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Robert Downey Jr. Talks Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr., who plays the title character in the upcoming feature film Sherlock Holmes, joins costar Rachel McAdams for the film’s pre-production press conference at Freemasons Hall on Wednesday in London.

“I think me and [director Guy Ritchie] are well-suited to working together,” RDJ said. “The more I look into the books, the more fantastic it becomes. Holmes is such a weirdo,”

Also present: British actress Kelly Reilly and costar Mark Strong. McAdams will play Sherlock’s love interest Irene Adler, Mark Strong will play the part of villain Blackwood, Jude Law (not pictured) will play super sleuth sidekick Dr. Watson and Reilly will be Watson’s love interest Mary.

This movie has all the right elements to be a box office hit. Let’s hope they do this mystery drama right!

35+ pictures inside of RDJ talking Sherlock…

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sherlock robert downey jr holmes 01
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 02
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 03
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 04
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 05
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 06
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 07
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sherlock robert downey jr holmes 13
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sherlock robert downey jr holmes 15
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 16
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 17
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 18
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 19
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 20
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 21
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 22
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 23
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 24
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 25
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 26
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 27
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 28
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 29
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 30
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 31
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 32
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 33
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 34
sherlock robert downey jr holmes 35

Photos: Dave Hogan/Getty
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  • mike


  • Jenny

    second :D

  • r.

    Don’t forget Iron Man was just released on DVD yesterday. The two-disc Ultimate Edition has a ton of featurettes and also has RDJ’s screen test for the role of Tony Stark.

  • BT

    Downey was the real actor in Iron Man Paltrow stunk up the movie.

  • cyril

    God! I love Kelly Reilly, thx Jared for the pictures!!!

  • samy

    i predict an affair between Jude and Kelly

  • Fruit Loop

    samy @ 10/01/2008 at 6:05 pm

    i predict an affair between Jude and Kelly
    Better still, what about a 3-way between Downey, Law, and Strong…

    …now we’re talkin’!

  • Fruit Loop

    And Ritchie, too, if he’s in the mood….and Madonna will let him….

  • kanuck

    cool cast. Very international.

  • Halli

    Did they drop SIenna Miller for Rachel McAdams? If so, smart move.

  • .

    robert was so funny in tropic thunder ahha

  • sam

    rachel mcadams is fucking lucky!
    and LMFAOO at: Holmes is such a weirdo

  • Kalilah

    Goodness. I love this man.
    Iron Man is so freakin’ awesome.

  • shea

    This is fantastic! Love Love the cast. Rachel is super cool and of course Downey is great, & I can’t say enough good about Jude. Now we just need to see photos of Jude with the cast and everything will be complete!
    I don’t know this Kelly Reilly, but she is really pretty… ;)

  • lily

    Yay, he shave the stash!!

    And love Rachel!

  • mju8

    I’m so relieved Sienna Miller’s name is no longer attached to this movie. It would have prevented so many people from seeing the great actor that is Robert Downey Jr!

  • lulu

    Great cast and I love Guy Ritchie. He always looks like a regular guy but soooo sexy and macho.

  • katie

    Actually I predict an affair between McAdams and Downey or McAdams and Jude Law. McAdams/Downey would be scandalous because he’s married, but McAdams/Law are both single, so it would make sense! Good couple? Yay? Nay?

  • Adrienne

    Great cast and great director!! Can’t wait to see this movie!

    I like the idea of Rachel & Jude together! She’s an upgrade from Sienna for sure!

  • sheryl

    No, no affair between Jude and Rachel…she and Ryan are more suited to be together.

    And NO to an affair between Downey and Rachel…he’s married, and again, I like her and Ryan together.

    Looking forward to this movie.

  • Bre

    Awesome! Can’t wait for this movie to come out X3

  • reginageorge

    Rachel hardly ever smiles normally. And her legs always looks bruised, bloodied and battered.

  • csxyz

    I love this cast! Rachel and Robert seem like they’d be a great match. Jude and Kelly I great too. She was awesome in P & P!
    I agree, trading Sienna for Rachel could not be a smarter move! Both in terms of acting and for the image of the movie. This one should be good!

  • mouche

    Rachel McAdams is one classy girl! I am really looking forward to her three coming films TheTime TravelerĀ“s Wife with Eric Bana, this Sherlock movie with Robert Downey Jr, and State of Play with Russell Crowe!

  • Linzy

    Woo-hoo! RDJ and Rachel!!!! The sparks are going to fly!!!!!!

  • krissy

    Rachel has been everywhere lately!!! Haven’t heard much about her and Ryan – any new pictures or news on them from the last pictures that were posted? Or did she dump him for Sherlock Holmes!! LOL!

  • reginageorge

    I watched the preview of the time travelers wife and it looked BORING AS HELL!

  • lubee

    gorgeoussssssssssssssssss rachel, love sherlock!!!

  • Heather

    Hmm—I like the idea of Jude Law and Rachel McAdams! He was so sexy in The Holiday and she was so gorgeous in Red Eye. Are they both single?

  • Jackie

    I’d be surprised if Rachel goes out with a world famous Cheater and man whore….

  • Carly

    But Jackie she went out with Ryan Gosling, he’s a manwhore isn’t he? Jumping from one co-star to another and than dating a married woman.

  • Kendrick

    Walked right into that one Jackie. I was just about to say that she dated Ryan Gosling at one point! I can definitely see her with Jude – but I can’t see her being a step-girlfriend.

  • WTF

    “I watched the preview of the time travelers wife and it looked BORING AS HELL!” – reginageorge

    HUH? The movie trailer is not even out yet, unless you’ve seen the first screening, but you sound like a troll anyway so I’m assuming you’re lying…=/

    I love this cast. Um Jude and Rachel together in real life? No, nuh-uh.

  • Jackie

    if you believe in rumors that he went out with Michelle Willams and Kirsten Dunst…
    then yes Ryan is one

    but if like me and many others you need to see actual proof of that…
    no he isn’t one

    and show me one report of Ryan cheating on a girlfriend…

  • Jackie

    and you know what…you people can go on with this crap
    I’m not gonna gonna get involved in arguments based in a I’m sure ”Never will be” couple
    nor will feed this subject on Ryan Gosling cause this is a post about Rachel being cast in a great movie with and amazing cast…

    so I’m gonna save my Ryan Gosling talk to his posts
    and my Ryan and Rachel posts to the ones related to them

    good luck and lots if fun for whoever want to continue on this…


    back on talking about the film
    is there any info on filming dates?

  • gracie the cat

    I have Loved RDJ for SO long, I am so glad that finally he is getting it together and reaping the awards and rewards that he has worked for so hard. Everybody look out, I think we have a new/old A-Lister.

  • gracie the cat

    why cant I post

  • Taylor

    If I had to guess, Jackie is a McGosling! They get so defensive!

    What great casting for this movie. Robert Downey Jr. is my hero and Rachel is the next A-List star. Can’t wait ntil this comes out next year!

  • WTF

    It has nothing to do with being a McGosling. Jackie is right about Ryan. He has never been reported getting caught cheating on anybody nor have any proofs about dating different women back to back so people need to stop calling him a ‘manwhore’. It’s completely disrespectful especially to the one you’re insulting when you don’t even TRULY know the person.

  • Jackie

    I’m not a McGosling…
    or the fact that I don’t think Rachel will go out with a cheater makes me one?

    go on and see on how many Ryan or Ryan and Rachel posts I commented on…

  • dolorescraeg

    absolutely thrilled with this entire project. i think downey and law will light up the screen. they are looking to make this a franchise. i really hope it does great box office. i missed jude in those pictures. that lovely face is always a welcome addition. what a coup this is….bravo guy ritchie.

  • Nat

    Sigh—these threads always get ruined by the Ryan fan-girls.

    This cast is the definition of gorgeous and talented.

  • RM

    I really like Robert Downey jr. But I hate Guy Richie. I don’t think he’s a very good director. Besides I don’t like it how he already claims to make the ultimate Sherlock Holmes movie when production hasn’t even started.

  • Sandy

    although I’m not as excited about this film as many others are…I must say, I do like the cast. RDJ and Rachel are amazing actors, and Kelly, Jude and the rest make up what looks like could be a great film.

  • Amy

    OMG KELLY REILLY! She’s amazing and so underrated!!!

  • sheryl

    #30 and #34
    Oh, come on, Jackie…do you really have to bring nastiness into it? You get defensive about Ryan, so I’ll comment about Jude…he made a mistake that he owned up to, unlike other famous men who just keep their mouth shut and thus get a pass. Perhaps the rumors about Ryan aren’t true, or perhaps he’s just lucky enough to be with people that can/will keep their mouth shut. Would that make him “better”? Not really…just more lucky. Jude is not a bad person nor a manwhore from one mistake…and besides, we’ve all seen how his “poor mistreated girlfriend” treats people.

  • Kealyn

    Robert Downey Jr. is soooooooooooooo hooot! Can’t wait for this one!

    And Rachel is with Ryan. I’m sure they’re gonna get married someday. Their perfect together.

  • Laurel

    No, I can’t see Rachel with Jude. He may be hot, but personally, I don’t think she’d touch him with a 10-foot pole.

  • rien


    His “poor mistreated girlfriend” mistreated people poorly. She treated us, as if we have something missing in our heads, but actually Miss “I am the poor thing” could not see that the treatment she received from her own poor treatment to others will be treated as something natural, poorly of course, for I believe, she is still busy trying to find something that should be in her head, due to lack of treatment or mistreatment from her, it’s gone missing. Poor thing. The “something that should be in her head”, I mean. Not the “poor mistreated girl friend”.

  • saad khan

    Rachel McAdams is Looking Drop Dead Gorgeous…and Finally She got the mOvie she wanted from years i guess…..A SuPer hero Movie………….what i have heard she has been adition 4 every other Super Hero Movie from Superman to iron Man to Fantasti Four…But didnt Get Chosen So i THink its her Time to Fight the Demons and Show an Other Side of Her…I cant B mORE hAPPY…JUST lIKE SHE IS lOOKING IN THE pICUTERES………..