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Adnan Ghalib: I Have Britney Sex Tape

Adnan Ghalib: I Have Britney Sex Tape

British paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, ex-boyfriend of Britney Spears, says he will sell the sex tape featuring himself and the pop princess if the price is right.

“There is such a tape,” Adnan tells Heat magazine. “But I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical inquiries. Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further. I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney.”

A source tells The Sun that the two-hour X-rated footage features Britney naked wearing just a pink wig and was allegedly shot in Mexico. (Adnan and Britney went to Mexico together in January.)

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    Everyone tried to warn britney, and she would not listen….Her father should have never allowed him back into her life….I could smell a gold-digging nasty rat as soon as I saw him….He just reek’s of mean-ness and hatefulness……But, his turn will come when his life will fall apart……….and no-one will be there…except to make a buck on HIM !!!….It always bites you back in the butt, no matter what..BELIEVE ME !!!!!!!!….Britney had better get some good help right now, and get rid of him pronto!

  • Molly

    what a douche, but i guess she should have known better to sleep with a paparazzo.

  • ew

    without a doubt i think it IS true! serves her right.

  • ew

    I.E. papparazi, good with cameras, no dah…………………………

  • alicia

    what an a s s h o l e!

    she was obviously VERY depressed when she hooked up with him, the guy is beyond disgusting.

  • Lilly

    Why do we always blame the guy? What about the whore who is also in the video? And she isn’t bi-polar. My Dad is bi-polar. She is just looking for an excuse to blame her crazy behavior. She is just as disgusting and terrible as him for participating. Why does everyone get so mad at him?

  • Lilly

    ” BUT BELIEVE ME WHO MAKES DANGER, RECEIVES DANGER.” Well then, idiot, you just proved what many of us say about Brit. If this is how you feel about this dude, then this shoudl apply to Brit. She is just as much a piece of shit as he is.

  • Aro


  • Their must be something illegal about this “video” since it was shot when she was mentally unstable, and he took advantage of that…. Am i right or am i right!!! throw him into an active volcano.

  • fox


  • LOL

    Keep in mind she was mentally unstable during this period of her life. I would have thought it were illegal to exploit a mentally ill person sexually. I hope Adnan incriminates himself.

  • Dee

    He should be deported.

  • Melissa

    What an ass! And is he saying it is 2 hours long to make himself sound awesome?? I knew when she was hanging out with the paps that something like this would happen. They were all on the inside…seeing and hearing everything. Did she really think they liked her for her? You knew the friendship would end, and the secrets would spill!! I hope it’s all a hoax! SHe doesn’t need this right now….and her kids dont EVER need any of this!

  • veronicas

    here comes another betrayal

  • HAyl

    What a slime ball, out for money, using somebody who was mentally ill and was in a bad place.
    That is lower than low, and now that Britney is back on track and in a happy place he does this. It’s a disgrace. I hope the sue his money grabbing ass.

  • par

    Hard to trust people when you’re famous. Not sure if they like you for you or your wealth. That sucks.

  • keke

    nobody wants to see his small penis

  • Donna

    Okay. Yes, she has been crazy and as an adult, she needs to take responsibility for her actions. People shouldn’t treat others differently because of pity BUUUUUUTTTTT,

    if you really care about this human being, leave her alone. She’s doing better…for someone to shop around a sex tape WHEN she’s doing better only seeks ATTENTION, FAME, AND MONEY…i mean, it’s that obvious. Right?

  • Donna

    Okay. Yes, she has been crazy and as an adult, she needs to take responsibility for her actions. People shouldn’t treat others differently because of pity BUUUUUUTTTTT,

    if you really care about this human being, leave her alone. She’s doing better…for someone to shop around a sex tape WHEN she’s doing better only seeks ATTENTION, FAME, AND MONEY…i mean, it’s that obvious. Right?

  • zoeymae

    Well doesn’t that Suck!!? I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt and he really is the Ass-wipe that most people thought he was. Beware Dude, if you release a Sex Tape with Britney, she’s not the only one that “We Women” will be checking to see if “You” measure up…. Could backfire!

  • dsdsds

    he must die

  • Jan

    To all the young women out there. DO NOT SLEEP WITH PAPS!!!




  • Lynda Toobing

    I just saw on cnn entertainment that Britney Spears ex boyfriend John Sundhl tried to buy the sex tape from Adnan for $800,000. He said he wanted to get it off the market. If thats true, thats a neat fellow.

  • eddie jones

    lol, i wouldn’t hold your breath on this pricetag, if she was back in her hayday maybe, but now? her bodys went through 20 years of aging and abuse in the past 5 years, nobody wants to see that.

  • ianj

    BRITNEY is a woman who has sex and loves like all the people .
    he is a horrible person.

  • josie

    What a loser. I think we all knew that he wasn’t sincere for his caring of Britney and is merely an opportunist. Unfortunate that Britney wasn’t in her right mind and chose to be with this disease of a person.

    Shifty, sleazy scumbag. He gives our people a bad name.

  • Rye

    his parents must be so proud. i wonder how he feels inside, or what he sees when he looks in the mirror? i would see a complete a**hole. make something of your life. it’s never to late.

  • bigsleezy

    YES!!! I SO CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!

  • wordL


  • ridix

    HAHA this guys soo smart. I hope its real he will make millions! Stop pittying britney. She did it to herself She f*cked herself up she made these decisions by herself
    get over it people
    shes an idiot
    stop giving her pity parties!

  • The Big NB

    What an aXXhole! What a disgusting pig. It’s a shame she had sex with such an ugly pig!

  • t

    to all these asshats above are you honestly surprised that this is coming up come on people are you honestly that dumb as to not wonder what she does behind closed doors personally it was only a matter of time before this happened as for saying he should be dead thats none of your f*ckin business he will get whatever comes to him

  • Plarbear

    There are some pretty pron stars out there, who cares Britney anyway?
    And I was not surprised with that BASTARD ADNAN at all!


    if someone wants to be popular this is how he thinks…he must be a piece of shit,he doesnot know he could go to jail for this and he should,trying to spoil a great singer…
    man go to mirror and spit on your face…..
    there are many other ways to have money but you just want to f**k yourself…
    we know everything you say is fake and we still love Britney no matter what you do…keep try you bastard…

  • Smart01

    Adnan … Fuck yourself up ….

    Bastard … if someone is having intimate relationship with you .. you should respect her… rather than selling it out …

    you son of a bitch ….

    pardon my language …

  • edMckinney

    Won’t Britney just fucking die already?

  • Ronnie

    Can’t wait to buy it!! Go on Ghalib!!

  • pp-a-la-pub

    Greedy bastard! I’ve made a fake one and I’ll give it away for free:

  • yay

    yay i get to see britney fuck!! im a slave 4 u britney back that up

  • chronic

    what are you guys… retards…. act like a whore treat her like a whore, just wish it was mine to sell instead

  • http://Google Roy

    What the hell was britany doing shagging a paki anyway

  • ex britney fan

    Serves her right! Britney deserves 2 hav her sex tape wit A. Ghalib shown by p**n websites!

  • the truth

    you people that make a false idol out of these poor excuss for human beings. shame on you all for defending them in any way shape or form! You denfend them. Would they defend you!? Not very likely. They have all the money and no worries. You have very little money (*compared to them) and a lot of worries. Like if you should go to universaty or finish highschool. enjoy her go down the craper faster then pee-wee herman’s career in the early 90′s lmao I’ll be downloading this as soon as I can!!!!! a little late though i may say. She probably won’t have strech marks thanks to all of you idiots making her millions and putting yourselfs further into debt. lmao! Cry me a river like that other brit fan that got his own reality show for making a youtube blog. seriously here is a great statment for you brit fans. sh*tney spears for prez!!! lmao “like I ready to lead” lmao her V.p can be paris hilton. hahahahaha seriously I rather like it hearing about guys defending John Lennon. Now that was a musican! Try to compare the 2. go ahead. lol

  • MK

    that fuckin adnan guy, i so wanna whoop that rat lookin ass of his ! brit’s a legend and yea she made a LOT of mistakes, but wat a fag shit going around wrecking her life after she finally tried to get it back on track ! he wont be remebered and he dont have a sex tape ! Bull shitter !

  • steve

    I caaannt wait to see it. You are right.. I am a pig. Oh well

  • Jack

    SHeebang! Woo Hoo… the Britney Tape finally hit the internet. It got leaked on a site called I watched teh whole thing there for free.

  • Chrille

    Am i really the onlyone here that would LOVE to see britney get fucked over and over again? I would love to sit and watch that tape for 2hrs… she is so fucking hot, i would fuck her myself if i got the chance!

  • Jack
  • explosiveshrooms

    i hope to christ he gets that video out for us