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Suri Cruise Sips Alice's Tea Cup

Suri Cruise Sips Alice's Tea Cup

Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri Cruise to Alice’s Tea Cup on the Upper East Side, NYC, and was later joined by Tom Cruise, on Monday night.

On Broadway, All My Sons was the highest-grossing play last week, taking in $684,002 for its first full week. The play has a top ticket price of $116.50 with premium tickets topping out at $300 for certain performances.

During it’s preview run, All My Sons, starring Katie Holmes, John Lithgow, and Dianne Wiest, has played to nearly 98 percent capacity at the 1,052-seat theater.

15+ more pics inside of Suri Cruise sipping Alice’s Tea Cup…

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108 Responses to “Suri Cruise Sips Alice's Tea Cup”

  1. 1
    lips,tits and smack that ass. Says:

    I love her little dress.

  2. 2
    Raichill Says:

    She is such a cute little girl. I feel sorry for her though. She really doesn’t seem to like all the cameras and people staring at her. Maybe she is tired when they take her out but she often has her head buried in Katie’s shoulder.

  3. 3
    wu Says:

    suri always looks beautiful!!!
    i will love her forever
    bless her family

  4. 4
    Julien Says:

    Cute children!!!

  5. 5
    jared this is nuts Says:


    Do you get a discount rate on these pictures? Why the daily dose of Katie Holmes which is only an A lister by Marriage. I will be tuning in far less as I find daily Katie Holmes ridiculuous.

  6. 6
    dido Says:

    god bless cruise family and suri is a living doll

  7. 7
    ?????????????????????????????? Says:

    Ok. Why does this child have a sleeveless dress on in October in NYC? Both parents are dressed warmly? This is bizarre. My daughter didnt always love a little sweater either, but, being 2 does not give her the ability to make that decision. She wore the sweater. If I needed to dress warmly my kids need to dress warmly.

    Katie and Tom are freaks.

  8. 8
    Get her a coat Says:

    Completely agree with #7, a sleeveless dress? Are they more concerned with showing off her fashion than the child’s comfort? And what is up with Tom’s face? He looks like he had work done. He looks like the grandpa here.

  9. 9
    cth Says:

    Suri looks miserable, and those flats complete Katie’s matronly outfit.

  10. 10
    Keisha Says:

    WOW, I knew Katie’s play would do well. But even I underestimated how well it would perform.

  11. 11
    the incredible edward! Says:

    I love her skirt but she has totally ruined it with that top and those shoes… Doesn’t she know that you NEVER wear a black bra with a white top?? GEE!

  12. 12
    CLARE Says:

    Suri’s hair grows very very fast. She is gorgeous too. Congs Katie.

  13. 13
    Tina Says:

    Suri Cruise is the cutest girl I have ever seen. EVER.

  14. 14
    Melboca Says:

    Poor Suri always looks so tired! Get the poor child on a normal sleep schedule for her age.

  15. 15
    sacha Says:

    Suri Cruise is perfection.

  16. 16
    Alexandra Says:

    Is this child ever put down?

    Maybe she always looks miserable because she is never allowed to be a child.

    Put her in jeans and tee shirt and let her play for gods sake.

  17. 17
    jen Says:

    This poor little girl looks miserable all the time.Shame on those two for bringing her to these late events with 20 thousands flashing cameras in her face.When are they going to let her dress and act like a reagular two year old.

  18. 18
    dextra Says:

    I am not a Jenifer Garner fan but kudos to her for being a great mom thats why you see little Violet happy all the time becusae she lets her be a nomal toddler.Katie could learn a thing or two from her.

  19. 19
    andamentothat Says:

    Katie and Tom both have the same lower body type.. wonder if Suri is the same way… Regardless, Suri looks very adorable although very tired. Maybe she hugs on to Katie so tight is she needs the warmth..

    I am sure she will look as adorable in a pair of jeans and cute T.. They need to give her a style update…

  20. 20
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    #7. It’s been very hot in New York. No need for sweaters or coats yet. I’m still wearing Summer clothes. Today it is very damp and humid. Nothing heavy needed.

    I see Mr. Cruise didn’t wear his lifts, because Katie’s got some ugly flats on.

    Something’s not right with this little girl. Sorry, but I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it until I see otherwise.

  21. 21
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    #7. It’s been very hot in New York. No need for sweaters or coats yet. I’m still wearing Summer clothes. Today it is very damp and humid. Nothing heavy needed.

    I see Mr. Cruise didn’t wear his lifts, because Katie’s got some ugly flats on.

    Something’s not right with this little girl. Sorry, but I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it until I see otherwise.

  22. 22
    ljoiul Says:

    why Suri Cruise looks miserable and sad

  23. 23
    Neek Says:

    Katie looks nice (minus the black bra showing).
    Suri could look miserable because she doesnt like all the photographers around. I noticed that she hides against her mom alot.

  24. 24
    paul Says:


  25. 25
    awww Says:

    That Alice’s Tea Cup tearoom is amazing! How adorable is it that Kate having tea with her little girl? She’s such a traditional girl.

  26. 26
    arlene Says:


  27. 27
    athena Says:

    Wow, Suri is so beautiful…but look at picture no. 10….ewwwwwkkkkk…..what a creepy picture…there are two of her…lol…
    I can’t believe it…they’re in NYC and I haven’t met them once…hot damn…I hope to meet them one day while they’re still here in the city.

  28. 28
    stefanie Says:

    The Alice’s Tea Cup is a lovely place. Been there a couple of time.
    I wonder if they put fairy wings on her, they sell them there.

    Can’t wait til she starts talking…hope she curses out the paparazzi!

  29. 29
    stefanie Says:

    The Alice’s Tea Cup is a lovely place. Been there a couple of time.
    I wonder if they put fairy wings on her, they sell them there.

    Can’t wait til she starts talking…hope she curses out the paparazzi!

  30. 30
    Anon Says:

    Suri is a very sweet little girl,obviously frightened and uncomfortable with the photographers. The paparrazzi hound Tom and Katie, constantly, even shadowing Katie to work every day on Broadway! How many times do we really need to see pictures of Katie Holmes walking on the streets of NYC?

    But I really think it should be against the law to photograph the minor children of celebrities without their parents’ permission. I have been saying that for years. I will say it every chance I get. It frightens toddlers and it is definitely harrassment. These little kids are terrorized by this nonsense. Tom and Katie have a right to go out to dinner, go to museums, shop, and do the things other people do without being constantly stalked and molested by the paparazzi, just to get a shot of Suri. I hate those people.

  31. 31
    boogie Says:

    Suri needs her bangs cut! She has nice blue eyes and it does not help her to have hair in her eyes. Or- maybe they are doing that bec she does not want to wear sunglasses yet, lol

  32. 32
    krung krung Says:

    lil suri’s hair is thick and pretty and i want her closet y’all.

  33. 33
    turkey baster girl Says:

    Scientology states that a new born baby be left alone in a silent room for the first 24 hours after birth (amongst other strange, unnatural practices conjured up by L.Ron Hubbard) No wonder Suri is such an odd child! Imagine being raised from birth by a fanatical cult practitioner. I wonder if Tom tricked Katie into thinking it was his seed in the turkey baster and not L.Ron’s zombie goo.

  34. 34
    Julie Says:

    What?? No back entrance?

  35. 35
    ?????????????????????????????? Says:

    Wow. I know I read where scientologists believe that newborns and children are all adults and that they make their own decisions – because they are adults.

    But, being left alone for 24 hours at birth seems abusive. The bonding and human touch of a newborn and mother are imperative.

  36. 36
    Sad sad Says:

    I wish that Katie and Tom would work hard to make the papparazzi less of a scary thing for Suri. It is inevitable there is going to be press, especially since alot of it comes from Tom and Katie contacting the press to get publicity…

    But, look at Violet Affleck. Jennifer Garner in every picture with Violet is working hard to make Violet laugh and feel comfortable with the situation instead of encouraging her to be afraid.

    Jennifer Garner when left alone runs from the Paps, but, if she is caught with her daughter it appears she is non stop trying to not scare Violet.

    Katie really really needs to get that going for Suri.

  37. 37

    So MS. HOLMES did all by herself… the number 1 play of the week..
    but WICKED did 1.3 million dollars and she did half that go figure..

    Since she is the only star of this play why not… no one else is
    John Lithgow and Diane Wiest won Oscars..has Katie no…

  38. 38
    ?????????????????????????????? Says:

    It has been on average 60 degrees each night this week in NYC. The high yesterday was 73 degrees and the high today is 67 degrees.

    Please tell me what parent would have their child in a sleeveless dress with no leggings on and it is 60 degrees outside?

  39. 39
    Laurasthought Says:

    Awaiting moderation?
    What on earth did I say wrong?
    Did I confound you with intelligence, JJ?

  40. 40
    faye Says:

    cuteness overload..luv them

  41. 41
    anonymous Says:

    WTG KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. 42
    delia Says:

    One classy All American family

    Thanks Jared

  43. 43
    stock Says:

    hot mom and dad and precious baby. Congratulations to Holmes for her amazing reviews and bringing good money for Broadway’s economy.

  44. 44
    danielle Says:

    Why is tom always always looking at the camera? Gee, why ask a stupid question.

  45. 45
    kit Says:

    You’re right, but Tom invites it. He poses for the photographers. He always smiles for the cameras and doesn’t seem bothered. Katie used to be the same way. These days she looks sullen, but she still puts on a fashion show for them every day. They started this freak show with their engagement and couch jumping, and continued it by displaying their daughter in Vanity Fair magazine. There’s no indication that they crave privacy. Actually, their behavior says the very opposite. There’s a word for this, but I won’t mention it here because you have already heard it all before.

  46. 46
    tom c Says:

    1. Katie’s wearing a black bra under a white T-shirt. Smart. I guess she wants folks to concentrate on her boobies?

    2. Poor Suri must be freezing in the sleeveless. At least give her some legging. But don’t worry: both parents are well bundled up in Fall attire!

  47. 47
    Debra Says:

    Georgeous all american family!!

  48. 48
    girlygirls Says:

    Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
    Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
    Silver white winters that melt into springs
    These are a few of my favorite things

  49. 49
    Shauna Says:

    Hey Tom

    Mr. Rogers and Bing Crosby called from 1968. They want their sweaters back.

    What a total tool. I don’t know of anybody under 40 who can stand looking at him.

    Suri is miserable but the douche bag Cruise is all excited to see the cameras. I guess he needs the pr for his Nazi Christmas movie.

  50. 50
    Danny Says:

    Katie’s wearing a black bra under a white T-shirt. Smart. I guess she wants folks to concentrate on her boobies?

    Why?!?!?!?! They’re the floppiest things I’ve ever seen. For a girl who is not even 30 her body is a hot mess. Floppy boobs, lumpy body, fat legs, scrawny arms. I wouldn’t do her with somebody elses d*ck. Not to mention that she looks like a zombie most of the time. Whatever Cruise did to this chick, she’s a mess.

  51. 51
    pr person Says:

    Poor Suri….

  52. 52
    Okay Says:

    She’s a Princess and I’ve been to Alice’s Tea Cup as well.
    All I can say is that the kids can get kind of loud in there. Which one did she go to? There’s one that’s identical to a real life Alice in Wonderland

  53. 53
    Ann Says:

    Suri Poor . She is Always Pimped out to cameras. She hates It . Wonder when they are gonna have more ? I heard Tom wanted 9 Children…. Better get started.

  54. 54
    Maddie Says:

    Horrible parents! The child is looks miserable at every turn.

    Children her age should be relaxing at home and being put to bed at 7pm.

    Perhaps we take up a collection and buy the family a hairbrush?

  55. 55
    carrie Says:

    She seems to be the most miserable little girl. How sad.

  56. 56
    Okay Says:

    oh ok I saw that it’s the Upper Ease side one.

  57. 57
    Lila Says:

    Matilda Ledger has on thick tights and a sweater DURING THE day in NYC. (see above)

    Horrible parents!

  58. 58
    well Says:

    You know I wish they would stay on the East Coast. They would be much better off here. Tom is orginally from upstate New York and Katie is turning out to be the ultimate Upper East Side mom/actress.

  59. 59
    lurker Says:

    it’s been 75 degrees the past week in the big apple. not too much sun though.

  60. 60
    Wrong Lurker Says:

    It was 60 degrees last night in NYC

  61. 61
    Mr. Wolf Says:

    Because she’s popular, #5.

    Oh quit nit-picking, #7!

    The ‘always carrying her’ argument is one of the lamest complaints critics use, #16. There are pictures to the contrary but even if there weren’t, what would it matter She’s not being hurt.

    The silly ‘plain clothes’ argument is silly too. They let her play all the time.

    Why don’t you keep dressing your kid however you feel like it and let TomKat raise their kid their own way?

    They’re her parents and can dress her and take her anywhere at any hour as they please, #17. Isn’t your argument against the paparazzi’s flashing bulbs anyway?

    Don’t compare mom and their kids, #18.

    Shut up about his height and quit playing mind reader, #20.

    There’s nothing wrong with her.

    Right, #30.

    What she ‘needs’ is random strangers on the internet telling her parents how to raise their children, #31.

    Why should they have to go through a back entrance, #34? For losers on the internet not to call them PR hogs?

    They don’t and or even don’t have to contact the paparazzi, #36. Even if they were doing so, how could you know?

    Stop comparing moms and kids and telling people how to raise their children.

    Why ask such a silly question, #44?

    You’re not making much sense, #45.

    Well, #46…

    1) And the complaints get dumber and dumber…
    2) Shut up with the sleeveless crap. I think if they felt she needed sleeves, they would gotten her some. Even if they were using their kid as an accessory, they’d try to protect her for the sake of their reputation and just use long sleeved dresses that look great on her.

    I hate the word ‘I heard…,’ #53.

    Stop saying they pimp her out. They don’t need to. And you wouldn’t be able to tell anyway.

    So what, #57? Quit comparing kids.

    Well it isn’t night now isn’t, #60?

  62. 62
    Mare Says:

    Where is the other Cruise children…I see Suri everywhere with Tom and Katie, and now we’re seeing Sunday Rose everywhere with Nicole and Keith?….It’s like they kicked the other two children to the curb….and see.. I don’t even remember their names….That’s sad…

  63. 63
    Rescue59 Says:

    I do NOT wish them to remain on the East Coast. Ugh, go home, alien freaks. (referring to Tom and Katie, not the little one)
    Since Tom and Katie are always dragging a huge blanket around with Suri, why don’t they cover her with it at night to protect her from the flash of the camera? She’s old enough to understand why, if they would explain it to her. I don’t think she’s scared as much as I think her behavior gets a response from her parents that she relishes in. She doesn’t seem very well-adjusted for her age, and yes, I’m basing that comment from pictures over the past nine months. It’s just an opinion of mine.
    Or maybe she was cold last night. She’s tiny, frail, and sleeveless in these pics. often talk about your grandbabies not liking one thing or the other, but wouldn’t you enforce a jacket rule in the cool night air, even if it made the girls cry?
    When my daughter was a toddler, there was no negotiation about such things. Duh.

  64. 64
    So sad Says:

    Suri is a tiny little girl. Still just a baby. I don’t know why they have to drag her around all the time. Poor little moppet.

  65. 65
    B Says:

    beautiful family

  66. 66
    Chloe Says:

    Katie looks beautiful and happy. Suri looks pretty in her dress, but I agree with others that its odd Katie and Tom are in winter type clothing and Suri is in a sleevless dress. But I can’t say anything I wear sweaters almost all year round and my son wants AC in January, he always seems hot. So who knows.

  67. 67
    tom c Says:

    Mr. Wolf #61 is one rude and angry Katie fan!
    Mr. Wolf #61 is one rude and angry Katie fan!
    Mr. Wolf #61 is one rude and angry Katie fan!
    Mr. Wolf #61 is one rude and angry Katie fan!

    I bet she/he is one of those loony fans you need to get a restraining order from! LOL

  68. 68
    lee Says:

    Hopefully they’ll buy this poor child a coat before december; suri is gorgeous – one of my 3 fav celeb babies

  69. 69
    Mr. Wolf Says:

    You;d just say they’d be suffocating her or being very weird, #63.

  70. 70
    Get your "facts" straight Says:

    Jared– Can you please explain why you wrote above:

    “On Broadway, All My Sons was the highest-grossing play last week, taking in $684,002 for its first full week. ”

    This is very interesting because in recent months many of your loyal readers have mentioned their suspicions regarding you being paid to try and pass off FICTIONAL information as FACT.

    Here is the link that shows Broadway’s top grossing plays for the week ended 9/28/08 (the week you are referring to). As one can clearly see, All My Sons was NOT the top grossing play. There were many plays that fare substantially better.

    Before I jump to conclusions and accuse you of being deliberately misleading your readers, we’ll see if you offer an explanation or retraction.

  71. 71
    Ann Says:

    Mr Wolf…. U must Love to bust the Bloggers !!! Some people have Hobbies #61 maybe you should # 69 your words ….. And Please I really dont care About what you think.!Go think about The future of US A

  72. 72
    bb Says:

    #70, AMS was the highest grossing straight PLAY, however there were musicals that grossed more than it.

  73. 73
    kit Says:

    People, DO NOT READ comments by Mr. Wolf aka McLovin or Dracula or any number of presidents’ names he goes by. You can spot his posts, they’re all ridiculous in that he posts short retorts to comments, which he identifies by numbers.
    Ignore this fool, please!!! Maybe he’ll go away.

  74. 74
    defap Says:

    Pretty dress, Suri. I imagine Suri saying: no hair cutting mom.
    Tomkat do not need to explain how they raise their children with you. Small children always say their grandparents or parents weird or crazy. What you do not understand does not make them weird or crazy in other adults’ eyes.

  75. 75
    Mr. Wolf Says:

    Your post made no sense, #71.

    Why shouldn’t they read my posts, #73? My opinion is worth as much as the next person. (Even more when compared to critics).

    I’ve never attempted to hide my identity. I only change my name from time to time to avoid confusion from people mocking me.

  76. 76

    “All My Sons” placed number nine in sales last week.

    The average ticket price is $84.

    The shows did not sell out, over two hundred seats remained unsold at during performances.

    Caveat: this site is a tabloid, not a news source.

  77. 77
    love Says:

    I love tea,i love this family and I wonna join them.

  78. 78
    danielle Says:

    Mr. Wolf/Mummy/Clinton and the like

    Re #44 – You ever heard of sarcasm? Since you seem to study this family with a borderline stalking mentality–haven’t you ever noticed if there is a camera in the vicinity–Mr. Cruise is looking at it? Most of the celebutards that do this are D-listers. Most of the A-Listers, go about their business secure in the knowledge the paps are snapping away–but Mr. Dwarf always has to look the camera straight in the lens and show off.

  79. 79
    yes 72 and 76 Says:

    Ever since Jared jumped on the Cruise payroll, Jared has definitely lost all credibility. He needs to just merge his site with the fluff site or maybe just called it

    One of the reasons I’ve been coming here for a couple of years ago is because I trusted Jared to be fair and objective. Well, it appears he is drinking the kool-aid now. I’m really disappointed in Jared. Never thought I’d see this site go downhill but it has.

    Really disappointed. I had alot of respect and admiration for Jared because he always seemed “in the middle” on issues.

  80. 80
    yes 72 and 76 Says:

    Previous comment for Jared, #70, #72, and #76. I guess the rest of you don’t care if you get FACTS OR FICTION??????????

  81. 81
    Ann Says:

    Jared has the BEST pics ! That why I come Here. I used to like Rags but there to much money anymore. I am paying for verizon so Mind as well use it.

  82. 82

    AGREE ANON AND RESCUE !!!!!!!!!!!!…I posted earlier today, but somehow it did not show up….I think I went on ” hibernate “, at the same time I pressed ” submit “…………..YES, RESCUE, FOR SURE!!!!!…My little grand-daughter is now having to wear a sweater, just in the past couple of mornings ( age 3 and a half )….Tonight is going to be colder, in the 40′s, so in the morning she will wear a jacket to pre-school. .. ( she just started monday YEAH< YEAH< )….Nana can get a little rest, but still have baby sister..( 19 months old )…That is OK though RESCUE….I love them !!!…We still argue over socks every day and the sweater comes off almost as fast as we get her buttoned in it………..I would have NEVER put her ( or her mom either ), in a sleeveless dress though…Those have been packed up already!!!…………The poor little thing looks terrified from the paparazzi’s, as she always has been………RESCUE 59, I agree also that she SEEMS a little immature for her age..Who does she play with???…..her parents???…At least ours have 18 second cousins to play with, and story time at the library, and indoor playgrounds with OTHER children……….Of course Tiny Tot Tom says ” Suri runs the home”, and is treated like an adult…THAT is sad!!!……And makes for a very confused and unhappy baby!!!….Mine do NOT ” run the home”, RESCUE, did yours???…..It is a cute little dress though, but NOT for New York in October ( soon )..Poor baby Suri…A lost childhood, in my opinion!

  83. 83
    meg Says:

    Does “somebody” have a death wish? Why on this earth is Tom wearing a sweater and whats-her-name has a jacket on while the poor little girl looks like she is freezing to death?

    Sharon Stone just got her child removed from her custody. If these two unfits keep using this innocent little girl for PR purposes and not taking care of her properly, HOPEFULLY, the same thing will happen to them. If they are living in NY now, child services will not overlook the mistreatment of a child in this city!!

  84. 84
    vielle Says:

    Why katie always has bruices on her legs??? Has anybody notice that? She always has…

  85. 85
    syl c. Says:

    Suri looks just like J. Jackson, I wonder if he knows?

  86. 86
    tessla Says:

    Katie looks like her mom and dresses like her too.

  87. 87
    red Says:

    Other families should take notes from
    this family

  88. 88
    Jill Says:

    ?????????????????????????????? @ 09/30/2008 at 7:26 am
    Ok. Why does this child have a sleeveless dress on in October in NYC?

    1) It’s not October yet.
    2) I live in NYC and it’s been mild all week.

    That said, they could put a sweater on that child, put her down and let her walk like every other kid her age. They could also make her go to bed at a reasonable time every night. It’s beyond ridiculous to let a two year old set her own bedtime. No wonder that child always looks tired and miserable.

  89. 89
    Jill Says:

    Jared sez: On Broadway, All My Sons was the highest-grossing play last week, taking in $684,002 for its first full week.

    Um, no. Sloppy research and worse reporting. Actually seven shows did better than All My Sons last week.

    C’mon, Jared, we know Katie owns you, if the number of absolutely pointless threads about her is any indication, but you owe it to your readers to get your facts straight.

    red @ 09/30/2008 at 9:38 pm
    Other families should take notes from this family

    Notes on what? How not to raise a child?

  90. 90
    Ann Says:

    Sharon Stone is a Nut case. Botoxing her childs feet. Too much of anything is bad. Too much money is bad also. Can u beleive botoxing a kids feet !!! good lord … most of us are just trying to pay 4 basic things in life.

  91. 91
    Mr. Wolf Says:

    Who’s showing off, #78? And I’m pretty sure he’s not the only celebrity to smile at a stupid camera. And there are fans there wanting to snap pictures and he’s just being nice. The complaints get dumber and dumber.

    I don’t study this family with borderline stalking mentality. If anything, posts like these only prove how crazy critics are.

    Why are people like you so hell bent on trying to prove that this play is somehow a flop, #79?

    When did Cruise ever say that his daughter runs the home, #82?

    Now you’re saying she looks like she’s freezing to death, #83? Critics can;t stop exaggerating…

    They’re not using her for PR purposes and they are taking care of her well.

    Only a while ago you critics were going on about how Holmes was crazy for wearing heavy clothing but now that her daughter isn’t, you’re singing a different tune.

    Because if she doesn’t walk, she’ll die, #88. There are so many pics of her walking. Why do you always ‘conveniently’ miss those? Ever considered that they carry her in the streets and not on parks because they don’t want her trampled? Or would that be too logical?

    Who said she makes her own bedtime? The tabloids?

  92. 92
    danielle Says:

    Well, Mr. Wolf why don’t you explain to us why you compulsively read every post and respond when anyone says anything that doesn’t fall within your frame of reference or what you think is correct. YOu have set yourself up on this blog as the authority on this family. Who made you the authority? Others have opinions, others have read articles from legit news sources. Whenever an opinion doesn’t agree with yours you point it out. Whenever a news source doesn’t agree with you, you say it is not true, fake, a tab or whatever.

  93. 93
    pr person Says:

    “Only a while ago you critics were going on about how Holmes was crazy for wearing heavy clothing but now that her daughter isn’t, you’re singing a different tune.”

    Seriously you aren’t THAT dense are you, oh wait, never mind. Could it be because a while ago it was the middle of summer and HOT?! Now it is turning to fall, and the nights become cool…. so Suri should at least have on a sweater.

    “I don’t study this family with borderline stalking mentality…(Sure you don’t dear)
    “My opinion is worth as much as the next person. (Even more when compared to critics).” Oooohhhhhhh Boy! If that comment wasn’t so ludicrous, I would be rolling on the floor with laughter. You sad, sad person… Should get some help for those delusions.

  94. 94
    piper Says:

    Love seeing their pics but its time to leave them alone. I blame the photogs for not leaving them alone but look at those people following them too.That is bad.

  95. 95
    Rescue59 Says:

    #69…now don’t even try to pretend that you can predict what I’d say. I’d love to see those parents take the child’s welfare into consideration for just once. I hit a nerve with the common sense question, didn’t I? Don’t have a good reason Tom and Katie are fools, do you?
    You wish you were smart, but the truth is, you’re not.

    GoodVic, my children are teenagers, and I assure you, they’ve never run this home, but they’re my world. It’s all about boundries. If you don’t give them common sense boundries, they turn out like Wolf/Creature/thing.

    I rest my case. Ha.

  96. 96
    Tdani Says:

    I love Suri. To me she is the cutest Hollywood baby—or baby I’ve seen. She is such the splitting image of Katie!

  97. 97

    HEY WOLF MUMMY CREATURE IN THE LAGOON….I read that statement in a magazine back in the spring……Tom stated that she was a ” strong and independent person and runs our home”…….That is was ” hard to ever say NO to her “…….He also stated that they ” let her pick a bedtime, instead of forcing her”……If I could remember the magazine I would tell you so you could look these comments up yourself……..I was just stating that a toddler should NOT be allowed to ” run a household”…….Suri SEEMS to be missing alot in her childhood, because she is never shown with other children, or I have never seen pictures of her at other celebrities children’s birthday parties like most of the other children have…………Suri is always around adults it SEEMS, and to ME, that is sad…THATS ALL I WAS IMPLYING……also to RESCUE, my sons and grand-daughters are my world and life also, and I agree with you on ” the boundries”……If you don’t put that ( boundries ) in place when they are young, you will have your hands full later on when they are older…..Suri is precious, but she needs interaction with other children her age!

  98. 98
    allyal Says:

    i agree #97! Suri needs some friends she can play with her own age, she is always being carried around in the spotlight. plus that was an ugly pic.

  99. 99
    Mr. Wolf Says:

    Actually, many critics here don’t read articles from legit news sources, #92. If they did, I wouldn’t be here correcting misconceptions from gossip-spouting users.

    I don’t care if you like TomKat or not but I will defend harsh comments when they don’t deserve or debunk misconceptions about them.

    The ONLY news sources you critics EVER quote are tabloids. The moment I start calling non-tabloids liars is the day when you call me a hypocrite.

    #93 is telling me to get psychiatric help…

    I think her parents will know whether she needs a sweater or not.

    Because there’s always a ridiculous excuse with you critics, #95. If it’s not one thing it’s something else. You’re all so predictable.

    They do take her welfare into consideration although you critics love to spin every single little detail otherwise.

    You don’t know how I was raised at all.

    That’s a bit contradictory given that TomKat said she goes to bed at 10:00 earlier this year in a TV interview, #97. I’ll look into that article.

    Suri Cruise plays with the Beckham boys and Henchy girls and who knows who else. I’ve never seen any pics of Matilda Ledger and Violet Affleck playing with others at all but I’m not going to say that they don’t get interaction with other kids.

    ‘If there’s no picture, it didn’t happen’ is not the best mentality.

  100. 100
    anon Says:

    God bless them……….awwwww

  101. 101
    Rescue59 Says:

    Excuse, Wolf?
    Which excuse was that?

  102. 102
    k.c. Says:

    beatiful little girl!!

    shame about her ‘father’ and i want the old katie back!! this woman is a shell of her former self… its so sad.

  103. 103
    pr person Says:

    “If they did, I wouldn’t be here correcting misconceptions from gossip-spouting users.”

    OH my goodness… thank goodness for you! What would this GOSSIP site be if you weren’t on here to correct misconceptions from gossip-spouting user?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Idiot! Crazy, Holmes and the people around them are aware of whatever the truth may be…. YOU have no clue. So for you to claim to correct gossip misconceptions with your own misconceptions… is hilarious!

  104. 104
    katkat Says:

    Wow, Tom looks so hot in the 3rd pic. I’m sometimes amazed how good he still looks at his age!

  105. 105
    ssa Says:

    Thanks JJ and please it them coming….

  106. 106
    Rochel Says:

    KT is prego…at leasst i think she is….

  107. 107
    allyal Says:

    i wish she was prego! but i dont think so, she is so skinny!!

  108. 108
    barb Says:

    this is around the corner from my school. my teacher saw them leaving lolll. i can’t believe i missed them :(

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