    she looks old and her legs look bad

  • nat

    She moved on from Ledger too fast
    and another flop of a movie for her

  • xyz

    nat, get your facts straight. Wendy and Lucy is getting great reviews.

  • Halli

    Nat, they were broken up way before his death.

  • dancer

    nat @ 09/28/2008 at 7:02 pm

    Well nat glad you are judge and jury. Just how long should she have waited? It appears she waited way over a year. Should she have waited five years, ten years, do tell us all. He was fiercely talented, but had a drug problem. She had a small child. They parted. Should she now be linked to him forever since he died? Matilda should never know another potential father? The two of them should wear purdahs since the US doesn’t condone burning the “window” on a pyre?

  • NZ

    She looks very understated classy. I love her red carpet fashion she (almost!) always looks great!… I say almost because I’m sure there were some dodgy fashion choices when she first started out on Dawsons!

  • Jane

    jess. she looks beautiful, not old at all. And there is nothing wrong with her legs. Stop trying to be negative.

    nat, who are you to say how long it takes for someone to “move” on. Also you’re wrong her movie is not a flop.

  • Claire

    jess. shut up. Michelle looks gorgeous and her legs don’t look bad at all. You must be talking about your own appearance.

  • b chick

    kinda ugly

  • Marie

    b chick, Michelle is beautiful. Hilarious how you have the nerve to call someone ugly behind your computer monitor. Post a photo of yourself and everyone will see who is kinda ugly or really ugly.

  • Claire

    b chick, shut up. Michelle looks gorgeous. You must be talking about how you look.

  • Clark

    Nat how do you know that she has gotten over it? Do you expect her to never date again and stay in her house mourning all day? She has to go on with her life for her daughter Matilda. This movie isn’t a flop and has gotten great reviews. You don’t know what you’re talking about.


    Michelle looks absolutely stunning. Gorgeous!

  • ediot

    she looks lovely. so cute!

  • paula

    What a monster. Watch out JJ if she sues her own fans she can sue Just Jared.

  • Valerie

    Paula, how is she the “monster”? It’s called wanting privacy. She never sued them either, she just wanted the site shut down. It’s in the past, get over it. You’re a monster to make such a nasty statement, especially after what Michelle has been through. Wanting a site with personal photos shut down makes you a monster? What an illogical load of rubbish.

    Michelle looks beautiful. She is a natural beauty.

  • Valerie

    Michelle is beautiful, Paula is a monster.

  • selwyse

    I don’t like her styling here. Her face looks ragged and the dress seems just like an unartfully draped sheet. Michelle has looked better when she’s gone for more avant garde looks. Anyways, I still think she’s a lovely person.

  • Lulu

    I have this fantasy that she and Jake get together and raise Matilda, and tell her fun stories about her dad :(

  • Bell


    I think she and Jake would make a good couple. But Jake seems to be spending all his spare time with Reese and her kids, I don’t think he visited Matilda very much since her dad passed. :(

  • Helena

    Her face doesn’t look ragged at all. She looks stunning. Her dress is beautiful too.

  • jughed

    beautiful eyes :)

  • Mara

    Agree….she’s a beautiful angel!

  • blah

    in this picture she looks kinda like nicole kidman maybe its the hair or make up. but regardless michelle still beautiful.

  • Okay

    Um.. she doesn’t look like Nicole Kidman, but Nicole Kidman is pretty too. Michelle looks beautiful, nothing “blah” at all.

  • Okay

    You’re the one who is blah, Michelle looks great.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    just because her baby-daddy died doesnt mean you should lie about her looking “pretty”.

  • tiffany

    botox. She looks old a look alike of Mia Farrow.

  • It’s infamous as usual

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 09/28/2008 at 11:30 pm

    You’re the resident JJ idiot. Why don’t you go back to the Holmes thread since you are a major TomKat suck up.

  • Tara

    There were pictures and reports of her all over Spike Jonze last month, the new man in her life. She looks like the cat who ate all the cream after Heath’s family have renounced the money Heath had left them and now it will all be for Matilda, in other words Michelle Williams, considering that Matilda is only 2 years old. Michelle got so much out of that pregnancy, it was her fame lottery.

  • rossy40

    Got the following off other celebrity blog, “PopSugar” -

    Heath’s parents & sisters have decided to hand over his ENTIRE estate to his daughter Matilda since he didn’t update his will to include her before he died.

    Let me add this to those defending Michelle’s right to date so soon after his death…

    She’s NOT his widow, nor was she his slave; stopped seeing him, what, about a year before he died? He wasn’t sitting at home alone but was seeing other women… Tell me, if the situation had been reversed & Heath was raising their daughter & dating, would you naysayers be so self-righteous & say: “HE moving on TOO SOON,” or wish him well?

    They broke up some time BEFORE his death (we don’t know why – except what he said in taped interviews: “I was hard to live with.”; “I have dark moods.”; etc.) Great admitting it… but should she have stayed & enabled his mood swings with a small child around? I wouldn’t.

    Lastly, he didn’t even UPDATE his will to INCLUDE his DAUGHTER, for Pete’s Sake! Believe me, I’m not judging here – It’s one thing tempting fate when it’s JUST YOU to think about. Some people believe that making a will or buying life insurance are signing one’s death warrant. Others do it quite easily. But when a child or children are involved… It’s another matter indeed.

    Those of you who are nasty here & in other thread don’t live with those you insult here or in any other thread… I must add: Thank God they don’t know ANY of you, & never will!

  • to infamous

    too bad katie holmes will never be as talented as michelle. all she has is crazy husband and weird cult.

    michelle- i think u are beautiful and smart…hope u get your life together and start making movies again. because you are really good at it.

  • alondra

    I have nothing against her, but i think she is
    getting all this sympathy just because her baby’s daddy is death


  • Debba

    Michelle doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy nor has she ever, ever been interested in fame. She is an exceptionally talented actress who was quite secure financially all on her own and plans to provide for her daughter. She got a nice deal out of the syndication rights to her television series and her family was already extremely well off. She had no plans to ever contest Heath’s will if the money wasn’t going to Matilda–that was even stated in official news releases, which I know no one here bothers to read.

    Michelle is a very private person and a complete class act who is giving her daughter a wonderful normal life under the circumstances. Acting is her career which she loves simply for the craft, as evidenced by the roles she takes in these very small and quirky independent films like Wendy and Lucy. Not many actresses would have followed up an Oscar nomination with a very small film by a mostly unknown young filmmaker shot on location in a remote Portland town. But Michelle has never been looking for fame and fortune—she doesn’t want the fame and she doesn’t need the fortune. Those making that assumption simply based upon her relationship with Heath are so far off the mark it’s not even funny. Those allegations have zero basis in actual fact.

    For those bringing up the issue related to the former website, you also have it completely 100% wrong. Go get the correct story from the owners of that website—who decided on their own to close it. Because right now you’re just making complete fools of yourselves by repeating a mean-spirited, stupid rumor that has already been put to rest by the owners of that site several times. I repeat–it was their decision. Michelle Williams had zero to do with it. Go do your research.

    And to the people who come here and throw these insults at Michelle while they go over and drool in the Katie Holmes thread—oh boy oh boy do you have it wrong!! LMAO!!! I know both, and I worked on set with both for several years. There is no comparison. Michelle outshines Katie in every way–as a human and as an artist.

  • Helena

    She is beautiful and I can’t wait to see Wendy and Lucy.

  • Ingrid

    What is wrong with you people? You’re way too judgmental. Botox? Are you kidding me?! Horrible legs? Again, are you kidding me?! You’d probably kill to her have her figure. She’s not too slim, yet she’s not overweight. Her weight is perfect for her height?

    And last but not least, she moved on too fast from Heath Ledger? Yeah, well it hasn’t only been over a year since she has been with him. *roll* Move on.

  • ThatGirl

    Michelle doesn’t want your sympathy. And I agree, she has and always will be more talented than dullard Katie Holmes.

    After all, who is the one with the oscar nomination (Michelle) and who is the one with the RAZZIE nomination (Katie!).

  • manolita

    She’s a brave and gorgeous young woman, but I feel for her. Her eyes don’t smile here. I hope she gets enough support and doesn’t have to be brave all the time.
    Being a single mother isn’t easy while coping with the dead of the father of your child. EVEN when they were already separated..

  • sweetpea

    I think Michelle looks lovely. She is a very classy lady who is doing the best she can to raise Matilda alone. It’s hard to be a single mother, and she is fortunate she has help (her mom has been around and she has a nanny who helps her) She loved Heath and we’ll never know the whole story behind their break up and I really don’t need to know. You can see in photos of them together how much they loved each other.

    As far as that will, Heath had put all his money into trusts and the media was not privy to their outline He took care of his daughter even after death so I don’t believe what the tabloids are saying

    And as far as Michelle moving in. She and Heath had broken up months before his death. She was broken up about him passing and she has taken several months to come to terms with it. I would not begrudge her getting on with her life and I wish her all the happiness. I know she is surrounding matilda with love and a good environment

  • Sunset Lee

    Don’t get me started. #29 and #31 let alone the rest.
    I admire this women for being Jen and now she’s in a film with Ewan McGregor it kinda gets to me. I liked the fact she had Heath but shed already made it on her own. That’s why she can do it. Or whatever it is shes doing. And that may have been what have given her the courage oh oh yeah right ‘made her’ and shit get with him fucking love him. So shes a winner and all that so shit give it a break with the baby daddy bullshit. She lived with him had the kid for fuks sake. But like Deception is some sex club movie. I prefer Winona Ryder in Alien Resurrection at the moment.

  • lea

    she is so old and so happy that Heath’s familly give all the money to her daughter.

  • Jessica

    I n F a m o u s, she does look pretty. Far more pretty than you probably. You’re the ugly one hiding your ugly face behind a computer monitor.

    Tiffany, stop jumping to conclusions. She looks gorgeous and not old at all.

    Tara, the money will be saved for Matilda until she is of age. Stop spreading nasty lies about Michelle.

    Alondra, she doesn’t want nor need anyone’s sympathy.

    Lea, she is not old at all.

  • Laura

    Michelle is beautiful, but her eyes look so sad here.

  • Kinomarylin

    Michelle what happened?
    You look much older than your age ?!

  • Jane

    She doesn’t look much older than her age. What do you mean what happened? She’s been in mourning over the loss of her daughter’s father. What a stupid question.

  • admirer

    kinda not good pics of her….she looked absolutely beautiful in the interview…

  • Heath fan

    Bottom line- she’s a mediocre actress with a lisp. “Wendy and Lucy”? Borrrr-ring. She spent time away from Heath to make this flop?

    Actually don’t you think she looks more like Ellen Burstyn than Mia Farrow?

  • Mary-kate

    Her dress reminds me of Animal House–TOGA ! TOGA! TOGA!