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Tina Fey Returns as Sarah Palin -- NEW Video Clip

Tina Fey Returns as Sarah Palin -- NEW Video Clip


SNL alum Tina Fey came back again to Saturday Night Live last night to spoof Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Fey‘s former Weekend Update co-host Amy Poehler imitated CBS News anchor Katie Couric this time for the sit-down interview.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Tina Fey’s 2nd impersonation of Sarah Palin — YAY or NAY?

Tiny Fey as Sarah Palin — New SNL Video Clip
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  • Hana

    Hahah to damn funny.

  • Simone

    I was so happy to see that she was back at it again!
    Sarah Palin is a piece of work and Tina Fey does an amazing job!

  • emilie

    i saw it last night and I thought it was hilarious!!

  • rizi

    tina fey’s awesome no doubt she deserves an emmy!


    hate sarah palin and yeah pamela she can suck IT
    when i think that there may be a possibility to see her as a president of this country one day just make me want to go out and scream out loud AMERICAAAAAAAAAAA WAKE UP .I MEAN are we that stupid to let a stupid bi*ch like her rule that country
    come onnnnnn we made that mistake twice by voting for bush and see the result :wars, terrorisme,huge economic crisis ,CATASTROPHE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT’S JUST TOO SCARY.but for god’s sake where are we going what’s going on are we nuts …………….????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noreen

    The 2nd SNL appearance wasn’t as funny as the first appearance but a lot of the writing in the skit was taken directly from the REAL Katie Couric interview.

  • me…

    i love tina fey she is so funny and is not afraid to make a fool of herself.

  • teri

    I like Tina Fey, but the show is so biased against McCain and Palin. Obama has been clueless at times also avoiding questions, I’d like them to point that out as well.

  • WhyLoo


  • sarah_palin_sucks

    YAY!!!! very funny segment..and yeah 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yo

    i am first?

  • Meg

    THAT WAS BRILLIANT!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! tina fey is definately a fav!!!

  • Licia

    not only who she is all right :D

  • yes!

    Very funny….also quite scary to think that the actual Sara Palin could possibly be the next VP and who knows, President of the USA! OMG people, please wake up and vote for OBAMA

  • Anne


  • mckenna

    Don’t vote for Palin unless you want a dog musher private citiizen running the country (if McCain dies in office). Todd Palin is already called the “shadow governor”, gets copies of her e-mails, sits in on meetings. Good job Tina Fey on portraying Caribou Barbie.

  • sarisue

    The comedy of it is hilarious but the reality behind it is horrifying!

  • lalala

    Tina Fey is hilarious!
    So funny.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Genius. Hilarious! Tina Fey dead on. The real interview is equally as ludircrous too. Love it! Go Tina!

  • anonymous

    They really are so one sided in this campaign. There is a wealth of stuff to mock Obama on and Biden is full of gaffes and idiocies.

    Sarah Palin scares some of you? Obama scares the bejesus out of me.

    So nice to see that the real mockery is reserved for the female candidate. Who said women aren’t treated equally in this country? Why we are singled out for “Special” treatment.

  • mo

    Candidates who deserve to be mocked should be mocked regardless of gender or race. Sarah Palin is certainly in the “deserves to be mocked” category. The thought of her being a heartbeat away from the presidency is frightening!

  • the incredible edward

    YAY, baby!

  • bella

    LOL . . .so funny :D

  • Brendan

    #20: just because Palin is the only woman of the four, and just because she’s inexperienced and stupid, doesn’t mean all women are inexperienced and stupid. Maybe you should try to learn logic first. Similarly, just because she’s a woman and she’s mocked, doesn’t mean it’s *because* she’s a woman.

    People like you worry me more than Obama does.

  • tim

    i love tina

  • :)

    bahaha tina fey is dead on!
    good job :)

  • Maddie

    THE BEST, hilarious!

  • Sue


  • Kcool.


  • john



  • RIckles

    There’s nothing funny on SNL anymore. Even when something does okay, it just reminds me of something that has been done many times before. Tina doing Sarah in meh. And yes, SNL is extremely biased against the Republicans. I watched Obama and he hasn’t got a clue either. Not American btw, so I can be objective.

  • Mexlad

    Love her!!! Tina is amazing!

  • dialectic

    fucking hilarious but also really really sad because that impression is dead on,goog god shes a female dubya albeit endearing with her ignorance..kinda like a small child whos annoying but you know they cant help it…

  • becca

    the rambling was SPOT ON!!!

  • dialectic

    for those screaming media bias i did see a very funny obama skit i believe it was SNL ,cant be certain ,i was tired but i remember cracking up just as funny as the palin digs……

  • jess.

    Without Palin Fey is nothing

  • LLh

    Tina Fey is funny but lets be real. Sarah Palin is beautiful. She has great bones and beautiful features. Can’t take that away from her.

  • amle

    Fey is too boney and her voice is wayyy too high to play Sarah. Fey needs a new job.

  • Lette

    Maybe they make more fun of Palin because she’s pitifully and painfully comical, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with her being a woman;

  • Halli

    You know what’s really scary. Some of what Tina was saying wasn’t even a joke. They were exact words from Sarah herself. Scary and stupid.


  • Seth

    Not as funny as the first one. But the sad reality is unlike the first one most of this piece actually happened almost the same way at the real Couric interview.

  • thetruth

    Tina Fey is brillant. She does a perfect Sarah Palin.

  • Ava

    I honestly think it was really funny the first time. But the second sucked. I really hope she doesn’t try and do this every week. They do look a like and everything, but they aren’t doing anything about Obama. This woman is going for VP, not P. You people should seriously be more worried about Obama. The man has never even ran a state, and you want him running the country. The man hasn’t a clue, don’t you people get that SOMEONE ELSE WRITES ALL HIS SPEECHES, just like everyone else. I wish someone on this board would tell me one of Obama’s policy’s that doesn’t included the word change, or hope, or believe. Because the people living in the city of hope are the un-informed voters who buy his crap. He is making promises that he can not keep. Palin represents REAL women, Hilary is just an ugly, bitter bitch. Just because she isn’t a Democrat, doesn’t mean she isn’t qualified and won’t get the job done.

  • Karen

    SNL was Hilarious! I love Tina Fey. She is a very good actress. That was a good portrayal of Palin.

  • Alleygrl123

    OMG! Tina Fey’s inpression of Sarah Palin was soo spot on and acurate. it wasn’t as funny as the first, but it was still hilarious. i hope she comes back one more time and does a sketch with Darrel Hammond (who plays Mccain)

  • Karen

    This post is about Tina Fey return as Sarah Palin. So what the he!! is Ava talking about.

  • jessica

    YAY!!! It was hilarious; Tina Fey did a FANTASTIC job!

  • lilme

    Well #43, running a state is not a prereq for becoming president. It’s not even a good indication of the quality of a president as we currently have a former governor that is arguably one of the worst and most disliked presidents. And yes everyone has a speechwriter but at least Obama (and Biden) can speak intelligently and with poise even under hostile conditions, but Palin cannot even string a coherent sentence together with a pattycake reporter. The reason SNL had another skit on Palin this week is that Couric interview was ripe for satire. And how can one complain about “change” being an oft repeated theme by the Obama camp when team McCain now uses that word often too (tho not as much as “maverick”). If Palin somehow appeals to you that’s fine but calling Palin a real woman and Hillary an ugly, bitter ***** does nothing to further the cause of women. We have to deal with enough real sexism in the world and don’t need to perpetuate it in our own gender.

  • lola

    I want Tina Fey to be president.

  • Len

    Love-Love that skit. Great job by Tina Fey. She was brilliant.