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Shenae Grimes to Starbucks: Fill 'Er Up!

Shenae Grimes to Starbucks:  Fill 'Er Up!

90210 starlet Shenae Grimes grabs a few cups of coffee at Starbucks in West Hollywood on Sunday morning.

The 18-year-old Canadian cutie has been under fire lately for being too thin for TV and her terrible smoking habit.

Shenae also has been rumored to be a diva on set. “Everybody’s really nice,” her costar Adam Gregory said when asked about rumors that onscreen love interest Shenae is difficult on set. “I have never had a problem with anyone.”

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Credit: Barnsley, Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • nina

    I dont think there’s anything wrong with her.

  • first :]

    omg, what happened to her?
    but i think shes still pretty.

  • PardyHardy

    for someone so thin that shirt is ridiculously unflattering — it makes her look pregnant.

  • MSgirl

    Girl looks BEAT for being 18! Yeah so smoking should help speed up the process, way to go Shenae.

  • andamentothat

    thats too thin?

  • aska

    she looks slim but definitely not thin or too thin. no. she looks like she’s a short girl so she must not weigh too much, but she’s certainly not too thin. for someone who’s only 18, her face sure looks older. she just has an older woman’s face. not a girl’s face, but maybe a 30 something year old woman’s face. eh.

  • ..

    It’s so annoying that people can call other people too thin or skinny but it is considered unacceptable to call someone fat.

    People may think they are paying people a compliment when they call a girl skinny but slim is a much nicer word to use – skinny basically suggests that you have a body like a boy and no curves. And there ARE naturally skinny people, I say from experience. I eat like a pig and hate all kinds of sports and exercise and yet I am one of the thinnest people I know. I try to gain weight so I at least have some hope of gaining curves but it’s impossible and a LOT harder than losing weight. I’m just glad I’m not in the public eye as people would be saying I don’t eat when the truth is the opposite of this.

    I don’t know Shenae, but I don’t think she’s too thin at all and she’s been papped eating on set so it’s obvious she does. And smoking doesn’t make someone a bad person.

    And these diva on set rumours are almost never true.


    Wow she does not look that skinny.. how can you gain weight so fast..

    She does look like she is pregnant.. ..Why not show these pix of her
    to show how being normal .. is a good thing

  • ediot

    what a horrid top!

  • Alice

    <3 Shenae <3 Degrassi

  • stephanie

    I can’t believe how you guys are saying that she looks pregnant and then you wonder why celebrities get insecure and stop eating because people like you say ‘she looks pregnant in that’ when that’s not even the case AT ALL.

    I think she looks great.

  • Helena

    She really isn’t that thin. Jessica Stroup, on the other hand…

  • kristan

    and she smokes alot?!
    man this girl is on road to be the next britney or lindsay.

  • shoegal421

    i only watch the show for brenda and kelly.

  • taylor

    shes so groose. and i love how now shes dressing to make herself look not as thin

  • Catherine

    after watching the 1st episode, i wanted to puke at the site of how thin her and jessica stroup was.

    now, she’s looking really good. keep drinking starbucks!

    but i can’t lie, those are horrible clothes. doesnt she know that she’s going to be the next “it” girl. at least look the part, shanea.

  • Al

    Is she pregnant or is this a ‘look pregnant’ top?

  • pottotie

    i don’t think she is too thin,her co-star though,i don’t remember her name but she is like scary skinny…

  • lily

    She looks pregnant in the shirt because it’s incredibly unflattering. If it can make someone as thin as Shenae look pregnant, obviously it’s the shirt and nothing to do with her.

    Although if she did look like that (have a little meat on her bones), she would look much healthier.

  • Suzanne

    She looks pretty, I just wish she would stop smoking.

  • nitaa

    I dont mind how she looks.
    Celebs are like us, they are allowed to not look AMAZING all the time. They have days off aswell, just give them a break.
    She is not thin she is just right. God people complain soo much.

  • fuuugz

    she’s not too thin, she’s just fug.

  • lola

    she looks fatly pregnant in this shirt… publicity stunt?

  • blueberry

    to #2
    no make-up, that’s what happened to her!!!

  • Seth

    She looks like a bag lady. Not to insult bag ladies; but is this how a young woman should go out, let alone a starlet. This is not casual. this is dirty hair, old, second hand clothes., trying to be Bohemian but missing the point look.

  • sdf

    i agree with #7, i’m in the same position as she is:)

  • sam

    She looks rough… way older than 18.

  • Jerriee

    She’s not preggo, and she dosn’t look scary skinny.
    BUT I agree that she looks worn. Even the texture of her skin looks off. Like she’s not eating properly or something.

  • ******

    I agree with … #7

    I am thin and have been my whole life, and for some reason people think it’s ok to call skinny people names and if someone is over weight your dare not say anything, I was given hell in high school for my weight and i tried to gain weight because of it and i haven’t been able too…it gave me a complex. I eat like a horse i just have a fast metobolisim. I feel sorry for these celbs getting all this scrutiny over their weight, the poor girl is probably trying to wear clothes that make her bigger because of all the flack she has been given for being thin…
    They are fine, your would know if they had eating disorders they would be alot thinner, i have known people that have had disorders and they look alot worse than that.

    Also, celbs are just like you and i, they couldn’t be bothered getting all dressed up just to go get a coffee, they can’t look like they on TV all the time….you would get sick of it..

  • Kari

    Oh my god people lay off! she likes fine to me, that is NOT too skinny! BTW, she has the face of a thirty-year-old??? Bullcrap!! SHE IS SQUINTING IN THE SUN!!! Sheesh. I love you Shenae! :)


    Shenae isnt too thin. I thought she looked too thin in the very first ep of 90210 but she looks like shes at a healthy weight now.

    And who cares if she smokes!! Everyone knows the health issues that come with smoking, and Im sure she’s well aware of them. Its her choice to smoke.

  • crystal

    Omg, There is no way she looks pregnant in that top!! for her height she has a petite body, iknow plenty of people like this and they all eat which i am sure she does as well!!!!

    I really dont get why soo many people say horrible things about her when you dont even know her.
    I bet if you were in here position you wouldnt like ppl saying all this stuff about you now, would you???

  • anonymousgurl

    is that a baby bump ?

  • nicole

    Shenae Grimes looks like a younger Britney her mannerisms and smile

  • http://Babbii!! ☆Edinburghrockz!☆x

    She should go 2 Macdonalds and have maybe 5 big macs a day!! lol