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Carrie Underwood Dating Travis Stork?

Carrie Underwood Dating Travis Stork?


American Idol champ Carrie Underwood might be dating former Bachelor Dr. Travis Stork, according to sources. Could this twosome be the next reality TV match made in heaven?

Carrie, 25, has been touring America with the “Carnival Ride” tour. And according to the country music blog, Nashville Narc, Stork, 36, was spotted with Carrie backstage. Apparently, he had had an all-access pass to one of her concerts in Topeka, Kansas a few days ago (see pictures below).

Stork, who is an ER doctor, is also the host of the CBS daytime talk show The Doctors (The series is a spin-off of Dr. Phil, which is a spin-off of The Oprah Winfrey Show).

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  • belinda


  • angelina

    well good 4 her now maybe she can get over Tony Romo and stop making up stuff about him “calling and texting”…


    WHO????….Odd choice for Carrie, and he is not that cute…How did he get an all exclusive access backstage pass?…..I can’t see this lasting on Carrie’s end!

  • Guste

    second? XD

  • clarkwood

    Well, He’s a cutie…and a doctor. If true, I say good for her…but they could just be friends. It ain’t that unusual!

    I ain’t gonna lie, I wish she played for my team…lol.

  • Ha!

    Um, who is he?

  • Sara

    dude are u all clueless? this guy is totally a hunk. he is like the brad pitt type. he was on the bachelor! He ended up with sarah from the show but they broke it off soon after. It was the one in paris i believe. i remember i watched that season.

    But this is a good choice for Carrie. She needs someone very mature who will treat her right. Tony romo was a douche and incrediable immature and just wanted the fame from dating her. He is now on to dating bimbos like jessica simpson and denies that he would still call carrie(USED TO) when he was seeing jessica. It was just as friends… and thats all carrie meant by it but she implied she didn’t realyl want to talk to him.. and i wonder why… obviously because he is a dumbass.

    Anyways I’m happy for Carrie and I hope she is happy as well. Everyone deserves a good relationship.

  • JODI

    OOOH….good for you Carrie!! I saw him on the Batchelor show and loved him. I could see him and Carrie being a good match!!

  • spiffy

    well good 4 her now maybe she can get over Tony Romo and stop making up stuff about him “calling and texting”…

    get over romo??? hahahaha, she was over a long time ago on that douchebag, she startd dating chace even before romo dated jess. its not carries fault romo still called her aftr that. douche wants to have his cake and eat it too. now he’s stuck with jess and her high maintenance ass – he deserves it.

  • clarkwood

    Can’t everyone just move on. They all have…look, Carrie’s hot. Only an idiot would not want to keep contact with her. This isn’t so unsual or awkward. They just get put on the tabs for something that happens to all of us.

    Congrats to Yoko and Romo for the possible engagement. And go Carrie if she’s got herself a new, hot doctor. :)

  • Pauline

    Good for Carrie. Jessica and Romo will not last when they get married and they are getting married. They both are publicity hungry and the key to a lasting , mature ,real. relationship is not talking to the press every time you pas gas ,and Jessica has said even that in one of her concerts.

  • uhuhuh

    cARRIE Should RUN from him. He looks like a real a.s.s.h.o.l.e. (trust me)

  • @SARA

    Sara, no you’re clueless “Tony romo was a douche and incrediable immatureand just wanted the fame from dating her. ” This guy is no different. He used the Bachelor to get on TV with his own talk show. Dahhhhhh. He’ll be done with her in a month.

  • dianel

    I hope Carrie has picked the right one this time

  • Yuck

    Carrie looks like a TRANNY in this picture….LOL!!!

  • mark my words

    all her relationships are short-lived….she dated chace crawford and tony romo only for a few months….pathetic….no guy wants to stick with her….travis will dump her soon too

  • Vivien

    If true, I think they’d be a great match! Good looking couple!

  • mark my words

    all her relationships are short-lived….chace crawford and tony romo only dated her for a few months….pathetic….no guy wants to stick with her…..travis will dump her ass soon too

  • carrie is a class act

    If they are dating, my hope is that he is as well.

  • http://bla tinA

    i dot understand why you bash carrie cause she s one of few talanted people in music that can really sing amazing she s amazing girl and she doesnt want to be all over news and we dont see her maybe she has short relationships but lots of people had like cameron diaz jennifer aniston and you dont bash them so please dont talk crap cause she s actually great girl and talanted not like miley and britney and she can date whoever she wants just hope she will found someone great like her

  • aliand

    There is no way Carrie and Travis what’s-his-face is gonna be together. Tony Romo and Chace Crawford are 2 things, but with what’s-his-name, they’re not even gonna last. I can tell you that. If they actually do hook-up, it won’t last. Looks like Carrie’s the one who’s gonna be alone forever. Period. Done. End of story.

  • Haley

    She really does date the most random dudes. But hey, whatever makes her happy. He’s hot, she’s hot.

  • Gretchen

    You go Carrie!!! He’s a hottie. From one extreme to the other though! Chace was like 22-23 when they dated and this guy is 36.

  • luna

    This is an odd pairing. But maybe since the Doctor is a mature 36, this relationship will last longer than her previous two.

  • Amanda

    I hope it works out, but I won’t believe that they are even dating until I have more proof. I love Carrie :)

  • Tara

    There are people posting here that obviously don’t know anything about Carrie. You date to find out what works and you go through alot of doesnt before you find the one that does. She tried an athelete. Let me tell you he is a playa. Calling all kinds of girls and stringing each one along making them feel like that have something. Immature dumbass and yes he was calling her in May when he and Jessica were on the rocks. You can see Carrie didnt even want his calls. Then theres Chace the immature party boy but then thats what 23 yr old boys do. Chace is a gentleman and great guy but he was just acting his age so Actors are out. So why not try a Doctor. Travis is hot, educated, mature, and set in his career. What more could you ask for?
    I with them all the luck on their relationship. Its hard to have anything when you have hectic schedules. So all you haters need to back off the beautiful lady and her handsome guy.
    P.S. Tony and Jessica deserve each other. Both immature dumb butts.

  • Katie

    I hope this is not true. Travis needs a woman that is not selfish and able to balance career with personal life. Carrie could not even make time with Chace because she cared too much about awards and music and is selfish and self centered that way. She is 25 and too focused on herself and I wish Travis chooses wisely next time. But maybe this is just a friendly thing and like always, people are just jumping the gun.

  • CarrieRocks

    I hope this is True!! He is HOTTTTTTTTTTTT and seems very successful and together, mature- unlike the pretty immature boys that Carrie dated before like Romo. He seems like a real man and worthy of Carrie. I googled him and he does a lot of charity work, loves dogs, and the outdoors, like Carrie– so they have alot in common.

    GO CARRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A Dr. is WAY better then a stupid immature football quarterback. He saves people’s lives, and has an IQ. Romo and jess seem perfect for each other with a collective IQ of 40.

  • CarrieRocks

    To Markmywords— you have no clue do you? Carrie dated Chace for 7 months or more, and she dumped him– not the other way around! Tony was about 6 months. I am not sure what happened with Romo but if he picked Jessica trashy simpson over Carrie- that tells you all you need to know about the loser.

  • dayzee

    Wow, some Carrie fans still seem bitter that Tony chose a relationship with Jessica and not Carrie. Its funny. Why even bring Tony into this conversation, her last boyfriend was Chace. Bitter Carrie fans, tsk tsk.

  • CarrieFan94

    Why is everyone still talking about Tony? Carrie said herself that they were NEVER together. So drop it. Her and Chace broke up a while ago. So leave him out of it. Carrie or this Travis guy haven’t said anything about them dating. “Inside Sources” are totally 100% unreliable. So let’s wait until we find out what they have to say.

  • Chikamonga

    I’m happy to see Carrie is dating a mature man now. Who wouldn’t be tired of immature famehos after Chace Crawford and Tony Romo? Travis being a doctor is just proof how smart he is and damn, he’s hot, ladies!

  • dayzee

    Its crazy how some of you put down Chace and Tony as being immature and “famehos” but this Doctor was actually in a reality show called the Bachelor where he was seeing and kissing multiple woman for us to see. Yeah, thats not being a fameho at all.

  • CarrieRocks

    Chace seemed like a nice guy actually— but lately he is getting a big head because all these women thaat are dying to date him…But good for him that his career is taking off.

    I find it interesting that people judge poor Carrie for 2 breakups– when who says the guys were not af fault for being immature doofuses?? Interesting that

    Maybe they couldn’t handle a real relationship wiith someone challenging and smart like Carrie. Carrie graduated magna cum laude from College- and is very intelligent. The Dr. is on her level intellectually, and that is why it might work. Tony and Chace were too young and too immature.

    Why do some of you always blame the woman, and say there must be something wrong with her if she is single? BS. There is something right about carrie that she is single- because she is selective and not settling for something less then she deserves.

    The fact that tony chose Jessica- and may be marrying her– tells you alot about the guy. Seriously.

  • g

    Look Tony Romo did NOT dump Carrie Underwood because of jessica Simpson. Get your facts and quit the blah blah blah. Truth is, Tony Romo was dumped by Carrie. He moved on to that girl Sophia Bush after Carrie. Carrie dated Chace . Then Tony romo split with Sophia. Now , he is dating the man faced jessica simpson.

  • Tara

    Thats right, Tony and Carrie went out and Carrie is not gonna be messing around with other girls so when Tony just wanted to “hang out” Carrie went on with her life. Tony dated his ex-gf Crystal Kasper for about 4 months, a couple other girls he was talking too, then Sophia, then Jessica. Tony and Carrie did eventually become friends because he kept calling and calling. But Carrie was too smart to fall for his lines. He was still trying in May. Carrie thought she may have to take out a restraining order. And as far as Carrie not making time for Chace, it takes two to tango. Chace had some days free due to the strike and chose to party with his buddies. Carrie is career minded and she has obligations. Chace even said he had no idea what dating a big star would be like. Chace knew that Carrie is a role model for young girls and he kept putting hisself in negative positions in the tabloids. Carrie said the split was mutual but Chace was the one that was said to be devastated so I’m pretty sure she said its over. Chace is a very nice young guy and he will find the right girl but Carrie was in a different place in her career than he was.

  • Annabel

    wow… I hope they aren’t even on the road towards having a relationship. That guy(whom I have never heard of in my entire life until now) is waayyyy too old for Carrie. I though Carrie said she though Tony Romo was old.

  • flutters

    If they are dating, good for them. Carrie could do worse than dating a smart doctor. Maybe it’ll take an older guy to deal with the fact that she’s so busy and already accomplished so much. The fact that he was on the Bachelor is a little eh but hopefully that’s a live and learn kind of thing for him. I’m surprised Carrie’s dating again while she’s on tour.

  • Kaylee

    Good. Maybe now Carrie wont be that bitchy being alone and have to make things up like Tony calling her.

  • Marcus

    Yuck @ 10/02/2008 at 1:53 pm Carrie looks like a TRANNY in this picture….LOL!!!

    I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of Tranny’s, so I’ll take your word for it.

  • Anonymous

    Well I kinda like this pairing. I think Carrie is ready for someone more mature. We will

    Now the rest of you goofs better start to get some of your facts right. Carrie said they were friends to cover her butt after saying origionally she didn’t know why Tony called it maybe it was her personality or he was all about football. Does that sound like just friends? lol Sounds like they were workin on a little something something. lol It’s really nothing much anymore cause that one is over. Don’t blame Jessica because TONY put it out there in 2006 that Jessica was his celebrity crush & that was before Carrie. Jessica was dating John Mayer at the time. So see there is a lot that many are in denial about just because they are fans of there specail celebrity they cover some facts. These little tidbits are just for ya all to think about.
    Good for Carrie & Travis & it seems debatable today travelling around sites but If Tony & Jessica are still a couple then keep working at it kids. Sooner or later the media franzy should die down.

    The age difference of 11 years with Travis is not bad given he is a young 36 & Carrie is plder then her 25 so its all ok.

  • anonymous

    given underwood’s track record with being unable to hang on to a man, i’ll give this six months, tops. she cares more about her fame and career than she does about relationships anyway; it won’t take him long to figure out that he’ll never be number one in her life–that spot is taken by her desire for fame.

  • gigi

    not to be mean or anything becuase i love carrie but if this is true its not going to last long this relationship !!!

  • gigi

    not to be mean or anything because i love carrie but if this is true this relation ship will probably not last long

  • Tara

    Travis was at her concert last night in Champagne,IL. He sat with Matt in the tech area and they were laughing an having a good time. Carrie and Travis have been together for a while secretly and just now coming out.
    Once he attends a show they know it will be out there and she obviously doesn’t care since it is a little more serious than you all think. I agree with the Carrie is more mature than 25 and he is physically younger than 36.
    It is a good match. At their ages, it doesnt matter anyway, they are adults and it just doesnt matter.
    I keep seeing Carrie cant hang onto a guy and that sounds so childish. Carrie could pretty much get whoever.

  • clarkwood

    Tara, what are you, her stalker? Just kidding. Anyway, good for Carrie…and yeah, this has been longer than people think. He’s got a house in CO and when she was there for a Medal of Honor tribute about a month ago, she said she spends a lot of time there ’cause a friend has a house in Breckenridge (where Travis’ house is)….make of that what you will?

    I just feel “Stork” is slightly unfortunate last name…lol.

  • Yukie

    that guy is older than Carrie for 11 yrs..
    plz dont date that guy carrie..
    :(coz i want Carrie to date Jensen Ackles!

  • hah

    Nobody wants Carrie!!! All the men DUMPED her…this one is next in the line!

  • clarkwood

    actually, some of us do…it just ain’t gonna happen. ;)

    It’s a fairly big age difference, but maybe she’s tired of “boys.” Or here’s a shocker: they’re just friends. *gasp*