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Vanessa Hudgens - "Lucky" November 2008

Vanessa Hudgens -

Scope out High School Musical hottie Vanessa Hudgens looks better than ever on the November 2008 cover of Lucky Magazine!

“This is such a fairy tale of a dress,” the 19-year-old singer/actress said of the silk YSL gown she wore for her Lucky cover look. “As soon as I put it on, I wanted to run around and watch the layers flutter.”

Before the cover shoot, Vanessa introduced herself to everyone on the set and took the time to sign autographs for and take pictures with the crew’s children.

As for her own personal shopping routine, Vanessa is precise. She shared, “Before I leave the house, I research what I want online and where I’m going to get it. Right now I’m into flowy Bohemian pieces that’ll toughen up with something harder like biker-boots.”

This issue of Lucky featuring Vanessa hits newsstands tomorrow!

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  • ashley

    i love vanessa hudgens shes gorgeous

  • ashley

    shes so pretty i think she deserves better than zac efron ..shes amazing n zac needs to open his eyes n look at wut he has or else hes gonna lose her soon…..i love zanessa but zac come on be a man


  • mike

    looking good

  • suzy

    gorgeous girl.

  • KK

    she’s lucky to be in every mag..cuz you know y?
    V is freakin gorgeous :)

    Lovethedress ^.^

  • Sam

    the cover is so simple yet so gorgeous! :)

  • kristi

    I agree #3!!

  • kristi

    I can’t wait to hear what ryan has to say. lol

  • v

    i am soo buying it!!
    i love her to death more than any celebrity.
    she is just awesome!!
    you rock V!

  • v

    LOL. neither can i!
    he really loves her!!
    love her soo much!!
    baby v you rule!

  • abbie

    zac ur gonna lose her, u dont know what u have, she is gorgeous, and kind and sweet and unique shes not like the other girls she independent. soon she’ll find someone who ACTUALLY loves her, be a man and go after ur girl

    u dont know what u have till u lose it

  • nessa

    she is so freakin gorgeous i love her

  • abbie


  • HOT


  • tammy

    otra portada me parece GENIAL

    BBV ♥♥

  • elenee

    awhh. i love you baby v. :D
    im buying this magazine!

  • cl

    She’s a sweetheart and looks beautiful. Glad she got the cover.

    Zac & Vanessa Pictures from the Paris premiere, jj neglected to include.

  • lola

    well put #9

  • Floor

    I hope zac realize what he have
    vanessa it’s gorgeuos, and he should know
    that he never will find somene like her , Sorry zac

  • i luv v

    I agree #12

  • Vfanforlife

    She looks freaking GORGEOUS with a CAPITAL G
    WOW STunning!!!
    she needs to stop being soooo beautiful lolz
    <33 her 2death

  • Malia

    Absolutely gorgeous, as always.

    Beautiful cover girl!!!

  • jess


  • oh wow

    Oh some of you zac is gonna lose her idiots shut up. They were fine at the premiere.

    New pictures of the two of them. They arrived first and clearly are very much in love.

    I’m glad this magazine is finally going to be out, I first heard about it awhile ago.

  • Fer

    Oh man, come on! Stop saying Zac deserves better than her. Neither you nor I have the slightest idea of how their relationship is. I mean, they are together for some reason! Leave them alone! If she’s with him, he must be good to her… Whatever.
    I think they are the greatest couple, they look extremely cute together!

    Btw, Vanessa looks incredibly gorgeous here.

  • liz

    yay!! new magazine for me!! love vanessa! she looks gorgeous..then again when doesn’t she right? yay vhudgens fan for life!!

  • shoso

    goooooooooooo baby v absolutely gorgeous

  • someone ;D

    they look so beautiful (L) <333333333333333333

    and thx for the pics # 18 =)

  • riley

    why is everybody talking about ‘zac doesn’t deserve her’ ‘she deserve better than zac’ ‘zac should realize..’

    whats going on? which ryan are you guys talking about? :S

  • Girl

    She can’t be more beautifull right? THIS girl is so great in every meaning of the word, Zac you’r goig to lose her soon if you don’t do something, you KNOW that you’ll NEVER find someone like her, so be carefull and make SOMETHING!!!!

    Love you V!!! <3333333

  • Cami

    i saw in E! the behind the scenes of that photoshoot and she looks so much better with put that jacket!
    she looks gorgeous with that dress!

  • JJ

    I’ve never even heard of that magazine.

  • ryan

    another magazine for my vanessa collection. she’s beautiful.

    vanessa rocks my heart~~~~~

  • peacvh

    Why are you trashing Zac Efron?!

  • x

    Anyone here go on ONTD? Someone should post this magazine thing with the new zac & vanessa pictures to shut up those dumb fu*ck morons who are like oh bohoo they look like friends, he’s not looking at her, especially that one dumb zikki bitch. Because obviously in these pictures they both are looking at eachother, happily too.

  • v

    ryan you are finally here!!
    isn’t she so pretty?
    love her!!

  • michelle

    She looks absolutely amazing! I cant wait to see the full article!

  • menna

    you know…she’s growing on me, sure she lip-synches, but at least she’s not as much as the poser she used to be. again, she’s GROWING on me. she’s ok…

  • katie
  • leighton & blake fan

    She looks amazing.Wow what a great cover and Ryan I can really tell you love Vanessa :)

  • v

    vanessa you rock!!!!!
    cant wait for hsm3!!
    and identified is the best CD ever!!
    i love you!!!!

  • umm

    She doesn’t lip-sync moron menna. what where you spending your time on ocean up, how about reading stuff from people who were actually at her concerts, she sang live, and on the overproduced songs she sang with a backtrack.

    But if lip syncing bother you so much go take it out on Christina agulaira who did it at the recent Vma’s.

  • v

    i know #43:
    there was no way christina sang like that!
    and vanessa rocks!!

  • go sox

    This girl is just SOOO photogenic……the camera just loves her. It always captures her sparkle and beauty. That’s REALLY what sets her apart from other girls. She has soft beauty that just glows!!

    Cami, I agree….I think the pictures without the coat were better!! You can see that “fairy tale” dress!!

  • ryan

    yep, i love vanessa~~~~

  • Anto

    I absolutly love her!! she’s soo amazing!!!! and please, stop saying that she deserves more than zac, or that zac deserves more than vanessa, please, they are together, and they love each other!!! and I’m soo happy about that!! thy are soo perfect together!!! I’ll love Vanessa, she’s my role model, for ever, whatever happens!!! I don’t care, I’ll always love her! and Zac too, but we all know that he’s really handsome! OMG! he’s the hottest guy!!!.. well.. bye!!


  • yets

    i love her
    Go Bless V.

  • team hudgens(ZANESSA)

    anoder magazine of her.

    wow. dey rily want her as der cover bcoz she is rily beautiful and sexy. haha :)

    she has d talents!!!
    great model.

    watch out for more.

    ive watched it recently on E!

    u can also watch the behind d scenes, on her fanwebsite!

    just go to

  • Mary

    am i the only one that thinks thats a terrible cover??