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High School Musical Takes Over France

High School Musical Takes Over France

Zac Efron keeps his arm wrapped around costar pal Ashley Tisdale prior to a screening of the feature film High School Musical 3: Senior Year on Tuesday in Paris, France.

Also around to help promote the movie: Zac‘s on-and-off-screen girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, Director Kenny Ortega, French singer Amel Bent and costar Corbin Bleu.

You can ask the cast of HSM3 anything you want at MTVZac, Vanessa, Ashley, Corbin, Monique Coleman, Oleysa Rulin, Matt Prokop, Justin Martin, Jemma McKenzie-Brown, and director Kenny Ortega. Ask your question at

15+ pictures inside of the High School Musical cast taking over France…

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high school musical 3 france 01
high school musical 3 france 02
high school musical 3 france 03
high school musical 3 france 04
high school musical 3 france 05
high school musical 3 france 06
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high school musical 3 france 08
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Photos: Franck Fife/FIFE/AFP/Getty
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  • Cami

    aaawww i love ashley!! she looks so beautiful!
    and i adore vanessa’s hair!!!
    they look adorable!!!
    and Zac! OMG HOT!

  • blonde

    zac ur a idiot u dont deserve vanessa, he doesnt care about her, he turns away she deserved more then that

  • salpi

    they all look really really gorgeous

  • http://dontknow hello1230

    zac you egg you should have your arm wrapped around vanessa not ashley

  • wtf

    Ashley Tisdale really screwed up her face with that bad nose job.

  • vanessa

    aww (:

  • jessica

    ah zac … vanessa is so much better =)

  • emilie

    whats with zac being all lame and shiz!he hasnt been showing any loooove for vanessa since theyve been in paris! haha

  • elizabeth


  • xoxobabyv

    zac vanessa is right next to you, stupid!
    you have to hug her not ashley!
    i am so mad right now!
    love vanessa forever!
    she is the best!!

  • Cami

    is only an arm! please dont make a big deal of it

  • lucia angelica nomberto torres

    Ashley looks pretty, Vanessa looks like an older women.
    Ashley, good luck at everything you are going to do, I love you.

  • Angelika in poland

    POLAND Nowy Sącz

  • blonde

    zac u need to die, like for real, since u came to paris and sweden he just brushes her off, she puts her arm around him, he just stands there, i hope she leaves him for someone better.

    DAMN STRAIGHT # 8~!!!!!

  • LOLA

    Vanessa looks GORGEOUS!

    Zanessa= LOVE<3


    I think it’s kinda funny how he’s got his arm wrapped around Ash and not even touching V. Aw, maybe zashley isn’t so done after all.

  • http://dontknow hello1230

    you dont deserve vanessa i seen pics from france she was trying to hug you and you wouldnt even look at her .all you can do is look at all the cameras when youwere in haawii u posed for pics you big show off

  • blonde

    CAMI ITS NOT JUST AN ARM, its the fact that he totally turned from her, and was all up on ashley, i wish it wasnt importent but it is, he is ignoring her

  • DEE


  • dcstarinthemaking

    well thats kinda rude why’s he keeping his arm around ashley? well vanessa looks beautiful but i was watching the video and everyone was speaking in french and they were all just sitting there looking dumb like whaaaa??? haha but they all look beautiful especially my baby CORBIN

  • DEE

    #18, stop trying to start something.

  • blonde

    vanessa said she reads this stuff so.


  • Barbie

    EWW, Look at ASSley’s hideous face!

  • Barbie

    Blonde, you are misreading these pictures. I’m sure there are more pictures where he is hugging vanessa!

  • blonde

    im not starting anything, everyone sees it, its in front of us, he turned away from her and is holding on to ashley, do boyfriends do that, and dont say theyr friends, if him and ashley were friends why cant he put his arm around v too??.



  • xoxobabyv

    vanessa you’re awesome!!!
    i love you soo much!!
    zac i love you too but take your arms off ashley and hugh vanessa, if you are actually leaving vanessa for ashley you have no idea of what you are losing.
    vanessa you rock!!!

  • Barbie
  • http://dontknow hello1230

    look at the ones from france she’s trying to hug him

  • Barbie

    #25. Friends can hug friends! There is nothing wrong with that! Thanks to you zanessa “fan”, now people are gonna make it a bigger deal than it is.

  • blonde

    I HOPE so, i honestly do, but if u look back at pics, he doesnt every hold on to her while in paris

  • http://dontknow hello1230

    anyway i support vanessa
    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuu dump him i wonder if zac will move in with vanessa i mean there is 6 bedrooms

  • hater

    what the fucking god is doing the fucking arm of zac around ashley shitdale? i mean vanessa is your girlfriend, you asshole!

  • AJ


  • naomi

    So the tweens are at it again. I see you must always find something to fight about.

    Zac, Vanessa, Ashley and Corbin are co-stars and friends out on the red carpet for the premiere of their movie. This has nothing to do with Zac and Vanessa’s relationship which is private.

    They have ample time to cuddle up on their own, this time is for their movie and is to be shared with their co-stars. Vanessa is not complaining, I don’t see why it’s bothering you guys. Ashley is their friend.

    Gee, thank goodness their relationship does not depend on the insecurities of tween fans, what a thought!

  • hater


  • blonde

    its all ready been said before me i just think he isnt very caring, she tries he doesnt, plus i am a fan, i always watch forr something new bout them, but this is no cool, i would die if they broke up, but he gotta start treating her better man

  • Barbie

    Look at the way he looks at her!

    He loves her, and you guys are making it a bigger deal than it really is.

  • julia




  • suzy

    everyone looks nice. JJ is trying to start trouble with his comments. can’t wait to see more pics.

  • zanessa

    blonde shut up!!, i agree he should have put his arm around v but come on hes an ass, true but zanessa is strong, zashley never

  • yay!!!!!!!!!!!11

    i love hsm3 i find it so funny how he is ment to be dating vanessa and has his arm round ashley.yay!!!!!!!!!

  • MMM

    You guys are so pathetic. So he has his arm around Ashley, he isn’t dating her. He doesn’t have to be all over Vanessa all the while. They are comfortable with their relationship. I doubt she had a problem with it and neither should you people.

    Some of you fans are a bit much. Just because he has his hands around Ashley doesn’t mean he is leaving Vanessa. It’s like he isn’t suppose to touch another female for you guys.

  • Sophie

    Poor Zac XD
    And Poor Vanessa xDDD
    They re so AMAZING!

  • poppy

    jeez u people are idiots, Zac and V have looked happy in pics since they arrived in Europe, you are reading into things that are not there. Ash and V are bff’s, and Zac knew Ash before V, so he is friends with her too. We all know how private they are about their relationship, they are there to promote HSM3 not their relationship, grow up,seriously. I suggest going to find something better to do than worry about someone elses love life.
    Zac is wonderful and you can see he truly cares for V, in everything they say and do, so what if he puts his arm around Ash, Corbin has his arm around V, does that mean something..I think not!!

  • Barbie

    Julia #38

    There is no way in hell that Ashley is prettier than Vanessa. Ashley is NOT pretty, period. haha, you’re saying Vanessa has too much make up on? Look at Ashley’s caked face.

  • misty

    i love the pics thanks just jared and i love zac and vanessa

  • 93

    Where’s Lucas?

  • julia

    sorry barbie, but that’s what i think.. vanessa is SO nasty…

    i’d rather ashley

  • Barbie

    I bet of Zac and Vanessa were all over eachother then everyone would be saying their relationship was all fake, or for publicity.

    But nooo….you people just want to start something. If you were REAL fans of them, you wouldn’t be putting them against each other, or saying “OMG, he’s not hugging Vanessa is these 3 pictures! They must have broken up”. C’mon, don’t be so naive.

  • naomi

    They are all looking good.

    I adore V’s look though. She looks simple but stunning!
    Very sophisticated and very old hollywood. She demonstrate that less is really more and looks so much more mature and gorgeous.

    I love how she’s been signaling with her wardrobe choices that she’s ready for an older audience. I hope she maintains that.