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High School Musical Brunches At Berkeley

High School Musical Brunches At Berkeley

High School Musical cast Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu (not pictured) grabs brunch at Berkeley restaurant in Paris on Wednesday afternoon. Their director Kenny Ortega also came along for the meal.

Everybody then headed to check out the exhibits at The Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, an architecture museum located in the Palais de Chaillot

Other pictures include the HSM3 gang at the Paris premiere of High School Musical 3: Senior Year at the Grand Rex Cinema.

25+ pictures inside of the High School Musical cast brunching at Berkeley…

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Credit: KCSPresse ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • Greg

    Is it wrong to want a three way with Vanessa and Ashley?

  • blondee

    they all looks soooo great!
    cant wait to see hsm3!

    whooo ashley is the best!!!


  • meltem


  • Noémiie

    First !!

    Ashley Is So Beautiful ♥

  • jordan

    vanessa is sooooooooooo beautiful
    ashley well i don’t like her cause is fake

  • Noémiie

    Ohh I’aam Fourth =(

  • nadine

    i love vanessa , she’s soooo beautiful and my role model!!!! ZANESSA 4-EVER!!!

  • dani


  • Daniel Kemp

    That Vanessa Hudgens is so hot. She’s of legal age right? Yah, she’s doing High School Musical 3 so I am pretty sure she is.

  • ABI

    I can’t wait for hsm3

  • vanessafan

    don’t like her clothes that much here though xD
    daniel yes she is 19 (almost 20) lol

  • ABI

    ok i like vanessa wearing its original

  • F

    i loooooooooove her clothes and ehr hair is long and sooo shiny , im ejalous !

  • http://HighSchoolMusicalBrunchesAtBerkeley rubyred

    Vanessa looks very nice.

  • Malia

    This is their last day in Paris. Hope they all have fun.

  • Lovesimpsonsis

    Love Ashley!

  • stacy

    i want the same pants as vanessa , where can i found one plz ??
    i loooove her hair it’s so long and really shiny here :D

    ashley is cute but the nose job ruined her face

  • ts

    ew at ashley’s hair.

    Love the pics, and this one where Zac & V look at each other.

    I don’t why you won’t post all the Zac & Vanessa solo paris premiere pictures after deliberately trying to mislead everyone.

    Oh well here they are

  • Manon


  • Forocoches


  • =)

    love them =) <333 they all look awesome<3 haha, the interview yesterday was so fun haha, they all just sat there and didn’t understand a thing lol =) <33

  • ts
  • omgsh

    OMG they’re amazing !

  • ts
  • naomi

    Can we stop with the Ashley bashing?!

    This post has been made under three people, Zac, Vanessa and Ashley, just appreciate who you want to appreciate and let others do so as well.

    You don’t have to put one down to appreciate another. I don’t get this constant need for a fight. Geez!

  • ts

    I love that they all went together, including kenny.

  • Dani

    OHH MY GOD! like, I love vanessa and zac and like, hope that they get married, cause they would make cute interracial babies! Like, OH MY GOD, zac is so cute, and i’m so jealous of Vanessa for having him, haha!!! Like, liek, like, oh my god! I love Vanessa! She’s like SOO pretty, and if you don’t think so, YOU’RE LIKE JELUSSSS!!

    ^^ Yeah, that’s what you people sound like….and learn some proper English before you type. Thank you.

  • Ashley

    ashley is a litle fat

  • brooke

    V looks gorgeous

  • brooke

    V looks gorgeous

  • athena

    They all look a little cold and pale in these pics, and a bit tired….I wonder where Corbin was…if I were him, I’d probably still be sleeping…lol…Kenny looks a bit melancholy. I love what they’re wearing and as for Vanessa, I’d wear a different shirt with those high waist jeans…Zac looks great in his jacket and plaid shirt as always….Ashley…get warm girl…
    Corbin looks great smiling in the Premiere pics…he has a lovely french accent…it sounds very second nature for him….I wonder how long they’ll be in Paris?

  • naomi

    Btw, they’re all looking good. Love that kenny is out with them, wonder why Corbs is missing. Looks very cold.

    Really loving V’s outfit though. I can’t get over how poised and mature she’s been looking this tour. I’m particularly loving the jeans, guess I have to keep an eye out for a pair like that.

    As usual, her hair and make-up are spot on. Here’s what a UK paper (tabloid though) had to say about her red carpet look:

  • dani

    vanessa plus paris = perfection

  • naomi

    Also, I like how when Ashley is with Z and V, they try to make it inclusive, just three friends hanging together and not just about the two of them or being too lovey dovey bearing in mind that her boyfriend is not around.

    That’s sensitivity and real friendship.

  • ju!

    Vanessa es HERMOSAAAAAAAA! ♥

  • Trina

    Where is Corbin?

  • meli

    I love them…!!!

  • kelsey

    ok where do i start…

    well ashleys hair…wtf! she seriously has the worst style in like everything.

    and vanessa’s hair and make-up look great. but lauren conrad was right when she said ‘high waisted jeans need to go out of fashion. they dont look good on anyone’.

    btw they both looked like crap at the premiere! ashleys dress is waaayy unflattering and vanessa just looks kind of cheap

  • Karen

    Well I see that even though JJ had a second chance to post some of the premiere pics from last night he still DID NOT post the best Zac and Vanessa “moments”. Are we having trouble giving up the controversy angle, Jared? Hmmmm

    Also, you people who are always saying how if you don’t like Zac/ Vanessa/ etc, why are you here and what is the purpose of insulting them….well, stop doing the same thing to Ashley. There is nothing wrong with her being in any of these pictures and she isn’t ugly. Maybe you prefer Vanessa’s type looks—I do—but I think Ashley is pretty. We aren’t here bickering about who is better between Zac and Corbin—because they both have their qualities—so that is how we should see Vanessa and Ashley. Afterall, this movie is not just Zac and Vanessa’s, it also is Ashley and Corbin’s as well as Lucas and Monique’s.

  • leighton & blake fan

    They are all awesome :)

  • 4eyes

    why are zac n vanessa so separated i tought dey would be really happi to see eazh other…………. it doesnt look that way doh..


    Ashley looks very pretty!
    I love her clothes its very sophisticated and fun
    Vanessa looks well vanessa she is really boring and lame
    Zac looks hot!
    and why aren’t there photos of corbin he’s important too!
    Ashley plus paris = magic
    Team Tizzy

  • ashlee

    zac and vanessa both want ashley to not feel like a third wheel, so vanessa and ashley walk together. they’re being nice to her. it wouldn’t be appropriate for them to be all cuddly and lovey dove (which they never do in public anyway) with ashley and kenny there.

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    Yay I ♥ the HSM3 Promo pics:)
    + Zanessa….the look in each other’s eyes at the premiere….=♥

  • zanfan2

    This is not a happy looking group. Even Kenny doesn’t look like his usual bouyant self.

  • ashlee

    when i go to the movies with my bf, my gf and sister, we all walk separately. i don’t link arms with my gf or sister. but when we’re in the theater, i sit with my bf and we hold hand

  • http://zACeFRON Bradley

    People Zac and Vanessa did not break up look at the Vanessa Is Looking at Zac and He is looking at her two

  • Ms. Marple

    Love, love, love Vanessa’s jeans. She looks fabulous in those!!!!

  • Malia

    #45, I think it’s because their earlier photoshoot got “canceled” for some reason and they (the four cast members) are being blamed for it. Or at least, the French press is blaming them.

  • http://YAHOO KAITLYN

    vanessa looks very beautiful as always. zac looks hot… no surprise there and ashley’s jeans look ok her boots dont look so fab on her and i honestly can sayi have no clue wats going on wit her jeresy thingy & get the idea thats a good thing