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Jennifer Aniston is the One & Only

Jennifer Aniston is the One & Only

Jennifer Aniston is spotted on vacation at the One & Only Palmilla Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Monday.

One&Only Palmilla debuted in February 2004 after an extensive $90 million rebuilding and expansion of the legendary Palmilla resort. In 2007, it was awarded the number One Resort in Mexico by the Condé Nast Traveler (US) Readers’ Choice Awards.

The 39-year-old actress has been vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico for several days, amidst rumors that she has been calling her ex-boyfriend John Mayer and wants to work on the relationship.

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  • 8 inch chin,brickhead jen

    foto ones wit de hard male hormonal arms she haz , she kould arm wrestle da hulk!!
    foto ones those legs are thick ann muscuelar az a linebacker!!!
    de face woold make a tranny call hur a man!! just sayin.
    foto three iz dat a weenie hangin inside de red bikinie????
    foto three shea haz a long masculine witch face!!!
    foto four, poe pup kant make out whot kinda animal shea iz!!!!
    foto fives she headin back two hur corner, in da skirt shea stole from coco!!
    foto six dats a dude in drag!!
    y iz dis incredible ug cougar wearin dis.???yuck nastee!!just sayin!!

  • lurking

    oops! wrong thread!!!!
    But since I’m here, Jen knows Angie will be in the spotlight soon, you know the girl has to compete with the goddess, and what would be better than to flaunt her bikini body for the whole world to see that she still has it!!! Jen plays the game well, you have to give her that.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Isn’t she ALWAYS on vacation? What new about that?

  • lol

    Aniston fans, aka the champions of throwing nauseating bile to other celebrities (especial one specific actress) are here in full force exercisie their favorite play : HYPOCRICY.

    They like to resort to the jealousy card, when they have mastered the same game they have the nerve to lecture others to do, because they don’t have real arguments to oppose.

    I mean, the eternal leitmotiv is : “she has a great body, she, is beautiful, ooohh…aaahhh”..and nothing more !

    They are no better than the men raving about n*aked women featured in ‘Playboy’ and Aniston has stooped to the level of a piece of meat. She has nothing more to offer than these centerfolds : everything in the b*ooty and nothing in the brains. Therefore let’s flaunting it, left and right…while her pathetic fans keep on asking how Brad left that ? I guess he could have left her for Jenna or another p*orn star, then !

    She is the queen of the bimbos and i have no respect for her likes !


    She’s a gorgeous woman with nothing 2 do and nobody 2 love her. :( I very much doubt her life is fulfilled.

  • Ann

    Man what a body !

  • hi

    Pictures of Aniston always bring out the psychotic, evil, jealous haters.

  • hi

    Pictures of Aniston always bring out the psychotic, evil, jealous haters.

  • jade

    Jennifer is beautiful. She looks good in everything she wears.

  • Mark

    She has a hot body but she’s a butterface.

  • http://justjared jennifer fan

    love her she has more than a body to die for she is a working actress and producer while i wouldn’t give her the oscar she is pretty at the movies she does i have seen worse actress that jennifer .To me she is an intelligent and classy lady and she is having a great time living her life the way she wants to nothing wrong with it .Now if the brad/angelina loons would get a life instead of following jennifer’s every move

  • Jill

    jill @ 09/30/2008 at 3:26 pm
    Um, why are you calling me a hater?

    She probably thinks you’re me.

    Jill (with a capital J)

  • Jill

    ok then @ 09/30/2008 at 3:47 pm
    I am 39 years old and I still get called a girl, I don’t feel old enough to be called a woman

    You don’t feel old enough to be called a woman at 39? Two words for you, honey: grow up.

  • gaye

    to all who say “Jeniffer Anuston is gorgeous… beautiful…”

    Gosh, you need to raise your beauty standards, people!

    She is cute, maybe even pretty.
    But she is NOT gorgeous or beautiful (like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry).

    Not her nose or chin or eyes or lips. And unfortunately, all those features together on her FACE, does not define “gorgeous” or “beautiful”.

    Observe – magazine covers or photos of her (ie Vanity Fair) are not an extreme full close-up?

    Observe – luxe face products have not used her as their FACE model? Even Gwyneth

    Right, she’s so gorgeous that the one product she hawks is bottled WATER. No need for facial close-ups on that one, thank goodness.

  • Jill

    It says volumes about Aniston that the only thing her dwindling number of fans can comment on is how good she looks in a bikini.

    Nothing about her brains, talent, or abilities (which they realize on some level she doesn’t have) — only about her body. They don’t even comment much on her face any more.

    This is a woman going on 40, people. Not a girl — a woman. If a hot body is all she has going for her at her age, then her life has been wasted.

    She appears to be completely unable to sustain a relationship. She is alienated from everybody in her family. She has no children and most likely will never have any. She doesn’t even seem to have friends any more. When is the last time anyone has seen her with Courtney or Sheryl? Been a while, hasn’t it?

    Her career is accelerating in one direction — downhill. She can’t get her movies released. She’s gone from being an object of almost universal sympathy when her marriage ended, to an object of almost universal scorn and derision — poor Jen, the no-talent serial dumpee. She was even cited on as the poster girl for undateable women — in the “desperate” category. How much lower can you sink than that?

    And this is what you think we are “jealous” of? This no-talent, no-man, no-kids, no-friends, no-family, no-nothing laughing stock of Hollywood, who has nothing going for her at the age of 40 except that she looks good in a bikini?

    No, Jenhags, I don’t envy your idol her lonely, wasted life. She’s welcome to it. It’s all she’ll ever have.

  • that’s all

    I just wish I had her money.
    I am so sick and worried about my 401(k).
    I bet Jen isn’t worried. I mean how much of $110 million could she have lost in this market?

  • noticed

    Jill, my dear, you’re becoming just as obsessed about Aniston as Cliniqua is.

  • D. kay

    If I were to just see these photos and not know who she was, I would say, toned bod, but not much of a face. With the hair up you realize it has been and will always only be, her one asset.

    When you see the perfection of Angelina’s face, you know you will not see that again in a long while; like the perfection of Audrey Hepburn’s face, or Sophia Loren’s ….Aniston is not as pretty as the girls or women I would see walking down the street in a major city.

    Someone’s ‘value’ naturally reveals itself over time when all the ‘props’ subside; like being married to the world’s sexiest and nicest dude; lucking into a hit sitcom even though you are averagely talented……..remove those lucky strokes and what do you get…… average looking woman who benefits from the availablity of every beauty enhancement tool available anywhere. In my view, with all that ‘help’ she should be drop dead gorgeous……….but she ain’t. As for shallow, she’s ankle deep. I would be so damn bored lying around all day in the sun. With her money and access; her life could become amazingly substantive………what a waste. When you have that kind of money you have a social responsibility because no one is worth that…………so get your insecure, narcissistic ass of the beach chair and do something with your life…..that doesn’t involve your ego or your ‘get even’ games. Your viewing public is just not as shallow; stop self-projecting……….we recognize who you are.

  • a realist

    Lilou @ 09/30/2008 at 2:47 pm

    I don’t like her (and I used TO LOVE HER)…. I haven’t been able to stand her since her divorce: she has become so self centered, so superficial… It seems that all she does is crappy movie and sunbathing….

    And she always talk in platitudes (too much peep talk, that are for the public, but also for herself): “life is good” “I have so many good friends” “I take it one day at a time” “I love yoga: it’s good for my soul” “I had thought times, but everything is so great right now” “I have learned to appreciate life”…..**********************************

    Lilou…You nailed it. It’s always I, I, I, I, I, I , with that woman. Thats why I don’t like her. She is too damn self absorbed.

  • Nicole

    If SPREADING your legs wide open wearing bright “ORANGE” bikini bottom is not calling for …LOOKIE.. LOOKIE… down here every one..
    look at my fayayaa…. I am DESPERATE for ATTENTIONS…
    I don’t know what is!
    That poor pathetic loser Maniston still have to :
    put her curtain hair on or
    put one arm on top of her head or
    put a teeny boppers look or
    carried a security blanket close to her face ..
    just so you cant see her Fugly empty no talent face !

  • a realist

    Report Abuse
    # 34
    ok then @ 09/30/2008 at 3:47 pm

    I am 39 years old and I still get called a girl, I don’t feel old enough to be called a woman
    You need to grow-up then. There is something wrong with you in the head. At 39 you are a grown-ass woman.

  • SexyMF

    She’s beautiful alright

  • a realist

    Report Abuse
    # 30
    truth be told @ 09/30/2008 at 3:41 pm

    Jealous, envious, self loathing—- these are all words to describe the nasty comments on this site about this gorgeous woman.
    my thoughts exactly!
    You Jen fans tickle me accusing everyone who criticizes Jen with being jealous. Might I ask, jealous of what? It sure couldn’t be Jen’s looks or her money because there are gorgeous rich actresses who we like. Like Angelina and Halle etc.
    So get real, there is nothing Jen Aniston has that we have to be jealous of.

    Angelina is the one has beauty, money, a beautiful family, and BRAD PITT! If we were to be jealous of anyone it would be Angie.

  • …………..

    Jill –
    ………….. @ 09/30/2008 at 3:47 pm
    jill -
    I wasn’t referencing your comment or you personally, but instead the pathetic poster “Jill” who frequents JA posts making nasty comments. I apologize for any confusion.


    Maybe you should read a little bit closer. I hope you read and appreciated my original, post #17. Now go try and be happy :D

  • ???

    #73, then why are you here? Im jw. I know everyone is entitled to make comments, blah blah blah, but I don’t spend my time lurking around AJ threads because I don’t take offense to celebrities and/or other individuals whom I don’t personally know. Just saying….

    On a side note, she looks gorgeous for 39 :)

  • Is this all there is?

    My first time here. Sorta strange and odd thread.

    Is there a single fan of this woman who has anything to say other than how she looks? She is supposed to be an actress. Where is the discussion as to any work of hers? Almost all comments have to do with defending her looks or attacking her looks.

    She was never the most beautiful on Friends, that was CCox. She just happened to be married for a time to a man who is world famous, which she is not.

    I expected most of the comments would be concerned with her work.
    I am puzzled. What is going on here?

  • No tanning is safe tanning

    Lilou @ 09/30/2008 at 2:47 pm I don’t like her (and I used TO LOVE HER)…. I haven’t been able to stand her since her divorce: she has become so self centered, so superficial… It seems that all she does is crappy movie and sunbathing….

    And she always talk in platitudes (too much peep talk, that are for the public, but also for herself): “life is good” “I have so many good friends” “I take it one day at a time” “I love yoga: it’s good for my soul” “I had thought times, but everything is so great right now” “I have learned to appreciate life”…..


    And her PR games annoy me… Eveytimes, Jolie gets pregnant, Aniston gets a new boyfriend… Everytimes, Pitt or Jolie makes a good movie, and promotes it, she shows up in a bikini…. She wasn’t like that a couple years ago…. She was in hidding: we could spend a month without seeing her… But now, it’s hard to spend one week without pictures of her….

    She needs to stop and do something productive, for a change…

    And yes, she has a great body, but as, any women who has money for a chef, a personal trainer or facials AND who never had to carried a child!!!!!!!! Eveyone is like “whooo she is hot for a 40 years old”… But most of the women had a kid by the time they’re 40…. So yes, it’s easy to look hot at 40, when you never had a kid….. People have to compare what’s comparable…. Her body is the reflexion of her ampty life: no pregnancies, no husband, time to workout everyday, money for trainer, money for facials, money for vacations and sunbathing….

    I don’t envy her anymore…


    I TOTALLY AGREE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a realist

    #75..I can go where I want on the Internet. You don’t own the Jen threads.

    But I think it is ludicrous for Jen fans to think we have something to be jealous of in Jen….lol..there is nothing to be jealous of. NOthing, believe that.

    If we were to be jealous of anybody, it would be the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, who has it all, a beautiful family, money, a booming movie career, and BRAD PITT!

  • No tanning is safe tanning

    Aging beachgirl @ 09/30/2008 at 3:31 pm Jennifer Aniston should seriously consider a productive collaboration with David Hasselhof and Pan Anderson to relaunch her TV career.

    They should reshoot a new version of “Baywatch”, just like “Beverly Hills 90200″ ! I mean, the two tanning freaks would be perfect in “Baywatch, return of the aging bimbos”…after all they have all what it takes : great tanned body and massive volume of air between the two ears….

    ————-LMAO…..what a good idea ! but the problem we might have a hard time identifying Pam and Jen, they look so similar now, same orange skin, almost the same age , same restylane lips, same botox, frozen face, same fake boob. Oh yes, Pam does not have a rhinoplasty nose Jen has.

  • pazc

    what kind of news is she making , coming out picture after picture with no essence , what a waist of photography

  • No tanning is safe tanning

    jennifer fan @ 09/30/2008 at 6:18 pm

    Oh please Jen fans , I’m gonna puke by the mention of “classy” on this hag. A classy woman don’t regularly parade those vejenjen, boob,butt to the razzi for the world to see. do not constanly parade thsoe erect nipple for the razzi and the world to see. Paris Hilton is must “classier” than jen ho.

  • D. kay

    We haven’t seen Angelina in months……….she manages to elude papz. Chiniston, oddly, considering how she ‘hates’ being stalked, is available on a daily basis. Is there anything honest about this woman???

  • ???

    #78, We get it. Nobody cares if your head is up AJ’s *ss. Go suck up on her thread.

  • ellie

    First of all I’m older then Jen 39 yrs old is a young woman actually I think any age is young its all how you feel about yourself. My life really started at forty I have never had so much fun, I still where a bikini at the beach when i go… what else are you suppose to where. As far as Jen not being a good actress or has nothing going on in her life, Jen must have done something right to have 110 million dollars.
    I really happen to think jen is beautiful I just really like something about her, but everyone is entitled to there own opinion.
    I far as putting down Jen having children maybe shes not ready I don’t know her personally or hasn’t found the right man yet, all I know I’m glad shes taking her time and enjoying her life and maybe someday she’ll have a baby to make you all happy. Myself I couldn’t care less..
    Hey Jill I think definitely my Jess is coming home Oct 29th I prayer they don’t change it again!!!
    Hey Jill you gave me such a laugh with the 3 languages. I wrote you on the site. Thanks I needed that!!!

  • wabi sabi

    Ok, these photos of Jen’s physique beg the question – just how repugnant is her personality? How self-involved, insecure, shallow, lame-in-bed, or just plain boring can this woman be? She has the best body that a woman with her spare time and money can afford and yet she stll can’t keep a man.

    There are aspects of her lifestyle that are very appealing. Her life? No thanks.

  • childless woman

    truth be told @ 09/30/2008 at 3:41 pm

    gorgeous body I agreed but ugly face from all those sun tanning. also, i have never seen her cuddle any kids like courtney’s daughter but always see her with dogs. if she loves children like she said, how come i never see her with them.

  • ellie

    wabi sabi @ 09/30/2008 at 9:07 pm
    Why doe Jen Have to have a man i thought that was our choice as woman, Whats wrong with wanting to be alone, I don’t see nothing wrong with it, and why would b/c she has money everything she just perfect in life as you see it.. More power to Jen she does as she pleases. Her Life Thank you!!!

  • CAn’t act ministon

    well, i hope she is taking care of her body because nothing else is going well for her except tanning, tanning, tanning and more tanning.

  • ellie

    # 86 childless woman @ 09/30/2008 at 9:18 pm
    I’ve seen photos of jen hugging coco. Tell me other stars that are groping at children or with them if they don’t have there own. Now do you know Jen we don’t know who hugs what or when do we, and that would make someone dislike children you think????

  • ellie

    # 88 CAn’t act ministon @ 09/30/2008 at 9:21 pm
    like i said earlier she must be acting right 110 MILLION Dollars that don’t come free Jen is talented thats my opinion as you have yours no big deal right??

  • Dancing

    LiLou, I can’t add anything more to what you said IN BOTH POSTS!
    I never really liked JA or disliked her. I agree that the BP divorce was about having kids. Read their interviews before they spilt. That is all I have to say there.
    If I were JA, I would have had two kids by now w/Brad ,reconnected with her mom, whom she is estranged from for no real or good reason and would be giving to charities ,setting up some foundations.

    Brad, he and Crazy Angelina will not last and he has 6 kids to father for the rest of his life. All I hope is that he and Jolie be good parents to their 6 kids. He sort of got the same woman twice, Joile is estranged from her father for no real good reason. He said publically she was troubled and he should not have ,but they were estranged before that. BTW, we know she has used drugs, been a Lesbo, cut herself, that Crazy Billy Bob stage ,whew.

    JA looks good ,despite her flat butt, in a bikini. Wow!! Big deal! She seems so lonely to me. How long is going to talk interviews about her divorce. All of that money and no body to share it with it. No man. No kids. B-movies to dvd. InHollyweird, no one lasts. There is always a new flavor comingup. Everybody , if they are lucky, has their day in the spotlight and then there is nothing.JA’s day is over. Age. Age is not good for women in Hollyweird, guys too, but esp. women.
    She had her day.

    Next, she is not an A-list Nicole Kidman/ReneeZwellegger actress. JA is Rachel from Friends in every role. Her look, voice ,attitude, facial expressions are all the same.

  • bailout:really?

    The passion of everyones comments are srlsy funny. A women on the beach. no story. There are more important things going on like uhh lets see… pause… Oh yeah the bailout vote, economy. lol

  • bet

    Looking lovely and single and she is injoying the single life.

    balilout really

    You are the most dumpest of all, So what are you doing in jen thread? ha ha ha

  • Jill

    ellie @ 09/30/2008 at 8:45 pm

    I’m delighted to hear your daughter is coming home in less than a month, ellie. Let’s hope they stick to the date this time.

  • bailout:really?

    Writing a report for school on blogging and bloggers
    and and u bet? eating chocolates?

  • Jill

    bet @ 09/30/2008 at 9:48 pm
    balilout really
    You are the most dumpest of all, So what are you doing in jen thread? ha ha ha

    She made an intelligent comment about a very real problem, bet. Too bad it went right over your pointy little head.

    Your stupidity was amusing at first. Now it’s just betting boring.

    Get lost, bet, and stay lost. Not even the Aniston fans want you here. All you do is make them look bad.

  • JenJenJen

    Wouldn’t it be great if Jenny really went to Mexico?

  • bet


    if you think she/He an intelelngent commment, then why in the hell you spending your freaking life on jen thread? ha ha ha

  • ///

    Wow, bet, your latest comment is just beyond dumb, even for you. If Jennifer reads how dumb your comments are, even she would disown you as her fan. What an idiot you are!

  • Jill

    /// @ 09/30/2008 at 10:26 pm

    I think bet is a reject from a clone factory.