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Rachel Bilson Launches Edie Rose

Rachel Bilson Launches Edie Rose

Rachel Bilson promotes the launch of her new collection ‘Edie Rose’ at the Macy’s in Aventura Mall on Sunday in Aventura, Florida.

Back in March, it was announced that Rachel was designing a juniors sportswear line that included everything from jackets, dresses and jeans to knits.

“I want people to see these clothes for what they are, not just another line designed by another celebrity,” The 26-year-old Jumper star said. “I want the line to be taken seriously.”

Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans will be sold for $19.50 and $49.50 per piece at department stores including Macy’s, Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom.

15+ more pics inside of Rachel Bilson launching Edie Rose…

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rachel bilson edie rose macys 01
rachel bilson edie rose macys 02
rachel bilson edie rose macys 03
rachel bilson edie rose macys 04
rachel bilson edie rose macys 05
rachel bilson edie rose macys 06
rachel bilson edie rose macys 07
rachel bilson edie rose macys 08
rachel bilson edie rose macys 09
rachel bilson edie rose macys 10
rachel bilson edie rose macys 11
rachel bilson edie rose macys 12
rachel bilson edie rose macys 13
rachel bilson edie rose macys 14
rachel bilson edie rose macys 15

Photos: Jeff Daly/WENN
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  • boo


  • Kelly

    What’s she wearing!???
    she’s so ugly! I bet her clothes are ugly too!
    At least they’re not expensive but why is she designing clothes when she cant even dress herself pretty?

  • ocsethummer

    Gold ring on her right hand today!

  • holly

    sorry to tell rachel but her line is 1 BIG joke

  • Irishdreams

    OH DAMN ANNIE HALL crap that look died in the 70′s please let it go it was bad then and it’ looks worse on her..Wasn’t this the exact same crap she wore in the a/p shots minus sunglass’s

    #3 this woman can’t remember what day of the week it is let alone what hand she is to wear jewelery on..She does have a hard time keeping her lies straight

  • isnt_it
  • d
  • scott-free

    @ “I want people to see these clothes for what they are, not just another line designed by another celebrity
    - But it was ORIGINALLY designed by Sretsis, a small clothing company from a 3rd World &Tsunami wrecked country, Thailand.

    @ “I want the line to be taken seriously.”
    - LOL you pretentious PLAGIARIST!

  • rockferry

    Oh and she’s now looking like CHARLIE CHAPLIN here (yet on a brainless & talentless version)!

  • aska

    why is she wearing that stupid hat? as a rule, always take off one piece from your outfit before stepping out!

  • sidony

    @ the 2nd “close-up” picture…

    Oh DOUCHel, how your big brown-doe eyes silently & beggingly SCREAMS for attention & desperation to the end!

  • holly

    why is she sitting like a man in the first pic?

  • JOrdyn

    omg when i first look at the pic i thought that was selena gomez
    but im such a huge fan of rachel bilson

  • A thought

    I wouldn’t pay 1 cent for her clothes. I only say that because I already have most of it. The pieces were originally made by someone else. Why would I need two of the same thing that has been out for over, at the very least, a year. Is she serious to think people will buy it when that’s the case? Is she really that stupid? Those are rhetorical questions so no one needs to answer them for real. LOL

  • Jess

    I love the shirt.

  • Halli

    Sienna Miller wore that outfit like two years ago.
    Rachel Bilson is mediocrity in its purest definition.

  • antwacky

    She looks ridiculously short on that 9th pic posing w/ the models. How shameful it is to be that “homely-freaking-tiny” breaking in the fashion world, she should just launch a “tampon line” instead!

  • rockferry

    More THUMBS DOWN here…



  • rockferry
  • rockferry
  • Elle

    Ugh, gosh. She’s looking very unattractive these days.

  • Nick Lachey USA Fan

    She looks well relaxed (and laid back).

  • kim

    OMG, she plagiarized another designer! It’s so obvious!

    That dress is what is called the ‘key’ piece of the collection, the other articles of clothing are there to compliment the ‘key’ piece. And she copied it from another designer!!! How ******* outrageous.

    And now her family got her another undeserved role in a movie?

    What the HELL is going on in Hollywood? Why no accountability?

  • sharon

    @ # 8 you said excatly what i was thinking but isnt there a thing called copyrights ?? guess she missed that one and she does look like charlie chaplin what do you think and yes bring on the snide remarks from her kindergarten fans.

  • peaceluvva

    I really don’t think that saying all these mean comments is going to change a thing!
    And also, for a fact, creating a new fshion line is not an easy thing to do, I’d like to see anyone who said such horrible things to her, try do wat she’s done!
    Cut her some slack guys, sure wat shes wearing isn’t all that flattering, she still looks better than most people would in it!

  • peace out

    she did not create anything, these are simple dresses and blazers that have been around for years, nothing new, nothing unique, and the only slightly different dress she copied along with everything else, show me one thing that is original or new
    she looks ridiculous, she took charlie chaplin’s identical close and put it on
    it is a shame and a sham, WOW what a disaster of a line and an actress and a person
    shame on you ms bilson and your advisers and BFF for that matter, he is part of it too
    she gives herself, her family, hayden and his family a bad name

  • rachel

    this copying problem is going to follow her reputation for the rest of her life even if she buys herself out of the situation plus her publicity stunts
    she will have a reputation in Hollywood forever
    I think her tactics are the lowest, she is just the worst

  • scott-free

    A (rather) “de rigueur” re-post!

    Anyone else tired of starlets pretending to be designers?! Thanks to them, the real up and coming designers would now have a hard time selling their products. They have to go on Project Runway to be seen at all!
    Like all celebrity products, I never believe they are actually involved in everything. These bored & brainless starlets just hires genuine designer/s and would give 1% rough idea of what & how they want them to look like and these designer/s would execute 99% of them. So presto! These moneyed tarts can now call themselves as “designers”!
    I’d say if you’re a “sensible consumer”, just go for the “original” one (Sretsis, Thailand) as its more cheaper and could add even a little help for the progression/promotion of that small clothing company and to their country as well being on 3rd rate country INSTEAD of digging to some US branded (on a high price-dollar rate) yet a brazen phoney-baloney apparels designs.

  • Casey

    she may be able to take care of your own styles, but designing a line??? no no no! she’s a copycat, period

  • rachel

    indeed, she can not design and she will never amount to anything, let hayden marry her and keep her in the kitchen, after all, that is all she aspires to
    he must be very primitive not to see through her or not want more than she can offer
    adam was right to dump her, he started a band, he is acting, he is trying to have a life not just settle for something accessible

  • Jane

    Since when are dresses and jeans sportswear?

  • Willow

    She is so homely looking, (under average) How did she get into Hollywood!

  • ;

    Sienna Miller number 2

  • crapshack


    Poor Little RB, you just had reached the “101st List Of Shameful Reasons” why you’re ever-precious BFF wouldn’t acknowledged (as much as you want to) you after all this time. You’ll be a forever & ever undercover GFF.
    That is; if it’s a bona fide romance and not as bogus as your clothing line but from the looks of it, both are now heading on the “same” direction/path (sham). Make me no wonder…

  • melissa

    Love her style

  • chuck

    Charlie Chaplin called. He wants his hat back.
    Don’t tell me she’s going to rip off a dead guy too.

  • iris

    She looks great

  • bella

    what is she wearing????

  • rachel

    She look boring, she looks like any girl would look not like a designer.

  • mad
  • allen

    Rachel’s dad is a writer and also directs and writes comics books. Her grandfather is a TV director. How would she feel if somebody stole their original work? How would she feel if somebody else made money off her dad and grandfather’s writing? Coming from a Hollywood family, she of all people should know about intellectual property rights and plagiarism.

  • rachel

    SHAME ON YOU MS. BILSON, you owe a public apology at least. Come out and explain your stolen designs and manipulation of the media by wearing a so called wedding band to tease the little girls to get recognition. Nobody would talk about her if she did not date costars.

  • glass door

    Her clothes are very boring and its impossible to tell if she’s going for Annie Hall (but without the wit and quirkiness) or 80′s New Wave (but without the originality and energy). In any case, low rise jeans for her are the worst choice because they make her legs look shorter and her butt bigger. She’s so average she’d never get on the cover of anything if her dad wasn’t famous and she had a boatload of well-connected family. I sure hope she goes away soon.

  • real world

    Look that’s what she wanted to do.Don’t you have dream to do something with your life?At least she’s doing it cause it makes her be happy for her and move on.Stop mentioning hayden everytime she do something.You know that he do not support what she do .He isn’t there is he.?It’s about her clothing line not about him.Everybody says bad things about other people clothing line.She not the first.They seem to be pretty nice clothes.

  • rachel fan

    Well, I guess i’m in the minority here, but I think Rachel is very cute and I love her fashion sense. . How can anyone say she is ugly, I think she is adorable..Oh well, to each his own I guess.

  • rachel

    what do you mean hayden is not there, he is living with her, he is her best friend and confidant, he is there all the way, and she shames him by her behavior. That’s all. You think he is not, but all evidence is to the contrary as well as her public statements, so he is part of this sham and he should be ashamed too.

  • ailis

    What’s up with that hat? ugh

  • tessa

    obsessed like always, poor haters Haha

  • Chloe

    I like her,but this outfit man it really suck!!!!

  • amaranth

    @ #46 – what do you mean hayden is not there, he is living with her……

    Just another BOGUS… as you actually believe everything written in the Internet tabloids huh!?
    This faux clothing line is the REAL thing as there are photographic evidence/s to prove it, so deal w/ this more as/while that reported “romantic hullabaloos are still on its mere APPARITION stage after all this time!