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Jennifer Garner is Denison Delightful

Jennifer Garner is Denison Delightful

Jennifer Garner picks up her 2-year-old daughter Violet from pre-school in Santa Monica, Calif., on Wednesday afternoon.

The 36-year-old actress recently resurrected her candy-red Valentino “Histoire” tote bag and wore a cap from her Alma Mater, Denison University (located in Granville, Ohio). She’s also got a Denison zip-up hoodie!

Jennifer and actor husband Ben Affleck are expecting their second this winter. No details about the sex of the baby and the due date have been released.

15+ pictures inside of Denison delightful Jennifer Garner

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jennifer garner denison 02
jennifer garner denison 03
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  • mike


  • Janie

    They are adorable! Their family is full of talent, but they seem like such grounded and sweet people! I love the Afflecks! :)

  • tom

    That family does not have that much talent. Not sure who is a worst actor ben or jen. It is a bit painful to see them on screen. But it does not matter they are rich and famous anyway. Oh and Jen is pretty hot at times.

  • Amanda

    Why was this posted to Britney Spears?

  • JUliA

    Why must the paps follow them to and from school everyday!? I love seeing pics of these two, but enough.

  • Rita

    I n F a m o u s, you are the violation. Anybody that insults a baby is what is ewwwwwwwww. All you do is call people ugly on this site because you’re an ugly loser who never leaves their basement. Violet is adorable. Infamous is infamous for being an ugly, insulting loser with NO life.

    Ben and Jen are alright actors. Better than all those Highschool Musical and all those other people posted everyday.

  • Lauren

    If she’s trying to blend in with the other moms she shouldn’t dress all in black with big ol superstar sunglasses and her wear her big diamond ring, there’s nothing low key or grounded about that. I saw some pictures of the other moms from that school and they couldn’t look or dress more different to Jennifer Garner, of course those moms truly are normal moms unlike her.

  • Jessica

    LOL… yes and what is a “normal mom”? Every mother is different and seeing how happy and healthy Violet always looks, I’d say it looks like Jen is doing a good job. Don’t criticize the parenting skills of complete strangers. I’ve seen plenty of people dress similar to her, there’s nothing so strange about that and how would you have seen the “other moms” when they’re not celebrities and would have no reason to have their photos taken? The haters on here are such pathetic liars.

  • Julia

    lol, wearing jeans and a tshirt makes her not normal? I wear big sunglasses, they’re the trend right now. Lots of non-celebs wear them. And what should she do, take off her engagement ring whenever she goes out? I bet if you had that ring you wouldn’t take it off either.

  • Marie

    aww violet is such a cutie. :)

  • Sam

    She’s not wearing all black. She’s wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. Looks like a normal outfit to me. Like Julia said big sunglasses are popular and she’s wearing a hat. As for the engagement ring, why should she take it off? She looks like any other mother. Low-key and grounded. She isn’t wearing a big, bright dress and lots of jewelery like many celebs. She’s more casual than most celebs. Sounds like Lauren is the not normal one here.

  • Sam

    And I agree with Rita, Infamous is just pathetic. She goes on all the posts calling people ugly all the time. Anyone that calls a child ugly is the ugly one.

  • Just Jared

    Haha, thanks Amanda.

  • boogie

    I like Jen. Seems to be more of a “normal” person for a hollywood star. Just think about it…..can you imagine how Jennifer Lopez would dress when her twins start going to day care?? Just picture it!

    very dressy, lots of makeup, jewelry and her entourage,,,etc,,,along with her diva attitude.

    yuck. i will take Jennifer Garner any day for a mom lol

  • Adoring Fan

    I love Jennifer and Violet. They are so beautiful. Thanks JJ. I feel sorry for the ones who fail to see the beauty of this lovely family.

    Jennifer nor Ben are flashy or pretentious like other celebs. That is what if meant by low key and normal (unhollywood). Lots of so called normal people wear diamonds.

  • Heather

    Infamous – ugly nobody, who isn’t fit to judge on who is a good, bad or horrible actor or actress. Infamous is ewwwwwwwww.

  • Heather

    Infamous is the violation.

  • Lauren

    JLo and Jennifer Garner are one and the same, they both love big rocks but JLo has style and Jennifer Garner doesn’t.

    Oh how cute Jennifer got zits.

  • Lauren

    That diamond is bigger than the zit on her face. She’s a showy and pretentious as any actor in hollywood.

  • Adoring Fan

    Poor Lauren #8 why resent a woman for wearing a diamond ring? That seems unhealthy to me. Maybe her husband wants her to wear it. What else do you do with a ring but wear it? Think before you type. Jen doesn’t wear that ring everyday, maybe she took it out to have it cleaned. She probably dresses down more than any mother at that school to be perfectly honest.

    Find something else to complain about and try to be honest in your assessment. Probably a stretch for you, but give it your best effort.

    Having said that: Violet is such a cute little school girl with her little back pack. She and her mom both are so adorable. Love them.

  • Nicole

    Violet is adorable – and it’s kind of sad that Jen is in the news more for being Violet’s mom than she is for her movies.

  • Melinda

    JLO has style? LOL! Yeah, right. Have you seen the recent photos of her? She has NO style and NO talent. Typical JLO fan. Who cares if she has zits? Who hasn’t? Get over your pathetic self. If she was showy and pretentious she would dress like it and have bodyguards, etc. Stop talking about these people like you know them.

  • cal

    love how jared gets the sh*te details everyone w/ a rat’s a*s for a brain can already read (denison) and doesn’t mention where anything else which is more interesting is from i.e. sunglasses we’ve been seeing for oh- the past 303280438 months.

  • Melinda

    Ben choose the rock out, idiot. It sounds like you’re just jealous that you could never get a nice engagement ring. Ha! As for zits, you’d be a hypocrite to criticize anyone for having those, as everyone has one point in their life. If you find Hollywood so pretentious and showy why are you even here? LOL!

  • Adoring Fan

    I love how there two are so into each other. Sooo freaking cute. That 2nd pic is priceless. It looks like they are sharing a secret. Thanks again JJ for these beautiful pics.

  • Laura

    the button on her jeans is screaming. time to break out the maternity jeans.

  • Jane

    Seriously — what zit? Wow, she has one zit on her chin! That’s the best you can do for insults? LMAO! Pathetic. That ring is also probably bigger than your brain because your comments are completely stupid!

    The haters are so pathetic and obviously have no life and nothing better to do but insult these celebs like they can read or care what you losers think. Your hating won’t make you any more famous or less uglier. ROFL!

  • ashley

    i really like her, she never seems to court attention with flashies clothes and poses. Just walking around casually.

  • Jane

    And for some reason every other word on here is coming up as a link for shopping.

  • Adoring Fan

    To Nicole #22, I sure Jennifer considers being Vi’s mom far more important than any movie. She’s managed to make a living at acting, so I sure she is in a good place. Peace.


    LAUREN….Maybe, Jennifer does NOT want to fit in, like other preppy mom’s………..She just wants to be comfortable, and be herself….That is a great attitude to have, and one for Violet to catch onto herself!!!!…Jennifer has never followed the super over-dressy, high-heeled, over made-up mother crowd, and I love her for that…Jennifer is just a wonderful mother and wife plain and simple………And that Violet is a cutie-pie….What is wrong with you INFAMOUS???…..Don’t blast a precious child please……She has done nothing to harm you!!

  • boogie

    Golly ! I can’at believe the silly comments about how big her ring is and the fact she is wearing it.

    Of course she is wearing it.,….she’s married and it’s her wedding ring!


  • Nicole

    What happened to her, she use to be the next big thing but after Alias ended nothing happened, her movies sucked at the box office and now she can’t open a movie. Ben said in an interview once that it was bad for a actress to get be with him because it ruins their careers, sadly it looks like this is what happened to Jennifer.

  • boogie


    not too fast!

    I bet Jen is concentrating on being a mom right now..especially with a new one coming. That’s more important than a movie!

  • Lily

    Violet is precious and such a happy baby. <3

  • Adoring Fan

    I would hardly called Jen’s career over. In fact, I think the best is ahead for her. Right now, she seems to be doing all right. Her priorities are definitely in order. You can always act when you’re older but having children, not so much.

  • Mary

    Wow that ring is HUGE! It’s very nice.

    I love how she is always so down to earth and doesn’t dress all flashy. fantastic

  • jessica

    Fugly, media-ho Mommy, cute baby (hopefully she won’t grow up to look like her mother).

  • Angela

    I love the fact that she seems to be talking to Violet the whole time trying to put her at ease with the Paps.

    Now as for looking normal… Would you rather she put Violet in a short sleeve dress with a big ol blanket, where wide leg jeans and stiletto heels to walk down a sidewalk?

    I am just so glad it is not another pic of Katie Holmes….

  • Jessica

    Jessica, Jennifer Garner is FAR from fugly. You must be talking about yourself and she isn’t a media-ho either, unlike all those other celeb moms she never sold pictures of Violet to magazines. She’s taking her daughter to school. Violet looks just like Garner and hopefully she will grow up to look like her because she’s gorgeous and so is Violet. I cringe at the fact that you use my name.

  • andamentothat

    boogie @ 10/01/2008 at 7:30 pm I like Jen. Seems to be more of a “normal” person for a hollywood star. Just think about it…..can you imagine how Jennifer Lopez would dress when her twins start going to day care?? Just picture it!

    very dressy, lots of makeup, jewelry and her entourage,,,etc,,,along with her diva attitude.

    yuck. i will take Jennifer Garner any day for a mom lol


    correction.. JLo will balk at the thought of a daycare with regular people for her dragontale twins.. Of course if there was some sort of celeb mothers day out, she would drop her kids there for a few hrs and pick them herself dressed in Oscar de la renta.. and her deseo perfume

  • Julia

    haha, if Jen didn’t wear her rings then everyone would say she and Ben were getting divorced.

  • Adoring Fan

    To #42 you think JLo is real? Pleeaaze, She is as real as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Her and her no nanny crapola, non invitro fertilization dragon twins ..I could go on and on. She is REAL alright. REAL PHONY.

  • Love Jen :)

    AWW sweet pics!!!
    I love JenG, fuck all the haters here :P

  • violet

    Violet is so pretty!

  • regina

    Put the girl TO WALK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What´s wrong??? She can´t walk, this woman is PREGNANT, not fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zoe

    they look adorable! violet has beautiful hair. jennifer looks good too and i know she’s trying to comfortable and all but the seriously, the cap? the shoes and cap ruins the lovely valentino bag! anyhow, they’re very down- to earth. love tht.

  • miami

    She was cute when she was pregnant with Violet but with this pregnancy she is fugly and manly looking which means she’s having a boy. All the weight is in her thighs and hips another sign that it’s a boy.

  • denison university

    Did she graduate from Denison University or did they give her an honorary degress in arts when she became famous with Elektra. Be proud Dennison the star of Elektra went to your college.

  • Joanne

    That Valentino bag cost $5,000 and that diamond ring on her finger cost $500,000, nothing low key or normal mom about her. JLo is the same likes expensive things, and has mansions, nannies and assistants.

    Ben spent more on JLo, he was madly in love with her and it showed. I’ve yet to see a picture of Ben like that with Jen Ho Garner.