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Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Kids

Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Kids

Check out the new cover of Leo on Parade!

Last night, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s interview with Parade was published. Well, the mag has released a new in-depth interview with the 33-year-old actor.

“It’s been a great learning experience,” Leo shared about his acting career. “Ever since I started out at 16, and now being 33 years old, I’ve learned how much responsibility an actor must have in his relationship with the director. From the get-go I thought, well, the director is going to tell me if I’m doing something wrong. I’d wait for them to tell me instead of my being aggressive and saying, ‘This is what I think. This is how I feel this scene should turn out.’ As I’ve progressed, I’ve realized how much responsibility you have to take as an actor simultaneously with the director.”

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58 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Kids”

  1. 1
    Who am I? Says:

    I’d have his kids! ;-)

    Seriously, this interview is great, and presents a side of Leo that we don’t see very often. Sounds like he is growing up and realizing that there is more to life than partying and bonking hot models. I hope he finds a nice, normal girl to settle down with.

  2. 2
    meli Says:

    Great interview….he is the best

  3. 3
    sconosciuta Says:

    volevo solo fare il 2° commento..ciauuu

  4. 4
    wingnut13 Says:

    LMAO, whoamI. What you wrote struck me as really funny.

  5. 5
    jennifer Says:

    Leo wants kids, I’am jut thinking how cute would be Leo’s babies. I really hope he finds a special woman that made him happy , form family and have his so wanted children.

  6. 6
    Who am I? Says:

    Glad I could make you smile, wingnut! :-)

  7. 7
    gina Says:

    I’ve always been a fan of his, and I think he will make an excellent father someday.

  8. 8
    Vicky Says:

    aww he is awesome! :)

  9. 9
    mike Says:


  10. 10
    Angie Says:

    I love Leo, I been a fan forever. I agree with #5 I hope he finds a a good woman, not just models who dont have any feelings for him. He deserves alot more then that.

  11. 11
    Kali C Says:

    Aww, Leo. :)

  12. 12
    kel Says:

    Oh man, he knows exactly what to say to put himself in a positive light. To be honest, I actually prefer this Leo to the spoiled, dumb brat he used to be.

  13. 13
    perla Says:

    everyone changes with age and maturity…I think Leo proves in this interview how new experiences can alter your world view…he comes across as a genuine and deeply caring guy…I hope he finds his special someone and has lots of kids…he deserves happiness :-)

  14. 14
    wingnut13 Says:

    When on earth did he EVER come across as a “spoiled, dumb brat”????

    That’s right – NEVER.

  15. 15

    RIGHT ” PERLA “, NUMBER # 13…..Have I been out of touch here?…Wasn’t he dating that model BAR?…..Did they break up?……I believe anyone would have Leo’s children NUMBER # 1, no matter how old they were..( LOL )….RIGHT WINGNUT13…I NEVER thought he was a spolied, dumb brat….Leo certainly is NOT dumb, coming this far in his career….He knows exactly what he is doing!

  16. 16
    Who am I? Says:

    Good Victoria, the speculation is that yes, Bar and Leo have broken up. And I also agree with you and wingnut – he is far from spoiled and dumb, he very much remembers where he came from and is very smart at managing his career!

  17. 17
    mattie Says:

    what a good looking man….looks, talent, and a wonderful outlook on life….some woman is going to be veryyyyyyyyyyy lucky…eat your heart out gisele bundchen…

  18. 18
    lina Says:

    aww he wants kids, i’ll help him if he wants them…but anyway i can’t believe he’s come so far since the 90′s

  19. 19
    paula Thalita Says:

    He is the best actor that i have seen!!

  20. 20
    paula Thalita Says:

    I think he still love Gisele Bundchen!!!

  21. 21
    Helena Says:

    I agree, some people didn’t last after the 90′s (or the 80′s, remember the two Corey’s?!). Especially since he was a heartthrob, he’s come a long way and is now considered a serious actor. Zac Efron has NOTHING on him.

  22. 22
    doug Says:

    i htink leo just cracked a load on the journalist judging from the laugh on his face, he looks like he just adjusted his scrotum and tucked in his nutscack before shooting this picture

  23. 23
    Anonymousdiva Says:

    Paula, I love Gisele, but if she’d been the one, he would’ve married her.

    it’s clear he hasn’t found “The One” yet.

  24. 24
    Ingrid Says:

    Isn’t it depressing that those talentless twinks from High School Musical get more comments than Leo?

  25. 25
    newport beach, 92660 Says:

    He will always be my king of the world..

    AND… Leo.. you can have kids with me anytime.. even though I’m only 17.. but still, LOVE YOU! ♥

  26. 26
    newport beach, 92660 Says:



  27. 27
    anti-bar Says:

    Leo does sound more mature and grounded but I’ll believe he’s really transformed when he makes a clean break from Bar. I hope he already has but with Leo you never know.

    The Parade interview was done two months ago and just yesterday Leo said in another interview that he wasn’t ready to get married and have children. The press is making Leo sound like he’s going to get married tommorrow. It’s so ridicoulous!

    If Leo is serious about getting married one day he needs to date a mature and intelligent woman closer to his age. The bimbo models are not marriage material.

    I think Ivanka Trump would be an excellent choice! She’s beautiful, intelligent, rich, and an independent woman. Ivanka is young but not too young for Leo and she was once a model. For Leo that’s important. Ivanka is a wordly and successful businesswoman so she wouldn’t be using Leo for fame and fortune. I think Leo and Ivanka would make a perfect couple!

  28. 28
    kay Says:

    he sucks… NOT! I love him. and I agree, Zac efron has NOTHING on our boy Leo! i can’t wait for him and awesome kate winslet to reunite in their movie. Titanic was amazing. I wonder if the movie will too.

  29. 29
    Wingnut13 Says:

    anti-bar, if he says he’s not ready, it most likely means he’s ready, but hasn’t found the right person so he’s not ready AT THIS MOMENT.

    It’s a matter of perception :)

  30. 30
    anti-bar Says:

    wingnut; You make a good point. I never of it that way. I really hope that means Leo broke-up with Bar for good. In the new issue of Star they say Leo and Jennifer Aniston hooked up at a party. I don’t believe it at all but at this point I would be happy to see Leo with anyone but Bar!

  31. 31
    who am i? Says:

    Anti-bar, the way I read it is that Leo is maturing and is realizing that the women he has been with are not the ones that are what he is looking for to settle down with. I think he is currently looking for the right one. :-)

  32. 32
    anon Says:

    What if he hooked up with Bridget Moynahan?

    Beautiful eyes Leo! Gorgeous Man!

  33. 33
    jj Says:

    Thats how I read it Wingnut. : ) Leo is being so open nowadays!

  34. 34
    jj Says:

    Who Am I I got that from his very revealing words too..Its like he’s ready but he hasnt found The One yet but oh how he’s ready!!! : ) But looking! Any takers?? lol

  35. 35
    ihb Says:

    On the contrary

  36. 36
    Wingnut13 Says:

    Apparently you didn’t read my earlier post, ihb.

  37. 37
    ihb Says:

    I read your comment and now I posted the link. I don`t really see what seems to be the problem with it.

  38. 38
    jj Says:

    guys guys guys….we’re on the same team here! Remember? :)

  39. 39
    Johanne Says:

    Leo is great – love him! Great person, great actor and he looks beautiful!

  40. 40
    french Says:,,20230173,00.html

    Leo and bar

  41. 41
    Anonymousdiva Says:

    I never claimed there was a problem, ihb.

  42. 42
    anti-bar Says:

    French; Oh no not again! I give up on Leo! He hasn’t learned his lesson. Bar’s only with him for fame and will trap him soon if he doesn’t break it off for good. Don’t be surprised if Bar ends up pregnant in a couple of weeks. I definately believe this will happen soon if Leo continues their relationship. I don’t believe they’re just friends. The “People” sighting basically said that they were acting as a couple.

    That is why I warned people here not to believe that Leo’s split with Bar was final. Leo’s behavior is very disapointing. Leo will make the mistake of his life if he marries and has children with Bar. He will definately regret it. Leo is an idiot when it comes to relationships!

  43. 43
    laura Says:

    I highly doubt Leo will marry Bar. I think he is stringing her along now so he has someone there when he wants sex and female companionship. I think from all the reports lately he is probably on the prowl for someone else.

  44. 44
    french Says:

    ihb : I think that it is bar which to throw this rumour because there is not pics of where they are together and tomorrow the show begins so she needs that we speak about her

  45. 45
    french Says:

    In my last comment I made a mistake, it is anti-bar and not ihb

  46. 46
    Anonymousdiva Says:

    anti-bar, you need to learn something about tabloids. “Couply” simply means they were sitting together, FCOL!

    I agree with Laura, fwiw.

  47. 47
    french Says:,,20230308,00.html

  48. 48
    crispy Says:

    he’s had quite a career, and stays out of trouble generally speaking. I hope he gets everything he wants.

  49. 49
    jennifer Says:

    Doesn’t have pics until I didn’t see pics of them together I didn’t believe it!

  50. 50
    Rachel joyful Says:

    Wow, what a great interview!!!. I’m so glad I read this. If I were one of Leo’s friends I would fit into that 90 percent category he was talking about, so that part made me cry.. I don’t know if he’s shy as much as scared or worried of what people will think of him.. i hope he continues to be honest and open, because he is beginning to show who he really is. All the secrecy and hiding behind this facade is just his way of protecting himself. I know, because we all do that in our own way……WE are scared of getting hurt so we have to “pretend” to be something we’re not even close to… But I’m really glad he showed his soft side in this way..i jsut wanna eat him up, those cheeks and baby face on these recent pics are to die for.. :o)

  51. 51
    Rachel joyful Says:

    I was just thinking about what a great president Leo would be for our country… I would feel safe and protected with him looking after us… dont you think? he looks very classy and professional in his parade pics,

    I want Leo to protect me … lol ;o)

  52. 52
    JJ Says:

    No presidency for Leo. Sorry.

  53. 53
    Wingnut13 Says:

    Yeah, I can’t see that either, JJ. He’s too ethical :)~

  54. 54
    french Says:

    “Body of Lies” New York Premiere

  55. 55

    Leonardo will impregnate more than one female,for goodness sake.Bar Rafaeli being impregnated by Leonardo will be a mere test run.Leonardo will nave no access to the children he sires with numerous different females!

  56. 56

    It depends. If Bar Rafaeli,before each sexual encounter,internally laces her ****** with the most lethal brand of spermicide,then I’d say his chances of her having children by him would be remote,at least for the time being.

  57. 57
    Aisha Says:

    Get rid of Bar. She is an ugly version of the beautiful Gisele. She wasn’t a known model til Leo helped her out. If she has his kids, I’ll track her down and shoot the ***** outta her! LEO IF YOUR READING THIS, YOU *CAN* DO BETTER THAN A FAME-WH*RE LIKE HER. SHES USING YOU. SHE WANTS YOUR FAME, NOT THE LOVE!

  58. 58
    someone Says:

    haha , i LOVE leonardo ! haha , hes a doll . & i hate that hes with that bar misses( what kinda name is bar anyways ? Jeez.) . she doesn’t believe in getting married , but Leo does and he wants to have kids and stuff . I really think he should find someone better for him . Love you Leo ! <3:P

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