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Jennifer Hudson: My Engagment Story

Jennifer Hudson: My Engagment Story

A newly engaged Jennifer Hudson lands at JFK airport in New York City early Monday morning.

The 27-year-old singer/actress recently described her and attorney David Otunga‘s engagement story: “It was a big deal… I got a beautiful ring and I got him. I had no clue at all… We went to the beach during the day and he blindfolded me… and he gave me a purple shovel, because purple’s my favorite color… and I had to dig. I ended up digging through all this sand. When I found it, it was like a bunch of beautiful cards… one related to the other, and the last one said, ‘Look around, take the moment in, turn around and I have a gift for you.’”

Tomorrow, Jennifer will release her self-titled debut album.

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Credit: DiSciullo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Katie

    I love J Hud but she looks a little rough here.


    That’s a cute story!!!

  • layla

    definite props to jennifer for not worrying about going makeup-less in public. cant accuse her of being a diva!

  • shoes4life

    I just hope he has true feelings for her and that she has a strong pre-nup. Especially, since he is an attorney they can find loop holes.

    I hate to see her be duped by someone only looking for celebrity.

  • WingNut13

    Dunno….”I got a beautiful ring, and I got him.”

    Seems to me you’d be more excited about getting HIM, if you really loved him. Why would you mention the rock before the man?

  • wrong move

    I have a feeling that Hudson is making a Star Jones Reynolds mistake. Heavy women are often too desperate to have a man and they end up taking the first thing that smiles and says I love you. Hudson had been dating another man for a long time. What happened? And now she’s ready to marry this guy so quickly? She does not seem very happy to me because her instincts are telling her something.

    Jennifer Hudson should pay attention to that nagging feeling. She should date this guy a bit longer and get to know him better before taking such a serious step. She’s still very young and has many years of success before her. Marrying will produce a baby and then what?

  • yobi


  • julia

    she`s so big!

  • Angie


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    that’s one ugly-as-fcuk fat bish.

  • urg


  • kristan

    lmfao she looks horrible.
    even people who aren’t celebs shouldnt go out in public looking like this

  • b chick

    ewww. she looks so ugly and fat in these pics
    terrible choice of outfit, haircut, and well…its pretty obvious she needs to loose some weight :P

    a little make up wouldn’t be bad :)

  • Foxy

    I’m sorry to say this, she a good singer, but I find nothing remotely attractive about this woman, and I’m not basing my opinion on the fact that these are fugly looking pictures. Even when she’s all done up I find nothing appealing about her. Her speaking sucks a$$.

  • Angelina fan

    Hot outfit. I’m happy for her and can’t wait to hear her cd.

    Man, is it just me or have the comments gotten nastier on this blog lately? I had to scroll up to make sure I was still on JJ. I’m sorry, but why go to a post and leave a comment just to be cruel? This is one of the celeb blogs a lot of stars visit.

    Bottom line, she’s a beautiful, talented, and happy girl. If that doesn’t appeal to someone, they’re the one with the problem, not Jennifer.

  • DEe

    I applaud J.H. being comfortable enough to be herself and not always feel the need to put on make-up etc. BUT……..despite being down-to-earth and foregoing the DIVA attitude, a little bit of make-up goes a long way. If I knew cameras would snap my pic everytime I was out and about, I wouldn’t dress to the 9′s all the time, but wouldn’t be caught falling below a seven. My goodness, she has an award and needs to represent a bit more…though being REAL says is great. One just seems to get the feel that not much effort is put into stepping out the house, and some people need just a bit more effort, not saying a make-up/hair team just to go to the cleaners, but a bit more than others. She really is pretty and can really look beautiful when she has the right team (clothing choices have been problematic as well) fixing her up. Yeah…that was a quick courtship…if I were a betting woman, her first love would prove to be more of a lasting relationship than this one. Though it is terrible to be so pessimistic.

  • andamentothat

    she looked so nice on the view.. and much slimmer too in the grey short dress.. and she mentioned the engagement and showed her ring off… and said she is busy planning for her wedding.

  • Susan

    It looks like she’s put on a little bit of weight.

  • Cyre

    She looks a hot fucking mess. And she better watch out because i would not trust any man who has dated New York/Tiffany Pollard. Mock my words but I smell a divorce, and it would look funny if she was to get a pre nup because her dumb ass made him her attorney.

  • yuck

    she looks fat and UGLY. someone please put a paper bag over her face!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    she looks like a fat ass man.

    a week from now jared will post another thread about her, and she’ll have 3 pounds of makeup on her face. watch the idiots scream how “gorgeous” and “beautiful” she is. lmbaoooooooooooo

    just remember these pictures. this is what jennifer hudson REALLY looks like.

  • Blah

    She looks really ugly and rude without make-up on. What is she engaged to? A wilderbeast?

  • callmewhatever81

    I think she looks normal without makeup, not ugly not beautiful. U guys are ridiculous to exaggerate how bad she looks. Get a life.

  • Justme

    I heard her sing on some program recently, can’t remember which show, but she sang her new song from an upcoming album. Girl has the pipes but the song was boring, a real yawner. Anybody else hear it?

  • Tealeaf

    She is getting a famehungry ex-reality show personality who went after a nasty chick like NY

    She shouldn’t stick with her old sweetheart…

  • marry

    wow. she’s pretty ugly.

  • WakeUpPeople

    She looks rough!!!

  • stalkerazzi

    I started to think that true talents appear on JJ only when they are dead (remember Paul Newman?). Maybe this site isn’t hopeless yet. At least one normal face among Zanessa, Rumer Willis and the like.

  • http://justjared gurlie

    i like but she looks stange in those pics

  • http://justjared gurlie

    i like but she looks stange in those pics

  • lalalove

    Aww, that’s such a sweet story.
    My boyfriend better be that romatic! LOL

    BTW, She should NEVER leave her house without make-up again! NEVER!

  • http://justjared gurlie


  • http://justjared bayling

    shes horrible there and fat too

    sorry dint mean to be rude or fustrate u i just said my point of view

  • yikes

    She obviously needs a pound of makeup and a girdle to look the part. Although I applaud her for going natural–it’s such a disconnect from how she usually looks.

  • elle

    She’s talented as hell and seems very happy all the time but food is not her friend. I remember during Oscarstime when she wasnominated she was looking fabulous and volumptous but now she looks fat fat fatty! If she dropped some stones she’d look FAB!


  • michelle

    Engagment? Really?

  • Jennisyn

    There is a lot of criticism towards her fiance for being on a dating show and such, but doesn’t go to show that he was looking for love and willling to take a big risk to get it? Get a pre-nup, girl. Good Luck!!

  • Adoring Fan

    JJ are you sure that is Jennifer Hudson? Maybe it’s a just someone posing as her. Sure looks like an imposter.

  • kas

    put on some makeup. nasty…

  • joneblaze

    She looked a million times better on The View today
    I tell ya make up works wonders

  • Michelle

    Congradulations Jennifer! All you haters need to get a life. I think Jennifer is smart enough to know what she wants. It is my understanding that she has been dating this man for a year.

    Know one needs to tell a people what they already know — when she is ready she will do what she needs to do for herself.

    For God sakes this young woman received an Oscar award already.
    That in itself is “GREAT”.

  • luvs-it

    I personally think its awesome to see a ‘normal’ curvy woman in this crazy vein industry!! So all u retarded ppl saying she’s fat shut ur f***ing mouths!! Seriously!!!

  • angel girl

    all u haters stop bashing on jennifer. i would like to see how some of you look without makeup!

  • *ah~lay~jah*

    cute story and all and she has an amazing voice its buetiful an all but i think that she a cocky person fame changes people and thats sad cuz u start to forget were u came for who u were before the money and the camaras but i guess she wouldnt care cuz opf money right and your at were i someday wont to be well i hope u take the time out to read this and think about it . is what this young lady is writing tru? only u wuld knw cuz u knw yaself betta than anything so jus stay humble neva forget where u came from jus think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • melissa

    I think she looks just fine thats whats wrong with the world today they are always judging people you need to learn to mind your own business because every one is different and everyone cant look like a stick and as for her and her new engagement she has to make her own decisions and live with them not anybody else and sorry to hear about everything that is going on right now hold your head up and remember god is there for you and will never leave your side


    Honey you are a child of gods! and all god’s children are beautiful! baby girl keep your head up, because you made it , god has blessed you and he is not done yet, it’s going to get even bigger ( you know what i’m talking about) people are going to talk about you till the day the good lord calls you home, and after ur gone they still going to talk. so for all you people on here just being rude i will take an extra 20 min during my prayer tonight to say a prayer for you!

  • t

    He was on I LOVE NEW YORK!!!!!!!!! He was the one she called Punk! So what does that really say about him. He just want the fame



  • mrs. c

    Jennifer Hudson is beautiful. People get jealous when they see someone make it. She has a couple crazy expressions, but we all do when were caught off guard. I am happy for her. I just hope she has a long engagement to get to know him better. Jennifer keep your head up and forget about what people think. Hopefully it will all works out, if not we all make mistakes and we learn from them.

  • Ladybug

    All yall that’s talking about how ugly she is and how fat she is probably need to take a look in the dang mirror. And even if your face is pretty your attitude is not! Last I checked no one is perfect and true love doesn’t revolve on looks alone. Furthermore, I think that by her wearing no makeup reflects how comfortable she is in her own skin. Jen, I am glad you got ur ring and ur man! And my prays go out to you and your family.