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Miley Cyrus Has New Nails

Miley Cyrus Has New Nails

Miley Cyrus comes out of a nail salon in Los Angeles on Tuesday, just in time for her upcoming birthday bash this coming weekend.

The Hannah Montana star will be celebrating her Sweet 16 birthday at Disneyland this weekend with 5,000 of her fans.

Disneyland will therefore be closing the park to guests not attending the Miley Cyrus‘ birthday party at 5 PM. Gay Days, an annual gay and lesbian gathering at the Magic Kingdom, will also be using the park at the same time as Miley, but will be in a different area of Disney’s California Adventure.

10+ more pics inside of Miley Cyrus‘ new nails…

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miley cyrus nail salon 01
miley cyrus nail salon 02
miley cyrus nail salon 03
miley cyrus nail salon 04
miley cyrus nail salon 05
miley cyrus nail salon 06
miley cyrus nail salon 07
miley cyrus nail salon 08
miley cyrus nail salon 09
miley cyrus nail salon 10

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  • Evve

    first <33

  • Roisin


  • Roisin


  • Joanna

    what kind of a role model.
    she cares only about her “beauty” :S

  • Justjaredfan

    I love this website.. but im F#$%%G tired of seeing this girl all the time…
    and she’s not funny at all…

  • Joanna

    if I still was a fan, I would run to make myself her nails.
    and then pay 100$ so my mom will kill me

  • Julien

    She looks like a kid on those pictures…which she is and should act more like…

  • anna mariaaaaaaaa

    metro station is in australia just like i am:)
    i wish i was going to see him
    you recon miley will come down?

  • Angie

    Ahh, There’s my girl!

  • CC

    Ugly outfit. She’s so boring now, no one cares anymore. Sel, Demi and the Jonas Brothers took her fans.

  • nylita may

    miley why dont you put some fake nail so it look better

  • mrs. cullen

    haha let me laugh ..

  • Koko

    Lesbos and Miley?
    YAY! I have to get some tickets
    i’m gonna see it – it’s gonna be nasty!

  • Audrina

    #10 your’e so right.
    I used to be a fan of this fake shit, but now i’m a fan of Demi.
    she’s ubsolutly real.

  • nylita may


  • qwerty

    ewww sh looks hideous what is with the hat… the shirt… the PANTS?!?!?!?!?! She looks horribly ugly from head to toe!

  • love vanessa

    ahh miley miley miley =)
    haha lesbians and her =P
    and #8 me in australia too she wont come down (N) she waaay to busy! jonas brothers are coming in june/july though =D =D =D

    lucky to who ever gets to share her birthday with her!!
    but honestly coudlnt she do somethign low key for once not sharing everything with the world? she is really soaking up and taking advantage of her fame.

    but i love you still miley =)

  • =)

    Would she like another charm for her phone?

  • sabrina

    i love her, shes gorgeous, i just dont know why she loves those jeans so much, i think they are so ugly, bur her gucci hat i so cool.
    #14 now youre a fan of demi when she makes a mistake, then youre a fan of the next teen star probalbly i think youre lame..

  • Lisa

    hahaha hannabeth

  • Helena

    Is today really that slow that you have to post about Miley Cyrus’ new nails? Yawn.

  • MileyFan

    love her
    cant wait for her party!!!

    and some of yall are so fucking jealous grow the hell up the girl is 16!

  • mz Sass

    I like her jeans and that she’s not wearing alot of make-up. And that purse is expensive, probably $1,100.
    That nail place looks nasty, but I think she’s leaving through the back door.

  • Nonya

    She’s with Trace’s girlfriend Hanna Beth.

    She’s gorgeous.

  • lala

    what kind of idiot would want to go the this bitch’s birthday party?


  • http://- miumiu

    shes so ugly lol

  • Ally

    wtf, i used to love her, but shes all wack now! i really love how 50%+ hates her!

  • rere

    can u guy shutthe hell up so what nick rent a hole baseball show thing for his 16 brithday why cant she rent ginsy land so everybody shut up selena and demi su\\x miley cyrus rocks

  • rere

    can u guy shutthe hell up so what nick rent a hole baseball show thing for his 16 brithday why cant she rent ginsy land so everybody shut up selena and demi su\\x miley cyrus rocks


    got enough charms on your cell phone miley??

  • Melianna

    oh wow! when did this become a bash miley site? I think she’s awesome. She puts up with media, apologies sincerely when she feels she messed up, but in all… she’s true to herself. She’s pretty normal in some ways. Her outfit there emphasizes that. the clothes may be expensive, but what kid at that age doesn’t look weird at times? I think it’s cute, because she’s just trying to be comfy, and didn’t care that the media wouldn’t like it.
    you say she’s fake, but I think she’s the most real of who is out there. I mean, yeah, she puts on a bit of a show, but any teen in her sitch would. you don’t have to copy her to be a fan either… if you think you have to get $100 nails then not only are you not a real fan, but you’re spoiled to think that you can just go get whatever your celeb idols have. A fan should be supportive, and appreciate the work the celeb does, not idolize them and copy… that’s being star struck, that’s different…. loyalty makes a fan, which some of you are not. my fellow miley fans will agree.

  • lacy

    she needs to spend that money she just spent on her nails and buy her brothers girl friend some clothes!!!!!she looks like a hobo,her hose are in shredds and her t-shirt has holes in it.
    as for miley nothing has changed shes still blaaaa.

  • Ashley

    Its funny how most of you think your so perfect, that you can judge anyone for everything…

  • mimie

    did you hear her sing on stand up 2 cancer? she sang with Rihanna, but you could not hear rihanna because miley was screaming. She cant sing: she screams!!! terrible

  • SMiley

    Miley is betiful!

  • lol

    hanna looks like she went broke and has no clothing left.

    i love miley :)

  • Daniel Kemp

    In that main big photo she looks like a dude with very long girly hair. That is something that does not interest me.

  • lene

    I would love to see her in concert. Come to NORWAY Miley. : )

    #4 ‘only cares about her beauty’

    fucking idiot. She was fixing her nails. I bet your a ‘Delena’ fan! IDIOT!

  • lghj

    ugh that is the nastiest pair of jeans i have ever seen dudes.

    major blechage right there.

  • boogie

    loooookie here….Miss Chipmunk is back. Looks like she had a slasher visitor last night. ughhh

  • ilovemileycyrus

    i cant wait i am going!!!

  • riley


    they tickets were sold out in the first week.

  • britt

    oh man i feel bad for miley
    its not like she knew that the gays and lesbians all come on that day
    now ppl are going to think shes a lesbian
    miley likes boy
    and yes that says boys not girls
    thats gross.
    mileys awesome.

  • Kalilah

    Getting bored of her.
    I wish she’d take some pictures or do something immature again.
    I actually like her more when she does that.

  • Natalie

    she looks like she putted on some weight. Maybe 10 kg?

  • Corinna

    OMG, what a lucky coincidence that Hanna Beth is with Miley in those pictures! Well, well, we don’t want to be mean and think that the only reason to bring this story is to help Buzzmaker Hanna Beth to finally become more than an e-scene celeb, right Buzznet’s Jared?!
    For so long she’s trying to get a chance to become more famous. Unfortunately never on her own or by her own talent (Er, what’s her talent again?) but always with the help of others. And there comes Trace Cyrus along and let’s be honest, that guy can be really glad to be the stepbrother of Miley Cyrus so that chicks can somehow force themselves to be remotely interested in his horse-like features because they’re hoping to get their 15 min. fame. So does Hanna Beth. Hopefully, she can manage to appear in more pictures with Miley so that her dreams of becoming a real celebrity do come true.

    Pounding that horse face MUST pay off somehow!

  • bond007

    miley the best

  • bond007

    miley love

  • bond007


    lovaro sucks

  • somebody ;D

    oh lesbiicians gays and miley