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Drew Barrymore - "Harper's Bazaar" November 2008

Drew Barrymore -

Drew Barrymore is patriotic pretty on the November 2008 cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

The 33-year-old actress makes a shocking confession in this upcoming election issue. She’s a Democrat who supports Barack Obama!

Republican or Democrat, all young people (and old!) should get out there and vote. Register at More information on this issue will soon be posted at

Earlier this month, Drew was spotted kissing Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick at a the Kings of Leon concert in Manhattan.

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  • wowza

    She’s so gorgeous!

  • Julien

    That’s a nice cover!!!

  • mike

    I agree with the fact that whoever your for…you should vote!!!

  • youwillmissme

    What is so shocking about her confessing being liberal. Aren’t they all?

  • angel

    she’s 33???? i think she’s been 33 for the last 5 years. she’s got to be older than that. whatever she is, she ages well.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..;is there anyone in the public-eye who doesn’t support obama?

  • gina

    One of the most naturally beautiful women in Hollywood.

  • Sarah

    Oh, how freaking shocking.

  • newport beach, 92660

    #6— yeah I think Heidi Montag supports er, uhmm.. the other one…

    MCain.. yea him..

    But Heidi, isn’t exactly ‘in’ the public eye, she’s more of a wannabe plastic with a 38DD chest and inflated lips, and a stupid faggg of a boyfriend..

  • misty

    You go girl!!!!!!!!! All the smart folks are for OBAMA, Mostly the uneducated are for someone as old as mccain and a woman that is not educated enough to hold any kind of public office. She reminds me of the ok looking women on some jobs that are not qualify to hold certain positions and you wonder wow how the hell did she make it so far without the knowledge, it happens all the time , they just move up the ladder and every other worker is left scratching their heads. She will only be a puppet for the neo cons and the crazy fanatical christians, Not all christians ok only the crazies, most christians are not like the neo cons, who control with fear and money and power, the true christians are not racists, gay bashers, and are overall really good folks. So don.t confuse the christians with the neo con who are a smalll minority but have alot of money and power, and their stupid talking points!!!!!!!

  • Upchuck

    I am shocked that yet another celebutard that has never needed to worry about money would be a liberal. Shocked I tell you. By the way Misty, if you do some research, you will find that the majority of college graduates vote for conservatives.


    Beautiful, beautiful Drew!

  • Lenny

    I guess you’re for McCain huh Misty , because that the dumbest statement I ever read. You’re a right real christian like Rev Wright is the truth and the rest are neo-cons. By the way, what’s a neo-con? Is that anything like fascist leftwing communist.

  • Jessica

    I dont like her fake tan. It doesnt look good, especially around her mouth.

  • Britney’s dad rocks

    Where are the posts on American carol, the documentary that makes fun of Michael Moore. The movie stars are so far to the left, it is scary and the reason is their movies are to sell worldwide so they would rather be unpatriotic rather than risk their popularity in Europe.

    I think in Hollywood if you did not support Obama, you may be dropped from movie projects. I know its not cool to be racist or sexist but i think people are discriminating on McCain because of his age. Is that cool?