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Gerard Butler: Crown Me!

Gerard Butler: Crown Me!

300 hunk Gerard Butler hits up Crown Bar in West Hollywood on Wednesday.

Who else was spotted partying at Crown at the same time? 26-year-old figure skater Tara Lipinski! (At the age of 15, she won the Olympic gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics, and remains the youngest gold medalist in the history of the Olympic Winter Games.)

Also spotted at Crown was Britney Spears‘s “cousin” Alli Simms. “I have no idea when I’ll see her again. I miss her every day,” Alli told The Post. “When [Britney's] dad gained control, he put some rules down . . . it’s just best for her to not communicate with a lot of people. My main concern is her being OK.”

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Credit: Adrian Varnedoe; Photos: Fame Pictures, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • jenny


  • abby

    Gerard is so hot!!

  • lulu

    so bloated. he is 38 but look like 48.

  • yay

    he’s so hot for a 38? year old (:
    kinda weird coming from a 15 year old :D hahaa

  • sheep’s wool

    Gerard is so hot!!! Love him!!

  • Good God

    What an ugly Jock b*stard.. Somebody swing a machete @ this fu_cker.

  • idiot

    #6 : Go back to IMDb, idiot. You’re not welcome here.

  • http://gerardbutlergerrylicious Hotlips

    Gerry is smoking hot as usual…and the only place he’s bloated is in his crotch…thank the gods!

  • Josie Ann

    He looks hot as always! Bloated? Just look at his hot bod!! Needs a facial, dats all!


    “Hello, girls. I’m a producer and I’m going to make you rich and famous…would you like to take my GIFT CARD?”

  • jULIE

    What a load of PR!!!

  • laughin loudly

    Ha, Ha, Ha. Obviously #8, you’ve never seen his crotch. Don’t believe everything he tells you.

    Big hands really doesn’t mean, in his case, big …..

  • Amused

    Oh, Dear God.

    Oh yeah, I’m sure Gerry didn’t know the cameras were there at all….He NEVER does anything just for publicity

  • anon

    TMZ has the video of him getting some girl’s number at this club and she looks young enough to be his daughter. Dude’s a perv. He was licking his lips when he looked at her.

  • mslewis

    Of course he’s a perv!!! He’s famous now and can get any young thing he wants at anytime. That’s why I don’t beleve a word about him hooking up with Jen Aniston. Gerry wants the young stuff. A 40 year old can’t do a thing for him and he doesn’t need the publicity!!

    Go Gerry!!!

  • DonnaKat

    A 40 year old could do a whole lot more for him than any wet behind the ears little girl could. It’s called EXPERIENCE…something the little girls lack.

    Gerry, for the love of God go find yourself a WOMAN and stop playing with the little girls. I’m available.

  • the incredible edward!

    I can’t believe women find this man attractive. He looks like a pig in these photos… not much of an actor either if you ask me…

  • nyob

    Not looking to hot here. Sometimes he makes it difficult to believe that he is sober.

  • Gerry’s butt

    (Pictures here and TMZ video)

    Okay, Gerry, that washed away all my doubts. I really, really do believe you now! Yes!
    Now I’ve seen you in action, you’re DEFINITELY not gay! You’re a real STALLION and the MISTER EASE of the dating scene! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh baby! Give it to me! Oh, God, I don’t care that you say sex with you only lasts 72 seconds. Yes! Yes! Yes! You’re sooooo damn hot chipmunk cheeks! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Oh….was that it…..can I have my gift card now?

  • Gerard butler lover

    FINALLY!!!!… we get to see more Gerard…. Hey Jared, enough with Britney Spears(and others) and keep posting more of the very smokin’ hot Gerard…. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Claire

    If he is trying to prove he’s not gay, he does it at the expense of looking like a dirty old man.

  • Gerry’s finger nail


    As always, making the “ultimate sacrifice” in chatting up chicks in order to save the reputation of Ms. Aniston and Ms. Diaz…whatta great guy….

    Funny, women don’t get how gentlemanly we guy’s really are!

    Men of the World cheer, and say….’God bless you, Gerry’ :)

  • Hotlips

    No….I’ve never seen his crotch….but by the gods….I’ve studied it and his body like it was on display in a FINE art gallery. I must say, I haven’t seen a part of him yet that doesn’t measure up in my eyes. Gerry is a masterpiece on legs and as always he’s never a disappointment to me. Even when he looks like he’s been up all night and didn’t care if he showered before he hit the streets…he’s the HOTTEST man in Hollywood!

    So what the chic was younger, a wee bit, older men have always liked the younger ones to spank, not to say older women are a bad choice…but hey…he’s a kid in a candy store. I say let the man do his thing, he deserves it….and if he is gay on the down low…so what? What he does when he closes the bedroom doors isn’t for me to know and it doesn’t change my perspective on him whatsoever! He’s hot!

    Whether any of you want to admit it or not….Gerry is ROCKING the screen…and it’s so funny that some criticize him, he’s just doing what he loves for a living. Nothing wrong with that, if you don’t like him, why do you take time out of your busy day to even point out the bad things about him? Oh yeah, and at least you DO know who he is….he’s not a B lister anymore…he’s on top of his game. Go Gerry…keep on doing what your doing…you got my support and the support of my fan forum dedicated to you. Gerard Butler Gerrylicious.
    Follow the link.

  • So sad

    Notice the people he hangs out with? All anorexic models and hollywood playas….

    You people have canonized him for now reason. He would not
    give any normal sized person the time of day.
    He is superficial. Wake up!!!!

    His career is pretty shitty if you think about it. Guy Ritchie is a foreign film maker. None of his films are Oscar worthy or blockbusters or that good.

    None of the big guns are hiring Gerry. 300 was a surprise hit. But it has not catapulted Gerry to key movie roles.

    Why didn’t Ridley Scott pick Gerard for the movie “Body of Lies?”
    Instead you have DiCaprio and Russel Crowe.

    Shia Labouf is taken over all those films that may have gone to older actors like Harrison Ford in the past.

    Gerry’s capped teeth are an impediment to his speaking voice and her really can’t do foreign accents. He makes fun of Sean Connery, but
    Gerry is just like Sean. James Macavoy can do an American Accent, Gerry can’t and that is going to affect what roles he gets.

  • sunbeach

    You Go Girl, Hotlips can always just sum it up…Gerry is total hotness, and as Hotlips has stated, it doesn’t matter where he is, how he looks or what he’s doing, he is on top of his game right now and looks like he’s enjoying it, more power to him.

    I also have to agree with DK, Ger, you might rethink the age group…
    just a thought

  • crazy4Gerard

    I am a very handsome gay guy and I have been a HUGE fan of Gerard for quite sometime. Although I must say that after seeing the video of him at TMZ, where he is trying to pick up this girl… I have totally lost just about all the respect I had for the guy…!!!
    Even though I wish he were gay, I could really care less about his sexual preference… but I do think the man flirts and would screw anyone he could get his hands on and he’s turned into a major “manwhore”… that is one trait that I just don’t find attractive.

    People say that he works very hard and just let him have his fun, well we all work hard, does that give us the right to go out and f**k anyone we want… hell no!!

    I don’t care who he sleeps with, it is none of my business, but I wish the guy would show a little more romance and be alot less of a “manwhore”…!!!

    There, I have said my peace…


    That TMZ video is so retarded. Those s kanky girls were hanging around, flipping their hair waiting for some guys to give them attention.

    Gerard was waiting for the valet to get his car. Over 20 feet away from said s kanks.

    Then the s kanks stand around looking at him and kind of are trying to figure out what they should do next.

    Gerard is still over 20 feet away from them still waiting for his car.

    Then the car is brought up. The s kanks decide to make there move.

    When Gerard starts walking to his car. The s kanks walk past the passenger side of his car while Gerard is walking to the opposite side of them to get to the drivers side.

    He never walks to them.

    Most of the s kank group walks past Gerard’s car but one s kank gets
    his attention and starts talking to him.

    Gerry did not go for these girls.

    He is nice to all fans.

    They are hollywood s kank groupies. I am sure they moved on to the next celebrity.

  • No Kidding


    Necklace, bracelets, fake-bake tan, dyed hair, make-up.

    Hell’, no need to worry about if he’s gay…the guy is turning into a f**king woman!! Bet he has the augmented ‘moobies’ too.

  • Biz Girl

    Unfortunately, all these PR ‘situations’ have not gone unnoticed in Hollywood…. and not in a good way.

  • http://Gerardbutlergerrylicious Hotlips

    It doesn’t matter if he hangs out with models or playas or whoever. Gerry is just enjoying his life is all…what is he suppose to do…sit at home with his thumb up his ass cause someone might think he’s shallow for getting a phone number?

    Don’t tell me you’ve never been out a club or somewhere with friends and scoped out the action around…and got a number or even two. We all like to flirt and enjoy the attention when on the scene. He’s no different and that’s one of the things I like about him.

    He’s still like the rest of us and would like a good spankin and poundin every now and then and there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that. To each his own!

    To the handsome gay guy above…don’t get upset…Gerry I’m sure has a wine and dine tucked away for the right one. I love the gays! Francois Sagat…deep sighs!

    To COMMENT no. 24, I don’t categorize a film on how good it is by the Oscars or any other award or nominee. It’s my perception and feelings about the film that counts to me…and Gerry IS my actor of choice. Hollywood’s opinions doesn’t influence where my dollars are spent. Oh yeah, Gerry, I have about 19 of your movies…love em all babe!

  • Tessa

    A man who will be 39 in one month, hitting on women barely over “jail-bait” is gross….he’s over-the-hill bar-hopping old man with a teen-aged libedo…..grow up already….

  • crazy4Gerard

    To Hotlips, from the handsome gay guy….Thanks, I’m not upset… I still love the man, he is after all, one of the sexiest men alive!!…. If Gerry is truly straight, I hope he finds the right woman, but if he’s going to keep a “guy on the side”, I wish it would be me…LOL!!
    P.S. thanks for saying you love the gays!!!

  • MBtree

    To # 24 So Sad,
    You are absolutely right.
    I totaly agree with you.He is NOT hot with his endless puffy face and the pre-beard.He looks more like a bumb on the loose running from bar to bar to catch the papz and seeking for new targets to shag.
    Superficial indeed. He will never be an A lister.
    He should take some lessons from bigger celebs on how to change behaviour and appearance.
    The ones that stay out of the gossip spotlight are the real A listers.

  • The Dating game

    it must be over with the somewhat dating a girl from NY. looks like mr casanova is a single man again and on the move for the next pyt.
    his sexy hairy chest is hiding under the buttoned all the way up shirt LOL!!!

  • ayeoh

    What’s up with those ugly-a** shoes? How long has he had those suckas? You would think he had already bore holes in them as much as he wears them.

  • Tracy

    #33, exactly who is it you think is a true A lister then, because that definitely leaves out Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler, Leo, Johnny, Orlando, etc. Gerard, I think you look great and also happy to be out and about< enjoy yourself, you have earned it after all of the premieres you are doing lately for Rocknrolla.

  • macordovil

    Gerry doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone… Why would he waste his time trying to prove he’s not gay. We don’t care whether he’s gay or bi…whatever …and he knows that!!! He really likes women… but some kind of woman that doesn’t want compromise… all he wants now is having fun.
    He’s really hot!!! Thanks JJ…

  • crazy 4 u

    wow–all the bitter bit—s from imdb have posted their usual garbage here. Donnakat–I’ve seen the jibberish you post—a woman really??

  • DonnaKat

    #38: It’s only jibberish to those without the intelligence to understand. I’m sorry…I’ll try to dumb down my posts for you from now on. On second thought, no I won’t. It isn’t worth the effort.

    At any rate, I’m glad to see you’re reading.


    Gerry can’t please everyone, he’s not attached to anyone so there’s nothing wrong with him just enjoying his life, socializing and getting to know people. If he makes a “booty” connection, it’s clearly his business and his life. If you don’t like what he does then just don’t look or listen. There are many actors, I pay no attention to at all cause they irritate me. Gerry is just one I think is worth my time. I enjoy his movies and it’s just that simple.

    One way or the other, someone will find something wrong with what he is doing…be it jealousy or envy or just cause he’s not their kind of person. Thank goodness I’ve got the right and good sense to chose to like him.

    Glad to hear it! He’s not a bad guy…he’s just doing what anyone else would do when the urge strikes them. Maybe one day he’ll meet the right one and then the romance will begin…can you imagine the jealousy that will stir?

  • justafan

    In defence of IMDb.
    The conversations on that site are very much like real conversations.
    We have different opinions and ideals. EVERYONE there brings something to the table. On IMDb it’s like a bunch of friends who get together and chat. When most people get together you have a mix of opinions and outlooks on life. Normally you will never have a group that agrees on everything. It’s what makes life so interesting.There are disagreements when someone tells you that you should not post your opinion. IMDb is the place to be for REAL conversations about Gerry, If you want a luv fest visit a fan site and there is nothing wrong w/ that if that’s what you want.
    Now , I think Gerry is great but he did act like a slime at this club. I would think he could be a bit more private w/ his actions.


    I don’t think he acted slimy at all…he wasnt’ the one prancing around with his tits showing through a sheer top and flaunting what he had. She was…and didn’t she say she had a boyfriend? Anyways, he got some digits…he’s not attached and he didn’t have his meat hanging out everywhere. She advertised on an all points bulletin. TAG ME!

  • Saywhat?

    Clubs are for 20 somethings….not 40 year olds.

    Now I am a Gen-Xer and back in the day when I hit the clubs in my late teens and 20s, we could not stand seeing the 40 year olds.

    All the Gerry defenders are my age or older. Why don’t you Gerry fans remember how you used to laugh at the “older” people you saw at the club. Believe me, I don’t care you cool you are or how much money you have, a 20 year old is going to look at a 40 year old as a middle aged old timer.

    I can’t stand cougars and I can’t stand old dudes trying to hold on to their youth!

  • nyob

    You all are right – Gerry is too old for this shit. But it is also correct that she sent out an APB on her availability (that was funny – whoever said that above).

  • Anonymous

    We thought the old guys that hung out at the clubs were pervs, but none of them looked like Gerry and if there were a famous, good looking movie star around, no one would have had any problem with it.

    None of the girls are acting as if it is weird or wrong for him to be there.

    The opinions of the people here watching this, (who are clearly a little frustrated that all they can do is comment), do not matter at all as far as deciding who can or cannot take part in the LA party scene.

    In other words, he seems to be doing fine despite your adamant disapproval. :-D


    I’m sorry…I thought clubs were for people to come together and meet, party a bit and have good time. I had no idea that it was just for 20 somethings. I can remember being younger and looking at the older ones but I wasn’t laughing…it was doing what she was doing…the older men had all the money and they didn’t mind spending it.

    So, it’s okay if the 20 somethings look at men like Gerry and laugh…hey he’s got the fat cash and he gets the digits and what it boils down to women always will find older men sexy and attractive. He’s not old…40 is the new 20, and all the 20 somethings can only hope you get to live life as full as he has…

  • Tracy

    Gerard is 38 not 40!!!!

  • Saywhat?

    soon to be 39 moron. 39 is closer to 40 than 20!!!




    Next time just cram her in the car and get it over with so everyone will just wonder who she was. Geez.

  • Don’t Care

    Hey…what happened to the Waverley chick? The one with the leopard fur coat. We really like her. Now, he looked yummy with her.

    Gerry, please, please, go and bring back ‘fur coat’ chick!!!!