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Jennifer Aniston is Cabo Cute

Jennifer Aniston is Cabo Cute

Bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston soaks in the sun as she enjoys some seafood by the shore on a beach in Los Cabos, Mexico on Sunday.

The 39-year-old actress has spent the past week in Mexico… far, far away from her tangled love life. Looking good, Jen!

The former Friends star will next be featured in the film Marley & Me with Owen Wilson, based on a real-life story about a dog.

10+ pictures inside of bikini babe Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston cabo 01
jennifer aniston cabo 02
jennifer aniston cabo 03
jennifer aniston cabo 04
jennifer aniston cabo 05
jennifer aniston cabo 06
jennifer aniston cabo 07
jennifer aniston cabo 08
jennifer aniston cabo 09
jennifer aniston cabo 10
jennifer aniston cabo 11
jennifer aniston cabo 12

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • yuck

    Maniston still looks old, haggard, and will die lonely and childless.

  • haki

    She seems to enjoy the good life.

  • jess0

    Cover up already!

  • andrea

    lucky her she has no cares in the world, while the rest of us are crapping bricks over the bailout crisis :-/

  • Ewwww

    what a useless twat. all she does is smoke and sunbath. go get involved in some charity already. she’s so self absorbed. I bet that all of her up coming movies will bomb as usual.

  • jess0

    Orange is not attractive JJ!


  • AnYmOuS



    Another Photo-op of Jen-Ho flashing het boobbbs & coochie!

  • Janie

    What is with you all? I love Jen. She seems happy, and she looks great! I love her!

  • hi

    Janie. i love jen too <3

  • lily

    So self-absorbed and shallow, no wonder no man can stick with her for so long. Can she do something other than parading that aging half naked body all the time ? there’s lot of thing a middle age actress can do to draw attention other than constanly parading those coochie, tit, butt. , disgusting !

    I know her fans would said she has a bod at 40, & we are jealous…. blah, blah…. At 40, I would rather be like Julia Robert , settle down with kids and career .

    40 with hot bod ? so was Pam Anderson, Heather Locklear, Demi Moore.

  • just saying

    I just want her money.
    I wonder how much $ she lost on her retirement accts today!

  • !

    May be she just really loves the sea and sun!!!!!!

  • clary

    jen…it’s time for a settle down ….you nearly 40 years old……what else do you want…, fame, married already with one of famous star… body could look amazing but you not happy jen!

  • get a life

    Oh, and your idols Brangelina are living it up in Europe with all their millions. Guess they were the lucky ones to leave the US before the bottom falls out. Come on hypocrits. Look at your idols. They are living much bigger than most of Hollywood. I don’t hear any of you trashing their over-indulgant life-styles. So give it a break.

  • FroFro

    I’d be her for a day.

    @12….you know the old saying those with the most to lose fall the hardest. We might just see more and more celebs buying up houses in the same neighborhoods we all live in and getting jobs at the mall.

  • imo

    She looks pretty happy to me. Why the intense desire to see her unhappy. What has she done to you?

  • tom

    everyone loved her when she was on friends. Now everyone seems so mean about her.

  • xena

    While I think is great she seems happy… I wish we could see her doing something different. The beach girl look definetly is getting tired…

  • http://justjared jennifer fan

    she looks great and relaxed i wish her the best she seems like a nice lady she deserves it .Idiots she does it all work,does charity has friends and dates she seems to have a full life not like you who are here all day commenting on her get a life

  • http://justjared @19

    she did 4 movies this year and will be on 30 rock she just finished filming her cameo and went to toronto to promote her new movie why you idiots say that all she does is vacation when she WORKED all year

  • Hello jello

    oh u haters will never stop!!! u know she has already tried the married life…maybe it just wasn’t for her? what is it to u people??? she seems happy with her life…just because shes not married with kids doesn’t mean her life is lonely and sad!!! some of u people need to open up ur minds and realize that everyone is different…maybe this life works for her!!! stop with the hating people…she is not the only woman in this world who is 39 and single!!! its not like she is out there killing people…she is just at the beach…having a good time…so relax with the cold…heartless comments!!!

  • pottotie

    She looks awesome!

  • SadOLDmaniston

    OMG, pic 1 actually made me throw up a little. She be lookin’ naaaaastaaay. .Like David Spades older brother. I guess she saw that other beach pic from yesterday (close up of her homely manly face) and decided to whip out the hair curtain. LOL ….and close your legs b*tch I can smell ya middle aged twaht from from here. Ugh.

  • not right

    More bikini pixs, laying out, tanning, not having to work, not worry about daycare, not a care in the world, Mexican vacation every dam* few days, while I see my 401 (k) disappear!

    Yes I am grumpy to see this mediocre TV hasbeen.

  • ljoiul

    wow she looks great

  • gaye

    Big. Fat. Yawn.
    She’s a nothing TV actress. Can she just go away please.

  • mariam

    full of plastic

    soooooooo fake

    guessing Changeling premiere next week lol so we will see her everyday with her bikini collection showing her fake boobs until she find another boytoy to the awards season

    poor jen

  • To get a life

    Brad is working in Berlin and his family is with him. Making a film for a US studio so of course the stock market melt down has affected Brad and Angelina’s finances. The studio is paying their living costs in Berlin, the home is rented for 90 days or so, just like when Tom Cruise lived in the house when he was making a film in Berlin. They need the security, I saw pixs of paps running to the trash truck at the house taking pixs of their garbage, how disgusting. Hope the twins dirty diapers gave them a good blast of gaseous odor that made them sick!! LOL.

    What is wrong with a family being together? Better yet, why even bring them into this thread ? Obsessed a bit are we?

    As to the subject of this thread, same ole same ole same ole bikini pixs in Los Cabos like it seems a million times before. No comment need be made.

  • just askin

    Is she pregnant? check pic#1. Just askin..

  • http://neleh gut buster

    what up wit hur gut.

    lipo sucked!!!!!!!

    A man in a suit -this dude shuld quit!!

    Saggy stomach- man face

  • get a life

    Oh shoot Jen Aniston. She is on vacation in Mexico. Damn her. No-one else in this entire country is on vacation with this disaster of an economy. Wait, what’s that, Brangelina was seen in Germany in a multi-million dollar rented home complete with helicopter landing pad. Oh, the millions that have taken from this country to spend overseas; but that’s okay, because we love them. So we have the right to condemn Jen Aniston from enjoying her life.

    For anyone one who is unfamiliar with sarcasm — this was it.

    Get a life you bunch of crackpots.

  • mariam

    to get a life

    just an advice









    get a life ……………..what a shallow just like your fugly idol

  • Princess79


  • Wakeupeople

    This woman does nothing but sunbathe, what a life! What is sad is that she has stupid fans that will die for her and they probably have t o work their asses off! How sad.

  • dani101

    As I said from the previous thread, NOTHING is news-worthy about her. News is something new and fresh. THIS is definitely OOOLD and BOOORING.

  • Tommy

    The woman is worth well over 100 Million dollars. She did 4 films in the past year. Did a guest spot on 30 Rock. She deserves her trips to Cabo. If I had her money and work behind me, I’d be doing the same thing! And she looks effing fantastic. And you know you would be doing the same thing if you had her fame and fortune.

  • boring

    no wonder, Brad left her
    she has nothing interesting
    tan,tan,tan, smoke,smoke,smoke,tan,tan,tan
    los cabos,los cabos,los cabos

  • meangirls

    pic 1 so disgusting .. .. i want to throw up..

  • Debra77

    God help me… Why am I even writing about her… Sorry

    See yah.

  • ellie

    I’m always glad to see when your smiling. Have a great time there have fun Jen you have a nice life and good friends..

  • jade

    DAMN she has a nice body!!

  • sus

    she is looking hot and happy that is a good thing in my book and she is not to blame for the economy disaster you can all blame your self for woting for a idiot to be president it had to go wrong whit him

  • blah

    What happen to her lips ??? Gosh , same as another has been american sh.t heart , joker lips. !! it make her more manly looking .

    She used to be average , so-so looking , now she is a full blown fugly hag.

  • mariam

    # 37 Tommy @ 09/29/2008 at 9:41 pm The woman is worth well over 100 Million dollars. She did 4 films in the past year. Did a guest spot on 30 Rock. She deserves her trips to Cabo. If I had her money and work behind me, I’d be doing the same thing! And she looks effing fantastic. .


    are you serious ????
    & what 4 films hhhhhhhhhh

  • just saying

    Brad left her because she sunbathes too much.

  • just kidding

    She is to blame for the failing economy.

  • !

    SHE’S GORGEOUS, there’s no denying that, no matter what all you evil, psychotic, delusional, jealous haters say. JENNIFER ANISTON IS BEAUTIFUL!

  • jk

    How predictable! Right after it was reported that she drunk dialed John Mayer and right before The Changeling is promoted the samed tired pictures of JA shows up.

  • Al

    I feel bad for Jen. She hasn’t changed at all in ten years! The only good thing she had going for her was Brad Pitt and she messed that up!