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Bianca Golden: Nikki Blonsky Kicked My Mom

Bianca Golden: Nikki Blonsky Kicked My Mom

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden claims that Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky kicked Bianca‘s mom in the vagina!!!

On the Oct. 8 episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Bianca claims that Nikki and her father attacked her mother at the Turks & Caicos airport in the Caribbean on July 29.

Bianca shares candidly, “[Nikki's father Carl] punched my mom. He knocked her out! He hit my mom with such force she stumbled back and when she stumbled back the whole family got up and attacked my mom. [When my mom was on the ground, Nikki] takes her foot and kicks my mom in her vagina, and that’s when my mom fell out completely. When Nikki kicked my mom I went and grabbed her arm and she grabbed my earring. Her mom sat on her to get her off of me cause her mom saw what was happening and that was that. Her face is still black and blue”

Bianca‘s mom suffered internal bleeding, a broken nose and a fractured skull. She even had to be airlifted to the hospital!

Carl and Nikki Blonsky and Bianca were all arrested on assault charges.

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  • layla

    there should be some security footage at the airport right? i wonder who’s lying

  • bella

    Don’t know or like either of these people. . .but there must have been something that provoked her to kick her mom. No saying it was right . . .but you don’t just kick someone for no reason.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have Nikki’s mailing address? I’d like to send her a Thank You card!

  • angela

    this is such a lie I totally know nikki won’t do that.

    bianca no offence but your a liar.
    I seen the thing on utube but i couldnt hear nikkis dad or biancas mum screaming like that.

    I still support nikki all the way cuz I believe nikki didnt start the fight all nikki was doing was minding seats at the airport for her family.

  • Blue-eyed girl96

    Omg! Nicki is such a biotch!


    Nikki looks like she could take out anyone!!!!……..If Bianca is telling the truth, that is pretty shameful, for grown women to be acting like that, over someone else saving some seats at the airport terminal…( that is what I read )……..Witnesse’s there at the time, said Nikki’s father started it by yelling, and that Nikki gave the first push and kick..( people magazine )………….Those were serious injuries that Bianca’s mom suffered, and I smell a lawsuit coming down the road!


    HEY ANGELA….I saw some of it on utube also, but could not tell who started the whole thing…..Does the video show who actually made the first move?

  • Meg

    Why not just say crotch area, or something like pelvic region…why say vagina, that just sounds so crude and ignorant. I mean unless her mom was naked, I don’t see how Nikki’s foot could kick her mom “in her vagina”. Yuck.

  • mike

    seriously who cares?

  • Resa

    I don’t believe Bianca or Nikki but something didn’t happen to cause Mrs. Golden to have a broken nose and internal bleeding. The truth is somewhere in the middle of their stories.

  • angela

    uh GOOD VICTORIA no you couldnt see it but I didnt hear any screaming from biancas ma or nothing.

  • Lanie

    You know, obviously I don’t know the truth of what happened but I will say that I respect Nikki immensely for taking the high road (and highly advisable road from a legal standpoint) and not speaking about the specifics of the incident to the media. As she said recently, the truth will come out in court. And that’s the way it should be.

  • Bre

    God damn her! We need to get this settld and soon because it’s driving me insane! :(

    And Blue-eyed Girl96, STFU!

  • nunny

    GO NICKKY!!!



  • angela

    I bet bianca is lying just to get out of this I dnt believe that nikki would do that I mean she is funny and sweet and she was only minding seats at the airport for her family thats all.
    BIANCA quit your lying.

  • Barbie

    There are THREE sides….
    1) Bianca’s story
    2) Nikki’s story
    3) THE TRUTH!



  • kiki

    now i want to know the other side of the story so i can decide what really happened. but i hope her mom is going to be okay.

  • cheninator

    @ #4, how the hell do you mnow nikki or her family didnt start it? how do you know nikki wouldnt do anything like that?

    oh yeah you dont, no one knows what happened

  • a

    i don know its true or not.but i knw her mother is seriosly injured,,,…not good nikki nnt good..

  • jessica

    i can picture the conversation between bianca and the person she leaked to:
    “yes, what’s your story.
    that BITCH NIKKI blonsky kicked my mom in the vaginA!”
    this is so retarded. why on earth would nikki do that?

  • Daniel Kemp

    I like looking at hot ladies. Bianca Golden is pretty hot. But I could care less about what happens in their personal lives unless it’s something crazy like that DJ AM and that Drummer plane crash.

  • g

    i knew that nikki blonsky was a fat bi*ch with a terrible voice.

  • katiiii

    well clearly no person would just go up to someone in an airport and start beating them down. i just wish that somewhere there was some TRUTH as to what actually happened. and people who are taking sides, makes no sense since i dont think anyone knows what happens for sure

  • angela


    I know i dont know what really happened but I know nikki wont do anything like that ok.

  • Kitty

    I agree with #16

    We don’t know the real story.
    But i do think Nikki could of does this


  • yoyo

    Bianca let her betchiness hang all out for everyone to see on ANTM, so it ain’t no surprise that she’s causing trouble here and being a big ol’ betch once again.

  • Marta

    That’s some fucked up shit.

  • lana

    Bianca is such a beyotch. She just wants attention.

  • Suzette

    No, no, no! That’s a total lie! She should keep her mouth shut like Nikki is doing! Bianca is a liar. There’s video out there of some lady saying it was all her!!!

  • Miss::CulleN

    Nikki Blonsky has the apeal to kick some ass O_O

  • Rosemary

    I don’t care what anyone says, looking at their pictures and seeing hairspray, I just look at them and believe the black girl. Sorry don’t know their names. Something about the other girl just doesn’t sit well with me. If i’m wrong i’m wrong, but she looks viscious. She really does. I could be wrong but she really looks like someone who could do that and I don’t know what it is and I’m not one that usually judges people just like that but she just looks mean to me.

  • Rosemary

    Oh and i’m sure there are some exaggerations from her, but I would guess the white girl was at fault.

  • Nicole

    I dont know who’s lying either but a man should never hit a woman no matter what the hell in going on.

  • Maria

    Well, people, the only facts we know, are that a woman was SERIOUSLY injured by Mr. BLonsky and Nikki WAS involved in the incident. THAT is not a lie.

    “Oh, Nikki woud never do that?” HOw do you know? They may be a very hot -tempered family. She is NOT Tracy Turnblad, people.

  • mati

    Give me a break! Does anyone actually believe this bull crap? There is video evidence of this whole deal and people who were there said Nikki was minding her own business and this idiot started the whole thing. Someone should put a muzzle on her. Who talks like that about a case that is pending? She’s a liar.

  • Jamie

    I know one thing, Niki, her DAD, the woman beater and her mom went to JAIL, they don’t just arrest you for nothing!!!!


    Vote O bama

  • http://justjared ray ray

    hmm… i am not sure i believe this
    i guess to an extent it might be true but Biaca dosen’t seem that innocent – but that might just be me judging her
    i would like to hear nikki’s side of the story

  • go sox

    Bianca didn’t put her mother in the hospital……the Blonskys did. Bianca may be exaggerating, but her mum WAS seriously injured. Those injuries were not self-inflicted either. How do you explain that??????

  • Angie


  • BB

    ok, i’ve gotta admit when this story first broke i was pretty shocked that nikki could be involved in something like this. i don’t know who this bianca woman is, as i never watched ATM.

    However, as it’s been stated earlier, mrs. golden didn’t land in a Miami hospital due to self-inflicted injuries. so i find it hard to believe that the blonsky’s are as innocent as they profess.

    calling out bianca for speaking to the press, while applauding nikki for keeping mum on the subject seems a bit unfair given nikki’s recent interviews.

    and as far as the truth coming out in court, we’ll just have to wait and see b/c we don’t even know if the U.S. media will follow this case through the T&C courts. if they don’t, then we may never get an accurate story of what happened.

    ….but then again, if nikki bases her defense on how she acted out of love for zac efron , then i’m sure the U.S. media outlets will be all over it!!

  • L

    Why else would Nikki and her dad be in jail?

  • Jess

    I have no doubt that both groups acted inappropriately but Nicky’s family put a middle aged lady in the ICU. There is no excuse for that. Anyone that beats a middle aged lady into such a state has to be seriously messed up.

  • anabelle

    WRONG! bianca just want poeple to feel sorry for her
    who knows she probably started the whole thing
    if you poeple believe her okay go on ahead but you should atleast read nikki’s part of the story
    don’t start talking negative things about her just because she’s was in a movie with “mr. hottie” zac efron or just because she’s fat i mean grow up
    give her chance

  • Mia

    IN THE VAGINA!! seriously that’s hilarious…

  • Mia

    ….BUT i feel for the mom though, not trying to be mean here

  • Mr Perfect

    It doesn’t matter what was “said” you don’t hit people after the third grade unless you’re physically defending yourself. I believe Bianca. Really, when it gets down to it – who had injuries after the fight and who went to jail without a scratch on them?

  • jughed


    Somebody kicked the two of these b*tches in the face with the ugly stick!


  • boogie

    goodness grief and these are adults????