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Selena Gomez is View-ing New York

Selena Gomez is View-ing New York

Selena Gomez is unusually camera shy as she goes through airport security and then departs from LAX with her mother and stepfather on Saturday night.

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place listened to BFF Demi Lovato‘s new CD, Don’t Forget, on her iPod as she rushed through the airport and tried to avoid photographers.

Selena traveled to New York for an appearance on The View, on Monday, September 29th. American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson will also be a guest on The View that day.

Earlier on Saturday, Selena attended the AmberWatch Youth Coalition Fun Fair, for which she is the active chairperson.

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84 Responses to “Selena Gomez is View-ing New York”

  1. 1
    bean Says:

    Why do you post pictures of this girl? What does she do other than a lame Disney kids show?

  2. 2
    blahhh Says:

    2nd =]
    whats wrong? did nick break up?

  3. 3
    Tannia Says:

    First!! i love her shes awesome!!

  4. 4
    lena Says:

    Now her new tactic is to walk through the airport looking sad and depressed so we all start talking about a break up!

  5. 5
    Whatever Says:

    Why do people butt into peoples buisness.
    Sel was probably just tired, it looks like she just woke up.
    Gah people leave her alone and stop trying to identify what’s wrong with her.

  6. 6
    Rebecca Says:

    agreed, 5, paps get psycho and old at one tim e or another
    its exciting at first but then they get so curious and theres no way around them

  7. 7
    igotyou Says:

    Oh please get of your high horse Selena – people only want her because she’s dating Nick Jonas – is her Disney show even popular ???

  8. 8
    Rebecca Says:

    well not curious i cant find the word 4 it

  9. 9
    Boji Hater Says:

    shes so freakin gorjuzz

  10. 10
    tia Says:

    love her. im not a disney fan but this girl seems really sweet. plus shes too damn pretty!

  11. 11
    rose Says:

    wow she must really like the rachel bilson comparisons. she bought the exact same coat as her and is starting to act like her.

    i hope she grows out of this phase.

  12. 12
    Celine Says:

    Even when she’s tired she still looks gorgeous.

  13. 13
    lisa Says:

    aaww ya look gorg. selena
    keep ya head up.

  14. 14
    . Says:

    i wonder whats wrong with her :( well i love u sel if ur reading this :)

  15. 15
    . Says:

    or maybe shes just tired of them already…one of them coulda said something mean or maybe she just cant see cuz all the flashes n shes looking down to walk

  16. 16
    lolzz Says:

    hahahaha, she deserves it, stuck up *****. That’s what you get for attention who ring to the paps, don’t pretend that you don’t like it now fake cu nt.

    The view is a complete piece of **** now, that fact this useless tart is on just proves that more.

  17. 17
    . Says:

    lolzz ur such a low life loser i hope u feel better knowing that

  18. 18
    anastasia Says:

    i’m probably the only person who realised shes listening to demi lovato lol

  19. 19
    Kelsie Says:

    aww i love selena.
    stop hating on her, has she done anything bad?
    NO! so leave her alone.
    at least she’s not a **** like miley

  20. 20
    J Says:

    She is listening to Demi’s album. You can see it in the first picture on the ipod screen.

  21. 21
    Josh Says:

    I think it is odd that she is always listening to her mp3 player when we see pictures of her in an airport….on the plane yes, but shouldn’t she be trying to get through all the lines and paying attention and does she not talk to her parents/family?

  22. 22
    Nick Lachey USA Fan Says:

    Selena > Miley

  23. 23
    Stephie Says:

    awww (L)

  24. 24
    Kristine Says:

    awww poor sel:(
    i wonder wat happend?
    i hope nelena didn’t break up- after all the haters, trashing on her :(

    Ipod+ Advoiding camera= that means she wants to be alone ppl.
    i think we should, give her space

    Hope she gets better :)
    Have demi wit her ^.^ (L) <333

  25. 25
    jo Says:

    Grumpy haha.

  26. 26
    anna Says:

    I love all of the disney girls! Miley is my fave. But Selena is such a sweetie and a wonderful actress and I love her new movie! she rocks

  27. 27
    amy Says:

    whats with all the selena hatge?? so far she hasnt actually done anything to hate…wait till she screws up before u start judging her!

  28. 28
    amy Says:


  29. 29
    awbluuud Says:

    yup i agree with 5

    i do the same when im sleepy
    i look grumpy and listen to my ipod =]

  30. 30
    Mandy Says:

    ewww she’s so gross!!
    ugly skinny ***** with no talent!
    selena gomez fans are blind! She’s like a little monster with a ****** huge head!

    I want to puke! Soooo disgusting

    I feel sorry for her, She has no talent and wants to do everything like the other disney bitchie, miley cyrus! They’re both ugly, but omg, selena needs to stop trying to be like the other one! She will never be as famous as miley is!

  31. 31
    TayBay Says:

    As soon as the i saw the pics i was thinking of her and nick…
    haha. so i wonder..

  32. 32
    vv Says:

    she looks so sad

  33. 33
    pottotie Says:

    she is pretty!

  34. 34
    tori232 Says:

    YA what is wrong… guys broke up…hahah…
    MOVE LONG, YOUR career isn’t going anywhere.

    dude you stepfather… looks like a douch bag… trying milk you for your money…better watch out!!!!

  35. 35
    swe3t23 Says:

    Elvira 2.0.

    omg….Trouble in Paradise.

    Selena’s stepdad looks like a douchbag and just mooching of her. HAHA
    her stepdad looks like rapist.

  36. 36
    Jen Says:

    if shes tired of papperazi then she shouldnt go to LAX because there are plenty of other airports not swarming with photographers. Plus covering your face only makes the price of your picture go up and more paps wanting your picture

  37. 37
    kris Says:

    shouldnt her purity ring be on the other finger of her left hand?

  38. 38
    lalaine Says:

    she look so sad

  39. 39
    la-petite-française Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m sorry, I’m French and I don’t know this woman that i see everyday on this website. Is She a singer ? An actress ?

  40. 40
    Matingas Says:

    her mom said she wasn’t feeling well

    how do i know?? cuz i was the photographer and i asked her.. cuz she’s usually really nice :(

  41. 41
    taylor Says:

    she could be sick. seriously, u all jump to such stupid answers.

    ‘oh her and nick broke up!’

    or maybe she has a stomach ache? i mean come on! leave her alone

  42. 42
    sarahh Says:

    why does everyone immediately think she and nick broke up?

    i mean she could be tired of the paps already….

  43. 43
    Melisha Says:

    She’s a wannabe vanessa! Keep dreaming girl..youll never be like her no matter how hard you try.

  44. 44
    me Says:

    first wun yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!


    p.s she coollol

  45. 45
    Holly Says:

    you can see the demi picture on her ipod :)

  46. 46
    Cheetah Says:

    She is 16! please, hormons running true her body. Puberty calling. Can she have a bad day!? Sjeeezzz!

  47. 47
    Willow Says:

    The difference between Selena and Rachel Bilson, Selena is pretty Rachel is UGLY

  48. 48
    me Says:

    Ha ha, tired of all the attention already? Are we tired of smiling and pretending to be sweet? or maybe we’re not getting the kind of attention we bargained for eh?

    You thought you could overshadow Miley but she’s left you in the dust and moved on to theatre movies and a hot dude while maintaining her status leaving you with disney channel show with lower ratings than her own show and fame based on ‘dating’ a jonas brother.

    I can’t stand Miley but at least she’s open with her feelings and actions, Selena is just a sneaky snake.

    You would soon find out that hollywood is not disney.

  49. 49
    me Says:

    This girl is such a media-w****. What a convenient way of showing us she’s listening to Demi Lovato while pretending to hide from Paps.

    Can all the tweens go ‘Awwww what a sweet friend!’

    Other stars manage to listen to their Ipods with only the ear pieces being visible but even with a bag and pockets little miss disney has to show us what a sweet friend she is.

    If you really want to hide, put the ipod in your pocket and cover your face with both hands, the paps would stop following you as they wouldn’t be able to get any money for such photos.

    We’re not daft. This game has been played so many times so join the club.

  50. 50
    SelDemJonasFan Says:

    OMG you guys just give the girl a break!
    Stop hating on her! These people are super busy sometimes
    you can’t expect every picture with them to have a smile. She may not have a high talent in singing, but she can pretty much act. And she IS NOT trying to be like Miley! That little ***** is a two faced **** that takes seductive pics of herself! I’m not hating on her but ya’ll are pathetic when you think shes trying to be like miley! They BOTH have talent her and Demi! especially Demi of course, so STOP HATING!

  51. 51
    Ally Says:

    wow i USED TO like her so much when she first started out
    You know when she and Demi went out drinking milkshakes and eating fries and burgers. But now she’s the ENTIRELY different person, like she acts all cool and untop of everyone. I still like her, but i liked the old sel better =))

    Haters **** off!!!!!!!

  52. 52
    Jess Says:

    Shes listening to demi :)

  53. 53
    the honest mean girl Says:

    ok Selena is a good girl. but she is getting fame hit in her head . i mean come on as if we don’t know that was planed it looks so oviouse gosh.
    i mean i have always wanted to be a disney star but i change my mind they are all full of crap , the teens and the manegment . i rather be a nick teen. cause at least i wont be a fame *****.

  54. 54
    zashley4ever Says:

    sorry but i hope her and nick broke up b/c then she’ll be treated like they did to miley!
    i hope she gets better

  55. 55
    wing Says:

    nick&selena break up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate her!!!!
    how come her ipod is same as mine.\ /.

  56. 56
    lore Says:

    i love her and she looks gorgeous

  57. 57
    Jenni Says:

    “Why do you post pictures of this girl? What does she do other than a lame Disney kids show?”

    I ask my self that everytime i see a post about her

  58. 58
    zoe. Says:

    she looks like she’s about to cry or something. i feel bad for her, having all those photographers take pictures of her and stalk her all day.

  59. 59
    star7 Says:

    I’m not surprised that most of the dumb comments on here were from haters praying that Selena and Nick had broke up. I doubt that they did, but even IF they did, He’s not going to get with you! Just give it up already. Nick is a celeb, and you’re not. I bet it’s a million other girls that are thinking “oh me and Nick are going to get married”. Now stop being delusional and really think about the chances of that happening.

  60. 60
    star7 Says:

    2nd, it’s really pathetic that you are hating off a girl just because she has something that you want (your beloved Nick).

  61. 61
    kristan Says:

    aaawww that sososo cute she’s listening to demi’s album! she looks extra tired.

    but i still dont like selena :]

  62. 62

    Oh please get of your high horse Selena – people only want her because she’s dating Nick Jonas – is her Disney show even popular ???


    HATE HER!!!

  63. 63
    Lauren Says:

    You Haters Really Need To get ova u self !
    selena rules
    miley sucks !
    end of story

  64. 64
    michelle Says:

    awww shes freakin adorable:)

  65. 65
    carlyn Says:

    gosh, stop hating on selena.
    dont like her?
    then get the frick outta here


  66. 66
    jennifer Says:

    she’s turning into a diva now! omg, she used to be so down to earth with all the teen girly clothes and now she dresses like a 23 year old! ehh! im mean they same thing with all the Disney stars: demi! she seems like other than singing she fakes everything else. she seems like the only reason she acts is for attention, and shes not so great at acting! they are all so cool people and then the bomb drops: they turn out to be total divas!!!!

  67. 67
    ♥Zanessa-love4life♥ Says:

    Lover her ♥
    But how does Jared know she was listening to Demi’s new CD??

  68. 68
    itzzzkimmm Says:

    she is such a cutie. She’s just such a sweet girl, unlike Miley. hehe I love that she’s a big star, but still shops at american eagle. That bag is from American Eagle. I know because I have the exact same one!! =]

  69. 69
    mz Sass Says:

    OMG, she finally figured out that hiding your face and pretending you don’t want to be photographed will get even more attention.

    I wonder if she saw how much attention pregnant Naomi Watts received when she confronted the papps that were following her.

  70. 70
    Coral Says:

    how do yo know she was listening to Demi’s CD?

  71. 71
    Sarah Says:


  72. 72
    Sarah Says:

    Ew, she’s obviously trying to promote Demi’s album…
    Because no one else will buy it……

  73. 73
    haters Says:

    all yuhs haters sooooo need too leave hr alone nd get a Luf

    so stop wif the hating

  74. 74
    haters Says:

    all yuhs haters sooooo need too leave hr alone nd get a Luf

    so stop wif the hating

  75. 75
    MileyFan Says:

    great plan
    look sad
    get more attention so people can wonder if they broke up
    attention *****!!!

  76. 76
    blahhh Says:

    star7 @ 09/29/2008 at 1:01 pm

    2nd, it’s really pathetic that you are hating off a girl just because she has something that you want (your beloved Nick).
    i dont hate selena
    shes cool
    and nick jonas(ew)

  77. 77
    sofi Says:

    heey, aaam im from argentina lool’z
    aaam , i love miley, and i hate seelena, in this pictures she
    is very… UNGLY haha! and your song
    “tell me something i don’t know,” , here the lyrics of her song:

    tell me, tell me, tell me, something i don’t know
    tell me, tell me, tell me, something i don’t know
    tell me, tell me, tell me, something i don’t know
    tell me, tell me, tell me, something i don’t know
    tell me, tell me, tell me, something i don’t know
    tell me, tell me, tell me, something i don’t know
    tell me, tell me, tell me, something i don’t know
    tell me, tell me, tell me, something i don’t know
    tell me, tell me, tell me, something i don’t know

    ALL the song is EQUAL, it so bored :|
    ammmh, idk… she is a actress of WOWP, (wizards of weverly place.) and… she is so bored, i love Hannah montana, and…
    here… mi e-mail! add me guys!
    i want to talk with you guys! b/cause you’re of another country and i hope that you add me!

    i want to talk with you guys!!
    Sofi. Argentina. :)

  78. 78
    sofi Says:


  79. 79
    will Says:

    fcuk some girls here are jealous

  80. 80
    amber Says:

    Ok i wanna know why do they act like she is soooooo famous???
    I mean seriously she just get talk about on like e news cause of nick
    thats prob why she dated him so she can get a lot of publicity
    now i am not a miley fan but atleast they talk about miley besides her dating
    I just think people (like on here) act like she is soo famous when she is not demi and miley are more famous if you ask me
    Oh and when i was watching the oc yesterday i saw rachel bison and i swear this girl is a wanna be of her she looks so much like her now!

  81. 81
    Nikki Says:

    PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID, she is most likely tired, ahve you looked at the pictures, it’s dark outside. if you were getting luged into an airport either early in the morning and late at night, how would you be acting.

    and i love how people think they know so much, and assume that her and nick broke up, when she literally has a ipod in and is walking around, she doesn’t ahve to smile for the camera twenty four seven.

  82. 82
    Lilly Bitches[; Says:

    Pfft I Agree with The fact That She Looks Tired, And I Bet its Cause She Sucks Too Many Dicks! xD


    This Chick Is Dead Ugly xDD

  83. 83
    dominique Says:

    jeeez, haters !
    grow up, shes funny. im sixteen and i like her
    show, its pretty entertaining : D

  84. 84
    Summer Says:

    i hate selena haters if you are a selena haters you suck and go to hell

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