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Lindsay & Sam are Bikini Babes

Lindsay & Sam are Bikini Babes

Bikini-clad Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson soak up the sun, sea and sand while vacationing together in Mexico on Monday.

According to The Sun, Lindsay has included a disguised dedication to her DJ girlfriend on the CD sleeve of her upcoming album.

A source revealed: “Sam has had a huge influence on the record. The artwork was finalized before Lindsay had gone public with the relationship, so she concealed the tribute. Now it will name Samantha directly.”

10+ pictures inside of bikini-clad Lindsay and Sam

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lindsay lohan samantha ronson bikinis 01
lindsay lohan samantha ronson bikinis 02
lindsay lohan samantha ronson bikinis 03
lindsay lohan samantha ronson bikinis 04
lindsay lohan samantha ronson bikinis 05
lindsay lohan samantha ronson bikinis 06
lindsay lohan samantha ronson bikinis 07
lindsay lohan samantha ronson bikinis 08
lindsay lohan samantha ronson bikinis 09
lindsay lohan samantha ronson bikinis 10

Credit: Chris/Radcliffe; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • holly


  • camila

    I don’t like sam’s body…

  • regina

    Sam should´t wear a bikini, it´s for girls ONLY !!!!!!!

  • why???

    they are both so skinny. Does anyone eat anymore????

  • sadee

    wow samantha has a girly bathing suit on!lol I think if she grew her hair out longer she mite look pretty (not saying girls with short hair aren’t pretty) but I gess she likes to resemble a boy sooo yea

  • hater

    lindsaay is not skinny she is okay
    samantha is ew!
    both are EW! because they are lesbians
    shame on lindsay=(

  • camila

    She has like skiny legs and arms.. but her stomac is big..

  • Susan

    Well, Sam isn’t as bad as what I thought she might look like in a bikini but lord have mercy she has the worst posture.

  • wtf

    Sam is pretty fat for a skinny girl.

  • Bazongas


    If you see the picture of the ones of her laying on her side, it looks like she added a cup size since last year.

  • kejk

    why is Lindsay’s boyfriend wearing a bikini???
    why is Lindsay’s boyfriend wearing a bikini???
    why is Lindsay’s boyfriend wearing a bikini???
    why is Lindsay’s boyfriend wearing a bikini???
    why is Lindsay’s boyfriend wearing a bikini???
    why is Lindsay’s boyfriend wearing a bikini???
    why is Lindsay’s boyfriend wearing a bikini???
    why is Lindsay’s boyfriend wearing a bikini???
    why is Lindsay’s boyfriend wearing a bikini???

  • Ashley

    #6, go be a loser Homophobe elsewhere. YOU SUCK!!! :)

  • Ashley

    p.s: Before you people go and judge someone elses body, maybe you should look in the mirror. Are you perfect? No. Are they perfect? No. I’m sure you would not want pictures of yourself in a bikini posted on the internet, so everyone can point out all your flaws and make snappy and hurtful comments. DON’T DO TO OTHERS, WHAT YOU DON’T WANT DONE TO YOU!

  • emmy

    i didn’t know there are many homophobes in the world like this.. i don’t care about people sexuel orientation as long as they are not hurting me…this girl has already experienced men and she was down to bottom then,now she ‘s quiet calm with her girlfriend.then good for her..
    her girlfriend is pretty or ugly,what’s the difference with us,it’s her who she s sleeping beside her in a bed ,not us,so i think all this insults and bad words are useless..
    have a good day everybody!


    REGINA AND KEJK…………( LOL) ( lol)………..The girl in the background looks a little like Demi Moore…Don’t you think?…..Samantha is NOT girlie and needs a one piece of some type…..In a magazine article I just read, Lindsay was asked ” Who is on your speed dial”?….She responded ” Samantha”……I guess BFF’s and lovers!

  • nysro

    She’s real good at concealing her penis..

  • sara

    They’re both beautiful girls! Sam looks great. Who says just because she has short hair and identifies as gay she has to wear boy shorts and a t-shirt? That’s just ignorant. What an adorable couple though, really. CUUUTE!

  • http://none miii

    hmm i think lilo’s body it’s fine, at least she still has boobs, about sam…it IS weird to see her in a bikini ,,,AND PINK!

  • Maud

    To #6
    For the fisrt time in years Lindsay looks at peace, she looks happy,healty and in love.Thats the most important thing. Whats you`re problem? Now that you cant bash her because she`s drunk you bash her because she is gay! Are you so miserable that you have to be jealous of the love of 2 beautifuls young women.Anyway it`s not about being gay or straight its about being in love. And Lindsay and Samantha seems in love and its the best thing that can hapen to Lindsay right now

    And no, I am not gay ! i have a boyfriend but if i happen to fall in love witht a girl one day then what will be will be. I hope your boyfriend leaves you for a guy or you`r daughter will show up at your chrismast party with her girlfriend! It may open your mind!

    Lindsay and Samantha you are amazing

  • justme

    Sam has the same body as Ashley Tisdale.

  • yr

    i think she is prettier than Lindsay, she doesn’t use make up, and even trying to act like a guy she presents a natural beauty , and in these photos both of them look like a pair of two skinny and lovely girls.


    i love these two! lindsay is looking very thin but not emaciated! she looks good! im a liberal women & i believe in all rights for gays and lesbians !!!! stop the hate !!!!!


    i love these two! lindsay is looking very thin but not emaciated! she looks good! im a liberal women & i believe in all rights for gays and lesbians !!!! stop the hate !!!!!

  • candy

    They look great and happy.Welldone to them.Human bodies that is and not fake.Lindsay is not thin thank God,cause if we believed the tabs she would have been a skeleton by now.

  • regina

    #15 i was so shocked to see a boy in a bikini!!! that´s what scares me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • regina

    If she was´t rich a famous she wouldn´t be doing this, of course she would be ashamed to hang around this ugly thing nesxt to her !!!!!!!!!!!

  • regina

    I am NOT against gay peple ! I LOVE Ellen and Portia !! They are the ones who handle the love in a very proper way !!!!!

  • Irena

    they look great and happy! but one thing about Sam, her belly is way too big for someone her size…the tummy is man-like to me… anyway, Lindsay looks gorgeous!


    When I first saw these pictures… I was very surprise to see Sam wearing bikini. hehehe

  • adriannelibra

    I gotta say, Lindsay’s got a great body.

  • yes

    gay or not they are gross!

  • eveie

    they both need to get to a gym, no muscle tone. Lindsay has no waist and Sam is skinny yet has big stomach. Anyway they seem to be happy, you wonder how long it will last when the press start getting bored and move onto a new couple.

  • tessla

    Ugh……ugly gay couple.

  • me

    ow my_ I think Lindsay should check out kate Moennig..she’s hotter..hehe. if she’s lookin’ for a hot body,maybe… maybe Sam’s personality attracts Lindsay more..hehe, and I think Sam drinks lots of bear! oh man,..

  • suisu

    wow…..all i see is a bunch of haters! u all must be jealous or something…think about….anyone who had something negative to say on here, litterally took time out of their day to comment about somthing negative…wouldn’t u rather spend ur time thinking or commenting on things that make u happy? why the heck do any u care how lindsays g/f loks in a bathing suit…if ur not doing her than stop judging…expecially any of u who r chruch goers,,, church goers are the most judgemental ppl and the bible tells us that God will do the judging for us….so MIND UR BUSINESSES AND STOP BEING HATERS. Havent u ever heard of “Please hate on me cuz u make me famous” if u really dont like lindsay and her choices than stop hating on her cuz ur spending ur life thinking about something u hate..while she is enjoying her life and could give two shits about what u think…. does it make sense now? big waste of time

  • Bianca

    oh God ! her boyfriend is a girl :O
    i’ve heard that before, but i didn’t belive. Now i see :O

  • lashing

    you are dop what a dop couple