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Ellen DeGeneres Talks Proposition 8

Ellen DeGeneres Talks Proposition 8

Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi arrive at the ‘Yes! on Prop 2 Party’ on Sunday in Los Angeles. You too can vote “Yes” on Proposition 2, and help improve conditions for animals.

TONIGHT, the 50-year-old talk show queen will talk about another cause dear to her heart, voting NO to Proposition 8 on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

“I’m FOR gay marriage,” Ellen has said on her blog. “And in order to protect that right — please VOTE NO on Proposition 8. And now that you’re informed, spread the word. I’m begging you. I can’t return the wedding gifts — I love my new toaster.”

Tune into NBC tonight to watch Ellen chat up Proposition 8! Exclusive pic from tonight’s show below –

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    RIGHT ON ELLEN !!!!!!….I just love her and Portia !!!!!……..What a funny lady and a generous person….What’s not to love?…She is one of my ” dream to meet in person people”….She looks great in that lipstick color, which is unusal for her…..VOTE NO!!

  • ilovechickies

    thanks jj, i’ll tune in

  • caaro!

    heey !I LOVE ellen !she is the greatest woman ever!haha she is soooo funny! I bet her new toaster is really good !
    be happy Portia & Ellen ! :)

  • JJ

    yay Ellen.

  • mike

    Let the hatred begin…

  • t

    amen ellen

  • menna

    obvously she’s for it. and i agree with her. VOTE NO on Prop 8.

  • Anonymous

    So Ellen is FOR gay marriage? Like we didn’t know that? Well, NAMBLA is FOR men having sex with boys too. They’re both in the same category. Unnatural, and I’m not voting for either to be legalized!

  • Janie

    haha I love my new toaster! I love Ellen! I agree no!

  • Janie

    haha I love my new toaster! I love Ellen! I agree no!

  • Ann

    Lovely couple !

  • jane

    Anonymous – you’re small-minded and bigoted. You’re ridiculous!


  • nicolem

    I love Ellen and the “I love my new toaster” made me laugh. They make such a cute couple.

  • boogie

    I love Ellen. She makes me laugh and she is one of a very few population of Hollywood stars that is so down to earth and NOT phony!

  • Debra77

    I think it is sad that we celebrate Ellen and Portia, but forget that millions of people in this country long for the right to make their commitment to the person they love the most legal. It is sad that decisions that effect peoples lives are based on what happens in a bedroom.. Where no one should be invited. I am not pro gay.. I am just a person who believes that Love is a gift from GOD>
    If GOD has a problem with Gay marriage then he/she will make that know. I nor anyone else walking this earth speak for the Master.

    I hope to all those who are being restricted will gain the rights you deserve as a human being. Gays pay taxes, and should have the right to live a full life as everyone else has the choice to do.

  • lina

    omg i got the wrong idea when i saw the headline

  • Seth

    She is so funny. Can’t return the wedding gifts, hahaha…

    VOTE NO.
    If you love this country and the ideals of freedom it is based on defeat this bigoted proposition.

  • marie

    ha they THINK they ‘re married!

  • angiefan

    Love Ellen! They are such a gorgeous couple!!!!! I agree, vote NO!

  • eddie jones

    yeah let’s talk, let the people vote and see how things are.

  • Dave

    I really like and admire portia and ellen, i think they’re a great couple and believe more people like them should come forward and stand up and redefine the meaning of a couple. godd on them!

  • yes

    ew they are so gross!

  • Lyla

    I love Ellen, she is a funny lady, but I don’t agree with gay marriage. what’s next? maybe I can married 3 guys at the same time, it’s love right? let’s make it legal.

  • Nico

    OMG #23 you can’t have your mind so close! What if gays and lesbians want to marry? They’re people after all, they’re the same as us only we don’t like the same gender.
    And if you want to marry 3 guys at the same time and you DO love them, who says you can’t? But you have to be sure if they are available to share you.
    I can’t believe how wrong are the people that drive our countries.

  • gina

    I love the two of them together so much.

  • jolene & betsy

    Everyone should have the right to marry whom they love. It’s a human right that has been denied for tooooo long. Thanks Ellen & Portia for setting a great example of love & kindness for each other. I see so many non-gay couples that are married and have no clue what love is. For those of you who are so negative on this issue, please get to know at least 1 gay person in your life. Then I’m sure you’ll have a better understanding that love is love. Let’s stop the hatred and ignorance.

  • royal

    @Lyla, yeah you should marry 3 guys at the same time..that is if there are guys who’s gonna be willing to marry you!
    To all the haters out there, I wish all your kids turn out to be GAY, then we’ll see how you all feel to be discriminated!



  • Taylor

    Prop 8 isn’t about discrimination against homosexuals. Prop 8 is about protecting the family unit, religious freedoms, parental rights and even democracy. The consequences are far reaching. Furthermore, under a civil union homosexual couples have all the rights that a married couple have. California allows civil unions. It’s just not called marriage. For more info check out It really opened my eyes to just how serious this is.

  • jtr

    Prop. eight all the way! I don’t see how the insurance companys can sit by and watch this stupid crap of same sex marrage keep going. have you ever been sitting outside and two dogs are there both male or female, the first thing they do is sniff each other and then walk away or start to fight. goes to show you, dogs are smarter then some people. don’t think you are born guy, you chose it.

  • lenny

    thanks for your support for no on 8

    p.s. your wife is to young for you!!….just my opinion

  • Juan Jaasiel Rodriguez

    there is very deep issue here at hand in terms of marriage. This problem will in no way be solved in this election. The door for conflict has been blown wide open, and the issue will go on to weig more important things in our country.

    We must truly look at the responsibilities of the state, and its need to promote the well being of it’s systems ability to provide freedoms and liberties for its constituents and to avoid creating inconsistencies for them that leads to moral dilemnas.

    If we are to be true liberterians, and propose a state of anarchy, we must therefore not ask the state to consider our contracts, agreements, rhetoric etc. in its decision making process. For example, absolutely free trade and economy. However, because we request help (Welfare, police, defence, social security), recognition (race, profession, sexual orientation, business, sexual orientation, single or married), and action (money, punishments, reimbursements, domicile, visitation rights) from the system, and beg often for its interference for its constituents, we therefore grant it a power. And this is it: discernment.

    It must have the power to categorize. Who is poor, guilty, friend, enemy, retirement aged, hispanic, white, black, architect, school teacher, lawyer, president, soldier, pilot, gay, straight, neither, both, single, married, owed to, owes, guilty, not guilty, afflicted, afflicting, is in georgia, is in texas, is in california, related, unrelated, etc. This is key to our system of law. We give it this power because of the complexity it has due to our requests of it. No one is exempt in this request by virtue of living here. Therefore, we cannot claim infinite equality from the law.

    This is fine. It’s ok. Anyone against it or that says it is not true is simply not looking hard enough.

    Proposition 8 proponents, and anyone who comes against it, are fighting over a power of discernment of the law, and that is the relational status that the law categorizes two people as “marriage”. The category has already existed for a long time, and the law has helped, recognized, and acted on this category. And therefore it has interfered. Once again this is ok. Because we expect this of the government. And if we do not consider this fair, than that person does not belong here, and probably not in any other government.

    They are absolute anarchists.

    Now, this is the danger that our modern day is putting before our government: regulating on popular basis what the different categories are, and furthermore, what their individual responsibilities, benefits, demerits, restrictions and other qualities are.

    So, the marriage contract, homosexual relationships, heterosexual relationships, polygamist relationships, incest relationships, and others are all recognized by the law and assigned a status, legal or illegal. This too is ok. They are each individual categories. However, the marriage contract is a far more formal category. The real differences between the different relationships are all implied by the different titles we give them, however the differences occur in reality. They are obvious. And no one can deny them. Any straight person who would say that their relationship is the same as that as any other relationship, gay or plural and so on, and believes it, is in serious trouble.

    Now, this is the problem of not supporting a measure such as prop 8. You force the law to take two VERY different relationships, with very REAL differences, make it dishonor those differences, and force them into a category that will provide the EXACT same qualities to both relationships. We do not need the law to do this, because it is already done. It’s called a union.

    Furthermore, we are forcing the law to take a category, called a contract, and force it into one of our most fundamental categories: a Right. We are confusing it with a real right: the right to hold a contract. Therefore, we remove a serious right: the right to exclusivity in any contract. And we will take it to the supreme court to do this.

    All in the name of equality. This is perhaps the biggest challenges this country will face. Are we going to force the government to hand over its power of discernment to our will and whim. And then, force it to close its eyes to real differences because of the word of the day, Tolerance and Equality, in this case, and then make it act irrelevant of those differences.

    The psychological impact that this will have on the future of this nation is unknown and could not be calculated. Because we will begin the eroding of value and difference for the law, we may affect the very nature of this culture in the future. And in no good way, because we may begin to affect the categories of the general culture and social structure because of its interdependence of with government in a negative manner, for example the many court cases already being held as well as their rulings show this. This is not a direct attack human rights and decency, and

  • joe

    she shouldnt be allowed to be married to portia. The only way she should be allowed to be married, is if she decided that she wants to be with a man. Screw what the bible says, we dont, and shouldnt need the bible to tell us that the idea of same sex marriage is just wrong!

  • Anonymous

    in regardds to jtr and all the other people trying to use nature and science, or history or any other academic discipline to discriminate against gays, with all due respect don’t bother. Over 16 000 species on the planet have same sex relationships (including dogs i might add jtr). Furthermore, anthropologically speaking the concept of homosexuality is widely recognized as a predetermined characteristic, and serves a vital role within every culture, the extent of which i don’t have space for. With respect to History, same sex relationships have been recorded back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, thereby predating the formation of Catholicism or Christianity. With respect to religion, although i may not know much, i know enough to believe that many among us have forgotten the core teachings of christianity and that is love, acceptence, and forgiveness, and have been caught up in the systems of social heirarchy (that one person is better than another, or one deserves less rights than the other). God would want all of us to be happy, and not to deny our true selves. Finally, with respect to politics and legality, gay people are our doctors, our lawyers, our accountants, our teachers, or scientists, and even our politicians and heads of corporations. They pay taxes and contribute vital elements of our society, so why then do we force them to contribute equally to our economy and society, and then turn around and deny them the full benefit of our society. It is like asking them to pay for medical insurance and then deny them care, it makes no sense.

  • yes

    The gay people in California are currently holding violent riots, jumping on cop cars, calling for boycots of businesses during our country’s time of recession, knocking crosses out of peoples hands, ect………….These gays are out of control! No we don’t want these people to start running the country. I think they need therapy to deal with thier personal issues and perhaps some anti depressants because they seem to have a lot of problems and past issues. The YES vote was proof that the rest of California agrees. the state spoke. Furthermore, a whole lot of us didn’t want Barrack Osama in office, but you don’t see us jumping on cop cars and going crazy! The state spoke, try again next election.

  • Anna

    While gay people did get a little out of control in California, I don’t believe we can judge them based on their reaction to something horrible (like marriage being taken away from them). After all, if you took the worst of every society- the worst white, the worst black, the worst straight, gay, male, female, etc.- and only focused on them, you’d become a very depressed and bitter person. Every social group makes mistakes, and has bad people in it. I love God, I love Him and hope that He will always guide and help my family through the difficult times. I may be young, but I always thought God loved all His children, and just wanted us to be happy. So why can’t people just be given equal rights, and be judged by God, and not each other? It’s unavoidable, I guess, but I feel like society is so stupid- just going in a circle with Every. Single. New. Element. Any new group gets abused, and hated, and called abnormal, and unnatural. It’s so sad.