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Lindsay Lohan -- Untold Love Story

Lindsay Lohan -- Untold Love Story

Life couldn’t be sweeter for Lindsay Lohan and DJ gal pal Samantha Ronson. The twosome hit up Halloween Time in Disneyland on Sept. 24.

Samantha and Lindsay looked really happy together,” an eyewitness tells OK!. “They were giggling at the Halloween-themed hats – Samantha proudly wore hers throughout the park. They had a blast, taking photos of each other, going on all the rides, like Space Mountain and the Pirates of the Caribbean. They spent about four hours in the park. Before they left, they bought each other candy.”

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Pictured below: Bikini-clad Lindsay and Sam cooling down with popsicles while vacationing in Mexico on Tuesday. 10+ pictures inside of the pair on holiday…

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Credit: Chris/Gerallt/Danielle; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Katie


  • stephanie

    oh how cute

  • Daniel Kemp

    I still think Linday Lohan is just doing this for publicity. Without this lady friend then she wouldn’t be so out there in the media.

  • les

    Please, someone, tell me the allure of these two. I just do not get it.

  • les


    I very much agree.

  • ??

    Just gross

  • paul

    If I were a lesbian, I’d pick someone a lot hotter than that.


    They look great and happy.Leave them alone.Not all people are going for looks.

  • aka

    i don’t believe Lindsay is gay, she just pretending for sure.
    she gonna back to boys sooooon, maybe next year?

  • mia

    whoa, they photoshopped the heck out of that cover. she looks as distorted as blake lively did on the cover of 17.

  • Havana club

    Sam’s body is way hotter than Lindsay’s. Hot legs.

  • Greg

    Ok LIndsay… do a movie already. I am sick of hear about this supposite couple.

  • TAmi

    As far as I’m concerned Lindsay is now an official freak. She and that thing she’s with shows me she’s sicker than anyone imagined. Her dad has tried to save her but oh well. Sad, she used to be an up and coming actress…now, she’s just like all the other hollywood freaks….doing things to get her picture on a magazine…how low she’s has sunk. Hasssssss beeeennnnnnn

  • chrisler 1

    She looks way older that early twenties. this woman will go out of fame badly. But at least she seems happy with her new love. I hope this is for real. Otherwise she has nothing…I mean aging this fast (looks wise ) is not good for Hollywood obssesed with youth.

  • g.g

    i LOVE LiLo, and i think its great for all the lesbians to have an example, but not her.. she just pretending for sure.
    she gonna back to boys sooooon[2]!

  • gina

    It’s good to see them both happy together. As long as they are, who cares?

  • cheryl

    I still don’t believe Lindsay is a lesbian

  • Mattchew03
  • katie

    i kinda agree with you #17!

  • maka

    why is this lesbian famous for?

  • andrea

    not of fan of lindsay, but what i do see or read about her now isn’t as bad as it was back in the days of DUI’s and eating disorders. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes, but from most pics that come out about her now, she looks content. Maybe this other chick is a better influence on her than the previous leeches she hung out with. On that note, Lindsay go back to making movies or whatever it is that you do.

  • filla

    the only thing, I see between these two womans is LOVE= mutual respect, frendship,loyalty, honesty, pathernship,trust, compreasion , chemistry, hapiness etc

    All her past relationships were based in sex and only sex isn´t love and doesn´t make a healthy relationship,sex is sex. Lindsay is genuinely in love and happy and this relationship will last much longer than people actually predict .

  • leftykc

    you have got to be kidding me! Ronson looks like olive Oil, she needs some spinach or something, please there needs to be an interevention.. oh and wait before some one says something, I know what difference does it make if they are happy .. right? Ronsons front side looks a ironing board!!

  • miii

    oooh i find really silly all this media going crazy about these 2, probably they are just friends, playing with paps and that’s it =/

    i wish lilo were gay tho =) but i still don’t believe it

  • newport beach, 92660

    euwwww…. :S

    But I just think they are really close friends.

    Who hold hands

    and kiss

    and go everywhere anywhere all the time…

    yeaaah, definitely JUST friends * cough , cough *

  • leftykc

    you guys wont believe it till you see pics of ronson going down on her right? hey if it looks like a duck walks a duck.. uh you do the math..

  • Monica

    It doesnt really matter if she is a lesbian , but Lindsay is way too hot for Sam, she can do much better!

  • Jojo

    I like lindsay’s bikini – any idea what brand is it?

  • reginageorge

    What the hell is wrong with Lindsay’s boobs. Look at the magazine cover, her boobs are to her belly button. She looks disgusting with that fake grin and lip implants and boobs hanging down farther than my great grandmothers.


    AGREE ” CANDY” AND ” GINA “…..Let’s just wish them luck and move on!!!!….Obviously, Lindsay has found someone she really relates with and loves…Whether or not we like Samantha means nothing to Lindsay, and apparently they are now an official couple, buying a hugh multi-million dollar penthouse/condo in New York…That is a big move for just ” friends “….I wish them well..


    What seems strange to me is Ronson is actually shaped like a woman. She’s got way more curves than Lohan – the only thing making Lohan feminine are her fake boobs. Otherwise, she’s the one with a boy’s body.

  • Megan fox rocks


  • dope

    She’s a lesbian just like Anne Heche is…I mean was.

  • leftykc

    sooner or later lindsay will want someone with a big one..ha ha..