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Alicia Keys & Jack White - "Another Way To Die" Music Video

Alicia Keys & Jack White -


Alicia Keys and the Racounteurs frontman Jack White have teamed up for the theme song of the next James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

“Another Way to Die” was written by White, who also played drums and guitar and produced the track. It also features Keys on piano. It’s the first duet in Bond history! The soundtrack for Quantum hits stores October 28th. Watch the video below!

Quantum of Solace, starring Daniel Craig, opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, Nov. 7.

Alicia Keys & Jack White – “Another Way To Die” Music Video
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  • Kim


  • zv


  • zv

    i love alicia, but this is strange and my ears hurt

  • :]

    First-weird song….

  • :]

    First-weird song….

  • yawn


  • ediot

    i dont like alica’s voice much. but this song is good.
    jack white=genius.
    this song is new and strange- but fresh

  • lala.

    i like the song :)

  • enoughalready

    Wrong person for the song, Pink or Beyonce would’ve killed that song and you know it..

    Alicia was a bad choice……

    Every time I hear her in this song it gets worst…

  • Desireé

    i LOVE this song, but the video… it’s a disaster!!! and jack looks horrible and i usually think he’s hot.

  • essie

    this has got to be the weirdest pairing

    but alicia is so stunning, hate her lol

  • Scrappy su

    I agree with #10, the song is actually quite good.

    The video however is HORRIFIC. It looks so cheap and shabby. And the way Jack and Alica move about in the video is just so dull.

    Normally most bond videos have a sort of espionage theme (like duran duran on the eiffel tower playing spies, Shirly Manson as the assasin and Madonna being interrogated). Not that going against the grain is a problem for me, but if you are just do it properly. Someone needs a word with the director…

    I personally think the song is a grower.

    And some Quantumn of Solace clips in the video would’ve been nice since it is a Bond Song.

  • why???

    Very interesting pairing . . .love the song :)

  • r.

    Much better than the usual Bond songs. Jack White is quite the genius musically.

  • guitar

    Love the song. Great way to freshen John Barry’s original guitar work, Jack. Love your vocal riffs, too. Alicia is awesome on the piano. They may not have the best chemistry as artists, but the song is a joining of two completely different styles. That is what makes it so hot and not just another regirgitated melody.

  • lghj

    awhh mani love jack white:)
    the white stripes are amazingg:D

    i’ve been waiting for the video forever.

    though. alicia killed this like fuuuuuuuck.

  • LT

    I think it’s waaay cool! Sexy, like Bond!

  • Mr Perfect

    Wow .. it’s … not quite what I expected or would have wanted.

    It sadly should have been Amy Winehouse.

  • !

    AWESOME SONG, from two very talented, brilliant musicians.

  • cat in heat

    Oh, it soooo terrible. What were they thinking? It is as appealing as the stray cat howling in the alley behind my building.

  • just me

    LOVE it! It is so strangebut definely has that “Bond” sound. Great job for Jack and Alicia!!

  • athena

    Wow, this song is so different for a James Bond film…I do like it very much…I think it will do good just as the movie will…and the previews look amazing anyway…can’t wait to see this film.

  • ohrobot

    Okay…first in the song Icky Thump, Jack kind of raps when he says the line “you can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too”…then he and the Raconteurs release Consolers of the lonely and the entire album is so far removed from the sound that originally shot him into the hearts of many a rock and roll fan…now…

    he teams up with Alicia Keys for the soundtrack to a franchise that should of gone away years ago…the result?

    A tricked out, overproduced mess that probably should’ve never happened anyway.

    I have no problem with Alicia Keys. I think she is a talent, but I also think that Amy Winehouse, yes, even while she’s a drugged out mess, would’ve been a better choice to have been paired with Alicia.

    Jack, if you ever have the chance to read or be told about this comment…remember what you did on “let’s shake hands”??

    Bring that back. Please.

    PS. Did Winehouse pass away yet? For the record, I hope not. She’s pretty rad.

    With love,
    oh robot.

  • Stellartes

    At first I thought it was Adriana Lima on the picture….Alicia is very pretty.

  • andamentothat

    horrible!!! what are the Broccolli’s thinking??

  • shenanyginz

    I’m not impressed with the vocals… maybe its my headphone idk… The theme song for Casino Royale was awesome… This however, I guess it’ll have to grow on me. But I was sort of hoping they’d go back to having strictly women sing the theme songs… Hope that wasn’t a sexist statement I just don’t want the Bond Franchise to do a complete 180

  • meeee

    I think is one of the best things Jack White has ever done, It’s not half bas

  • lindsay

    omg i love the song:)

  • lol

    Oooh, if this is one of the best things this guy has ever done, his music must suck.

  • Ali

    this song is dreadful…

  • ross40

    I hope someone can help me…

    I used to be a fan of the White Stripes until I moved onto a different band. Is this Jack White the SAME as White Stripe’s Jack?

    Thanks in advance to anybody who answers…

  • rossy40

    Sorry, JJ, I don’t know what happened to my “y” – I hit the key, but … Sometimes I hate my computer! LOL

  • Athina

    Worst Bond song ever. Terrible collaboration.

  • eugene

    this song is totally wack!

  • joneblaze

    I dont like it and i love Alicia and i usually dig the Bond songs
    Jack White looks like he belongs in a Tim Burton movie

  • anne

    the end reminds me of prog-rock of the 70′s…like yes and what not. i like the violins, strange pairing. i was really looking forward to winehouse ripping it up and she said that she would be putting out her own version of the jb theme (let’s see how that plays).

    overall i like jack black. i like alicia (at times she can annoy the hell out of me). but i don’t think they go great together.

  • Caro

    I like it…
    i think Alicia did a great job!

  • Solostar1

    This song is GARBAGE……Im so disappointed with Alicia. They should have let jack do this song alone….

  • fakename

    All they’re doing is yelling

  • sasha

    this is brilliant. love it. it is so unusual and new.

  • marie


  • cHELLE

    HOT HOT HOT! Love the song, so relentless. The collaboration is perfect IMO. Two talented musicians from two different genres, it’s a bright and stunning clash. Can’t get the song out of my head, not that I’d want to. BRAVO!

  • aida

    I Like the hair of Alicia Keys,But song,,,,,,,,,not perfect(((

  • jimmy

    Hola Mr. Bond.
    So glad you could make it.
    Did you bring the drinks?
    heh heh heh!

  • james

    Shaken, not stirred, just as you like it! YAY!!

  • jimmy/to tess

    good eeeeeeeevening Mr Bond-
    Woooooooooo Hoooooooooo!
    and away we go!!
    We can check in on both threads tomorrow- this one and ‘casino royale opens..”

  • james

    Jimmy, found this on Twitter:

    bikoko: Daniel Craig’s girlfriend = Satsuki Mitchell, mouai bof.
    about 10 hours ago from web

    What does “mouai bof” mean?

  • james

    Another Twitter:

    thebirdmachine: also, this girl i know served JAMES FUCKING BOND TODAY. (daniel craig is from the same town as me! HE’S WITHIN 10 MILES OF ME RIGHT NOW LOL)
    about 14 hours ago from web

    This girl has her location as Wirral, UK

  • james

    This guy doesn’t say where he’s at, just has a UK phone number and is a student. Looks very young.

    Liamh22: Daniel Craig Is 5 Minutes Drive Away From Me Right Now And I Want To Go See Him!!
    about 16 hours ago from TwitterFon

  • james

    Went to Liamh22 Twitter page and will post these tweets in order:

    Daniel Craig Is 5 Minutes Drive Away From Me Right Now And I Want To Go See Him!!
    about 16 hours ago from TwitterFon

    @Abzstaar He’s In West Kirby Where He Went To School Which Is Like 4miles From Me In Meols!!! He’s Come To See A Boat Race & My Friend Just
    about 16 hours ago from TwitterFon in reply to Abzstaar

    @Abzstaar Served Him In A Book Shop!
    about 16 hours ago from TwitterFon in reply to Abzstaar

    @Abzstaar Of Course I’m Seriousssss!! I Ain’t No Liar Biatch =P
    about 16 hours ago from TwitterFon in reply to Abzstaar

    @Abzstaar I Didn’t See Him =(
    about 6 hours ago from TwitterFon in reply to Abzstaar