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Katie Holmes is a People Pleaser

Katie Holmes is a People Pleaser

Katie Holmes arrives at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater on Thursday in New York City, and then after the performance, signs autographs for some adoring fans waiting outside.

Cast members Patrick Wilson and Dianne Wiest also were kind enough to stop for a few minutes to sign autographs and chat it up with fans about the preview performance of All My Sons.

On Tuesday, Katie sported a stylish pair of bell-bottoms as she made her way to the theater.

10+ more pics inside of Katie Holmes as a people pleaser…

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katie holmes all my sons autographs 01
katie holmes all my sons autographs 02
katie holmes all my sons autographs 03
katie holmes all my sons autographs 04
katie holmes all my sons autographs 05
katie holmes all my sons autographs 06
katie holmes all my sons autographs 07
katie holmes all my sons autographs 08
katie holmes all my sons autographs 09
katie holmes all my sons autographs 10
katie holmes all my sons autographs 11
katie holmes all my sons autographs 12

Photos: WENN, INFDaily
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  • roisin


  • Julien

    What is she wearing…sorry but that doesn’t suit her at all. At least she’s naturally lovely enough to get away with it.

  • zoe

    what she’s wearing may not suit her but i think this is one of the better looks for a very long time. she looks happy

  • bebe

    what’s wrong with her outfit? I think it suits her much better than other stuff she has worn recently. It’s nice to see her looking so radiant.

  • arlene


  • more fug fashion

    oh katie.

    clue: if tom likes your outfit, change it.

    drop the bodyguards and the cult leaders and get a stylist aleready!

  • cutie

    She used to be so pretty, but lately not so much :-(

  • too bad

    She looks awful!

  • emilee

    Not Katie’s best look.


    Katie looks better today and she is smiling again!!!….She must love that white satin/silky top, because she wears it alot…Her shoes are better also, and she seems to have on more makeup than usual, which makes her appear healthier and not so pale….Tom must be in town!

  • dancer

    She smiles! Oh my! A Miracle! As Good Victoria said, Tommy must be in town.
    She looks good from the waist down. Tops are disasters. A TShirt, satin blouse, glittery sweater and wool scarf…not good. She looks sallow in the colors she has chosen. She is cute and has kind of ivory complexion, she’d look good in more vibrant colors. Like that deep orange dress she wore at some premiere. Or the color of that navy dress she designed. Yet she goes for gray and dull and mixes and matches all wrong. Sigh.
    Mr. Wolf/Creature etc., before you slam me as usual these are just my opinions, I used to model when I was young and have a life long love of fashion–the colors, textures, styles. It hurts to see someone dress so poorly that has the resources to dress really fabulously.
    Now I must go back to the Brangelina thread. Love that couple. Sorry Mr. Wolf, not so much at all TomKat!

  • Velvet

    Does she really use a stylist? She looks like she needs one..badly!

  • Shalane

    Whats with the grandma sweater and the layers? That shiny cartigan is something my 83 year old grandmother would wear! She always layers her clothes. Maybe to add bulk to an anorexic frame. Seriously, what the hell happened to Katie Holmes!?!?!?! She looks HORRIBLE in every pic I have seen of her in months. Whatever her life is like now, it’s not doing her any favors.

  • Marie

    Oh my Gosh again she looks so terrible…her clothes are ugly! Get a stylish girl, you can’t do good!

  • Tommy

    she look scary…and she has her hair dirty! get a bath darling!

  • Lilly

    i used to think she was pretty and cute, but she looks so different now…of course the old lady clothes don’t help, but she doesn’t look ok to me…

  • Fendi fan

    Katie why the sunnies at evening?please do not try to copy the stupid Posh…be yourself!

  • Paul

    A long time ago she was naturally lovely but not anymore.
    Can’t believe how much Katie’s changed!

  • vania

    no, no, no, no, no…..

  • star

    so gorgeous! i love her. Why should she dress up for rehearsal. She goes there changes into her character, they do the make up on her and the leaves washing her face. Its true her style is sometimes questionable but imagine if you were going to rehearsal and back.
    But she is naturally beautiful, her skin is amazing.
    and you have remember she is going to be 30 this year, not 25
    I dont understand people..if you have nothing else to say, move on to the next post.
    Thanks JJ i look forward to the Katie posts

  • legs

    she’s ugly!

  • betty

    the first months after her marriage was really great, but it just get worse!

  • Kensy

    Katie get a life!!!!!!!!why sunnies?????why the grandma’s clothes????

  • Chloe

    It’s nice to see her smiling. I think she looks better than she has in a while.Maybe she was going for a new more casual look , but she just hasen’t gotten it right. Keep going Katie your on the right path.

  • jain

    A) ditch the dark glasses, it’s insulting to the fans.
    B) ditch or ignore the mobile phone. the fans might think the call is more important than them.

  • parker



  • Lucas

    Grandmother is back!

  • Fox

    She looks like a fucking bag lady!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ‘kate’ has become so successful and popular.

  • Dale

    So fake.
    So phoney.

  • ick!!



  • penny03

    Why is it that all the fuss is about Katie. This play has other extremely talented cast member’s that get very little publicity. John Lithgow is amazing, as is Diane Weise. Patrick Wilson is one of my all time favorites as you hear very little about him. I’m sure Katie is good in her part, but come on!! The play is not about her alone. Give credit to all that deserve it!!!!

  • Mr. Wolf

    If you don’t like them, then just stop coming here, #11.

    You were a model? Cool…

    No one is that insecure, #25.

    They’re just not as popular, #32

  • dancer

    Dear Mr. Wolf:

    It is hard not to come to a TomKat site on JJ. They appear with such frequency. Like watching a train wreck. Ya can’t turn away.

  • review

    I found this review on one of the Broadway websites. Nothing surprising…..

    “I don’t understand what people like about Katie Holmes. I found her delivery to be very flat and wooden. In the dramatic climax her overacting competely pulls you out of the show because it’s so laughable. She isn’t acting, she’s reading the script from memory without any emotion. I not once ever believed that she was anything other than an actress. Even Patrick Wilson suffers in the dramatic climax of the piece…not sure if it’s him or Katie dragging him down, but either way she is aweful. “




    FIRST TO PRISCILLA…katie had those same glasses on a few sites ago, and Jared said who made them..Just archive some past sites where she has on the sunglasses ( almost everyone LOL ), and you will find the one you are looking for!………..HEY DANCER, that is cool !..I was on a Department Store Fashion Board for 3 years in high school….( eons ago HA ), but continued to do ” Bridal Fair “, in our town at the Coliseum downtown…Had so muh fun!…I knew you loved clothes and the current styles, because of your posting knowledge on them….It is a shame that Katie has so much money and apparently does not use a stylist anymore to help her…..I also loved the navy dress she wore, and the orange colored one when she had her famous ” suri bob with bangs” cut….That was her best haircut….AND her rehearsal dinner outfit before her wedding…Beautiful!…DANCER, how are the nana-babies???….did everyone arrive at their destination in one piece?…With all of their baggage?…I updated ” the creature “, on Malibu Mary ( last one ) on the last Katie site…Tell me what you think???…..See you later Ms. Model !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Wolf

    And what about the POSITIVE reviews, #35.

    I’m disappointed that this soap opera has come to an end, #37.


    good victoria- how far back did i need to go to locate which sunglasses she is wearing? i just went back a ton and it never mentioned this black pair. i know all the other pairs she has but i can’t pinpoint which ones these are! do you know which thread had it posted? thanks

  • spooky

    Pretty lady and classy too….

  • 90210

    Loving all the photos
    especially no.4

    thanks jared

  • holly

    Bash all you want trolls but its going nowhere and only bringing in more fans and admiration for lady Katie Holmes. Only shows goodness prevails after all the tears and turmoils.
    More blessings will come her way and her family.

  • swing

    love the necklace & shoes!

  • dominique

    Go Katie and Go McCain/Palin :)

  • tgif

    Totally Heart Her…..


    i found the sunglasses on another site! michael kors- crocodile

  • peace

    The real America’s


    GREAT PRISCILLA !!!!… I was going to go back for you, and then post when I found it….But, I’m glad you located the brand…..Once, she had on a pair of Chanel glasses, and they looked the best on her..( )…Then, she went back to her other pair that we see her in all the time……Must be nice to have a great supply!..See you on another post!