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Diddy: Sarah Palin Scares Me

Diddy: Sarah Palin Scares Me

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin scares Diddy into hiding under his bed sheets. In his latest over-the-top video blog, Diddy reacts to the video clip of Katie Couric asking Palin which newspapers and magazines she reads regularly to stay informed.

Diddy responds to the clip while chattering: “Sarah Palin, you scare me. You could be the President of the United States. [Her running mate] John McCain is 72. Boys and girls, vote. I beg you. I’m not coming out the covers. It’s safer underneath the covers!” Watch the video below!

Tune in @ 9PM tonight to watch Palin debate Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS or CNN.

Diddy: Sarah Palin Scares Me
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  • bean

    Well at least celebrities are keeping up with current events, not just out spending their money and not giving a shit.

  • chloe

    wll i actually agree now!!!!!! sarah palin is a joke! the thought of her being a heartbeat away from the presidency is scarier than the thought of miley cyrus making another cd

  • amanda

    awwe yee 2nd and who cares that much

  • tia

    hahaha hes so funny! this is way better than his last video rant! sarah palin needs to go back to alaska. and figure out where russia is.

  • Jack

    lol, so true.
    Tina Fey would be even better

  • james

    sarah palin=an embarassment to republicans

  • lucas

    diddy is the man. and im sure all the republicans are gunna come out and scream that he shouldnt have an opinion because he is a celebrity and some of them will even go as far as too spout racial hatred, but you know what?

    he is one hundred percent correct. sarah palin is no way in hell ready to be in office.

  • funny

    now that’s funny….a guy who calls himself “Diddy” is afraid of Sarah P.

    STFU, Diddy!!! He probably can’t even spell Republican!

  • CC

    As if Obama is any better…143 days in the Senate…uh huh, he’s ready to be a spokesman for the US in foreign affairs…now THAT is scary!

  • Jen

    I agree with #9! OBAMA is scary!!!

  • zzzz

    CC, what exactly makes you think that Senate experience or lack thereof makes a good president ? Please explain.

  • Mia

    LOL He’s crazy!!!

  • anon

    I’m not a fan of Diddy but he is absolutely right about Palin. I don’t think that dunce McCain is any better, though-he graduated LAST IN HIS CLASS at Annappolis. Obama trounces him in the intellect department.

  • nunny

    omg i cant vote bc im not old enough
    but ppl vote!!!

  • Halli


    Check out Katie’s face at :55-:57, the look in her eyes says “bullshit!”.

  • Christian

    Vote OBAMA!

  • the shuk


  • blahhhh

    ok, sarah palin is a dummy. But that was not funny.

  • balls

    i hear ya diddy.

  • JJ

    hey TIA

    why would you say she needs to find where Russia is? She said you could basically see Russia from Alaska and she is absolutley correct. You can walk from Alaska to Russia. So what’s your meaning on she needs to find out where it is….I think YOU need to find out where it is.

  • sarah

    Okay, Diddy, let me get this straight. You want people to vote, but only if they vote for YOUR candidate. I think YOU’RE the joke here.

  • zanessa4ever!


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    jared, brangelina photos on tmz – can you post them! brangelina is in ny

  • Rachellelala

    He didn’t even give a reason of why he’s scared of her being president. All he says is did you hear what she said did you see? Well did I see what? I can’t specifically list each magazine and paper I read. If I see something interesting on the cover I pick it up and don’t pay attention to who published it. But I don’t know why anyone would rely on the media to find out what’s going on all the time because most of the time the media is a scam. Half is untrue and the other half is usually biased around someone’s personal opinion. If you ask me we’re screwed with either candidate. The chances of either presidential candidate surviving their term is unlikely. One because of his age and the other because we live in a country that is extremely racist. If I had to pick one of the running mates to lead this country it would definitely not be Biden. He’s worse than your typical republican. No matter who gets in office, it’s not going to make a difference. The big issues are not controlled by the president anyhow. He can’t bring the troops home, he can not make the deciding factors over insurance or even the economy. Bush had no control weather or not the 700 billion dollar bail out happened not, not matter how hard he pushed for it. The only control the president has is over small issues. I think the celebrities appear to be educated because they are campaigning for a candidate. They don’t realize that he doesn’t have control over half the stuff he says he will do. In a perfect world he could do them all.

  • aj

    diddy is so annoying.

    but i do agree about sarah palin though.

  • http://http:/bel23 l2

    she thinks a girl who gets raped after being abused by her father and gets pregnant should keep the baby – i can’t think of a scarier woman than that. very scary.

  • bean

    I always find it humorous when people say that Obama is no better then Palin…

    HELLO, Obama is not a political moron. He proved himself at the debate, not to mention he graduated in the top 2% of his class at Harvard. Palin has done nothing but prove herself to be a moron in every interview she has done.

  • Frank

    You know what really scares me Sean John? that you have so much fucking time on your hands to make a stupid not even funny video. Dont you have anything better to do with all your millions? and you know what really scares me? that your boy obama has a terrorist friend the media ignores, he has another corrupt buddy named Tony Rezko that the media ignores, obamas pastor wright was saying all kinds of anti-American shit, but obama never heard him say these things? that scares me.

  • maria

    Mr. Diddy, you’re scary by how little you know. You don’t think someone who’s only been in office for less than 200 DAYS is experienced enough to run this country, with all the issues that are happening right now?? HE’s the scary one, and HE’s the candidate, not the VP.

    That’s so scary it makes me sick.

  • kas

    are they ANY celebs who support mccain?? Most of celebs seem to root for obama.

  • lauren

    sarah palin is disgusting.

    this southern california girl is voting Obama!

  • mm

    I don’t think we need to worry about her being a heart attack away from the presidency. Obama demolished McCain in the presidential debate and Biden will do the same to Palin in tonight’s debate. Also, the polls indicate that her appeal has dwindled and Obama and Biden have had an upswing in the polls.

  • corinne

    sarah palin rocks she is just like any average american obama doesn’t know wha he’s talking about

  • anon

    OBAMA IS OUR MAN! McCain is retarded like Bush.

  • ilovemykittyb

    Diddy scare of me, No Obama.

  • pamela

    diddy is an idiot! one thing is for the vice president not to have experience its a totally different thing and a more serious thing for THE President not to have experience. i don’t understand why people don’t see that. im so sick of diddy and his retarded rants. stick to telling people taco bell ( or what ever it is, i wouldn’t know b/c every time i see you i change the channel) is open all night n stay out of politics. i think someone so ignorant is scarier. stay under your covers.

  • jrd

    haha sorry diddy – im all for mccain & palin ;]

  • girl


    It’s not like I particularly like Palin, but Diddy is being an effing idiot.

  • erin

    Of course she would scare him she is a smart, attractive woman who will be the next Vice President of the United States. He is use to mindless bimbos who do whatever he says. He should be more scared if nobama becomes President. Now that scares me.

  • Valerie

    OMG that woman is so DUMB. Couldn’t she just say like The Economist, New York Post, Washington Post or something… I’m not a fan of Diddy, but I agree that the thought that she could be President if anything happens to McCain is SCARY.

    Btw #22, you cannot walk to Russia, moron. You can go by boat maybe… there is a Russian island, close to Alaska, but unless you can walk on water, I would recommend to swim.

    Anyhoo, I’m not American, so I won’t vote… but Canada is with Obama!

  • erin

    don’t worry 12 nobama would take that baby if the abortion didn’t work and kill it himself. Now that is what I want in a President. Nobama is an empty suit. Diddy just wants him because he is black. That is a sad reason to vote for a do nothing Senator who is in the pocket of lobbyists.

  • joe

    I wonder if diddy ever graduated from elementary school. I bet not. He is just another in a long line of high school dropouts from Hollywood who think we are too stupid to choose the best candidate for President.

  • joe

    Sarah Palin is more smarter and more qualified to be President than obama.

  • joe

    Joe Biden could be a bullet away from the Presidency and he dosn’t even know who the president was during the depression or the fact that television wasn’t even invented. Now that is scary. He tells a man in a wheelchair to stand up and take a bow. He is a half wit.

  • joe

    nobama hangs with terrorists – of course Canada is with nobama.

  • rose

    Educated people vote for McCain/Palin.

  • margaret

    Who listens to this bonehead anyway.

  • anonymous

    bean @ 10/02/2008 at 8:41 pm

    HELLO, Obama is not a political moron. He proved himself at the debate, not to mention he graduated in the top 2% of his class at Harvard.


    HELLO, And do you want to tell us how you know this? Obama has refused to make public his school records at Columbia and at Harvard Law. The only grades we are aware of show he was a B minus student.

    Now perhaps he bucked down and started producing good work but we DON’T KNOW THAT.

    We DO know that Obama used his political connections from his Chicago days to get Percy Sutton (a rather famous NYC politician) to recommend him and push Professor Charles Ogletree at Harvard Law for Obama’s entry into Harvard. Any student who Ogletree wants in Harvard Law almost certainly gets in. You can also be assured that Prof. Ogletree ( a decent and smart man to be sure ) would love Obama to appoint him to the Supreme Court if he wins.

  • emmmily

    what an idiot.

  • kiki

    ok diddy is really weird and crazy. And maybe Sarah talks funny be she is a very intelligent women.